Skype & Myspace Team Up To Bring Voip To Myspace IM Users

Skype + MySpaceTalk about an odd couple. Social networking giant Myspace has teamed up with internet phone provider Skype to bring Voip (voice over internet protocol) service to Myspace IM users. The proposed service update would provide Myspace IM users the ability to enable voice chat.

This will bring voice chat to Myspace in a big way. Skype is the worldwide leader in Voip technology, and this pairing should provide a fantastically intuitive edge to social networking.

Earlier this week Myspace announced their API release, which would be huge for third party developers. This second big announcement could be just what Myspace needs to edge out Facebook once and for all in the social networking market. Facebook seems to be the more innovative company, but with over 80 million registered users, how could anyone not be bullied by Myspace?

This race for social networking supremacy is far from over but Facebook is rumored to have a “big announcement” coming within the next few days or weeks. Speculation would lead me to believe that the proposed 4 billion dollar partial buy-out of Facebook, may be the announcement that we are waiting for. All of this is strictly speculation at this point though. I guess we’ll have to be surprised together.

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  • Hopefully this deal between Myspace and Skype will be a bit more beneficial than eBay buying Skype. eBay spent a whole bunch of money to purchase Skype and has admitted this week to overpaying. eBay is taking a write-off of hundreds of millions of dollars due to this overpayment.

    As eBay PowerSellers, we never saw how Skype helped us. eBay never fully integrated it into their website. Of course, the reason they didn’t integrate is because of the tremendous potential to complete the transaction outside of eBay, and thus have eBay loose out in their Final Value Fees.

    It will be very interesting to see how this Myspace/Skype deal plays out.

  • I wish they would clean up MySpace a bit more. It seems so full of crap themes and bad plugins. A happy medium between Facebook and MySpace needs to be found. Let users customize but restrict it somehow so it doesn’t get so bad.

  • Nothing stopping you putting your skype details on your facebook page anyway, and having people contact you that way.

  • Very true Steve. But having it built-in would be a much easier method.

  • The race for users begun, and myspace have to improve their features, or they will start to loose users. On other side facebook is newer application, planned better, they even offer their API to developers to create custom facebook aplication.
    So, adding VOIP in myspace is good idea!

  • I’m wondering if MySpace will get as large of a turn-out as Facebook did for their new Developer Platform and API… I started looking into it and it seems that Facebook has built a much better platform for developers, at least for now.

    Some Facebook developers were even complaining to MySpace admins on their developer forums over what software they chose to use in their API and for their applications – OpenSocial, etc. We’ll see how this plays out in the months to come though!

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