Business Mastery Secrets Seminar in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

Will Swayne has resolved the affiliate issue with marketerschoice/1shoppingcart that I reported to you in this post earlier in the week. I’m not 100% happy with how they dealt with the problem, but I’m glad everything was fixed quickly in the end, so I have some of my confidence in 1shoppingcart restored.

Business Mastery Secrets

The program Will is promoting is called Business Mastery Secrets, hosted by Jay Abraham Asia Pacific and featuring a range of excellent presenters.

Here’s what the conference is about:

A 2-day Weekend Seminar That Lays Bare The 5 Keys To Outstanding Success In Business: Sales, Marketing, Cost Reduction, Tax Minimisation and Asset Protection

Business Mastery SecretsThe Speakers:

  • Dr Marc Dussault
  • Richard Evans
  • Ed Dale (he’s the guy I’d most like to meet and the reason I would attend this event – he’s an Aussie who has made millions with niche sites online and his Underachiever System is very well known in Internet marketing circles)
  • Garry Kewish
  • Peter Sun
  • Dymphna Boholt

The price to attend this event is $497, but if you book as one of the first 200 people in your city it’s $197, and I’m pretty sure you can still get in at this price as I type this.

There’s a good chance I’ll head to the Brisbane event. I’m now well and truly a fan of conferences like this. It’s a lot of fun, you get to “escape” for a weekend with like minded people, network, make friends, potentially find joint venture partners and my favorite bit – chat and get to know the speakers on a personal level (I wouldn’t have direct email contact with Mark Joyner, Mike Filsaime and Rich Schefren if I didn’t attend conferences to get to know these guys).

Bear in mind this is not a pure Internet marketing seminar, it’s about business, so you will no doubt meet people running both online and offline businesses and the speakers will not all be focused on web marketing.

If you want to know what each of the speakers will be talking about and purchase your ticket you can do so here:

If you attend the Brisbane event be sure to look out for my big mop of curly hair walking around and come up and say hello.

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  • Sounds like a great event! I’d love to attend something like this in California. Any leads? 🙂

  • Dam – I would have loved to attended this event, it just happens to be on the weekend that I’ll be in Melbourne. Do you know if they planning to run the event annually?

    Oh and will you be posting what you think about the events on your blog? I’m really interested in hearing what they have to say about Tax Minimisation and Asset Protection.

  • Hi Chris,

    Not sure about running the event annually. Perhaps Will knows more – I’ll see if I can bring him over to comment.

    As for reporting – provided I attend this event I’ll do some reporting as per usual. I just have this nagging feeling that something else is on the same weekend, but nothing is in my calendar so I should be going.

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  • Don

    Hey Yaro

    Am Don,

    I have just been to the sydney biz mastery weekend. Met Ed Dale, which, is what I was kinda, after, however Peter Sun, rocks too.

    Must Say, I Initially signed up using your affiliate link, but my registration, did not work. So I had to go via their site. I was after the $197 deal, and am more then confident that, there was not more then 200 people there.

    Just thought, I would tell you so you were able to get some lost income back.

    My above email, address, was the one used to register, an indeed they have sent me further emails, since.

  • Hi Don,

    Thanks for letting me know and I’m glad you had a good time. I’m off to the event next weekend.

    I’ll see if you are listed as my referral and check if I can bring you across if you are not.


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