Web2Submitter Review – Can This Software Help You Drive More Traffic From Web 2.0 Sites?

Fran Kerr is my web assistant and helper with Blog Mastermind and a partner in a new eBay lead generation venture we are working on (can’t talk about this one yet!). She’s also a guru at natural skin care and runs a blog, High on Health.

Part of the her role in my business is to help promote Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by performing many of the more basic marketing techniques, like submitting to blog carnivals and social voting sites.

Earlier in the year I asked her to have a play with the social bookmarking software Web2Submitter to see if it’s worth using as a tool to help bloggers get more traffic from social marketing. Here’s what she had to say about the program…

Automate your social marketing activities with Web2Submitter – Submit your content to Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Propeller, etc automatically with this software from Jack Humphreys.

You can find a list of other reviews and links to the products and resources I use to run my online business in the Reviews Section of this website.

Product Name: Web2Submitter
Creators: Jack Humphreys and Brandon Hall
URL: http://web2submitter.com/
Price: $47.00 USD
Reviewed by: Fran Kerr

I was really excited when I received a copy of the Web2Submitter, because it promises to make social bookmarking so much easier.

Web2Submitter is a software package that has the intention of saving you time and increasing your traffic by automating most of the process of submitting your blog or website articles to social bookmarking services. The idea is to submit to as many services as possible, with very little effort.

So, How Does It Work?

Before you can actively start using the software to submit to social bookmarking sites, you need to enter your username and password for ten different social bookmarking services. This means you need to create accounts with all ten services. It’s not compulsory to provide details for all ten, only the ones you wish to submit to. For the sake of evaluation, I provided my details for all ten services.

web2submitter, usernames and passwords

To make things complicated, Only Wire is an online tool that provides a similar service to Web2Submitter. So the first thing you need to do when you create an account with Only Wire, is provide usernames and passwords for their list of social bookmarking sites. In total, I created accounts with 32 social bookmarking services. Most of them I hadn’t even heard of before. And it took me all afternoon.

Time to Submit

I thought after all that time I’d spent creating accounts with 32 different social bookmarking services, that I could now sit back and let the magic happen. Well, it doesn’t exactly work that way.

When it’s time to submit your article, the process is broken into three steps.

Step 1 involves entering your article’s title, link, description and tags. This is the one thing about the tool that saves a bit of time. I liked how I only had to submit this information once. Keep in mind however that you need to enter these details for every unique article that you submit.

Step 2 requires you to log into each social bookmarking site. You select the ten services from a drop down list and hit login and it does the rest for you.

web2submitter, step 2

Even though it was slightly automated, I found this step a bit annoying. I wish Web2Submitter had some kind of tool that showed me what I was already logged into. I had just made new accounts with all ten services so I assumed I was still logged into them. Still, just to be on the safe side I logged into all ten again.

I discovered if you’re already logged into a social bookmarking service and you try to log in again with the Web2Submitter, it acts like you’re not logged in. It then takes you straight back to the sign-in page and you can’t tell if you’re logged in or not. For some services, if you click ‘login’ then it goes nowhere because it’s confused, why are you trying to log in when you’re already logged in?

web2submitter, step 3

Step 3 is where you finally get to submit your article to the social bookmarking services. This involves selecting a category from the drop down list (if there is one) then selecting the big blue button for each service you want to submit to. The Web2Submitter tool will automate as much of this process as possible. Really all it does is open the service up in the Web2Submitter browser window (for example it opens http://www.digg.com), then fill in as many fields as it can for you. Then it will submit your article. You can watch the whole process happening right in front of you without touching the keyboard or mouse.

Sounds not too bad doesn’t it?…So why do I have a problem with Web2Submitter?

My Frustration

My frustration started when Web2Submitter had a problem with some of its automation. There were at least two services for example which had problems with my login details. Because the Web2Submitter tool was trying to automatically push through my login details and the social bookmarking site was trying to reject my login, it created an endless loop. I was completely helpless, there was nothing I could do. I had to madly try and click on the ‘Home’ button in Web2Submitter to get out of the social bookmarking site. In fact, I had so much trouble just trying to log in to StumbleUpon that in the end I gave up and just submitted the article manually through Firefox.

The software does a reasonable job of automating the submission process to social bookmarking sites, however I am dubious about submitting articles to so many different sites, especially because each bookmarking site focuses on a different niche. Is it even a good idea to submit your blog article to a bookmarking site not really related to your topic?

There are only handful of bookmarking sites you need to worry about that you can easily submit to yourself, then again, perhaps I’m missing the “trick” and maybe submitting to every social bookmarking site is a good way to get traffic, even if they don’t specifically match your topic.

For example, MarkTD and PlugIM are both marketing services, so every article I write on my health blog cannot be submitted to either of these two marketing sites. I also wonder whether there’s any point in submitting to some of the smaller services (like I saw in the huge list in Only Wire) because it appears that not many people use those social bookmarking sites. If I were to choose a great way to market my article I don’t think it would be submitting to 22 social bookmarking sites that nobody looks at.

Quantity Approach

I think Web2Submitter focuses on a strategy of quantity over quality when it comes to submitting to social bookmarking sites. The idea is to place your article in as many of these services as you can, thus creating exposure and a large “footprint” for your articles in the social bookmarking sites, even if your article never makes it to the front page of any of the sites.

In the training materials that come with Web2Submitter, Jack is clear to point out that just using the software alone on every article you publish is not a good idea. You should submit your best content and use the social bookmarking and voting sites as they are intended – to highlight quality content.

The Buzz Group

One particularly good bonus feature of Web2Submitter (there are two bonuses) is the access you get to the Buzz Group, which is a special group only for customers, who work together to help promote content in social bookmarking sites. The process is quite simple – you join the group and then help your fellow members by voting for their content and you are allowed to submit your content, which is then in turn voted for as well.

This is a somewhat risky approach to social voting because you want to be careful not to artificially inflate the votes and rest assured that sites like Digg know when you are trying to game the system. The Web2Submitter team have set up a fairly good system that it is definitely getting results for some people based on the testimonials on the page, if you believe them of course!

If you buy Web2Submitter you can consider joining and participating in the Buzz Group, which can potentially deliver some solid traffic results to your content.

Would I Recommend This Product?

The question you need to ask is whether $47 is worth spending to cut a little bit of time submitting your content to bookmarking sites. Web2Submitter will save you time, but at least for my test, there were bugs and I’m just not sure you need to submit to so many sites anyway.

If you currently submit content to a lot of social bookmarking sites, possibly as a saturation and “conversation domination” style strategy, Web2Submitter definitely speeds up the process, I’m just not convinced this is the optimum method to drive traffic from social bookmarking.

I’ll leave the decision up to you. I personally won’t use the software again because I prefer to submit to the one or two bookmarking sites relevant for my blogs manually by hand. If you have a lot of sites and a lot of bookmarking to do, then Web2submitter is worth checking out.

The addition of the Buzz Group access might just be the tipping point that makes it worth buying Web2Submitter, but you have to decide whether you want to participate in such a group as it may be looked upon as a way of “gaming the system”, so you have to be careful.

It should be noted that there is a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try the program and the Buzz Group and if you decide it’s not for you, just ask for your money back.

To purchase the software, watch an introduction video, read the testimonials, learn more about the Buzz Group and read further information about the program, click here (the sales page is not very long) –


If you have purchased this software and put it to good use, or have comments about the Buzz Group or any feedback at all, please leave a comment to this review and let me know.

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  • This is the first ‘product review’ type post I have read on EJ and I found it very informative. Web2Submitter doesn’t really sound worth it to me.

  • Bob

    Yuck… One more tool to help spammers. I would ignore it.

  • I use web2submitter and have had the same crazy log in errors, however since my blog is relatively new I’ve noticed that I have received more googlebot visits for having links on the sites it submits to. You also have to be careful of newsvine and plime who won’t really allow you to use the tool as it tries to – you are better off writing articles specific to those sites.

  • I really like socialmarker.com. This is a free site that works similarly to Web2submitter. You can read my review here.

    • Yaro,

      I just read this review – a bit late I suppose – but I guess I agree to Fred – Why pay $47 if you can get it from site like socialmarker.com? The services looks all the same to me.

      My two coins 🙂

  • found this article thru blogrush on my own site.

    great objective review. thanks Yaro and Fran. So I guess the same could be said for any automated submitter software. I downloaded roboform, haven’t tried it, but I guess it is a similar but more generic tool.

    seems to me $47 is worth the buzz group alone, as long as that group has some quality standards, it could work well.

  • This is a very objective review. I use Social Marker myself. As a relatively new and inexperienced blogger I’m learning daily. Quality is now more important than Quantity and submitting to a multitude of Web 2 sites may not be the best for ones blog in the final analysis. Thanks Fran and Yaro. Truthful posting.

  • There are far better tools both being used and in-development. And there’s actually a reason you haven’t found them yet.

    While I don’t sell Web2Submitter, I have a special affinity for it because I understand what they’re trying to do.

    They’re trying to put a little bit of power into the hands of masses… not too much power, but some. The Buzz Group aces isn’t a tipping point, it’s an avalanche… to have that kind of support, though bookmarking sites really don’t approve of it, is like gold.

    Think of how much crap people have wasted over $4700 on and here’s a simple $47 product that can help those without much traffic to have a bigger shot playing the numbers game.

    Compared to what you get for traffic, it might not mean all that much, but compared to what the majority of your visitors get for traffic, a blog post in dozens of social bookmarking sites, in the same amount of time it would take to hand post to a fraction of them, can lead to that extra 2-3 loyal readers… which then gives us access to their network of friends.

    Each new loyal reader comes with friends. Anything that’s under $50 that helps semi-automate one’s reach into social sites should be bought without hesitation… especially when it comes with a support group mail list and an iron clad money back guarantee.


  • I use onlywire.com, which you mention, and it works fine; I just wish it included Digg, which I submit separately.

    For me the $47 isn’t worth it. My strategy is to build readers now, then work on getting the quality so high THEY submit for me . . . that’s how it should be anyway. In the meantime, OnlyWire is good enough.

  • Gotta disagree with you, Terry.

    Your post seemed fine while you were stating it was “about me” (you) but it left the path when you added that your way is how it “should be.”

    It exemplifies, yet again, the kind of disconnect that exists between A-list bloggers, their supporters and then the bulk of the work from home crowd.

    There’s some horrific assumption that just because you can see the benefit of something and state it with academic and logical precision, that the viewing audience can comprehend it, too.

    The fact is that the blogosphere is a LOT different than when guys like Yaro and others, who shall remain unnamed, made it yet they’re still giving out the same advice with millions of new blogs and bloggers in the ring.

    If someone wants a quick boost, wants to meet some like-minded people (in the buzz group), and can spare less than one month’s cost of what Yaro charges for his membership, Web2Submitter is just fine.

    And if they aren’t satisfied, guess what? They get a refund as per Clickbank’s policy. How can you not, at least, present this kind of information to people as an option – especially knowing that so many of them are not like you or Yaro but are actually beleaguered and tired of being over-estimated.


  • Hi..
    Both softwares are working under same base and i don t know about the web 2.0 software. If you know just tell the feature of it. We are using the web 2 submitter. I t is the good one for the internet marketing..

    Thank you

  • Thank you for the impartial review of Web2Submitter. I just bought the product yesterday and will be putting it to the challenge this week.

    Like Fran, I have already run into login issues while doing the prep work for using the tool. A bit disappointing to start with, I have to say. The main selling point of the product seems to be time reduction in submission of your content. We all know that dealing with software problems can take up valuable time. I will continue my evaluation of the product and see if it gets any better.

    I will be including a complete review of my experience with Web2Submitter at my web site over the next few weeks (if anyone’s interested). I hope my testimony will be similar to those testimonies given on the Web2Submitter sales page.

  • This is the first ‘product review’ type post I have read on EJ and I found it very informative. Web2Submitter doesn’t really sound worth it to me.

  • I’ve also got Web2Submitter and the latest update has certainly improved things.

    Yes, it is only a way of speeding up the process but then it was never sold as anything else. At least it’s not bloatware like one or two recent releases that do a similar job.

    As for OnlyWire, forget it, it’s seriously bust. SocialMarker.com does a much better job.

  • I stopped using this software. I now use onlywire and really like their collection of sites. They have really improved and made the 1 click submission very smooth. Even digg is a click away.

  • Luckly I read your post before I buy this osftware…..thanks

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