Who Needs Sales Copy, Use A Comic Instead

I have to hand it to Edmund Loh and Vince Tan for coming up with a slightly different spin on the traditional namesqueeze page for their new Internet marketing newsletter launch – IMGuerilla.com.

If you are not familiar with the namesqueeze, it’s a very common technique in the Internet marketing world for capturing (squeezing) the contact details of people who show a predisposition for what you offer and/or in exchange for information about a topic. You can read my more in-depth explanation of a namesqueeze page here – What Is A Namesqueeze?.

David DeAngelo’s (or really Eben Pagan’s) namesqueeze page at DoubleYourDating.com is considered the de-facto benchmark for a successful namesqueeze. It’s been tested and tested and tested and performs amazingly well, so well that there are hundreds of copy-cats (me included) who replicate David’s techniques. You shouldn’t just copy it blindly, although I expect you will still do okay if you do – it’s that powerful (elegantly simple is more like it).

That being said, the namesqueeze is undoubtedly becoming boring and stale, especially in the Internet marketing niche – it’s everywhere. Which is why when I went and had a look at what Edmund and Vince had come up with that I actually stopped and read the page from start to finish.

These two Asian Internet marketers have used a comic strip instead of copy (well they used a little copy) to capture opt-ins to their squeeze page, and I think they have done a great job. It’s interesting, entertaining and best of all – stands out from the crowd as different and hopefully sets the tone for a unique newsletter launch too.

Here’s a quick sample…

IM Guerilla Comic

You can read the whole comic at http://IMGuerilla.com/.

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  • What a refreshing way to create a sales copy. Creative + informative.

    Btw, I’ve met Vince Tan personally before. He’s a humble and ready to give person. Thumbs Up!

  • That was actually pretty nice! It’s a perfect way to hook people into subscribing without having the visitors hesitate a moment. Truly a very nice idea that I have never seen before.

    Sly from Slyvisions.com

  • Cool idea..

    Might be able to drive more traffic but sales – wise, I’m not really sure…

    Gotta give it a try…

  • pretty nice copy comic strip, Thumbs Up..
    as beginner Blogger I think that’s the new technique to drive traffic

  • That was a really cool comic to increase sales!

  • It would be interesting to see some stats, but it’s one of the few times I actually found myself reading a sales letter. Well, the comic part, not the part before it.

    The problem is I might not have scrolled down to see the comic if I hadn’t been tipped off (by you) that it was there. It would be nice if there were something near the top of the page as interesting.

    Yeah, there were headlines and stuff. But who reads that?

  • This is a great idea. It makes reading the sales page a hell of a lot easier, Most sales pages just blind you with too much info and you get lost in and don’t bother reading most of it and the page is then waseted as you have lost the reader.
    This is simple and to the point, We’re fed up and want to make it on our own, how do we do it?

  • That was pretty good. Although I have to admit I skipped everything before the strip. Still congratulations to the guys for coming up with something fresh and original. I thought Vince was going to turn into Charles Atlas to get his girl back.

  • Yeah, great 2 Malaysians joining forces
    to bring IM to a higher level…

    As a Malaysian myself, I find it disturbing
    that many many Malaysians are afraid of making
    money online, thinking that they have to pay
    in US Dollars where it’s about RM3.50/USD$1

    They are too being blindfolded thinking that
    most online programs are HYIP related and

    More and more Malaysian IMers booming will
    change this…. I’m happy!

    – Samuel Sim

  • […] Who needs sales copy? Use a comic instead – Well this one is quite a fun to read. […]

  • Fresh Idea and twist on IM. I think people will be going there just for the freshness of a comic.
    I thought it was cool and fresh. a nice reprieve from the same old same old.

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