Is The Internet Marketing World Ready For This?

My friend Gideon Shalwick zapped me on skype yesterday suggesting I check out a video that is “funny and a bit different” to quote Gideon.

Is the Internet marketing world ready for Ron Goodwave?

I wonder what Marlon Sanders has to say about this one 🙂 .

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  • Hi Yaro

    Sure is good to be featured on your blog. My team at will be very proud of you.

    If you’re controversial enough, we might just get you on the show…I’ll have to talk to the Big Boss…

    We like exposing people on the show and in fact, our script writer, Juho Tunkelo, has already uncovered information that is bound to surprise, entertain and even shock…

    But you’ll have to watch the next episode to see what I mean…

    See you later crocadile!

    Ron Goodwave
    News Reader

  • Well I must say this is a very and original way of promoting an Internet marketing product. It was funny, entertaining and a bit disturbing. It may actually get some viral effect. But I’m not sure it will succeeded in sparking interest in purchasing the dashboard.

    But I’m all for fresh approaches.


  • Different can be good….that is not good in my opinion.

  • Wow! That was errr… ummm… interesting.

    Ok, it was funny. It will be interesting to see how the future videos turn out.

  • It’s clear that the intent was to be funny, but it fell flat. I think one of the reasons is the laugh track.

    Laugh tracks may work for television, but they are too noticeable on a 3 inch video. I’ve never seen an internet video that contained a laugh track that didn’t make me want to gouge my eardrums out.

    One more thing on the laugh track. It was used in many places that were inappropriate, or even obscured what was being said.

    This was no exception.

  • I agree about the laugh track. He should lose the laugh track in future… it detracted from the video.

  • Not funny and over hyped. Such is internet marketing.

  • I at least found this video refreshing, if nothing else. I always admire people who step out of the box and try something new.

    I loved the little insert clip of Marlon being Marlon, really cool stuff. But if you know him and/or have seen him live, he makes a lot of sense and really keeps you interested.

    Cool video, and I’d like to see how “Ron Goodwave” does in IM.

    Make Money With A Blog

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