James Klobasa Reveals His Strategies For A Surefire Product Launch Success

As promised, this week you’re being treated to an interview with James Klobasa, a product launch specialist who has a gift for getting his clients great results.

Press play to begin watching the interview…

Some of the results James has achieved for his clients during their launches in recent months include, $103,000 in five days, $127,000 in three days and $130,000 in cash + $50,000 a month in recurring passive income. If you ask me, that’s pretty cool and I would certainly love to have someone like James onside if I was planning a launch.

Because James covers so many topics in the video, I’m going to write a list of the main points and the approximate time in the video he discusses them. That way you can see exactly what kind of content is in the interview and if you want to skip straight to a particular part, you can. The rest of the article will go into the detail of all these points for those who prefer to read about it.

Interview Outline

  • Choosing How To Price Your Product (approx 5 min into the video)
  • A Crucial Element For Product Launch Success (approx 8 min into the video)
  • The Optimal Time Frame For Your Launch (approx 10 min into the video)
  • How To Create Joint Ventures From Your Product Launch (approx 11 min into video)
  • Growing Your Business From Scratch And Building A List of Premium Clients (approx 13 min into the video)
  • The Golden Rule Of Simplicity And Streamlining (approx 15 min into the video)
  • Building Great Relationships And Creating Raving Fans (approx 16 min into the video)
  • The Massive Value Of Video In Your Product Launch (approx 19 min into the video)
  • Using Instinct And Intuition In Business (approx 20 min into the video)
  • The Biggest Lesson You Need To Know For A Successful Launch
    (approx 23 min into the video)

How To Price Your Product

When I asked James about how to decide upon pricing for your product, he said it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Often lowering a price is a good idea if you want to build a list or get some information from customers, like feedback or something like that. James adds that he’s a big fan of sticking to higher priced products. This is mainly because of his interest in positioning himself or his clients in the marketplace as an authority.

James read my post last week about lowering the price of my book on Amazon for the launch week only and from his perspective, this is a perfectly valid launch formula as long as I’ve got plenty of people to spread the word to during the launch. E-J readers, consider yourselves warned, you’re part of my audience that’s going to hear about this launch!

The final note James made about choosing price was if you decide on pricing your product very high, you will need to be extremely clear and specific about who your target audience is in order to be able to convert in sales.

A Crucial Element For Product Launch Success

I’ve heard James talk a number of times about needing to be very clear about who your customer is. He will spend up to two months researching in depth who his clients/customers are, even getting it down to their exact age, what kind of work they do, what kind of family demographic they belong to, he takes names – literally.

James goes on to say that every business person needs to create an image of who their ideal customer is, then shape their products & services to the needs of those ideal customers and market specifically to them. Doing this saves you wasting a lot of time and money and you will sell more.

The Optimal Time Frame For Your Launch

The general rule for the best time frame for running a launch is one week. Any longer and you can lose momentum and people’s attention.

James goes on to say that you can even say it’s running for a week and then announce it’s almost sold out and close it down after a few days. This can create more interest and action from your customers if there’s enough buzz about whatever you’re launching. James says you can run a product launch for up to a month if the interest and momentum is there, but you would need a lot of buzz to keep the energy going for that long.

How To Create Joint Ventures From Your Product Launch

During the interview, I heard James talk about doing a launch for a client to generate Joint Ventures. This sounded quite strange to me as I just didn’t understand how that worked.

James explained that he had a client who was very new to the marketplace and hadn’t launched any kind of product before. He worked with this client to create a big initial launch that generated a lot of interest, money and leads. His client was able to take the results and use them to secure Joint Ventures with the big name players in his niche as a result. That was a cool twist on product launching I hadn’t heard before.

Grow A Business From Scratch And Build A List Of Premium Clients

There was a really interesting aspect of James’ business that sounded like a very simple yet powerful way to build your business. When I asked him about advertising and how he generated leads, James said after a few months of futile efforts advertising when he first started, he realized something else was needed.

He stopped advertising and just started helping people. He helped a few key people with their product launches, and because his results were so good, he’s been referred premium clients ever since. By building his business this way, James has found he generally attracts like minded clients who are very congruent with his own style of working.

I like this business building model a lot, and it’s something I’m integrating into my own business.

The Golden Rule Of Simplicity And Streamlining

Another key point James makes is that when it comes to launching products, simple is always best. He mentions this a few times during the interview. In his own launches, he always makes the sales process as simple and streamlined as possible, so as not to lose the customer’s interest.

It seems people’s attention spans are getting increasingly fickle, so even the slightest stumbling block in the process can cost you money and leads.

Build Great Relationships And Create Raving Fans

I’m always interested in the role of relationships in making money and growing your business. When I asked James about this in relation to product launches, he confirmed that it’s a crucial element to running them successfully. It’s only through creating and fostering relationships that you get to have raving fans.

James referenced his client who was brand new to the marketplace and how this client ended up with raving fans in a very short time frame, after his second video, in fact, he had some raving fans. It always seems to come back to being generous with your responses and really connecting with your audience authentically.

The Massive Value Of Video In A Product Launch

After James’ comment about a client having raving fans after releasing two videos, I wanted to know how important the role of video is in product launching. James considers it to be essential in connecting his client with their audience and helping them become more familiar to them and trusted by them. Whilst he still uses the traditional long sales letter, there’s always a video at the top, and through testing, James has found using video works wonders to ensure a successful product launch.

Use Instinct And Intuition In Business

This is another pet question of mine. I’m always interested in the role of instinct and intuition in how successful people run their business. When I asked this question, James confirmed that it is this that plays a significant role in how he makes decisions in business.

Even in the beginning when he was considering going to train with Jeff Walker, James felt that it would only happen if it was congruent with his own way of working. James uses his gut feeling or instinct when it comes to choosing who to work with and what projects to do. Even though there’s a serious side to business, fun has to be an essential characteristic of the project and people involved as well.

The Biggest Lesson You Need To Know For A Successful Launch

Before closing, I asked James if there was anything else he felt was a really important thing to remember when doing a product launch. His biggest tip was to find out what your market wants before trying to sell them anything. And not only do this research, but get to to know your audience in a very personal way. Get into conversations with them and find ways to get really connected with them. The more you do this, the more successful your launch will be.

James has a survey you can complete on his website that you can fill in to find out if you are launch ready, and there’s also a members area with stacks of information and resources available if you want to increase your product launch skills.

You can also read more about James in Lenore Miller’s Ignite Your Business Mojo:

Click on the book cover to read about James in Chapter 12

Thanks so much for reading or watching the interview and I’d love to hear any comments you have at the end.

Cheers, Neroli.

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  • The video looked exceptionally interesting. I must confess, James is really a wise marketer. I haven’t been using 2% of what I learned today.

    But guess what? I’m going to embed some of these nuggets into my next product launch. It’s going to be a bang. I’m totally happy to be here commenting and storing up some great ideas on my block head. Lol!

    • Hey Michael:) I felt the same way when I head James do a talk about product launching! Hope your launches go well now you have this info, cheers, neroli

  • good video liked it, i think a product launch is a lot of work but once its done, you can really profit from it

    • Hey Fazal,

      James is right about it being easy if it’s fun. I guess I still think it looks like a lot of work, even if it’s fun work…But at the same time, it seems so important as well, so i’d better start liking it a lot!

      cheers, neroli

  • Fazal… they can be hard or easy…the best thing to do is make them fun.

    Promote products you love and all the rest is easy!


  • Thanks a lot Neroli for keeping your promise and gives us such a useful stuff in the form of interview.

    Like to watch video very much.

    • thanks Meg πŸ˜‰ Glad you liked the interview, cheers, neroli

  • Enjoyed watching that interview. Very helpful tips, James. A launch is the major moment of a truth so a lot of wise planning and clever strategies like the ones you have suggested are definitely a must.

    • Hey Komodo, I haven’t seen you for ages! How have you been? You’ve even got a new avatar pic these days πŸ™‚ Anyway, glad u liked James’ info, he really knows what he’s doing, so it’s great to hear from him.

      Cheers, neroli

  • Hi Neroli,
    Very good video interview with lots of useful knowledge, the 25 minutes went really fast because it was internal as well. I personally accept videos longer than 10 minutes, but this was a good and rewarding.

    • Hey there, I’m glad you like it enough to watch the whole thing πŸ™‚ I am often stretched for time so I don’t watch long videos either, but the info James shared was too good to edit out!

      Cheers, neroli

  • Very great video, very informative! Product launches are indeed the make it or break it moment in internet marketing, they are super important I’m sure everyone can agree. Thanks for posting this!

    • Hey whitney:) Glad you liked the post. I didn’t know anything abut product launching until i heard James speaking. I realized there’s a whole world of strategy involved & it IS so important!

      Cheers, neroli

  • Great video – sort of mixes the important aspects of product development and product launch. You can’t be successful with a product launch unless you have done the proper up-front work on 1) Researching your market, 2) Knowing their most compelling desires, 3) Having positioned your solution as unique from your competition and 4) Ideally done some up-front build of a platform (to use a publishing term). These are fundamental product planning and creation concepts that make your launch so much simpler.

    • love it Jeff, that’s it in a nutshell πŸ™‚ Cheers, neroli

  • Very interesting strategies, I plan to make my own products one day. When that day comes, I’ll probably be implementing some of these strategies into my product launch. Hopefully time doesn’t change the market too much. Thanks for sharing this video with us!

    • Hey Peter πŸ˜‰ I’d say implementing some of these strategies is a GREAT idea when you do begin launching some products. Good luck when you do πŸ™‚ CHeers, neroli

  • This is really great information.I would love to see a detailed post like this but about instead on how to create products.

    • Hi Lela πŸ˜‰

      I’ll see who I know who I can interview about creating products. I’m still very much learning myself, with my first couple of online products just launching in the next few weeks. I’ll certainly write about my own lessons from this, but I’ll also look around for someone who really knows this kind of thing well & see if I can get an interview with them.

      Thanks for your comment, cheers, neroli

  • Great interview Neroli!Simple yet powerful… πŸ™‚

  • Neroli, wonderful job on the interview with James. For me personally, it was really refreshing to be able to see you outside of an avatar photo! Hope you are able to continue with a few more videos here on Yaro’s blog in future blog posts, who knows maybe one of them will go viral?


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