Blog Case Study Video Reveals Basic Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic

It surprised me when I first launched Blog Mastermind how much people loved the video case studies, where I review and critique the blogs of students in the program. I’ve gone on to create 13 so far, reviewing more than 15 member blogs and I expect I’ll do a few more as we have had a rush of new students joining the program due to the doors closing this Monday.

The following is a video case study taken directly from Blog Mastermind. In this case study, Peter asked why his audience growth was flat-lining and asked for tips to increase his traffic. The video goes for 18 minutes and you can watch it by clicking the image below –

Blog Video Case Study - Blog Mastermind

Click here to watch the case study video

The video begins with basic design suggestions and then details some very simple traffic tips to implement. I show the exact sites to draw traffic from and as you will see in the video, these are steps any blogger can take to build traffic.

This video is another sample from the materials in Blog Mastermind. If you like this video there are many more like it in the program and you can also nominate your own blog as a target for a case study by suggesting it in the forums. This is strictly for members only.

Remember doors close to my coaching program this Monday, December 10th, the price will go up when I get the changes made and open the doors again next year. This is a no risk offer – if you don’t like my program just let me know within the first 30 days and you can have your money back.

You can sign up to Blog Mastermind by clicking here –

Let me know what you think of the video.

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  • Visual tips are always seem to work a lot better then just text. I know from personal experience that doing a video post generates a lot more interest then a text based.

  • I always enjoy the video case studies and learn a lot from them. That was one of my favourites as Peter’s audience is hobbyists as is mine. So there were a lot of points of relevance for my blog in this.

  • I really enjoy videos as well as text. Videos just seem to make it more personal. It draws a more one on one feeling. But I also like text as I can glean out information as I need it without going through the whole video. It is like when I buy something I want that personal connection with the sales person, but I also want an owners manual to go with it. As a new blogger I did find this interesting.

  • Nice case study there. Great tips and is a good way to get more people to join your program.

  • Yaro… Thanks for this case study. The blogs that my wife and I are working on just so happened to contain some of the things that you suggested this site remove. The social bookmarking buttons at the bottom of the post. I had thought about it in the past but figured they couldn’t hurt. I have removed them and now see that they are most likely not very beneficial. I think something better to do would be to show people how to bookmark sites naturally by using the bookmarking sites that they already use! Thanks! Also… is a great blog! I have been involved in Saltwater tanks for some time and never knew this blog was there.
    Thanks Again!

    Guy Maltais

  • Yaro, this is utterly fantastic. I regret that I hadn’t found your blogmastermind videos until the day of it’s closure. I will most definitely be revisiting to join in the discussions here.

    To add to the current topic:

    I like how you mentioned in the very beginning of this case study what topics you’d be covering. By listing a sort of verbal table of contents, you give your watchers the ability to skim through and extract the info they need w/less risk of them leaving.

    On providing clear CTAS: Whether the goal is to encourage Social media particpiation, to sell products or whatever, repeatedly referring back to a particular conversion goal using text links within the copy of various posts has worked well.

    Great info, well done!

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