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By TheWritersManifesto

Monika, from The Writers Manifesto, offered to take a look at, a text link brokering service with a unique spin on the traditional system used by other brokers. Here’s what Monika had to say after trialling the system out for herself in this review… Review

TNX Logo TNX is a text link based advertising service that works with a points system rather than just being a simple paid links service.

Their aim is to provide webmasters with highly targeted visitors via search engines and give advertisers a platform to purchase links from various websites.

The sign up process is free and quick and within minutes I was able to access the back office. I signed up with TNX because I wanted to learn more about this company. Lately there have been quite a few bloggers reviewing their site and the general opinion is kind of mixed. On my quest to find out more, here is what I learned.

TNX Screenshot

TNX for Publishers

If you are a website owner looking to monetize your site with text link ads, then TNX offers a solution. What differs from other similar advertising platforms like for example, is that you can place a link on as many or as few pages as you like. This sounds interesting in theory, in practice I would wonder how this can affect your PageRank in the long term since Google slapped some bloggers recently by dropping their PageRank.

Publishers would do this for the one thing only – money – and to be honest I’m not sure how website owners feel at present about text link ads in general given the risks involved.

The other thing is that even though it all sounds rosy initially, it isn’t once you read TNX’s strict guidelines about acceptance of websites into the program. If you haven’t got PageRank, you can forget it straight away as TNX requires a PageRank of 1 at least. There are quite a few hoops to jump through and this might deter some people to start with.

TNX calculate the price for each link to advertisers based on Google PageRank, so the higher the rank, the more it will cost for the advertiser and the more the webmaster will make. TNX takes a 12.5% commission from each transaction they make, which is considerably lower than other brokering services.

I did a quick calculation for my blog (The Writers Manifesto Blog) and the numbers it came up with were something along the lines of $5.40/month profit if I was to place a link on all my 300 pages. Currently my blog hasn’t got any PageRank at all, so I would be out of the picture I guess. Given the fact that TNX will take 12.5% of this it is hardly worth the effort, even if I did have PageRank.

TNX ToolboxThe only way this would be beneficial for a publisher is if he/she had a very high PageRank as the payout would certainly go up.

I struggled with the whole interface of the site. The explanations served more to confuse me, rather than clarify things. Within the admin panel you will find a toolbox that lets you add a new site to the system (approval will take between 1-3 days), get code snippets or transfer TNX points to another user. The points can also be sold to another TNX member.

TNX for Advertisers

Advertisers choose to buy links usually to increase their search engine rankings. Although you can argue there is a case to buy links for direct click-through traffic, most advertisers are using links for SEO purposes because links purchased from sites are rarely placed in prominent positions and hence attract very few direct clicks. Despite the possibility of a search engine penalty as a result of buying links, this hasn’t deterred advertisers from taking the risk and the link brokering companies are thriving as a result.

TNX is attempting to capitalize on the hungry link buying market and offer advertisers link packages starting from as low as $23. Here are the number and quality of links you could buy with your $23:

20,000 different PR0 pages from different websites
400 different PR1 pages from different websites
200 different PR2 pages from different websites
100 different PR3 pages from different websites
40 different PR4 pages from different websites
20 different PR5 pages from different websites

For under twenty-five bucks you can get 20 different backlinks from 20 PR5 website pages, which certainly sounds like a bargain. If I was to spend any money with TNX, this is the option I would choose. I would certainly NOT buy 20,000 backlinks at once. In my eyes no decent website suddenly receives 20,000 links overnight and this would simply not go down well with Google. Even if TNX were to activate those backlinks over two months, it would still be unnatural.

Another thing I don’t like is the fact that advertisers have no direct control over who actually provides the links. TNX claims that “information about websites that have joined TNX is confidential for security purposes.”

In my eyes the best feature of TNX is their affiliate program.

By referring a new webmaster to TNX you can get a 13.3% commission paid to you in TNX points. This obviously has the potential to work for a high number of referrals. The user is then left with 3 choices of what to do with the earned affiliate points.

  • They can either cash the points in to advertise their site
  • Accumulate points to hopefully grow their value over time
  • Sell points to the system/or give them away to another member

Not Convinced Just Yet

Maybe the recent Google slaps have contributed to my somewhat negative critique and as things settle in the future I might feel more inclined to give programs like TNX a go, but for now I’m not convinced.

The whole website navigation of TNX isn’t very impressive and I believe that they can improve the functionality and flow a lot more. In the end I guess time will tell whether TNX is a force to be reckoned with. Judging by their stats, they certainly have a lot of sites within their system already.

In your case, if you have a high PageRank and you are testing different monetization methods and you are happy to sell links, you might want to throw in TNX along with the other text link brokering services available as one possible monetization stream.

If you are a website owner and you have no problems assuming the risk buying links, TNX is worth a look as one option advertise with. Remember though, if you really want to dominate search engines, you should aim to increase your rankings organically, not artificially through paid-for links.

Monika Mundell

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  • Are the links in a form that actually passes pagerank? It would be interesting to hear from someone and find out what traffic links on 20000 pages would bring.

  • I’m trying to figure out how to use the friggin calculator… I must be missing something really simple here….

  • It is confusing Jeremy,

    Normally you simply enter the domain name in the field and then press calculate. It will automatically tell you how many pages you have and the link popularity the site has.

    To enter PR pages you will need to click on the according field below on the plus sign (it will add one page for every click)

    Then hit recalculate and you should see the figures per month.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks πŸ™‚

  • You are welcome Jeremy πŸ™‚


  • I signed up today to try and get some quick and easy money. I tried the calculator on one of my new sites, and was told I would make a grand total of $0.2 per month. Not exactly what I was looking for.

    I then tried it on another PR 4 site which currently makes over $50 through TLA and linkworth. The result – $3.30 per month.

    Somehow with these kinds of prices, I can only see TNX attracted a lot of sites that are not very reputable.

  • I’m am flattered to have the first image in this review copied from my own review of (you can see my domain in the image) and am glad that you found “inspiration” in the structure, concepts, conclusions and quotes of my review for your own review.

    However, I would have expected a lot more originality from someone who blogs about having a writing business – the similarities between our reviews are just too close considering that you obviously read my review before you wrote yours. πŸ™‚

  • There you go Russ,

    That’s what I was worried about when I said that we cannot control who is actually linking to us. Looks like a lot of hype and nothing else so far.

    I have yet to come across a positive review about this service. Thanks for pointing this out. πŸ™‚


  • Hey Cashquest,

    Just for your information. I don’t need to copy any reviews from anybody. I wrote my own and it took me close to 2 hours to write all that.

    I have however read your review as well as other bloggers previously as it could not possibly be avoided with all the blogs that have covered it. πŸ™‚

    I don’t need to copy anybody’s writing, thank you as I’m capable enough myself.

    On the topic of your image. I happened to do a search on several blogs to understand the system. Mainly on those with PR and your URL ended up to be in the screen shot that I took.

    Now you can call me foolish for having done that, or else you can take it like a sport (I apologize for giving you free advertising) and enjoy the free clicks you will get.

    On another note: Before you accuse others of doing something, make sure it is based on truth and not some self inflated egoism. The only thing you can accuse me of is the fact that I took a screen shot with your URL and for that I truly apologize.


  • Monika,

    You must think it’s an amazing coincidence for you to take a screenshot with my url in it (just like I did ) and then resize the screenshot to exactly 405×236 (just like I did).

    When I initially read your review, I noticed many similarities to mine which is why I checked it closer. I could have accepted that the similarities in style were coincidence – in fact I would have been flattered – but now that you’ve lied about making your own screenshot, I’m forced to conclude that you probably spent a little too much time looking at my review before you wrote yours.

    I really don’t care at all that you copied an image or paraphrased parts of my review. It’s doesn’t worry me. But like I said, I’d expect more from someone who writes about having a writing business. These types of situations will not help your credibility. Best of luck πŸ™‚

  • Hi Cashquest,

    I am really sorry you feel that way. I don’t need to explain myself any further as I did say the truth.

    Believe what you may, after all you are entitled to your own opinion and it seems to me that you already have made up your mind. πŸ™‚


  • The only thing that I like about TNX services is the 20 pr5 back links for $23. That’s not a bad deal at all.

  • J

    Yeah, that’s $23/mo for 20 PR5 backlinks – I’m still unsure if the whole deal, but am still testing it out.

  • I agree with these words “Believe what you may, after all you are entitled to your own opinion and it seems to me that you already have made up your mind.”

  • Just tried the calculator, didn’t work for some reason. Looks like an interesting site though, I shall try again later.

  • I think the price is good for advertiser, but not for publisher. For example, there are giving 2.5 points per month for a link in a PR 0 page.

    And 120 points per month for a link in a PR 2 page.

    Redeem point is so cheap that is USD 0.95 for every 1000 points.

    Ps: I don’t know whether the stated price is standard or differ with any site.

    • I agree with you Jimmy. And I still don’t understand why 825 Links that placed on one of my blog is only count as 502 placed links.
      I really confused…
      I have try to contact customer support, but no answer…

  • I tried this, but in Google I have indexed 50k pages, but in txn only 168. Where is problem? I dont know and support is not too good!

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