How To Gain Access To Inner Circle Top Affiliates

If you plotted the growth of my business the chart would look like a steadily increasing line, punctuated by a handful of spikes a couple of times a year.

The first big spike in growth occurred in 2007, which was the first launch I ever did of the Blog Mastermind coaching program. Every aspect of my business grew during that two week period. My email list tripled in size and my income increased by almost the same margin.

Going forward, each new spike came thanks to some kind of launch. Whether it was a new product, closing access to a product or reopening of a closed product, each time I did some kind of launch campaign, the growth numbers shot through the roof.

This is obviously an endorsement of the launch process, and we all owe Jeff Walker a debt of thanks for bringing this style of marketing to our industry, however it’s worth taking a closer look at why the launch works.

The 80/20 Rule Of Product Launches

The launch process is a complex and subtle beast, which on the surface appears relatively simple. You release some great free stuff, have your affiliates promote it like crazy, open the doors to your offer with some kind of limitation, sell heaps, make a ton of money, and bamb!… done.

Once you do a few launches you start to see how intricate the variables are, and how important the psychology behind the process is. Everything needs to connect, to be coherent, to reinforce the same message, create excitement and flow together.

As daunting as that might sound, the process is actually quite forgiving, as long as you get a few variables right. You can “stuff up” many aspects of the launch process and still succeed. You can forget to do things, use lazy copy in your emails, and even leave parts out altogether, as long as you have the most important variables.

So, what are the 20% or less of components that go into a launch that count for the 80% or more of results? Here’s how I see it…

  • Your lead resource(s), or “money magnets” as Frank Kern calls them – whatever you give away for free that sets the tone and the main focus of your launch, and demonstrates your value. This part is absolutely critical if you want your message to spread since it is key to the viral aspect of your marketing. The more valuable your resource, the more people will share it and talk about it. Your affiliates also need your lead resource to promote your launch so they can give their people something valuable and not just force a direct sales pitch.
  • A means of distribution is critical, which should be obvious since you can’t sell something when you don’t have an audience to sell it to. For most people distribution is a combination of your existing audience on your email list, who read your blog and subscribes to your RSS feed, your Facebook and Twitter followers, and any other people you can directly contact who are actively listening to your messages and are targeted to your offer.

That’s really all there is to it.

If you have a great free report, a great product, an email list of targeted prospects, and/or top affiliates ready to promote for you, everything else is simply the grease that keeps the machine running. Yes you need relationships with your prospects, but often you can build this during the launch – in fact your lead resource can be all you need to build the trust and authority required to make people feel safe buying from you.

Your copywriting, particularly in emails, is important, as is how you sell your final pitch (sales page or sales video), however you can screw up this part and still have a killer launch, if you just have something of value to give to people and a means to distribute that value.

Where People Go Wrong

Based on work with my members, the greatest challenge to having a successful product launch seems to come from the following areas –

  • A lack of distribution. This is by far the biggest problem because most people don’t realize how many subscribers or the type of subscribers they need to succeed. That’s completely to be expected of course, you can’t know the answer to how much distribution you really need until you launch.I addressed this problem and offered some basic metrics to use as guidelines in this article, which is well worth a read if you’re getting close to launching your first product –

    When Is The Right Time To Launch Your Product?

  • A mis-aligned offer. This is another challenging issue because you don’t really know for sure you have the right offer until you sell what you have to sell. Worse still, you might have a fantastic product, a great lead resource and then use just one or two phrases that aren’t what your audience wants to hear, and boom, launch failure.Understanding your audience and explicitly knowing what their core motivations are is absolutely critical. To help you become clearer about how well you need to know your audience, read this article –

    How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

Most people get hung up with what is in their product or how to deliver their product or how much to charge for it. All these things are important, but without an offer people actually want and a way to get in front of those people, all other variables are a moot point.

How To Generate Massive Growth

There are many ways to grow something online, and as successful bloggers do oh-so-well, the slow but sure path can take you to amazing places, given enough time and effort.

I’m all for that, however it’s nice to experience rapid growth spikes too, which is something successful Internet marketers really understand well.

As I discussed in – Who Makes More Money – Authors, Bloggers or Internet Marketers? – finding a synergistic approach that combines the advantages of blogging, with the leverage points of traditional Internet marketing, is a great formula. This is what I strive for.

Now, let’s answer that burning question – what is the key to rapid growth? The answer in my case lies within the launch process.

The “easy” part of doing a launch is all the variables you can control. I say it’s “easy” because it really isn’t – it’s hard work – however because you control it, you know you can get a result simply by just getting things done. I’m talking about the components of what is in your product, what you write in the emails you send out, what goes into your lead resource, what you write on your blog to market it, etc. These things take work, but they are a function of you and only you.

It’s clear how important distribution is. The launch process, when done completely, includes a vital variable – your affiliates. Your affiliates are the key to experience rapid growth, because it is your affiliates who give you access to new sources of distribution. Affiliates also happen to be the variable you have the least control over.

If you work hard, you can confidently execute all the variables under your control. You might even have a fat list or huge blog readership already established to market to, but if you’re just selling to the same people it can be difficult to grow your business quickly (you can certainly improve your average customer value though). That’s okay of course, you can make great money selling to your existing prospects and customers, and there are ways to grow profits quickly using your existing audience, but if you don’t have much of an existing audience, affiliates you get there much quicker.

If you’re just starting out affiliates can be the super-boost you need to grow your business rapidly. Even just one or two successful launches is enough to establish six or even seven figure businesses. What’s even better, once you’ve done some launches and built up your list, your reliance on affiliates decreases. You can run your business relying more on the variables you can control (your own list) and less on what you can’t (your affiliates).

How You Can Tap Into Affiliates As A Source Of Leverage

Let’s start with some basic techniques first. Here are some practical ways to find affiliates…

  1. Write a blog post and email to your newsletter inviting people to join your affiliate program
  2. Contact other bloggers and internet marketers in your niche and ask them to promote your product
  3. Search forums for quality people who sound like they have a successful business and ask them to promote
  4. Tap into networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, PayDotCom, etc to either find affiliates or act as brokers to find affiliates for you
  5. Ask your existing affiliates to introduce you to potential new affiliates

I could go on and on with little tips like these. These techniques work, but what I see over and over again is advice like this and people not getting results.

I think part of the reason why is the hard work that is required to use these techniques. There can be a lot of manual labor involved, sending lots of emails, spending time in forums, and so on. However I think the real problem is an attitude that has come about because people believe in order to get the big affiliates to promote for you, you need to be a “big player” yourself. A catch-22 situation.

If you’re new to an industry and you email someone of significance in your market asking for a potential joint venture, chances are they won’t reply or will say no to promoting your product. If that happens often enough, you get jaded.

Let me state a fact, a hard truth that everyone has to accept when it comes to affiliates and joint ventures. If you want someone to promote your product you need to be deserving of that reward.

You need to ask yourself – why would this person want to promote your product in the first place?

Try and get in their shoes. You might offer hefty commissions, promise great conversion rates, offer prizes, incentives – but if you’re talking to the big players they don’t need these things. They’re already successful, they don’t use money or material items as their currency anymore, and they have their own stuff to promote, their own content to publish, and established agreements already in place to promote other products. You’re just an annoying distraction stopping them from getting what they want to get done, done.

Ok, it’s not quite that bad. I have some advice for you coming up next if you want the support of the “big player” affiliates, but as an introduction I really recommend you read this first – How Not To Approach A Potential Joint Venture Partner

How To Join The Inner Circle Of Top Affiliates

As I was growing up as a blogger and eventually released my own products I didn’t think twice about whether I could or could not convince people to promote for me.

I wasn’t oblivious to the effectiveness of affiliates, I simply knew that when it was time, the right relationships would be there. I was confident because I had already, and was continuing to demonstrate why a person would want to work with me.

This is like the difference between cold calling to get customers versus them coming to you already wanting to work with you because of your established reputation.

And there’s the answer… Did you miss it?

To gain access to top affiliates you need to do something to deserve it. Yes relationships are critical, but relationships at the top level often start first based on reputation.

Even if a potential partner has never heard of you before, having some form of demonstrable proof that you’re the real deal and not just looking to make a buck off of their list – in other words, it is worth knowing you beyond just the potential to profit from sales of your product – is the real secret.

So how can you obtain a reputation that opens doors to relationships to the best people in your industry? Here’s some ideas that have worked for me and many other people.

  • Start a blog and grow it into something special. Just having a blog with a nice design, some good content and a small following is not enough. You need to be a trailblazer, a thought leader, a maven – someone with meaning and attention in the minds of a significant proportion of people.
  • Capture a following and prove that you can move people to action. I know plenty of bloggers who appear on the surface to be significant players, speaking at events, maybe even publishing books and showing nice email subscriber, RSS and Twitter numbers, yet when push comes to shove – when it was time to deliver and demonstrate a result – they had very little power to actually move their audience to action. It’s great to have people who pay attention to your stuff, but if a significant proportion of them don’t respond to calls to action, then you can’t make an impression that counts.
  • Publish a book or report and make it a hit. Writing a book today is easier than ever before and thus the mantle of “published author”, while definitely a credibility boost, is not as big a deal as it once was. Creating a free report is even easier. However, if your publication becomes a hit, if it dominates the conversation in your market for a period of time, or redefines how people look at an issue, or is referred to as fundamental study, then you’ve gained a reputation that can last a lifetime.
  • Use the top-down method to become credible by association. What I mean by this is enter a market with completely new ideas based on your previous experience, then offer to teach your ideas to some of the heavy hitters in your industry. You don’t have to go straight to the mass market with your best stuff, just take a small group on, refine what you know and really blow them away, and then when it comes time to go mainstream your initial group of students will be more than happy to promote you and recommend you to other top affiliates. Presenting at an event and selling private coaching is a good method to attempt this technique, but bear in mind you do have to be the real deal – you better know something of ground breaking value.
  • Leverage your past success stories. Can you imagine if the guy who started eBay, or Flikr, or Twitter, or any number of significant web presences came to you with a JV offer – you’d listen, because their previous success demands your attention. If you’ve had a past life where you have achieved something, use it as a leverage point to open doors.
  • Locate your peers who show promise and start working with them before they become famous. This is a technique I benefited from tremendously with my own launch because I “grew up” as a blogger during the same time my fellow bloggers Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker and Daniel Scocco did. During the years that our market matured, our blogs matured and our relationships with each other matured. Even if we don’t communicate often, we all know each other, respect each others work and have a direct line of contact, so if we need to propose something we know it will at least be considered. This technique can be tricky and works best in emerging markets, but don’t let that stop you – even if you find one good person today, they might be your top affiliate next year as their reach expands.
  • Be a good affiliate yourself. This solution is probably the hardest, since if you can make a lot of affiliate sales for someone else, you’re likely established already, however it is worth mentioning as you might find yourself knowing some solid techniques to make affiliate sales, but no one knows who you are…yet. James Schramko comes to mind as a great example of a guy who figured out some really clever ways to make a lot of affiliate product sales for other marketers, who instantly paid attention to him because of it, thus he had a door into the inner circle.

There are other methods to tap into the top echelon of affiliate marketing circles, but these ideas should get you started. None of these techniques are quick fixes. If you want a reputation, credibility, respect and the networking advantages that lead to top affiliates taking notice of you, you need to work at it to demonstrate your worthiness for these benefits.

Don’t Assume You Have Respect

One last very important point – you shouldn’t ever assume anything is a guarantee. Just because you’ve written a best seller, don’t email someone out of the blue and expect them to know who you are. Don’t push a free report, or your blog, or your new book, or access to your course and expect that person to instantly drop everything and check out your work, simply because you think it’s the greatest stuff since sliced bread.

If possible an introduction from a person who already knows the person you are looking to connect with is a much safer way in. I’ve found that people come to me through the natural course of networking. You tend to find the right people, especially after you set out an intention to do so, when the time is right.

It’s even better when some of your work ends up as the study materials, or even manages to help and inspire a person you want to connect with. In this case they may come to you first after being so impressed by your work. This is why the next point is absolutely critical – it’s the most important lesson in this whole article…

What you need to work on, and really this is something that you can never do too much of, is constantly enhancing your reputation and respect in the market by being the best you can, helping as many people as you can and focus on overdelivering, without having expectations of any other person.

It’s a tough rule to live by, but living expectation free means you’re free to focus on what you can control – what you do. This is a lovely mindset to adopt as you are only accountable to yourself (this of course has it’s own risks too) and if you do a good job, good people will come to you.

I hope this article has helped you feel a better sense of clarity about how affiliate marketing works at top levels. It’s not a cut and dry subject as you are dealing with the most varied variable of all – other people – which is why that last point on no expectations is so critical.

Good luck!

Yaro Starak
Inside The Circle

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Rob

    Interesting article, Yaro.

    Although I wouldn’t say I was at this level just yet, you have given me some interesting ideas for the future.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Yaro,

      I have been following you are your blog for only about a month now. I have been so impressed with your wealth of knowledge and the integrity that you have.

      You are definitely the ‘real deal’. Keep up the fantastic work. You are effecting so many people in positive ways.

      I look forward to continue to learn from you.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

      Best Regards,
      Neil Uttamsingh.

    • Great post again Yaro,

      This post is really valuable for those trying to take their business to another level. Creating your own product or eBook is essential if you plan on reaching the million dollar plateau. I see a major rise in the economy in the future from people like you, Jonathan Budd, and Deagan Smith. Keep the great post coming and see you at the top.

      To Your Success,

      Damon Jennings

  • Yaro,

    Very timely! As you may know I’m in pre-launch of my new membership blogging course and getting affiliates on board has been tough.

    The JV’s saying ‘yes’ are by far, the ones I have built up a relationship with. And I don’t mean just commenting on their blogs. I am referring to where I have helped them in some way – promoted their products and/or written a review of their blog and guest blogged. Answered their questions. That sort of thing.

    Almost every single fellow blogger where I’ve had that sort of relationship has say ‘yes’ they will promote for me.

    With regards to the ‘cold’ emails – i.e. writing to those I don’t know. Only two say “yes”, so far.

    Time to reflect my approach and take on board some of what you say.

    Thanks again.


    • Andrew, very nice insight and advice … would you say that any kind of connection (be it positive) puts you ahead of the list (top of mind) when approaching a blogger/online personality to help with promotions?

  • I would pay a few $ for this article nicely formatted so I could print it out, study it, and takes notes in the margin.

    My experience backs up your premise, Yaro. When you’re really ready for attention, it will find you.

    From a post on my blog, I now have personal proof that if you create something of real value, or have something of real interest, very big time bloggers will find it. They should. It’s part of why they are big time.

    In my case I spotlighted – on my blog – some shenanigans in Darren Rowse’s comments. This article got a fair bit of traction. A few days later, Darren left a comment that he had dealt with it. I never contacted him directly.

    That was tremendously affirming. The Big Time Bloggers are ravenous for anything creating novelty and value. So that’s what I’m focusing on. It’s time consuming and hard work. But I’m trusting the resources will be there when I need them.

    Back to the salt mine.

  • I like and agree with the point you made about not assuming you have respect. It takes hard work to get anywhere worth going and blogging or professional blogging is no different. If you think big and learn from other’s mistakes and take their advice and actually do stuff and then learn from your own mistakes you might actually get somewhere.

    I see that the real problem is (even for me) that people think that trying a few techniques they read from an e-book or an idea they get from some blogger might just work if they implement it in just a few days and they’ll be on their way.

    It takes much more and the biggest one is time.

    Time is great because it allows a relationship to be built and questions to get answered and mistakes to happen and above all to learn how to really succeed.

    In my opinion time and whatever it takes and not giving up is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  • Great stuff Yaro! Thanks!

    As for your main point “enhancing your reputation and respect in the market by being the best you can”, I think this video by John Reese confirms what you just said very nicely. He says if you get this one thing figured out, you can make it big in any market. And we all know he did make it big. 🙂

    Here’s the video:

    Merry Christmas to all of you! Santa will bring me a couple of books on internet marketing. 🙂

  • Very timely article for me too, thanks Yaro.

    We have had one product launch before using Jeff Walkers methods, and I must say this 2nd one that we have just embarked upon is already much easier as we have some good stats to show and some ready built relationships.

    Most of the affiliates from the previous launch are more than keen to be involved with our next launch.
    But we are still a way from making it to the next level and getting some top affiliates on board, so this is our aim for this launch.
    You mentioned that taking the “slow but sure path” of building a reputation in your field is, in the long term, the best method of attracting big names, and it feels a bit daunting at times after seeing how long and hard some of the more successful bloggers have toiled.
    It’s back to work I go.
    Thanks again.

  • “Don’t assume you have respect” – I like that, so true 🙂

    By the way, I think 90% of the product owners out there totally miss the “a mis-aligned offer” point you mention.

    Should we hire an affiliate manager for our product launches? Most of the time I find it very time consuming writing the promos and emailing my affiliates… what do you suggest?

    • I’ve never hired an affiliate manager myself, but I like writing my own email copy. Affiliate managers can also do a lot more than just write copy – they can get out there and recruit affiliates for you and coordinate the entire communication process so you can focus on your marketing.

      It’s worth investigating this service, if you think it’s justified given the size of your market and what kind of results you are shooting for.

      • Once your audience has been identified, it is equally as important to speak to them in a way that is enticing, attractive and of course, makes them want to buy your service or product. While you are working hard to build your business and your brand, it is absolutely critical that your affiliate marketers are in line with your business approach. Be sure that they are advertising in the right places and using the right language.

  • really awesome. it’s make me get new idea, thank’s yaro

  • Great post Yaro! After studied your article, I got new technique to promote my site.

  • Yep. Product launches were also the turning point for my business. I remember when I made my first $250 commission, then another $500 commissions, and many others after that.

    Jeff Walker was true, you can launch an entire business with product launches.


  • Launching a product on the Internet is hard work – let’s not kid ourselves. That guy that you see doing a million dollars for a product launch didn’t do it in just one day – he probably had to prepare months for it. He had to create the product, get a sales letter done, and most importantly of all, get hundreds or even thousands of affiliates to promote the product on the same day.

  • Joint ventures. Of course you can always use this traditional method of doing a product launch and getting that big hit on launch day. In my opinion, this is not the best way to build a long-term business. You may make $10,000 in one day but will you able to do it the next time? Remember, that people can be unreliable and you don’t want to depend on competitors to fuel your business profits. But it’s still a very worthwhile tactic, nonetheless.

  • I like your ability to focus on results and figure out the vital few behaviors that really make a difference.

    I also like how you focus on the long term partnership over transactions. It’s a small world, and that’s why authenticity, value, and authority matter so much.

  • It is true – everyone knows something about something. So why promote other peoples products when you can do it yourself. Perhaps it is just timing.

    It is something that I have as my long term goal, everntually looking to become an affiliate merchant as that’s where I think a lot of the affiliate revenue will be.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I love your blog, but I am missing your blog posts with podcasts. Are you going to do any podcasts in the near future?

    Sorry I know a bit off topic to this post 🙂

  • A great (and pertinent) post, thanks Yaro. Many of the points are missed or deliberately skipped and it’s good to reaffirm the best, and most successful methods.

  • My learning process is getting speeded up and this is something that I shall use for my future. Thank you.

  • i really like your blog it has helped me create my blog and earn a little from it

  • Hello Yaro,

    Great Post, as I am just starting to write a template email to my future JV Partners. I am launching a new website in a few weeks and the only thing I have left to do is is get some good JV Partners for my launch.

    I am planning on spending a lot of time working on getting new JV Partners. I am making a template email, but I am then going to edit them for each person I am contacting. They will be send out one at a time to make sure it doesn’t look like I am mass mailing.

    It’s been a lot of work, but loads of fun. This is my first Product Launch, and I am trying to do it right.

    Thanks Yaro for all the great information,

  • Most of the beginners think that content is the king, which is mentioned in almost every ClickBank marketing guide. This is only half of the truth. If your website does not own a professional looking, then your presentation in front of your future customers will suffer. It is strongly recommended to offer your website a nice looking and professional design. However, do not do it too much and never overlook that having a lot of graphics will increase the loading time of your website.

    • I agree with you there, if you are going to become a “big player” you need both a professional design and good content.

  • very timely! this will help me set some of my goals in 2010
    I think when you have your own product (ebook or membership), you must have a blog to go with it as well. A blog that defines who you are, what your product/service is and at the same time creates a customer/leads database for you.

    Great post Yaro! All the best for 2010!

  • Hi Yaro. Another comprehensive, unique and insightful post, which is the reason why I feel compelled to frequent your blog. Thank you for all the free value you’ve provided over the past year, and here is to a fruitful 2010. Be blessed.

  • “Just because you’ve written a best seller, don’t email someone out of the blue and expect them to know who you are.”

    Most celebrities realize this, and will introduce themselves by their names when they meet you. Even if they know you know who they are it’s still polite. No one wants to look like a fathead.

  • This article is an great advice for me.
    in my experience cj is best then the 2 other.
    But how do you think about amazon affiliates?

  • I’ve always wanted to know how the big boys do it. Thanks. I guess it might take a while to build that reputation though, huh?

  • Wow, this is such a powerful article Yaro, with ATON of valuable information to say the least. While I was reading your tips on how to gain access to the top dogs, I was thinking of how alot of what you said applied to some of the things I had to do to connect with the top dogs in my industry outside of internet marketing.

    Till then,


  • great article, i agree with you yaro, you are the best for me

  • Thanks for a very inspirational article Yaro! I was referred to your site today and look forward spending some time going through the articles.

    We have just launched our non-profit site and I look forward to learning how to promote it online.


  • You mentioned sth about the reputation. The good reputation you gain always helps in getting new clients as well as maintaining good relationships with your old clients so this is what everyone should be looking for.

  • Thanks for the great article. Its frustrating for new internet marketers like myself. This gives me hope not to give up

  • Not to pry, but how much do you typically make during your “non-spike” months?

  • How does massive debt to the Fed give them leverage over the USA govt?

  • Thank you Yaro for the invitation to this article from your last email,

    Indeed, a hard question, how an unknown marketer can penetrate the Inner Circles of the TOP Affiliates – JV Partners…

    Well, as you wrote in your article, with a hard work, after an intense learning and deeply understanding of some essential rules and principles…

    It is real, not just a smart theory; I`m on the way, learning, hard working, I became “friend” with the search engines and just I make a proof as it is possible to have a profitable business, even if it was started from scratch.

    Many centuries ago a great man said: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then, you have to play better than anyone else” – Albert Einstein (…after a hard working period – true and achievable).

    Develop your skills, do all the things as best you`ll can, and then soon the first JV Partners themselves will contact you. From there just the sky will be the limit. Thank you again Yaro, good luck to everyone!


  • Dear Yaro,
    You are a great teacher and mentor for those of us just starting out in the business of blogging. Thank you for this wonderful, well-written, and direction-producing article. When I follow your directions to the letter, my blog will be successful. You have produced some of the most successful bloggers in your Mastermind group. I feel so fortunate to have you as a successful role model. Thank you again.

  • Yaro, I could really feel the love you have to help people, and I think it’s great. In reality though, there are no circles one should try to break into as much as characteristics one should strive to share.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Excellent post.

    I am not yet ready for a launch but the information in this post confirms much of what I was aware or and introduced a point or two that I did not. Based on where I am right now in my online marketing career I know that I still need to build on experience, improve results, develop a good rep ………… and make some money in affiliate marketing. Just doing a blog for a year I understand the value of putting shoulder to the grindstone and making it move.

    Wishing you continued success in 2010 and beyond.


  • @Jeff Dolan Great point, Jeff. I particularly like this article as something to strive towards for the future. Thanks again, Yaro!

  • Brilliant Yaro, I have a Meditation product I have been pushing for a little while. Over the weekend I realised I needed to extend my network – for half of something big is better than all of something small. I turn on my computer and your Affiliate Email is there 🙂 Your Efforts are greatly appreciated, Nigel.

  • wow ! I can imagine this isn’t for beginners , “Acting as a broker with clickbank and such” is still in my thoughts and making me reread this article over.

  • What an excellent post on making massive progress with product launches. This is clearly the master fusion of being an author, blogger, AND an internet marketer as you have discussed, Yaro. Thanks for sharing your comprehensive history on this topic. It’s an incredibly useful guide for us all.
    -Jason Clegg

  • Its all about give give and give some more. I think one point you sort of hit on is that it takes time to develop a relationship with a market as a blogger. You can’t just throw up a blog and start selling products in a week.

    I don’t develop best friends in a week, so how would “internet” people trust me as quickly. Love your info Yaro.

  • This is a great article, its always good to try and market a product but before you do that you have to offer good content and make sure people trust your blog. This inspires to keep on trying and eventually we can succeed.

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  • Great article, as usual Yaro. I’m sure we all believe our products deserve to ‘get out there’ and your advice for securing affiliates will certainly inspire me to take action in the right areas. Your wisdom in your posts is exceptional and I always look forward to reading what you have to say.

    Thanks, again.

  • Some good tips, They are really going to help in order to connect with “super affiliates”

  • Another way to gain a big following and affiliates is thru SEO. If your site has front page rankings then it gains a lot of credibility.

    A site with a lot of credibility might attract top affiliates.

  • Great article. Thanks for sharing some truly valuable tips. I am a fan.

  • thanks again Yaro, my ambition is to reach 10K followers then it will be much more easier to start or to initiate JV’s with top bloggers.

    any way good luck for everybody.

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  • Yaro,

    You are such a great guy. I have been following this blog doggedly because your contents are WOW!

    This post is coming at the right time because am on the search to know more about affiliate marketing. I want to develop my blog first interms of writing good content and concentrate on marketing it. After which i will venture in the world of affiliate marketing. Just finished reading your ebook (Blogs Profit Blueprint). The ebook is so loaded.

    Thanks for the good work yaro. Keep it up.

  • Another great post from you again.

    You have provided me with a guideline on how to launch my own product. I think that building a relationship with fellow bloggers of the same niche does take sometime and this is the part I am aiming to do this year.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you again for your excellent article. As a former Membership Site Mastermind student I can honestly say that Yaro is an excellent teacher and mentor.

    As for recruiting the right affiliates or even getting access to the leading JV’s in any niche this is definitely not an easy task.

    In my opinion, it is always best to first prove your business model and product. Once you’ve been able to successfully help even it if is a small group of people -just a 100 success stories- will go a very long way and then making those connections comes a whole lot easier.

    Cheers everyone! have a great day


  • Living expectation free is a bit tricky. I think we should have an end result in mind, so that we can measure our progress and make improvements.

    Living without expectations is a kind of random way of living.

    I know where you’re coming from, but it can be misleading to a lot of people.

    Yes, we should give our best, but at the same time we should measure how this resonates with our market, so that we can improve and give them what they really need.

  • Hi Yaro Bill H. here thank you for all your help man, i have really been trying to find some one that is honest about online marketing for over a year now.I believe that for the most part every one is,i also think that there are some holes in alot of the products that the gurus sale and tell us buyers to take action there is a point that us buyers get stuck at and we must buy the next peace of the on the other so far seem to be an honest man i thank an honest man can make money online i don’t think there is a magic key or button to push i think it is honesty by the seller to my the buyer and then i think we buyers would start to see results.It is said that only 5% of newbies will ever make a penny online it cant all be that we don’t take action we get stuck with no where to turn.Just think if the schools & university’s had a 5% success rate.Some of us LOOK UP to the online gurus as our mentors because we cant afford $2000/$5000/10,000.Thats why its nice to find a mentor or leader if you will that seems to be honest(so far) I DON’T MEAN ANY THING BY THE (SO FAR)I think i would like to not just read but hear more from someone that could become my Guru/Leader/Mentor/
    Thank you for your time i hope i haven’t been a bother YOUR FRIEND BILL HALL

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