Going Natural 2.0 Video – 3 Social Marketing Tips You Can Implement Today

Update: The links in this post now point to the sale page for the SMARTS program, since the program went live. If you haven’t seen the video yet, here’s the link: Going Natural 2.0 Video.

Also I called Don Crowther “Dan” in this article and have since fixed it – sorry Don!



StomperNet have released a new video that provides a fantastic discussion of what Social Marketing is, why it’s so critical to the future of Internet marketing and ends with three (well four really) practical ways you can use social media sites to drive traffic to your site.

Here’s the link –

Social Marketing: Success without SEO, Pay-Per-Click or Affiliates

The video is long – 50 Minutes – and the tips start about half way through, but it’s worth watching from start to finish, especially if you have not looked into using social media and Web 2.0 sites as a means to market your blog or business.

Social Marketing Is Huge

I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep up with all the social media and Web 2.0 talk lately.

Not a day goes by where I don’t get some notification from Facebook and given the growth numbers the site is putting up, it won’t be long until Facebook rivals MySpace, the current traffic leader.

Then there’s YouTube, the video sharing site that apparently every single American who uses the Web goes to watch at least once every day.

…And that only skims the surface. There’s social networking sites like LinkedIn, bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious and collaborative resource sites like Wikipedia. Plus every day a new Web 2.0 site is born offering yet another way to connect with people and drive traffic back to your site.

It’s so overwhelming, most of the time I just take a quick look at the few sites I frequent or keep profiles at, then go back and post an article to my blog.

However every now and then something comes out about social marketing that I take notice of because I don’t want to be left behind and I trust the source of the information.

The “problem” with social marketing is how different it is to traditional marketing. You can’t even smell like you are trying to sell something or just using the site to build links or traffic back to your site, because as soon as you do – BOOM – you are banned.

To make social marketing work you have to…well…be social. Yeah, not surprising, but very true.

Social marketing is about community participation, but you can have a business agenda. You are there first and foremost to be an active and valuable member of a community and if you are smart, use your profile and connections to drive traffic and links back to your site.

Everything has to be organic and friendly – it’s actually a wonderful way to market a business because it’s like talking to friends. There’s no hard sell because hard sell simply doesn’t work – it’s not even permitted.

How Do Top Marketers React

When the team at StomperNet sent out a video about social marketing, I knew I had to pay attention. The StomperNet guys know what it takes to drive traffic to websites and convert that traffic into buyers, so I was curious how they would take on this new media.

With the huge resources at StomperNet they can devote entire labs to testing things, and that’s exactly what they have done with social marketing.

Don Crowther and his team have been hard at work within StompetNet, testing social marketing to see how they can apply it to build links for SEO purposes, how to attract traffic directly from social media and take advantage of the huge growth in this new form of marketing.

Don’s first video is a long one – I watched it while cooking and eating lunch one day this week. It starts with a great introduction to the different components of social marketing and why it’s so important, and ends with techniques you can apply immediately to start driving traffic from social media.

Some of the statistics Don presents in the video are quite amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day soon, the social media sites attract more traffic than the rest of the entire Internet – including Google. In effect, sites like Facebook are creating entire new Internet worlds, self contained networks with structured communication rules and user numbers that rival the rest of the world wide web.

That’s something you can’t ignore if you are in the Internet business game – you have to go where the traffic is.

Don Social Marketing Tips

The tips in the second half of the video talk about using three sites – Scribd, Propeller and Digg, and how you can leverage these sites to market your web business.

Nothing Don presents is ground breaking – basically you use the sites as they are intended and earn results. Sadly, most marketers just don’t get this, which is why the video is important.

Don points out that Digg has great Google rankings, and just submitting your best content to the site will net some search engine results, even with only one or two votes (diggs). You don’t have to make the front page to leverage Digg for traffic, according to Don.

Don offers similar examples of how to use Propeller and Scribd, which essentially surmount to using the sites as they were intended, but doing so with your SEO and Internet marketing hats on. Simple things like embedding links into your submissions to improve your site’s SEO can net results because many social marketing sites have high PageRank and enjoy authority status in search engines.

If you don’t understand how social marketing works and how you can use Web 2.0 sites to as an SEO and traffic tool without getting yourself banned, this video from StomperNet is worth watching.

It’s free and you can view it here –

Social Marketing: Success without SEO, Pay-Per-Click or Affiliates

The video is a lead-up sample for their latest release, which is called StomperSMARTS – a coaching program for getting the most out of social marketing.

If you are interested in joining the program, make sure you opt-in to their email list when you go to the page with the video. The video is entirely free and you don’t have to opt-in to watch it. The coaching program is released Friday 11th January at 2PM Eastern USA time.

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  • Fantastic Yaro. Social marketing is definitely booming

  • Thanks for video and your insightful summery, Yaro. This is a very informative video. The challenge I face (and I’m guessing most others as well) is that keeping up and working through the web 2.o process can be very time consuming on the front end unless you get very organized. Posting and keeping up with responses and latest posts on your chosen social media sites can easily take a few hours a day. I’m hoping to discover how to more efficiatly participate in the social media marketing.

  • Great post Yaro!

    Many marketers under utilize Web 2.0 technologies because they think it’s a waste of time… Well I highly disagree! Social marketing is an excellent way to pick up JV’s for future product promos!

    Have An Amazingly Profitable Day,
    Theo Baskind

    P.S. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a blog link exchange with me?

  • Hey Yaro, you know it is funny that you posted this today because I just found it yesterday and watched it twice…also while eating lunch.

    I think one of the things that is frustrating for me, is that I am a total novice to social media. When I first signed up for Plime, for example, I was banned within two days.

    How is that for fast action?

    So, by trial and error I found out how to navigate and participate there.

    Anyway, my question to you is, have you written anything like a quick guide to social media sites?

    Might be a good post or product for you to offer.

    See you in the forums!

  • I’ve been wondering what the 3rd social site that he recommended would be. I haven’t been able to watch the last 10-12 minutes of the video for some reason; it never lets me get past that point.

  • nan

    OK I guess I still don’t get it. I joined Facebook per recommendations for Thiry Day Challenge. I joined because my understanding was that as a part of a small group of “friends” we would send each other “love” and improve our rankings. That sounds good.
    However, I am baffled at sending each other beers and showing different faces for moods and sending links to all kinds of videos. Who has the time for this – and who cares. I wish all these “friends” well with their internet businesses and I will do my part – but I have real-time friends and don’t care about this.
    Am I missing something?

  • Great Video I actually made some notes from this one.

    Oh I wish I had money to join the StomperNet program.

    Someday soon.

  • Blaine the one’s I made note of are


    and of course it already talks about stuff Yaro is teaching us in his Blog Mastermind program about
    Submitting your best stuff, adding value, submitting other’s stuff and also bookmarking any sites that mention your site.

    Also they mention SocialMarker.com. That one is a life saver I use it all the time. As they point out initially it is time consuming to get you all set up straight across the board but once your set submitting anything to the sites it allows you to submit to takes maybe 15 minutes tops. If you have firefox you can get a button that you can drag and drop into the tool bar that will give you one touch access to SocialMarker anytime you need it.

    There is one other still emerging digglike site for firefox called trailfire. I just installed it about two weeks ago and haven’t had time to really test it out but it looks promising.

    Hope some of this helped you out in regards to getting what you missed.

  • Nan,

    IN regards to your comment about Facebook. It is good karma on that site to do the silly things as well as the serious things. I had more people on Facebook wish me a happy birthday then I did my real life friends. When you go out with friends in real life don’t you sometimes buy them a soda or a coffee. Don’t you offer them a high five or a hug or poke them to get their attention.

    If you have a favorite sport don’t you show your team spirit in real life. What about your movie knowledge don’t you share that with real life friends.

    Many of these applications on Facebook enable folks who are making friends on the net a way to do in cyber space what they can’t in real life due to distance. I have friends in England and a friend in Hungary who I will probably never meet and the cool app’s that Facebook has allows me to have fun with them clear across the ocean here in Kansas.

    So I hope that made some sense and now Yaro I will get off your blog for the day and let you back to running it *W*. I am sometimes too passionate about social networking on the internet only cause I know first hand how powerful it can be.

  • Great article and I will certainly make the time to watch the vid this weekend.

    I couldnt help but add comment to nan’s comment.

    Yes, I think you have missed the point.

    If all you are trying to do is to build links and make money through social networking and you don’t enjoy it – sounds like a job to me.

    And having a “job” was not on my agenda when I wanted to work for myself.

    I have only been on Facebook for a few months and yes, I agree with you about the drinks and other widget stuff – I tend to stay away from that – but what I am trying to do is to join groups, add to the discussion forums and help people who are asking for help.

    this does give me the links for my SEO stuff, I suppose (and yes, I am here in this business world to make money and profit) but this is the cherry on the cake for me.

    Building relatinoships with people either online or face to face is crucial to business, isn’t it. Facebook allows you to have conversations with people and build those relationships

    And it is the human beings that spend the money with you, isn’t it? – not the search engines.


  • Iceman Baldy

    I thought the video was great and the followup guide offers six additional ways of using social media as social marketing. The tips are immediately actionable and a great example of what you offer in your Blueprint. Many people will use social media as their portal to all the internet offers because of the security and trust that is provided by affiliation and controlled networking. Savvy marketers will understand the importance of contributions versus selling.

  • Any advice for Facebook would be good. I did think that the Social Bookmarking site was a great thing, and yes it took forever to set up.

    I tested it with a Squidoo and another website I like–and sometimes hit glitches.

    Happy to hear about Trail Fire. Be sure to read the StomperNet PDF. More valuable tips in there that are NOT in the video…gotta go 5 seconds to StomperNet launch!

  • I operate businesses in 3 very different niche markets and find that different social networking sites are better for certain topics.

    Business topics do better on Reddit, Stumbleupon and can do well on Myspace over time

    Topics of mass appeal such as weight loss, personal finance, politics do well on Digg, Facebook, Myspace, StumbleUpon

    Bottom line is that you need to watch the top posts, take a look at the groups and forums and see if your topic is widely covered, if not, move on.


  • I have achieved some results on Digg, Propeller and StumbleUpon… But Reddit and Delicious never have worked for me.. I guess that it could be due to my specific niches.

  • The problem for many people is that they get the idea of submitting content to social media but don’t actually do any of the social part connected with this. If you want to compare Facebook to blogs all it is is a platform for communication while blogs are disconnected mostly from the rest of all blogs. Once bloggers submit comments between blogs then there is more of a community aspect to the blogs themselves.

    If you look at Facebook you get a chance to interact even with almost no content except a profile and maybe some pictures, Facebook adds the apps for the rest of the communication.

  • Hi Yaro
    Thanks so much for posting the link – the video is really useful. I love how the internet has moved from being ‘faceless’ to a huge community. For me the internet is about making a connection and therefore I can see why social networking sites have exploded in use.

  • […] social marketing at a blog titled Entrepreneur’s Journey, specifically an article entitled 3 Social Marketing Tips You Can Implement Today – The particular blog post was about a new video and service by […]

  • Yaro, I have seen the video, great presentation. Do you or anyone here know if they have an affiliate program?

  • Yaro, I have been trying to get people to recognize the benefits of social marketing. Last year I started a branding project of trying to earn the title “Queen of Social Network Marketing”. The reason I started this branding project is because I have seen the benefits of contributing good content to social networks. It’s been an exciting experience so far. I have two of the top groups on Bumpzee and a fast growing group on BlogCatalog. Anyway, I have a lot of say about social marketing and I am posting the progress of the project on my blog > Queen of Social Network Marketing Project

  • Jim

    Since I didn’t join Yaro’s coaching program a couple of months ago I’m really curious as to how that stacks against Stomper Net’s latest venture into social marketing.

    Cost wise Yaro beats out the world but does he teach the same philosophy as Stomper Net? I know Stomper Net coaching program just started but for people starting out like me it would be nice to know that we would definitely be getting our moneys worth with Yaro’s course.

    thanks for the feedback,

  • Hey Jim,

    My program has a different slat – it’s all blogging, so I don’t think it’s really relevant to compare it to StomperSMARTS at all. They compliment each other very well though 😉

  • Social media/marketing definitely has its place when you are trying to sell on the Internet. If you can get hooked into the proper group, or get a top Stumbler on your side, then it is all good!

  • Social marketing is indeed very powerful, but many people tent to abuse this system. Either by creating multiple accounts, pay someone to add his/her own websites, etc.
    If not use wisely, it could be harmed more than useful.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I think I have one slight advantage when it comes to social networking, it’s called a 15 year old daughter. LOL!

    But it’s true, we were in the hospital this past Friday for her chemo treatment and she was on the computer on a new one, I was like, “What site is that?”

    “Mom that’s a new one I’m having fun with, cool features.”

    I can’t remember which one it is when I do I’ll let you know.

    The ONLY one I’ve ever taken to liking is Facebook. But I have to admit it does feel “strange” mixing personal family members with any marketers I may know in my friends list.

    What do you think about that?

  • Hey Yaro,
    I just watched the video a little longer than 50 minutes.
    It is great… I will try few of the sugestions.
    I want to thank you for sending the link to me. And I just want to let you know that big part of the reason that I can find my page listed on the first page when searching for “PHOTOGRAPHER IN FORT LAUDERDALE” on Google is because of all your help.
    If anybody is getting married here in USA or even there in Australia, and need a Photographer, please visit my site.
    Paulo Jordao

  • Yes, social bookmarking is very important now for marketing. It was just big boom some time ago, im curious what next gonna be after social revolution? :>

  • It was a great video, shame it spoilt scribd for all of us who were using it responsibly. Since that video was released scribd have removed all links in documents published and so you can get great rankings super fast, but no way to monetise that traffic any more.

    Blowing the cover on what was a great technique to sell a product is not very SMART if you ask me.


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