Audio: Google SEO’ing using multiple websites

Today’s podcast has a little on an entrepreneur meeting and a lot on a Google SEO technique.

In the real world the more stores you have the more exposure you enjoy and more sales you complete. So why can’t this work online too? Today I talk about using multiple websites (storefronts) for your e-business.

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  • Joe

    Multiple sites is not a good idea. One site is good enough. Optimize pages in a site not multiple sites.

    • What about if you register a site and then someone picks up the synonym site? surely it would be better to have both sites to avoid the competition picking up some of your traffic?

  • Dear Yaro,

    Good podcast Yaro…something I would like to try myself and would probably make a great eBook?

    All the best.


  • Hi Adrian, The technique in this podcast is a good one and I’m sure if you dissected it enough you could create a book out of it.

    Not something I want to spend time writing though!

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  • Great podcast. Enjoyed listening to it.

  • For me, at the point where I am, one site is good enough. I won’t be able to manage multiple sites until I get far enough with one to the point to where I can manage more than one site. In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with having multiple sites, it just depends on the person operating them.

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