Small Business Branding Has A New Owner

You might remember a month or so back I posted about some websites I had for sale. One of the sites was my other blog, Small Business Branding.

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I am pleased to announce that Vera Raposo has taken over Small Business Branding and will endeavor to continue to grow the site from where I left off.

I’d like to thank Rob Kingston and the great team of writers who kept Small Business Branding going and will continue to write for the site and no doubt take it to new heights. I wish Vera best of luck with the blog.

Vera has posted a brief introduction and I encourage you to say hello and welcome her.

Sponsorship Opportunities

With the change of ownership some new sponsorship opportunities have arisen at Small Business Branding, so if you would like to reach the small business marketplace, visit the advertise page for details.

A Blog Flipping Story

As long term readers of my blog might recall, back in December 2005 I purchased Small Business Branding from Michael Pollock, who created the site and sold it to me to go build his now very successful blog theme design business, SoloStream.

That sale was one of the first publicly announced blog deals between two well known bloggers and it generated quite a bit of buzz at the time. Micheal and I recorded a two part podcast about the deal, which is still interesting listening if you like the topic of buying and selling websites.

After taking over the blog I quickly came to realize that I could not write to two very similar blogs by myself and began a unique experiment into outsourcing blog content creation. Small Business Branding become a magazine style publication with a roster of authors. In February 2007 I published an article – How To Outsource Your Blogging – A Case Study – that detailed how to replicate my system for blog content outsourcing.

Return On Investment

When I purchased Small Business Branding it was a well known blog with good search engine rankings for some popular small business terms and about 400 daily RSS readers. Michael hadn’t focused on monetization so the site was only making about $100 to $200 a month, mostly from AdSense.

Just over two years later, when I sold the site to Vera, it had grown to 2500 daily RSS readers and around $1500 a month in revenue. The income growth came mainly by increasing the monetization techniques applied, with a big chunk coming from adding banners and text links and selling the ad inventory directly to sponsors for a monthly fee. This was obviously helped along by the steady traffic growth thanks to the team of content producers.

I’m not at liberty to disclose how much I sold the site for, but I was happy with the return I made and compared to what I paid for it, I did very well. However you have to take into account how different the after-market for blogs is today compared to what it was when I bought the site.

Michael and I were pioneers in the industry of blog flipping, which today is a much more mature market, with hundreds of deals made every week. People pay more for blogs now because there are more interested buyers and thus competition raises prices. It’s seen as a good investment to buy a blog, with hundreds of case studies demonstrating this. In 2005 the idea of blogging for money was just gaining traction and wasn’t widespread.

As an acquisition and flip go, this deal was very good and my return was well over ten fold. This doesn’t include the income generated while owning the site and I have no doubt as long as Vera continues to grow the blog her earnings will surpass mine. Blogs can be great cash cows and capital investments, if you look after them.

More Sites For Sale

I still have a collection of two forums and a video site focused on the niche of mini bikes for sale, which generate about $1200 a month in almost passive income (you just have to invoice advertisers). I’ve got a PDF document that breaks down the details, so if you are interested, please email and I will send you the info.

Please note I’m looking for around 20 times revenue for these sites (as a group), so do not approach if you cannot entertain this price range.

In case you are wondering why I am selling these sites it is because I am divesting my self of assets not aligned with my core business focus, which is my blog training programs and information products. While these sites are great income sources, they do require mindshare to look after and grow and I intend to use my mind to focus on my main business interest.

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  • Yaro, I wonder if you have used Ed Dale’s ‘domoniche’ program for any of this? It seems like your venture with Small Business Branding is a result of the kind of stuff that Ed teaches – buy a site that has the groundwork laid down for it, then grow that site, maximise the monetization and then flip it for many times the monthly income. Did you do all this stuff yourself or did you have some help with it?

    I also find it interesting how you are narrowing your focus of business assets towards one major theme. At the moment I find that I am trying to create assets all over the place and my ideas for them are currently spread around 3-4 different niches. It makes me wonder if in a couple of years (assuming I build successful assets), if I’ll be selling them off…

  • Hi Yaro,

    Flipping a site like forums or of other modules that emphasize on user-generated contents such as forums, Digg-like sites and wikis can be much easier compared to a blog which required comstant updates.

    When you bought over Small Business Branding, are the writers already writing and they remain in place until now?

    How long in average do you think that a site is ready to be sold after being bought as part of the flipping process?


  • I saw Vera’s post and shall be following SBB. I guess you are at the point where you are past experimenting and now know what it is you want to do. Dedicating yourself to that is a natural step.

  • Caroline – No I haven’t followed Ed’s system, but you are right, I did basically do what he teaches, but that wasn’t my focus. It was two years ago when I bought SBB, I didn’t even know who Ed Dale was back then.

    I still think Ed’s system is one of the best for making money online, especially if you have some money to invest.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future you find yourself narrowing your focus too.

    People go through stages – first you just need money so you chase different ideas to see what works. Once something works, you tend to focus energy there. If you build a team around you or work 12 hour days you can keep following multiple opportunities, but in my case I like the clarity of one purpose (and fewer working hours), so I’m simplifying – which is the smartest path you want to eventually take, given what I’ve studied about business systems.

  • When you bought over Small Business Branding, are the writers already writing and they remain in place until now?

    Read the case study I wrote Wayne – it’s linked above – it explains how I found the writers and set up SBB. The writers are all working with Vera now.

    How long in average do you think that a site is ready to be sold after being bought as part of the flipping process?

    Whenever you are happy with the numbers it’s putting out and you are at a point where you want to move on.

    There is no right answer to that question that fits every situation. I sell my sites because I want to move on, not because I think it’s the most profitable time to do so.

  • Thanks Yaro,

    I have only started blogging and this aspect of selling it had never entered my mind. thanks for the food for thought on future options.


  • Hey Yaro, Thanks for posting. I remember when I first read you were wanting to sell the blog, it just made sense to me since I’ve been involved in a small business for the last 12 years and have alot to share from my experience. I’m sure it will be a very profitable and fun venture. 🙂

  • Yaro,

    What you’ve pioneered is the answer of my years spent on the net – has anyone sell a blog successfully? I heard people flipping blogs for hundreds of dollars, but not way over tenfold of your purchase price – that is plain brilliant! I see it as a breakthrough, as you mention it in your podcast – quite a buzz on the Net. Now, not only you can monetize your blog, but you also can buy/sell a blog.

    I just curious, what legalities to cover for blog flipping? Is it just the same as selling other online business?


    Ivanpw – Resources for Entrepreneur

  • I just curious, what legalities to cover for blog flipping? Is it just the same as selling other online business?

    Pretty much and you can take it as far as you like. In my case I use a contract for each sale.

  • […] and I sold Small Business Branding to Yaro Starak in December 2005. Yaro continued to build SBB and sold it in March 2008 to its current owner, Vera […]

  • Shucks, didn’t realize until I read this post that you had sold that site. Really nice M8. Congrats, even though I am very late.

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