Why I Am Selling My Book On Amazon For 3 Dollars

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This week’s article is going to be brief! It’s been created in relation to one of our reader’s comments on last week’s article about perception determining your paycheck. It also relates to a recent struggle I had when making a decision about pricing for a product I’m about to launch, and how I ended up making the final decision.

You can view last week’s article here:

One of our readers commented about pricing and its relationship to perception. The comment referenced how we can lower people’s perception of our product or service if we’re always competing on price:

“We all know perception is important to determine value. The price of your product or service is another element that can affect how its value is perceived. Contrary to what some may advise, pricing something too low can lead [to] a perception of low quality […] .” – Web Designer, London.

Is Lowering The Price Lowering Perceived Value?

This is the exact tussle I had with myself recently in relation to an upcoming Amazon book launch. My friend Anthony, who is helping me with navigating the Amazon upload and launch process was advising me to sell my book for a minimum amount to begin with – around $3.

I really struggled with this for a while, as it seemed so contrary to everything else I knew about perceived value and lowering people’s perceptions about the value of the book. After learning more about the way to successfully launch a book on Amazon, Anthony’s advice makes a lot more sense to me now.

Why I’m Selling My Product For $3

Apparently, it’s all about moving big numbers of books in the first week or so of launching it onto Amazon. Amazon has it’s own ranking system, and my book will be monitored and ranked by Amazon depending on the number of sales and customer reviews left.

I initially cringed at the idea of selling my book for a few bucks and risking people perceiving it to be of low value. Now I can see the bigger picture: how moving as many books as possible during the early launch phase is critical to keeping the book visible and ranked well in Amazon’s listings. I’m competing with millions of books, so working this the right way is going to be the deciding factor on whether my book disappears among the millions of others or not.

The Bigger Picture

This was a valuable learning experience for me, sometimes lowering my price is going to be more beneficial to me in the long run. It really all depends on what I’m trying to accomplish and understanding how the bigger picture will influence my decision.

Next week I’ll be interviewing a friend of mine, James Kloblasa who is a product launch expert and he will share his insider tips, so stay tuned for some great insights.

For more information on choosing the best pricing policy, one of our writers, Dee Kumar, published a brilliant article with a variety of great strategies to try.

See you next week.

Cheers, Neroli.

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  • Interesting to see what the response is.

    You ‘might’ find that ppl wont make the effort to get out the credit card for a 3 dollar product.

    Have you tried a premium offer for 19.99? might get more sales πŸ™‚


    • Hey Ivan, great to see you again πŸ™‚ That’s an interesting thought – & not one I had taken into consideration either! Hmmm, well, it will be an experiment, we shall see how it goes! i’ll be including a give away as well, that might help prompt some purchasing…thanks for the feedback,
      Cheers, neroli

  • “Apparently, it’s all about moving big numbers of books in the first week or so of launching it onto Amazon.”

    I assume you’re talking about selling your book on Amazon’s Kindle platform. If so, it may work if you have a popular blog that people are following. If not, then I don’t believe it will work this way.

    In the past, you could price a book at $3 and get good sales in the first week because there weren’t that many books to choose from. But now, hundreds of new books are being uploaded to Amazon on a daily basis it seems, and you’ll be fighting to get eyeballs as most of them are priced at $0.99. As new books are uploaded and other books sell, your book’s ranking will drop (get bigger) and disappear very quickly.

    Of course, this is just my opinion. I’d like to know how things turn out for you. Good luck.

    • Hey Shawn, thanks for your thoughts on this strategy. I honestly haven’t tried it out, & it will be interesting to see how it works. I’ve got a few people to ask about it prior to kicking it off, so it will be interesting to hear what they all say.
      Having a big database would definitely make a big difference, I don’t have a massive database, but will certainly include them in the launch and subsequent giveaway. I’ll keep everyone updated on how it goes via my E-J blog posts anyway, so you can see how it goes soon:)

      cheers, neroli

  • I have about 11 ebooks on Amazon Kindle at a low price point too, and I haven’t sold anything yet, but I am hoping for the best.

    Good Luck With Your Book,


    • Hey Carmen, that annoying having 11 books waiting to go! I know having a database to work with helps, and having some kind of launch formula, like a prize giveaway works too…I’m going to quiz James the product launch expert on this next week & see what he has to say:) Hopefully he’ll have some useful tips to share, cheers, neroli

  • Honestly, I think selling an e-book for $3 is completely reasonable, and I as a consumer would be far more likely to purchase something at that price vs. something twice that or even more like most e-books are. It’s not about quality, it’s just about the fact that I am not buying a hard copy of something, so spending more than a few bucks just feels *off* for some reason. I think you did the right thing!!

    • Hey there πŸ˜‰ Yes, e-books definitely go for less cash…this will be available as an e-book on kindle etc or as the physical product…it’s going to be an interesting learning experience whichever way it goes:) cheers, neroli

  • I think there is no universal law which we can apply when it comes to the relation between perception and price.For some people low price is not a factor in determining value but in my opinion majority of the humans believe that low price=low value.And I also think that low price means low value most of the times but not always.

    • Hey hazma, great to see you again. I have always felt somewhat in agreement about pricing and perceived value as well – having said that, i fly on Virgin b/c they’re less money than their competitors whilst still being a great airline to fly with, so I guess it can vary. We’ll see how this goes! Haven’t launched it yet, will be telling e-j readers when it’s up & running:)

      Cheers, neroli

  • What a valuable tip you’ve just shared with us here today. I have been considering moving my study books to Amazon recently and this is such a valuable tip that I cannot thank you enough! There is no way on earth I would have ever considered lowering the price so much, but it’s true, business is a long-term investment and this is exactly the type of thing that makes sense when thinking long-term.


    • Hey there, if you notice the comments, there are some very varied responses regarding whether this formula is the best or not:) The good news is, I’m going to test it anyway & I’ll tell everyone the results in my posts, so you can use me as the guinea pig:) Cheers, neroli

  • Your Message
    Hi Guys I need a bit of help with my ebook that I have just finished, i’m not very techy, just a mum trying my hand at blogging, anyway my question is what software do I use to get the picture of my book on my website??? I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say and that someone can help? I’m going to sell the first one for $1 – $2 my plan is to write 4 and sell the series for $10……..any suggestions on whats the best thing to use for payment, i.e paypal etc., Again sorry to ask I’m stuck! Karen

    • Hi Karen, i’m afraid I’m the worst person to ask tech questions of, I am really slow when it comes to techie stuff so I outsource it to people who know what they’re doing. There might be some forums that could help answer this if you google the question and see what comes up, cheers, neroli

  • Great post, i can’t believe you’re selling it for 3 dollars. I would probably just go to a different idea.

    • Hey sokun, it’s so interesting reading everyone’s comments…I’ll be fascinated to see how this whole thing goes once I get it up & running, & I’ll have to report back t everyone as well! Cheers, neroli

  • good post well its a proven fact that human psychology will go after lower prices and it might be a good tactic to lower prices and raise sales

    • Hey Fazal, how’s it going? Good to see you again too. I’m getting more and more intrigues about this launch after reading everyone’s comments…now I honestly don’t know what the outcome will be but it’s a fun experiment! Cheers, neroli

  • This is a very interesting pricing strategy. On one of my blogs I share with Leo Babauta (WritetoDone.com), we’re working on producing two eBooks and want at least one of them to be on Kindle. So this information is timely.

    Question: Are you planning to only sell on Kindle? Or are you going to make sales directly through your website as well?
    Are you going to increase the price in the future?

    I must admit, $3 seems a measly price for an Ebook …

    • Hi Mary, that’s exactly what i thought…$3 is a measly price! I told another reader that i’ll be the guinea pig for this and tell you all how it works…I’ll update in my posts how this strategy goes, and then you can decide if it’s worth following or not.

      I’ll also ask James the product launch expert i’m interviewing next week what he thinks of it and post that here as well.

      Re where I’m planning to sell, both Kindle/ebooks & paper back, not from my website though, I had been selling printed ones from my website, but this is the second edition & I don’t want to get any printed in advance or handle any physical stock, so moving everything to print on demand via Amazon or downloadable ebooks.

      And yes, I fully inted to increase the price in future, the low price is just like having a launch special that runs for a week or two then the price goes up once it’s been launched.

      Cheers, neroli

  • People love lower price with high quality content on eBook πŸ™‚ $3 is such a nice price πŸ™‚ The benefit of lower price is that more people will buy your product ! πŸ™‚

    • Hey monty;) Well, I hope things go to plan – like you said, everyone loves a bargain…I’ll keep the E-J audience updated on how this all goes:) cheers, neroli

  • I think 3$ is a bit to less. A teacher of mine used to say:”What doesn’t cost anything isn’t worth anything”. So I think you should raise the price to about 5.99$.

    • Hey Nick:)
      I’ll consult a bunch of people prior to kicking off this launch, including a product launch specialist – then I’ll make my final decision..thanks for your feedback, at this stage, I don’t know whether we’ll stick with the low price or bump it up…will depend on what all the experts say:)
      Cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli, I know nothing about selling a book, however, launching a product and staying in the longterm takes a lot of time. For example I will buy from Amazon because I know exactly what I am looking for and will pay, as I read the same old same old in my interests. I don’t look at the price and I keep or rather collect valuable books for years.
    Simple marketing lessons I was taught…
    1. who is your customer? 2. what business are you in??? I remember in 1998 when studying marketing having to stand up in front of a class and answer these questions. I wanted it all too..High volume , everybody…!!! It does not work ! Oh yes I was mad! The teacher was right and I was wrong and of course I did a whole assignment on my own business which helps you evaluate these questions. High volume does not neccesarily mean profit! and perception is important. The longterm effects start with the now. Your books will have an audience you need to capture and it is NOT everybody. I would personally would give an offer…value added is usually a winner..If you start at $3 you will set the precedence of your book. Remembering you are now entering into the online sale of books. ( which i am no expert) however I am a customer of Amazon.The formula you begin with now of how you would like your books to be percieved. Affiliate, Affilate Affilate…thousands of others are about to compete on this new wave of consumerism. It is only my opinion as the other’s above but I would go for the $19.99 and build a customer base slowly.A book in my view is art and worth more. A newspaper is worth $3 and we throw it away in the garbage. If a customer pays a higher price they will think twice before trashing your book and they are the ones to probably buy hundreds of $3 books or anything because they like a bargain. Think twice , you want to keep that book in thier elibrary. Hope I have not said too much πŸ™‚ xx Anna BTW..I found the book on famous authors and thier books..I will post it to you..!!!

    • Hey dearest Anna:) I believe we have a skype chat on this evening to discuss all these pointers from your message:)

      I actually agree wholeheartedly with everything you’re saying, regarding perception and building things slowly.

      Maybe I haven’t explained the strategy properly in this post…I don’t intend to leave the book at a low price point, it’s almost like having a launch sale…so for the first week it’s available, it goes at a sale price and immediately returns to it’s initial price after that…I have been selling the first edition for $25 ever since it was published.

      Anyway, this post has generated lots of comments – yay:) Love it when the readers get involved in the discussion πŸ™‚
      Chat to you soon xxn

  • Hi

    For some strange reason, there is a point where low price equates to low value. I would go for the strategy of selling the book at a higher price to reflect the value of the content.

    However, I do struggle paying a high price for the Kindle / ePub version of a book. My logic being there is no physical product and it is delivered by electronic download. Strange rationale as I know the price is for the content.

    Not sure if it has helped but just my thoughts on the buying process.


    • Hey Simon, it’s funny isn’t it? That thing we have about paying less for electronic books. I guess we’re just used to having physical stuff to hold and it doesn’t seem as “solid” literally when it’s electronic.

      It will be available as both paper back and electronic – but the plan was to only have it at the sale price for the first week then it reverts to it’s usual price point. The first edition I’ve always sold at $25 as a paper back , but it would be more like $20 on Amazon.

      Will keep readers posted on how this goes! Cheers, neroli

  • They say you should start high and then go low. It’s the principle of sales.

    However, I can say that when you have no following or exposure, starting at a low price is a good start to get the initial exposure. It’s similar to offering something for free.

  • The thing about selling a product for a reasonably low price is to make your potential customers believe it is absolutely a bargain or steal! And I think it is the right move and obviously vital to keep your book ranked well.

    I can’t wait to hear your results and good luck!
    BTW: Looking forward for the interview as well!!


    • Hey MP πŸ™‚ It is going to be a fascinating process, and I’ll definitely keep e-j readers posted on how it goes! The sale price was only ever intended for the initial launch week, then it will go to the normal price…and there will be Kindle giveaways to buyers as well. I’m looking forward to hearing what James says about this whole scenario in next weeks interview!

      Cheers, neroli

  • For $3, I would probably buy it (assuming it’s a non-fiction book,) even though I have no idea what the title is or even the subject. Is is available on Amazon yet? What is the link to its product page?

    Best Wishes,

    • Hey Phil, the book is being launched in the next few weeks, so I haven’t included a link as there isn’t one to give you yet πŸ™‚

      But don’t worry, I fully intend to add a link once the book is up, and people can go and see how the strategy is going, and I’ll keep everyone updated on here as well so readers can find out if it’s a worthwhile strategy or not. It’s going to be a very interesting thing to watch unfold, being the guinea pig for this is pretty fun too:) Stay tuned for updates next week & the following one!

      Cheers, neroli

  • Simon, Tangible yet intangible..! Could always print the book and have it binded..:) I struggle and have not bought an electronic book as yet..! and not because I would not want to…yet I would pay a reasonable price for something that captured my attention and would want to read..! Just as I am here commenting..Just a thought …
    .O.K I just checked out Kindle books..Would I pay for the dictionary.? I just recalled I did buy a very good content $34.99 Dictionary on Itunes apps for a father to teach his son spelling…! He loves the convenience of spelling lessons from his iphone with the whiteboard …. and I just found some books I would buy that are well over $3…History books and reference….Target your customer..!!! there are lots of crap for a $1 I would not bother wasting in my hard drive and would never get round to reading all of of them..Neroli think of the bigger picture…fast money? no money ? or longterm fame. ?.:)

    • Ha-ha, dearest Anna. I love your passion for engaging in all this:) Will chat shortly, just about to skype with my tech genius who saves me from impending disaster regularly with his help! xxn

  • Today, the perception of your product depends on the where it is being sold and what is being sold. If some products are priced too low they will be looked upon as inferior and they will be passed up on. If it is too costly in another market, it will be passed up on but it may still be highly desired.

    I have learned by reading and looking at books others put up on Amazon and 3.00 is a good price to start out with because a lot of people feel that the value of a kindle book by an unknown author should not be the same as a kindle book by a known author.
    I am cautious about information products and I would not be willing to pay more than 3.00 dollars for a product and that may be too much; it just depends on the product.

    • Hi Lela, thanks for your feedback. That is actually a big part of it – being a known author with a big following obviously means higher pricing. Newbies, like myself don’t get to price my books at the same rate asa the rock stars in my niche do, like Sir Ken Robinson or Hugh Macleod etc. I’ll keep everyone posted on how this goes and then readers can be a part of a live launch formula test…in which I’m the guinea pig:)

      CHeers, neroli

  • I think depending on the situation, a low amount can be good or bad.

    For sure you’ll want to get on the most popular lists if you can, but if you are in a marketplace where you won’t compete because the top lists are only populated by people with thousands of sales, then that won’t apply, it’s very relative to each situation.

    As for one of the commenters saying some people won’t take out their credit cards for $3.00, well most people have their cards pre programmed on PayPal, iTunes, Amazon, etc now so it’s the opposite, when the price is cheap most people will say what’s a few dollars more on the credit card, usually under $10 people won’t think twice because of the price, at $10 and $20 you start getting to real money for the average consumer.

    Lady Gaga did exactly what you did with her latest album, but she did it to break the sales record, she probably didn’t make as much money but she got the publicity and record which in the end could make her just as much money if not more…

    Just my two sense πŸ˜‰

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