Blog Mastermind Closing Forever This Friday (Plus A Story About Video Games, Magic And Skating)

When I was about 5 years old I discovered my first love – video games.

It all began with a nintendo entertainment system. There was nothing more important in my life at the time than Super Mario Brothers.

My passion grew as I grew, going from nintendo to the sega master system, to the mega drive, the super nintendo, gameboy and onwards to the playstation.

Games like Zelda, Mario, Bomberman, Golden Axe, Street Fighter 2, R-Type, Tetris, Final Fantasy, Wipeout, Ridge Racer and many others were my life.

I was so passionate about gaming that I would ride my bike down to the newsagent at my local shopping center to see if the latest magazine was released, so I could read about and see screen shots of the games coming out next.

This was my first real hobby, the first thing that I was truly passionate about and would spend time “studying” every day.

Next I Discover Roller Skating

Of course nothing lasts forever, and around the time that I became a teenager my passion for gaming began to wane.

As I settled into high school I developed a new passion – roller skating!

The “Skate Arena”, a local roller skating rink, became my new home. I would go to as many as three different skating sessions a week, and practice at home as well.

In a couple of years I mastered roller skating. Then someone clever came up with the idea of putting the wheels on the skates all in one line, rather than two-by-two, and the rollerblade was born.

Although hesitant at first to make the change, eventually I bought myself a pair of inline skates and quickly transitioned to this new form of skating.

For much of high school, skating was my life and the thing I enjoyed doing the most. In fact I still skate today for fitness, fun and to get around quickly, but nothing compared to the passion I had for it when I was younger.

Enter Magic: The Gathering

Eventually skating became second fiddle to a new interest, this time a card game. The game, called Magic: The Gathering (or just “Magic”) combined two of my favorite things at the time –

  1. Fantasy (elves, dragons, wizards, etc)
  2. Competition (in particular, winning!)

I played socially for fun at first, but eventually played in a tournament and a new passion was born – I wanted to compete and win Magic tournaments.

I spent the rest of my high school years and part of my university days buying cards, studying strategies, practicing and even winning tournaments occasionally. I also traveled, attending tournaments in Seattle, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Sapporo Japan during my gaming “career”.

My time playing Magic happened to coincide with the rise of the Internet. Thanks to a free Internet account as part of my university studies, my first use of the World Wide Web was reading up about Magic tournaments – who was winning and what cards they were using to do so.

Eventually I grew tired of keeping up with the constant changes to the Magic card pool (they release new sets every year) and I was entering an important stage of my life – young adulthood.

My interests became more about setting myself up for an independent life. I wanted to make more money and figure out what kind of business I could start to do so.

Around about this time I became intensely interested in online business. The dot com boom had come and gone and I was keen to see where the Internet could take me.

The rest of this story you could say is history, all well documented in the archives of this blog.

The last twelve years of my life have been devoted to various different websites and online businesses, all of them for a time the focus of my passion.

Passion Is Why I Succeed

Each time something new has become the focus of my life I’ve dived in and fully immersed myself in it.

I lived and breathed video games, skating, roller blading, magic cards and then entrepreneurship as I’ve grown up. Each one of these activities has been more than a hobby. They were activities I practiced and studied and became much better than average at, for example…

  • I was part of the 1998 Australian Team for the Magic World Championships (I came second in Australia that year).
  • I was able to rollerblade backwards down huge sets of stairs (this would freak out most people just watching it!).
  • I could speed through levels of Super Mario World using quick reflexes that only comes from way too much playing.
  • And of course, I’ve built many successful websites that have turned into significant income streams.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet, which I know you and I share as a mutual passion for, is blogging.

You very likely read this website to learn how to use a blog to make money.

I certainly understand where you are coming from. Blogging, and turning my blog into an income stream large enough to live off, was my passion for at least two solid years straight until I achieved my goals, and almost 7 years in total as a blogger.

This is something I focused on and became a true expert at. I had a goal and realized it and even pioneered several innovations in the field.

Shortly after reaching my goals I made the decision to teach what I did. My passion went from learning and practicing, to teaching others (though I was still learning and practicing!).

The result was six months laying everything I knew about how to make money blogging. That focus turned into the course, Blog Mastermind.

It’s Time For A New Passion

As you can tell my passions change and I feel again that I am moving on to a new phase in my life.

As a result, I’ve made the decision to take a break from teaching courses, which may end up being a permanent one (and no, I am not giving up blogging, I still love to write).

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that Blog Mastermind, which has been a best selling course for almost five years straight, is closing.

Friday is the DEADLINE.

This is your last chance to see all the work I put in to create a course that I believe can make anyone into a profitable blogger. Obviously that only applies if you work, but the steps are there for you to follow.

To encourage you to give my course a shot before it’s gone forever, I’ve knocked almost 50% off the price.

You can join right now – over 100 people already have in the last few days- at this webpage:

I look forward to seeing your passion come through in your blog.

Yaro Starak
Changing Passions

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  • Raj

    I share your passion with Super Mario Brothers. But I was never able to cross a particular hurdle at the 7th or 8th world. What ever I did, I couldn’t cross it. I eventually got bored and left it! I love Contra too… I have completed all the stages in that one (playing along with my cousin). Anyways, I will ping this post in my network to maximize visibility.

    • Thanks Raj! I managed to finish Super Mario World. Mario 2 however I could never complete. It was just too different from the other Mario’s in the earlier series before it went 3D.

      • R0b


        ‘Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels’, the unreleased true sequel to the first Mario Bros. that ended up getting scrapped by Nintendo, makes Super Mario Bros. 2 seem like a walk in the park. In fact, the reason why Lost Levels didn’t become the sequel to the first SMB, as it was originally intended to be, was because it was frustratingly impossible to beat.

        But don’t take my word for it. ‘SMB Lost Levels’ is on Super Mario All Stars for the Super NES if you want to take a shot at it. Good luck… 🙂


  • Hey Yaro,
    We had similar interests when we were younger. My first video game system was Atari followed late by Nintendo and yes I knew the secret passcodes to be able to skip levels.

    Ah yes roller skating. I used to go every Friday and Saturday night to Skateland. I was in 5th grade then.

    I believe that it is great when we have the ability to learn something and then teach to willing and eager students.

  • Yeah right, my first video game was gianna sisters on an old amiga. With a real joystick, something our childrem will never know.
    Thanks for those great memories!

  • Being one of those frilly girl-types, I can’t say I was ever much into gaming but roller skating? Oh my! My secret Roller Queen ambition comes to the fore again after all these years. 🙂

  • Hey Yaro I wish you the best on your journey with your new passion. You’ve accomplished a lot but there’s no accomplishment like living your true passion and being happy.

    Wish you guys could have linked up with me when I was kid in the late 80s and 90s. I beat all the Marios… Don’t remember anything about them but I know that I beat them all. I remember not being able to play game on Saturdays. I would get the controller and play in my head, the whole game. Thats how much I played those games.. LOL.. and that was before virtual reality and all this fancy stuff came out..

    Best wishes..

  • Awesome and Interesting post. I like it very much as my first love is same as you i.e. Games and still Its in my blood.

    Anyway I get the central Idea.

    Thanks a lot for this.

  • Thank you for your inspiring post about passion!
    I was a Magic: The Gathering fan also,I still have some cards deck somewhere in my house

  • I play Magic Guards, I play video games, I do blogging with games, but I already quit on that niche, because auto blogging, just kill the real fashion of doing blog with that topic, writing an articles and walkthrough is not an easy task and you need to exert effort but that is not a big story if you really love gaming, and I really love it but blogging? I part of sacrificial lamb for spammers. That is my experience in this niche.

  • Hi Yaro, I was never into roller skating as I kept falling down and gave up soon enough to literally save my butt, but I can definitely relate with your video game craze. My friends would think I was odd for actually going out and buying magazines about video games, lol. But to me they were priceless nuggets of information and images about the next hotly anticipated games that I could not wait to get my hands on. Later on, it was the same way with sports and I managed to make some money from that passion by writing articles for a sporting supplement to our daily newspaper.

    The passion and drive that comes from doing something you truly enjoy is second to none, for sure. Glad to know you will still continue blogging. Good luck with whatever else you decide to focus in the next phase of your life!


  • I also have a passion for video games. Remember “Contra” the side-scrolling shooting game back then; that game brings back good memories i have with my friends. Not to mention the joy of finishing Super Mario Bros and beating the big bad dragon on my first game console – “Nintendo Family Computer.” I prefer the vintage video game system compared to the more 3D version they have these days.

  • Nice I share your passion in video games and love how you are able to incorporate things that you once loved into what made you successful. Good luck on your new venture and I am sure it will just as big a hit as your others.

  • I followed my passion ( of video games ) and started a lan center.
    Now I am opening my second one & its at a more lucrative location too.

    I also started video game retailing heavily, I sell professional esports
    PC gaming hardware like Razer and SteelSeries.

    And also console products like Sony PlayStation, Xboxs and Wii

    I also have just completed a video gaming services website, which I would
    launch this week.

    But I had to work real hard and the past 3 months were really tedious. I miss playing video games now. But once my new lan center is ready (its a 50 PC clients setup), I will surely get back to some serious gaming on the PS3 (Resistance 3, Killzone, Bulletstorm… here I come) and yeah Gears Of War 3 on the Xbox, will not miss that for anything, gotta see what Marcus’s dad has to reveal…

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