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I just had a great weekend. It was the Australia day public holiday here on Monday so I hosted a traditional Aussie BBQ housewarming party at my place. It was nice to have friends over, eat some good food, play some cards and then head to the park for some running around.

Now of course, it’s back to work!

With the profile of this blog I’m constantly sent reports and e-books to look at and unfortunately nowadays I have little time to read them, but I try to squeeze some in when I can. Today I picked out a few of the best to recommend to you and they are all free!

5x Profits Secrets by Dr Mani

Dr Mani is blogging like crazy on his Money Power Wisdom blog. He knows his stuff, so it’s worth adding his feed to your readers if you are interested in blogging and Internet marketing, the Doc has been in the game for a long time.

Dr Mani is a real doctor and much of his Internet business profits are used to fund heart surgery for under-privileged children in India. That’s a pretty noble cause and one worth supporting.

His new report – 5x Profits Secrets – reveals some of the fundamentals of successful marketing, including:

  • Risk Reversal
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Bonuses
  • Upsells
  • Split Testing
  • Follow Up
  • Continuity Programs (membership sites)

If you are not using these techniques or you are not quite sure what they are, Dr Mani’s report is a short and concise introduction to them all. The whole report is only 14 pages so you can get through this one in 10 minutes easy. It also serves as a solid checklist for any product you plan to sell online in the future.

Here’s the link again – 5x Profits Secrets

How to Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress by Caroline Middlebrook

How to develop money making niche sites with wordpress by caroline middlebrookRising star blogger Caroline Middlebrook recently released a book about using WordPress to create niche sites.

As Caroline notes, it’s not about “professional blogging” as we know it –

Thus the overall strategy is to pick a niche that has profitable keywords, build a small website around it and then leave it to bring in search engine traffic. Rinse and repeat to build a collection of sites that bring in a residual income without requiring maintenance.

If that sounds interesting to you, grab a copy of her book, it’s free –

ABC of Google Analytics

ABC of Google AnalyticsAlthaf Ahmed from sent me a copy of his book covering Google Analytics.

I have to admit that statistics are not my strong point but we all know how important web analytics are. Google’s Analytics is fast becoming the de facto standard statistics package that most webmasters look to and as anyone who has ever ventured inside the service knows – there are a ton of features. You could spend hours looking at all the data.

If you are looking for a good introduction to Google Analytics then Althaf’s book is a great place to start. To download a copy you will need to opt-in to his mailing list on his blog, but as always there are no obligations to stay subscribed if you don’t want to.

The opt-in form to request the free ebook is here –

Take Your Pick

Do you need help with marketing? – Grab Dr Mani’s report. If you are looking for a technique to make money online, try Caroline’s guide and if it’s about time you figured out what all the numbers inside Google Analytics mean, then Althaf Ahmed’s book is worth investigating.

Speed Reading

One last tip before I end this. If you struggle to make it through reports and ebooks like this, download RapidReader software.

I’ve been using this program to read PDFs and it definitely speeds up the process. You can get through a 20 page book in about 10 minutes easily, maybe even quicker if you increase the speed settings.

Yaro Starak
Rapid Reading

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  • Hey, I beat Lodewijk with the first comment!

    Thanks for this list yaro. I have Caroline’s book and its a cracker. Will check the others now.

  • great free reports thanks Yaro

  • It’s nice to have someone around to weed through all the e-books in our niche and figure which ones are worth our time, thanks for that. How many more useful reports can there be out there?

  • Yaro,

    Thanks a lot for including my ebook in your recommended list. I really appreciate it.

    Your readers are all welcome to my virtual home.

    Thanks again

  • Thanks for the review, Yaro. I appreciate you taking the time in the middle of what must be a hectic schedule of blogging – and having fun 😉

    Happy Ozzie Day! 🙂

    All success

  • Great to have a sounding board for all this stuff.

  • Make sure you increase your screen’s refresh rate when using software like Rapid Reader. It will make the words easier to read.

  • Thanks very much for the plug Yaro 🙂

  • Thanks For the great report Yaro.

  • I ‘ll try the RapidRader software,thanks for your recommend

  • Hey Yaro,

    thanks for the heads up on those reports. I already knew the first two, but the third one was exactly what I’m looking for.

    Like many others, I use Google Analytics to track my websites, conversions and such. But I had the nagging feeling that there’s much more to this software then what I was using it for.

    Now I can finally use the full power of Analytics.

    Thanks again,


  • Thanks for that Yaro I am setting up a niche website as we speak and resources such as Carol’s make my life so much easier

  • Great finds, Yaro.
    I get so much information from reading your site. I really appreciate the effort you put into it.

  • Happy Aussie day 🙂

    oh ya, about the e-books, Do U have a plan to make a sequel for your Blueprint ?….

    last but not least..thanks for the great report

  • Okay, Rapid Reader is awesome!

    I am playing with their trial, and am having no trouble comprehending at 700 words per minute after going through the tutorial and opening the first ebook. This is going to save me a ton of time!

  • Hey Thanks Yaro!

    I downloaded the Rapdid Reader software recently, and yes, I can definitely vouch for it that it’s an awesome product. I love how you can read pdf docs with it. That’s just great!

    Happy reading!

    Gideon Shalwick

  • Thanks for the heads up on Rapid Reader. My reading speed is one of the things that slows me down.

  • thanks, i have found the Rapdid Reader is the perfect software 🙂

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  • I have read the book by Caroline. Indeed she has done very well with it. Some places charge as much as 67 bucks for the same info.

  • I tried accessing Dr. Mani’s site through the link but got an error msg stating the site is down and inaccessible. What Up?! Is there a new address or has it closed down permanently? I’ve heard of Dr. Mani but have never read or seen anything by him. I’d like a chance at grabbing his report. Alex

  • Your all reviews are great i love them Don’t miss any of those because they are very few and best…

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