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Adnan, the owner of, informed me a month ago that he had decided to give up blogging and he would be selling his flagship blog,

Adnan has decided to first offer the blog to his readers to see if he can “keep it in the family” and sell it to someone who already reads and knows his blog. If he doesn’t get the price he wants there, he’ll move it to the traditional option of a Sitepoint sale.

You can read about the Sale here. is a great blog and nearing 1000 daily RSS readers. Getting 1000 RSS readers is VERY hard, especially in the hyper competitive online marketing and blogging industry, so if you were considering starting a blog on these topics and you want a very good head start, this blog sale represents a great opportunity.

Adnan wants low five figures for the blog. Considering it takes most bloggers at least a year minimum to build a blog to the point Adnan has (or really I should say – most bloggers never build their blog to this point), this is an option for an investor who wants to fast track their entry into the upper levels of the blogosphere and hopefully, continue to grow the site even further.

Adnan states that the site made over $600 in October of this year, so with a low five figures price he is asking more than the average that sites go, but given the sale price of recent blogs ($6000) and ($8500), it’s not that unrealistic.

To be honest I think the site is under monetized as well – I think you could raise the income to $1000 a month within a month or two after buying it and of course I’d be adding an email newsletter opt-in form to start building a list to further monetize the site.

I wish Adnan the best of luck with the sale and if you are interested in buying go check out his sale post.

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  • Blogtrepreneur has been one of my favourite blogs for the last 6 months and it is sad to see Adnan going. With 900 subscribers you would have to think he will get a price close to what he is wanting for it.

    The thing I like is the fact that he has annouced his intention to sell on his blog, as others like cashquests never mentioned it.

  • Good blog. Just a comment: DNScoop say the estimated value of is: $11,872

  • One thing which would worry me is how many of the loyal subscribers will go when Adnan is no longer writing in this blog. I think buying the blog is a good deal in general, but the readers numbers are not guaranteed

  • Kev

    5 figures for a blog that likely hasn’t made 4 figures all year? Good luck with that. If he gets what he wants, then it’s true: there IS a sucker born every minute.

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  • Wow, *another* one? There is definately something in the air at the moment! I agree with Tony – I really think it will be tough for the new owners of all these blogs that have been sold recently because they have all been fairly individual personal style blogs so the readers come to know and love the style of the writer.

    IMO it’s much easier to sell a blog with multiple writers where the writers stay on as the blog will not change. I know I have unsubscribed from most of the blogs that have been sold recently and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Really, I think it’s crazy to sell up just when you start hitting it big. As we all know it can take months to build a blog up in the first place – it’s so hard in the beginning but once it starts to build then its much easier to continue that momentum and easier to continue to generate income in the future. That’s why I think it’s crazy to go through all the work of builfing up a blog from scratch and then sell just as it starts to show success!

    Anyway, good luck to all involved 🙂

  • Caroline, that is a good point about the personal style. But I don’t know that it would be that tough. If the new owner has been interactive on the blog showing a strong level of understanding and expertise it could work well.

    Tony, I would be concerned about the readers leaving too. If I were buying a blog I would make a letter of introduction to the readers part of the transaction.

    I do not see a big show of concern about the future of the blog listed in these sales either. The “keeping it in the family” doesn’t give confidence to me as a subscriber. If I saw something like “I am interviewing potential candidates” that leaves me with the impression that ONLY someone highly qualified will be taking the blog over, NOT just someone who has money to spend….possibly someone who just wants to buy their way into a good blog because they don’t have the experience to build one up themselves.

  • Firstly, thanks so much Yaro for the writeup and for the kind words. I’ve already got a few people that are very interested in the sale, so hopefully we can wrap things up very soon. And you are right about the under-monetization. Most of the advertising methods are unobstrusive which is what I strived for – but better promotion of targeted affiliate programs would help raise the revenue by a whole load.

    @ Thomas – thanks for the kind words buddy. I think that transparency is key in decisions such as this. Your readers are what makes your site, and leaving them in the dark will only increase their frustration. That’s why I opted for the post prior maybe to a Sitepoint auction – and also to give my readers to own Blogtrepreneur.

    @ Tony – I think you are right in that there will be some people who are “loyal” and who follow the blog due to a writer’s personal voice – and so will inevitably unsubscribe. But in my experience in the blogosphere, if the new owner can provide the same or a superior quality and level of posting, then these readers will want to continue subscribing. It’s all a matter of trust, and this is something I will help the new owner on in the first few days of owning the site.

    Also, my site has a nice mixture of a few loyal readers but an increasing amount of new visitors – most of whom don’t have that personal tie with me that would cause them to unsubscribe.

    Finally @ Caroline – Whilst I agree in that new writers will have new styles, and that a magazine blog (like SBB) would be easier to sell, I would have to take a different stance in terms of selling up just as I reach the big time.

    Defining success is a major part of your argument. For me, I became a “successful blogger” when I earnt my first $100, when I managed to get 100 subscribers to my blog. Since then, everything has been physical and mental profit (in learning the tricks and trades of a diverse blogosphere).

    I’ve been blogging for nearly 2 years, and I agree that the next 1k subscribers will come a lot easier – but there are a lot more other factors which have come into play for this decision, rather than the fact that I can’t be bothered to maintain the site – things like the amount of freetime I have (with school commitments).

    Anyway, thanks all for your comments, and thanks again Yaro – you’ve been an incredible mentor, and it’s just an honour to have Blogtrepreneur in your blogroll.

  • Yaro:

    What is the significance of all the blog selling? Is it that blogging is plateuing or the opposite, is it that the industry of blogging is shooting upward. I would love your insight into this.

    There is definitely a phenomenon going on right now in the blogosphere with blog sales.

    What say you?

  • About the sale:
    I agree that the blog is really under monetized. The money are coming generally by selling ads space and reviews. I think that preparing a good products pack or a online learning program will increase sales several times!

    Reply to Yaro about the trend for blog selling:
    I think that there has been a big rush in creating blogs these years and everybody wanted to make money from their blogs. But just few guys/girls do. So other people that don’t have enough motivation, clear vision or time just want to lose the dead weight. this process is normal and its time has come. 🙂

  • Anybody who does buy this site is at a great advantage. It is well worth looking into.

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  • I never realized it changed hands. it is probably worth more than that today.

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