How You Can Change The World

Today I bring you the completion of my series of articles on how you can manifest positive change in your life.

A warning, if you’re looking for strictly business or marketing advice, the usual theme of articles on my blog – this series isn’t about that.

Creating positive change in your life can certainly include financial success, but this article goes beyond material wealth. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to improve your life and the world in general, read on.

This, the final chapter in the series, delivers what I believe is the most important message when it comes to global change. This is about how you as an individual are the key to creating change way beyond your sphere of influence or awareness. This is about how you are interconnected with everything and every other person on the planet.

You don’t live in isolation and while you spend all day creating your own reality, all other forms of consciousness on this planet are doing the same. In simple terms, what you create and change impacts what other people create and change. We all co-create change every day and it’s critical you become aware and understand how much of an influence you have, especially on those around you, and vice versa.

If you don’t understand the interconnectedness, then whenever you attempt to make change that includes elements outside of you – like other people – you’re going to run into resistance. Knowing why this is, how to operate in a world where you are not alone and there are conflicting motivations, is absolutely critical, both for your own happiness and for global evolution.

This series up to this point has been about creating the changes you want in your life coming from a fairly single-minded point of view. It’s been all about you. Although at times it’s vital you understand that helping others helps you, in the end the reason we do this is to make ourselves feel good.

The goal of self improvement becomes even more important when we come to realize that improving oneself is always dependent on improving the lives of others. Eventually, when you spend enough time focused on your own self development you will realize that the only way you can progress further is by helping others. To give becomes the only way to receive.

Where Have We Been

Before we move on it is necessary to recount where we have been in this series, in particular focusing on the fundamental principles necessary to create the change you desire. Here is a recap of the steps and concepts required to manifest positive change in your life.

  • 1. Repeat processes until you have a result. In order to improve and learn what does or does not work, you must continuously practice. Repetition leads to outcomes and those who truly succeed understand that it was because they consistently repeated a handful of core things over and over again that they earned the result.
  • 2. Become aware of your ability to interpret the world in any way you choose to, and then choose the empowering viewpoint. Self awareness is about watching how you think and adjusting until you have mastered the power to choose the best viewpoint in every given situation. Your decision to be and think positive is entirely up to you – and only you – no matter what the physical world circumstances dictate. If you want change for the better, start by thinking better.
  • 3. Master the art of continuous improvement even in the face of set-backs, which are inevitable. The previous two steps are about repeating actions and thinking right, however there is a third ingredient – your emotional state. How you feel is going to significantly dictate your ability to repeat actions and think positively. The real test of your commitment to this process is what you do when you don’t feel good. There will be times when things don’t go according to plan or your emotional state is not conducive to productivity. If you’re lacking motivation, or depressed, or sad or experiencing any fear based emotional states, it will take every ounce of your willpower to force yourself to just do it anyway.Getting things done and forcing yourself to think positive when your internal emotional state is the opposite is tough, but if you can master this, then as a result of taking action and thinking positive, your emotional condition will reflect your dedication…eventually. It may not happen immediately, but simply making the choice to focus on output when you just don’t feel like it, will change your mood for the better. If you master the first three steps, you will be in control of how you think, what you feel and what you do, which is an incredible force for change – it’s all you really need.
  • 4. Make smart choices that leverage your strengths and lead to what you want. Most people on this planet act and think in certain ways because other people do the same thing, yet these actions and thoughts do not lead them to what they want. In order for you to create the change you want in your life, you need to do things differently and challenge the consensus. You need to make the smart choice and be brave enough to break free from societal conformity, even if that means you will experience criticism from those too afraid or too conditioned to make the changes you are.
  • 5. What the smart choice is, is not always clear, especially when you are attempting to make a change in your life that you have never experienced before. When faced with this situation the solution is available by following the proven success models of people who have done what you want to do or have what you want. Whenever you have the opportunity to learn from verifiable experts, gurus, teachers, trainers or mentors – which is pretty much all the time thanks to the knowledge economy we presently live in – do it.
  • 6. Avoid defaulting to ignorance in response to new inputs. As much as possible, drop preconceived notions and view everything in the world without judgment. The opposite of self awareness is ignorance. While it’s important to remain as open as possible, at some point you do have to make a choice. Balance smart decision making based on previous success models, within a flexible belief structure, but make sure you eventually take action.

A Belief In The Spiritual Component

At this point we end the physical, logical and intellect based lessons on creating change with the six powerful ideas outlined above.

I like things to work in sevens and there is a seventh element that must be considered in this process. The final ingredient can be summed up as the “spiritual” components of creating change. These are the concepts that aren’t tangible and often can’t be understood with your mind alone, but can be even more powerful than the practical ideas because they are based on belief.

  • 7. Your belief, especially when attempting to operate with concepts that have no physical proof, is the key ingredient necessary to carry you forward. Without it you may never experience what you want. Some would say the spiritual isn’t a required ingredient for change, but for many – myself included – considering the intangible makes life much more exciting and meaningful, and deserves just as much scrutiny as the more hands-on practical ideas.

As I outlined in the last four chapters in the series on creating change, spirituality and questions of the nature of truth, purpose and the reason for existence, gives my choice to actively pursue change, that much more meaning. At the end of the day all we are after in life is some kind of meaning to infuse us with purpose. You have to determine what is true for you through a process of constant refinement and awareness development.

The stronger your belief and the clearer your purpose, the more likely it is that you will undertake the physical manifestation – the experience – of the change you are attempting to make.

To sum up my philosophy of change, we are trying to align our thoughts, feelings and actions in the practical world, to be congruent towards what we want. The congruency – and finding the clarity necessary to be congruent – is the challenge, especially given the varying conditions life throws at us. This is why the spirit, or at the very least your belief system, comes into play. It’s the glue that helps you to continue to tie together your thoughts, feelings and actions towards what you want.

We Are Not Alone

In chapter five, I introduced the idea that there are two forces that have a significant impact on our lives. They are –

  1. All other humans on this planet, in particular those you come into contact with somehow during your life time.
  2. The greater universe, or intelligence, or spirit, or god, or whatever you want to call it, behind how everything works.

The spiritual component has been discussed at length, now we need to look at by far the strongest influence on our lives today – all those other pesky human beings walking around bumping into us.

We’re not quite done with the spirit yet though because if we are to believe in some kind of universal force or system that everything operates in, that includes humans too – all of us are then in fact, part of the system.

It’s pretty clear whether you believe in anything spiritual or not, we all operate within a system that is intimately connected. From a real world physical point of view, the connections from one system to another are obvious – from how one economy impacts another, how one eco-system impacts another, to how one transport system can impact another (for example bus drivers going on strike leading to overcrowded roads and trains).

Systems interact with other systems and much of the process is so infinitely complex that on an individual level we can never hope to understand what’s going on. There’s simply too much happening at once and too many interdependencies for us to ever become aware of.

That’s fine – and much like we may never hope to “understand” how the universe works, yet we still function in it, we have been given tools that operate reasonably well despite the complexity of the system we live in – our body and mind. The human body and mind are incredibly good at keeping things simple, at least when it comes to our own conscious awareness and intelligence. True we can become over stimulated with “too much information” but at the end of the day, if you focus on the simple, life is very simple.

Are We All One?

One of the more enlightening ideas for global positive change is the concept of oneness. Some people consider oneness in a very religious or spiritual context – for example, we are all God therefore we are all one. Scientists might say at a quantum level the particles that make up my body do not distinguish any boundary with your body, so we are essentially made up of the same thing.

No matter what you believe, taking into account our physical existence using our senses, what we see every day are lots of human beings walking around who do not look or feel connected – we are all individuals with unique bodies. Through communication, touch, shared experiences and emotions we may feel closer or “more connected” but at the end of the day, attempting to convince someone we are all one is going to take belief rather than pragmatic realism.

That doesn’t make the concept any less important, and here’s why…

The book Conversations With God, which I discussed in the previous chapter, had a wonderful idea about oneness. The idea simply states that if we all really experienced collective oneness, then to see another person suffer would mean seeing ourselves suffer.

If anyone else on this planet is hungry, then I would experience that hunger as my own, which would force me to take action to change that as quickly as I can – to get that person fed. If there is one thing that stimulates action towards change, it is suffering.

For a moment I considered what life would be like if we all were connected emotionally, as in what I feel, you feel, and vice versa. If that was the case, the shared experience would be so strong that your condition – and everyone else’s on the planet – would impact me to the point where I would be compelled to make sure everyone had their basic needs met. I couldn’t tolerate the feeling if anyone was hungry or cold or depressed – because I would feel it too.

As a practical reality, I don’t know how this would work, but I believe as a concept, it has merit. That being said, since we don’t feel what other people feel, it’s more a fantasy right? Well not quite.

Although we don’t experience the impact of other human beings condition immediately, we do eventually because of the interconnectivity of the systems we operate in. The problem is that we don’t identify the connection because it’s too far away from our immediate senses, or too complicated an interdependency for us to understand.

If you know the concept the Butterfly Effect then you know what I am talking about. One flap of an insect’s wing can set off weather patterns on the other side of the world completely unknown to the little bug. If you multiply this idea by a near-infinitely complex system of countless variables, you can be forgiven for not realizing how much of an impact we all have on each other. That doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

Accepting that your actions impact everything else on this planet is important because it empowers you. What you think, feel and then decide to do thus becomes so much more important. You’re not just changing your immediate experience, you’re creating ripple effects across the globe.

With this power comes great responsibility, so ensuring you make decisions in line with the kind of person you want to be and the kind of impact you want to have on other humans and the planet, is critical.

This might seem complex, but it can be made much simpler if you focus on your immediate sphere of influence – the people around you right now.

You Are A Change Agent

Although you are not aware of the grander impact you have, you definitely are aware of how much influence you have on the people around you. These people also greatly influence your own behavior.

Examples of this abound everywhere. What we consider normal behavior is defined by what people around you do. If working a 9 to 5 job is normal, sitting in traffic at 9 and 5 is normal too. Heading out to dinner and eating slaughtered animals is normal if everyone does it. Watching TV is normal, as is not working on weekends, getting married, buying material possessions, getting drunk on a friday night, having dessert after dinner, wearing shoes to protect your feet, or countless examples.

Some of this stuff makes sense, some of it is just what we do because the system has evolved this way and the majority conform to it.

It gets really interesting when you apply the 80/20 rule to these relationships. There are only a small number of people, likely about somewhere in a ratio of five to ten (let’s say seven), who occupy 80% or more of your thoughts and focus when it comes to the decisions you make and how you spend your time.

This is why the people you surround yourself have so much power over the quality of your life and the kind of person you are. You’re income level is very likely to be the average of your friends. What you strive for will always be just a bit more than what your neighbors and peers have. You will think as big (or small) as the people around you and whom you come into contact with.

The point I am making here is not to just go out and surround yourself with the kind of people who inspire you. That is definitely a good idea, I recommend it, but the point I am making is how strong a source of influence these people are on you.

Your connection to these people is the single most powerful force in your life in terms of how you think, what you consider acceptable, what you strive for and what kind of person you want to be.

This gets really interesting when you consider another concept – the idea of six degrees of separation.

This concept states that all of us are connected by only six degrees of separation. If you only look at six relationships deep in your friendship circle (your friends of friends of friends and so on to six levels) you can effectively touch every single human being on this planet.

Think about that for a moment.

What you say and what you do are observed by your immediate friends and family. What you say and do has a profound effect on what they say and do. You are one of the single most powerful forces for change in their life simply because of the relationship you have with them. They will model you, start to think like you, act like you – often without even realizing it – because of how important you are to them and how much contact they have with you.

Those people you influence, in turn, influence another group of people – their closest friends and family. What they do and say has a profound impact on their circle of seven, and so on. If your friends modify their behavior and how they think because of what you did or said, this will impact their friends, which can impact their friends, and so on. This continues exponentially, with potentially any single idea you come up with having the power to reach anyone on the planet.

That’s an incredible concept and an empowering idea if you want to be a positive change agent for this planet, because you don’t have to look any further than your own actions to have an impact.

It’s been stated by many key figures in human history that all change begins with one human being making one choice. Now I hope you can see why this is true.

You simply deciding to be the example of what you want to change is the agent – it’s the spark – that can lead to a global adoption of the idea you are representing. All you need to do is start behaving differently and stick to it for long enough to have an impact. If what you represent is beneficial to enough people, they will adopt it and the viral distribution will begin with a potential global impact.

Expanding Your Reach

I want to make it clear that at the start of all change you are the single most important ingredient. Never underestimate this. You are responsible for what happens in your life, and through your power of influence, you impact those around you, and then those around them and so on. Not everything you do and say will have a huge impact of course, but it all starts there.

If you want to be a force for positive change, make the change in your life first, that’s all you need to worry about.

Some people, myself included, have reached a point where they derive value in their lives by impacting other people. What gives you meaning and purpose is recognition for helping others. As I said at the start of this article, a truth about human existence is that in order to experience a sense of purpose within you on an emotional level, you must focus on improving the lives of other people through your creation process. When people consume what you create and benefit from it, you feel value.

This concept goes beyond financial success. It’s gratifying to enjoy a monetary return in exchange for your creation, but at some point that money no longer has intrinsic value itself. It’s simply a form of energy that is usable to have further positive impact on more people.

Although all you need to consider are your own behaviors and thought patterns, you may decide to expand your impact so you can help more people. You then need to consider distribution channels and leverage points, especially when you have a powerful idea that you know can change the world. Yes you need to be the example, but you also need to find communication paths to show your example to more people.

There are countless ways to do this, and some people make it their business to study and test how ideas spread. They are called marketers. As a marketer, this is exactly what you do. This is the same for television presenters, disc jokeys, politicians, authors or any person who attempts to exert influence on others in a proactive manner to inform, change behavior or elicit some kind of response, like create joy in others.

…And yes, this includes bloggers too.

I write articles like this with much joy knowing what I publish reaches thousands of people. I exert an above average influence in terms of the number of people I reach because I have consistently exerted a behavior for a number of years – I’ve built a popular blog by publishing my words every week. I have distribution and although I will never know exactly who I reach or how I impact them, I do have a positive impact on a lot of people. This gives me great satisfaction.

Consider also that whom you influence may also have great influence. Great ideas can spread remarkably quickly when key influential people all decide to get on board and share them with their people. This is why certain figures who have significant distribution, for example Oprah, can so easily manifest massive change. Your power to change the world is a function of the influence you have and the influence the people you have influence over have, and so on.

What’s truly incredible about all of this is you don’t even know who you impact. What you write on your blog, or say to a friend over lunch, or mention when you get some exposure in a newspaper, or how you react when someone steals your car, or any single thing you say or do in your life can impact others, who then share their perception of your words or actions.

Your ideas might be blogged about, or appear in a book, or trigger an idea for a movie, or make it on to radio, or inspire a poet or author, or sway a politician, or influence a soldier, or have impact on any person on this planet in remarkable ways, most of which you will never become aware of.

Don’t underestimate this, you truly can change the world simply by making the change yourself first, which results in convincing a few key people to also make the change. This can happen overtly because you choose to focus on spreading your idea, or simply because others observed what you did or said passively – and you didn’t even realize it.

Be Careful Of Moral Judgement

It must be noted that all of this is subjective to what people consider positive.

Hitler considered expanding his power and killing certain people as the right thing to do and for a lot of people they shared his belief and supported it. Enough people opposed it too, so eventually as a collective one idea defeated another, but you can see that the system supports all ideas – there is nothing that it views good or bad – it’s up to the people in the system to decide and respond appropriately.

What is right or wrong is purely a moral judgement based on what is true for you. I’ve already explained that truth only exists in the eye of the beholder, however when enough people all agree on a perception of truth, they can exert very strong influence. This is how entire cultures evolve.

It is my hope that the end result of what you create are pleasant emotions or at least a sense of peace and contentment, or inspiration and motivation in the people you impact, just as it is my intention to do so with my writing.

However understand that, especially as your influence expands, you will not always have positive impact because we don’t all share the same values. This is of course a deliberate mechanism – we need the polarity (the differences of perception) in order to understand our choices – and to force us to make them in the first place (to act to change what we don’t like or pursue what we do).

You must be careful because everything is open to interpretation and the system is infinitely complex. You may not realize what your true impact is further along the system and you may not like it.

Become Aware Of Who Influences You

Now you know the power you have to influence others, don’t forget you’re being influenced all the time too. Most people on this planet don’t realize the impact others have on them. It’s very easy to be ignorant to how much power people have over you because you respond with impulse choices, you let your ego exert itself and take control when it feels the need to justify itself, or you default to learned behaviors or societal conditioning without evening realizing it.

The first awareness necessary is a realization that you are being influenced and may respond unconsciously. You have hopefully developed you’re ability to monitor your own thought patterns by now and also avoid defaulting to ignorant responses. It’s absolutely critical you apply these skills to how you respond to the people around you, who have the strongest influence over you.

I’ve often managed to make myself feel miserable simply by comparing my life to my friends or people I know. Since we are all gifted with different skills, we look different, have different upbringings and personalities, operate in different conditions and think differently, we are going to have different experiences. As a result, when friends experience something we don’t have, or we are struck with “bad luck”, it’s natural to cross compare our life to those around us. We use this as the framework to judge our condition.

One of the most powerful realizations I came to was to remove the framework I created from drawing upon the circumstances of the people around me. If I look at other people’s lives and choices without judgement or comparison – in other words I don’t reflect everything around me back to about me (we all do this way too much) – then I give myself the clarity to see others experiences as I choose.

If you do this you gain the ability to stop and simply take on board the information as is, then interpret it in a way that it benefits you. As I stated earlier in this series, this can be something as simple as seeing other people’s success as a motivating tool for your own success, rather than a way to make yourself feel bad because you don’t possess what others have. It’s a simple switch, but a powerful one.

Understand that unless you remove yourself from all other humans (becoming a hermit is an option!) you will always have to deal with this very complex and very powerful source of influence over you. Choose to use it as a force for what you want and to make your life and those around you better.

The Responsibility Is Yours Alone

The keys to changing your life for the better are now in your hands. I’ve delivered to you a system for creating the change you want in your life that depends entirely on you. There is no external condition that can control you if you take on board these ideas wholeheartedly.

You are only responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions, and in the end, that is all that matters. Know that as a change agent you exert a tremendous amount of influence over the people around you and because of the interconnected relationships between all of us, your life becomes an example for the world to follow.

That’s a huge responsibility that must be respected. You must be the best example you can be because others today and in the future will be influenced by you whether you like it or not.

From a micro scale, your children, family, friends and peers are influenced by you. You, and others around you, can use communication mediums to reach more people and thus influence more people, however your responsibility remains the same:

You are the best example we will ever have, so hold yourself accountable not just to yourself, but to everyone, and understand how very important you are.

See other people as an extension of yourself and you will care for them as you care for yourself. This will motivate you to be a better person and to care for others with a level of love you have reserved for yourself previously. If you do this, you will never make decisions that lead to things you don’t like happening to yourself or anyone else. When enough people adopt this idea, then true global positive change occurs.

The End

Thank you so much for reading this article to the end, and the end of this series on positive change.

When I began writing this series I had a few ideas I wanted to share, which initially I thought would be enough for one article. As I wrote the first chapter, I began to see a framework develop – a collection of ideas and concepts that have allowed me to make an incredible transformation over the past ten years of my life.

I realized then I was not writing an article, I was writing a series, with each new chapter bringing up new ideas and concepts, creating a path to follow, which I didn’t see the end of until I ended it here now. However this is not the final end as next I will transform these articles into a manifesto, which I will distribute from a new blog I plan to launch next year.

These ideas I have shared with you are things I have lived. It’s taken me years to first become aware of them, then to begin to practice them and finally make them part of who I am. I still do this every day of my life, hence writing this article series has been just as much for me as I wrote it for you. It helps to remind me what kind of person I want to be.

Take these ideas away with you and apply them where they are beneficial. This is not meant to be a doctrine of any kind, it’s merely what has worked for me and I’ve seen it work for other people too.

We are all operating in the same universal system governed by the same laws, hence it makes sense that adopting certain behaviors, expanding your awareness and taking responsibility for your actions is critical for every person reading this – that includes you.

I’ll leave you now with one final point, something that gives me great comfort when faced with realities I do not like and struggle to accept.


Accepting that everything will be okay and living life with acceptance of that as fact, rather than resistance to life itself and all the ups and downs that goes with it, has brought me much comfort and peace.

I hope this article series has had a similar impact on you too and I have helped you on some level.

If you enjoyed this article, please tweet it, you can share it on Facebook or on your preferred social network. And of course, if you haven’t done so already, please join my email newsletter on this page (enter your name and email at that link to join).

Happy living!

Yaro Starak

P.S. If you’ve not read the earlier parts in this series, I strongly recommend you do so by reading these articles in the following order:

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  • Your Message Excellent post Yaro. You covered so much and so many points. I do believe that how you feel has a huge impact. Trying to come across positive while feeling negative is very challenging..I’m sure many of us have struggled with that before. I also loved one of the last points regarding acceptance. It’s very liberating to accept the way things are, and when you don’t mind what is or what happens. It takes the pressure off and is comforting to be content. I’ll have to re-read your post again as I am sure I will get even more out of it the next time. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great series of articles Yaro.

    What resonates with me most is the concept of the Butterfly-Effect. After watching the Hollywood movie, the idea that small decisions can dramatically transform our lives is very powerful. And yet it’s often these small decisions that we take for granted — without fully realizing their power and impact on our future as well as the future of others and the world around us.


  • Thanks for your wisdom as always Yaro! This was a huge help to me. My husband and I are overtaking a huge change in our lives that involves doing things we’ve never done before and hoping to inspire others.
    I especially like your thoughts on positive thinking. One of my favorite quotes is
    “When you decide what you want. It has to manifest…but only at the level of your belief”

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Though I don’t say it with as much PC as Yaro uses, I’m on board with most of what he says.

    Spiritual component? I don’t see it. I don’t feel it. I don’t get it.

    Are we ONE? Not from where I sit. We’re all in the same game – yes. That’s as close as we get to being ONE. We’re made of the same stuff, but everyone has very unique life experiences – like an algorithm that went into making life what it has become. You can’t change the old algorithm, but you can sure create a new one and it need look nothing like the old.

    Take care of self first – then save the world.

    I’m 60 pages into my next book, Kicking Life’s A**! which addresses much of the same topics Yaro has shared here. Look for it in about 30 days. It won’t give you the warm-fuzzies, but it will give you a lot to think about. Cheers!

    • Your Message


      (Spiritual component? I don’t see it. I don’t feel it. I don’t get it.)

      Re: the above It does not matter Mike

      We are All One, it’s the only way that makes sense, all of creation

      Is made of the same thing, we are all energy/light/ beings, call it what you will

      And All part of Source/Creator/God. What we need to do is wake up.

      We need to go within and discover.

      We are all on the journey home, back to source.

      (Take care of self first – then save the world.)

      As we are All One there is no self, just One

      I am still a learner/seeker 🙂

      Best Wishes

      Regards, Derek

  • “You are only responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions, and in the end, that is all that matters”.. Yaro that really resonated with me. Everyday I come across people who live their lives on complete autopilot whether they admit it or not…

    Most people are headed down their default futures and won’t don anything to make a change. It’s important to understand that making a change starts with US as individuals..

    thanks for this insightful post Yaro.. really good stuff in here
    talk soon

  • Yaro,

    Even though I am prone to analysis, of myself, of others and of the world at large, there are times I feel that a message will be best conveyed by the simplest and fewest words…So I will tell you that you have touched my heart, mind and spirit. At a time when I have been feeling alone in the most integral sense, you have helped me feel a little less so. By putting voice to so many things I myself believe, you have reinforced for me that, as you say, it will be alright.

    So though you are in Australia, and I in New York, USA, I feel that we are somehow connected. Thank you. You have lit a candle on the opposite side of the world:)

  • I usually don’t like to take this tone on a talkback, but I have to say – this is awful. A bunch of claptrap for people who want to feel spiritual but are too scared to really have any firm convictions lest they offend others. Why would I say that?

    You said “truth only exists in the eye of the beholder” – That’s a completely nonsensical thing to say. It’s self contradictory off the bat, and actually it totally justifies Hitler having the views he did. Think about it. I always thought the killing of an innocent people group was objectively universally wrong (no matter what ANYBODY may THINK about it), but hey, apparently “everything is open to interpretation” and “What is right or wrong is purely a moral judgement based on what is true for you.”

    Yeah, I’m probably a ‘lower order thinker’ unable to ‘expand my thinking’ and you ‘feel sorry for me’. I’ve heard it all before. I hope people don’t fall for this recycled new-age-life-force garbage. God gave you a mind people, use it.

    • God bless you Zappy. I wish great enlightment for you.

      I have found that sometime’s I don’t get what someone is sharing with me and then after I have grown in my personal experience the knowledge falls into place and I have a huge ah ha moment. I’m pleased that you had the opportunity to read Yaro’s blog, may you soon have a huge ah ha moment of understanding.

      At least you recognize that God gave us a mind and you want us to use it. Thank you. I do recognize that God gave me my mind to use and it is truly appreciated by me.

      Please re-read Yaro’s blog and just think on it for awhile before you react. Yaro has shared his heart and thoughts with us. Give Yaro the respect to consider what he has shared.


    • Your extreme example, abiding by Godwin’s law, actually proves the point. Yes, that guy was the spark of massive change in his society and he influenced an enormous amount of people. These people genuinely believed that they were morally right, or doubted but conformed. Today we all believe that his thoughts and actions were immoral and justice prevailed, but it is nothing but a moral system which you can choose to adopt or reject at any time. There is nothing objective about it. Suppose the current clash of civilizations leads to another world war, the winners will influence the moral system of the future. Or perhaps even without war the vegetarianism will some day dominate and we’ll all wonder in retrospect how so many people could perceive killing animals for meat to be morally right.

    • I have personally lived briefly in societies where freedom of thought was discouraged. Your comment reminds me of those that were in power and fearful of the very thing they wanted.

  • Had heard of you before but ignored, simply because I thought you are another ‘Get-Rich-Quick Online Million Dollar Guru. Sorry for being thought that way, for my experience made me so…

    Convinced, you are more than simply “GREAT” – could better have published this post as an ebook!

    Marked yours out from the “SPAM” list, became a fan at Facebook.

    Keep posting, Good Luck

    Solace [India]

  • Tom

    Yaro, you are certainly moving beyond the ‘how to make money by blogging’ realm!

    It’s a wise man who can integrate his actions/outlook into a larger framework, and we are all better for your sharing of what you’ve learned.

    I’m not sure sometimes if the lessons come from the experience, or if we ‘had’ the concepts latent within us all along and then manifest them (as goes the jargon) in our lives. Well maybe that doesn’t matter too much.

    Thanks for this Yaro!

  • Yaro,

    A great series. I’m amazed that someone puts so much effort into trying to communicate all these thoughts to so many he doesn’t even know. But you covered that in the finale, didn’t you? 🙂

    Yes, in every waking moment of every day, we all have an influence over others, whether we understand that or not. And now with the Internet as a medium, we even have influence when we’re sleeping. What a huge responsibility to ourselves and the world. Do right, think right and be an agent of positive energy.

    I hope you feel fortunate that you have come to understand so much at a relatively young age. Many of us have gone through two of your lifetimes wondering why we’re miserable. All the while making ourselves (and those around us) more miserable in the wondering.



  • Yaro… great article…. your summary of yourself is similar to my experience, as you mentioned, “As I wrote the first chapter, I began to see a framework develop – a collection of ideas and concepts that have allowed me to make an incredible transformation over the past ten years of my life.”

    My wife and I launched our blog last year after wrestling with a sense of higher purpose. Your courses with Gideon were phenomenal. We are continuing down our path of positive change. I think you article sums up happiness…. i’ll definitely have to share.. have a good one..

  • Yaro what a fantastice service to others you have performed with this blog. Your viewpoint of our connection with each other and with All is very well written.

    Thank you for using your understanding of doing for other to do for all. Yes we all have an effect on others. Let’s all make our contribution to life a positive effect.


  • Thank you for your message. It seems like every time I get a bit down and feel like I’m not making a huge difference, someone will drop a note or comment on one of my blogs and remind me that I am making a difference in their lives.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Yaro, Great artcles I will used yout trick to make me success.. 🙂

  • Yaro, I cannot agree with you more. You have summed down to bare basics on the purpose of our lives as humans, which is to help each other. Perhaps that is the greatest reason, of all reasons, for sustainable resilience. It is only after we realise that we are to look beyond ourselves, as we reach out to touch others, more often than not we get touched and things happens for us.

    This, though, only works IF we rise up and take responsibility of our own mind, feelings, and ultimately, our lives.

    Raising awareness is challenging, and raising think leaders and actual doers will be great fun. Let’s keep impacting the world, Yaro!

    Smiles from Singapore

    Nigel Chua

  • ben

    Thanks, if and only if more people could read this post the world would be a better place and more people would go from passive non action tackers to active action takers like those who post comments. 😉

  • Hey Yaro,

    I totally get the “interconnectedness” and fully understand that what we create impacts on what others create, I know this post was not focused on blogging, but often when I create a blog post, others create a similar post but from a different angle OR I read a blog post and it inspires me to write about that subject.

    Sometimes my “emotional state” is not good, the dark days I call them, when I can hardly bear to even switch on my pc, let alone create products! But I have a great support network online, many friends who help me, and lift my mood to a place where I feel happy and productive again.

    Right now I am following the proven success model of Alex Jeffreys and it seems to be working for me, perhaps on a much lower scale right now, but I am very hopeful for the future, I believe it will work for me, that’s the main thing.

    I love the 80/20 rule, and I never really thought about it, but there are just a few people who occupy 80% of my thoughts, how spooky is that!

    This was a really long blog post, I made it to the end, but I think I may have to read it again to fully soak all the information in, I have a terrible habit of speed reading and I dont always fully read everything properly.

    I never realised how much working online would effect other people, it was one of the things that surprised me most I think.

    Long post, but very glad I read it.

    Sally 🙂

  • You got me thinking. I’ve seen The secret, Two Idiots, Down the Rabbits Hole and all the documentaries on the topic simply because I am too idle to do anything useful but I haven’t been paying much attention to be honest. When laid like this it actually makes sense and calls for action. On the other hand, I haven’t analyzed myself in that way, but I see bits of mine in your story, only I have never been aware of it. Do I need to? Probably not…

    Thanks for sharing, good stuff.


  • Whew!

    That sure is a long post and a heavy sermon, but it definitely rings true. The 80/20 rule is so effective its amazing.

    Having a purpose in life is so important, but so less talked about in such forums. One tends to leave it to the religious types, but name one human being who isn’t affected!

    Very valuable post, Yaro. Keep it going!

  • Yaro – Thanks a lot for sharing your views on bringing positive change. As I read your post, I could directly related with every point. Everyone himself is solely responsible for the change they bring in their lives. WIth support and advice from people like you, the whole process becomes easier. Also, it is so important to watch each one of your actions, because of the kind of effect it has on everyone around you and largely on the whole universie. Thanks one again!

  • Thank you, I very much enjoyed reading this summary which is articulated so well. I can relate to many of the points in my own life journey and will reflect again on this article. Every day, if you keep in your mind that you are working towards being the best example you can be, then it is amazing what starts to happen, who and what you find and attract into your life. I am also reminded of a Tony Robbins quote that we ‘overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years’. This has been very helpful to me in my journey. If you have a purpose and compelling vision and you work everyday towards being that example you want to be, taking action and learning through the ups and downs then my experience is life becomes very good indeed. If you choose to appreciate the more spiritual aspects in life (which once upon a time I didn’t get) for me it also gives great support, energy and reduces feelings of isolation. Ignore get rich schemes and promises, take the time to build the foundations and awareness to be able to support a bigger life experience. Thank you Yaro.

  • Yaro you write with so much depth. I believe so much that we all are change agent. We are created to help each other and make life better for all. It is our duty to leave this world a better place and that change starts with us as individuals. We are responsible for our individual actions. Personal responsibility is a personal choice we have to make and that road leads to greatness.

    What we see as problems in this life is not truly the problem. The problem is how we choose to response to the problem. It is very important we realise that as a man thinketh in his heart so his he. Solving our personal problems makes us become a better leader. Be the change you want to see in the world. Everything starts with you.

    Thanks Yaro for that great post.

  • Hi Yaro, great post, very open and honest, looking forward to your new blog.

  • Mak

    I’ve been enjoying following you Yaro for a long time. I have never commented, but after this series, I thought it was time, so bare with me.

    Yourself, and a select few others, have helped guide me towards the life I have always wanted and although I’m not yet in what people would consider a ‘stable’ place, life has been nothing short of extraordinary, every single day and I always look forward to what I believe is always manifesting for me (what I’ve thought, unquestionably believed and felt, has ultimately become a part of my life)

    I’ve encountered lots of people and had moments where I’ve shared my views on what has helped me, my perceptions (what has truly ‘worked’ for me) and while some people seem to understand and can really start seeing how it might help them too, and some people just seem turn their nose up, which is fine.

    Although I’m not 100% sure of the reason why they couldn’t see the good that can come from these thoughts and actions, I’ve come accross them later in life, only to find out that they’re sharing with me the ideas and perceptions that I was sharing with them, way back when.

    My point is that people who don’t seem to ‘get it’ at first (not that it’s the ONLY way to be or act, but it’s a good path), sometimes (not always) people realize these things in their own time, in their ways, later in life, probably when it’s more applicable to them or they’ve realized something isn’t quite working for them.

    Re-enforcing the old “When the student is ready, the teacher will come” philosophy.

    I’m glad that you’ve shared all that you have on your blog Yaro, helping people become happier, and achieve more and more of what it is that makes them happier, just by changing the way they think and act (and of course how to blog 🙂

    My wish is that more people would become aware of the positive effect that thinking and acting like this can have, instead of focusing on the can’ts and won’ts and no’s.

    Thanks Yaro, I hope your words continue to reach and affect millions accross the world, for the better.

  • Thanks for your post,

    I alway’s knew that I create ripple effects accross the Globe,

    ‘Already had ONE visitor
    on my Travel Blog today ;)’

    Since that ONE visitor could potentially
    cause a Butterfly Effect causing an
    avelange of new visitors to all
    my Blogs!

    There is power in the subtle, for example
    a subtle ‘MMMmmm…,’ this is an interesting Blog
    to bookmark, apparently my Blogs could use
    a little more subtle changes, for example recommending
    your blog.

    All the Best,
    To your Happy Inspiration,

  • I like to read a lot about self improvement and personal growth and I think this is probably the best post I ever read. What’s actually most difficult for me is to remain positive, to think the “right kind of thoughts” when I’m in a negative emotional state. When you are happy, positive thoughts follow naturally, but when you are down, it’s not an easy thing to think positive.

  • Well done. We are indeed one and you’ve put together a very convincing and inspiring article here. I particularly enjoyed being reminded of the importance of distribution channels and leverage points. In today’s world they are necessary to be heard above the noise. Thank you for using your platform in such a heartfelt and connecting way.

  • Yaro, I was like 50 words into this when I thought, “someone’s going to lambaste this guy.” When I got to the Hitler mentions, I thought, “Yup. Someone’s going to lambaste this guy.” First off, do you or did you, as you drafted this post/series, contemplate the departure it is from your typical fare and secondly what impact – adverse or not – it might have on your online popularity to this point? I would like to hear what, if any, of the thought process that surrounds my question.

    I ask because I cannot imagine someone who has enjoyed enormous success would not enter into such a departure without it being accompanied by a healthy degree of fear. I know you covered fear-based choices in the series, but to be frank, I could, at the least, argue that the section of this very post that discusses making “good choices,” could encompass the consideration that this series may not be a good one. I enjoyed it. Don’t get me wrong. Though I will add that the Hitler stuff was tough going down, but I totally get that what your saying is from an extra terrestrial’s point of view – as if they were quietly observing our micro and macro social systems.

    But this all being said, the change in subject matter as your early disclaimer does a nice job pointing out you get, made me wonder what compelled this series and maybe even more provocative for me, were you frightened as you clicked the post button?

    Quick aside, the objectivity you maintained throughout is nothing short of astounding. It was actually stunning at times to me how emotionally divorced you remained throughout the discussion. Thanks for a terrific post. I really enjoyed it.

    • Hi Scott – The first few articles in this series I definitely had hesitations about how my audience would react, especially as I was diverging quite far from strictly making money topics.

      I’ve talked about personal development before, but never quite to the degree that this series does. I expect this is the last time this blog will feature content of this nature however I consider it appropriate to move my personal development interests to another blog going forward so this blog retains it’s focus on business related topics. I will no doubt still write about personal development on E-J, but it will be closely aligned to business and blogging related subjects.

      This series will be turned into a manifesto I will give away on my new blog, where I plan to take my writing to in the future.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • Yaro, kudos for the courage. Really. I know it’s said and I read constantly the less-than-veiled opportunistic self-promotion that peppers your blog’s comments, so I don’t want to seem disingenuous. I sincerely admire the courage you’ve shown exposing yourself like this with so much to lose. Speaking of day-to-day pop culture, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks did this when she said F-U to the provincial ideals of country music universe after she publically condemned Bush and his silly wars. Of course more notable are the examples left by MLK, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Mandela and on and on. Each risked it all to engage us in the tough talks, the difficult dialogues. I’m not stupid. I know you’re not risking what Gandhi or King ultimately scarified. I’m only saying that the mechanism that drove all of these crusaders is the same as the one that compells this series: a commitment to having the dangerous conversations. Keep having them – here or wherever. They’re important and anyone – as you said better than I am here – that thinks that getting rich blogging has nothing or little to do with the social systems you dissected here is, well, not likely to enjoy much success of any type. This was a very brave thing you did here. No it’s not the Montgomery Bus Boycott, no it’s not martyrdom either. It is however the same fundamental device at work and I love seeing it in others: it’s courage, Yaro and that’s might be the most udnerused business virtue I can think of. Thanks for making us think deeper. Be well Yaro.

  • I think Yaro’s post today is a reflection on his personal and professional growth.
    So much of what I have been reading (Daniel Pink’s books, Seth Godin’s books and others in this genre) emphasize the trend globally of researching one’s modus operandi aka passions.
    With the reference to Hitler. My family and I lived in the scattered Estonian diaspora. Somehow we were just expected to assimilate. I had to figure out English pretty fast in school to keep up with the others. Teachers were not trained in the 1950s in ESL.
    Hitler, as well as a few other memorable characters, did a number on A LOT of lives. And the repercussions are still felt today. My mother is in her 80s and still in post traumatic shock.
    I lived most recently in Estonia for 15 years and witnessed what the psychological damage mass deportations do to a society (not to mention the reign of Stalin’s terror).
    I find it hard to believe that the younger generation in America at least does not know what the Soviet Union was.
    I don’t mean to harp, but let’s stay awake and not be lulled by complacency as so many of us are in the western world. Not everyone in the world has the opportunities as we do and one should not forget that. Otherwise, you’ll find some pretty disgruntled characters in your backyard and wonder why.
    Kudos for Yaro for sticking his neck out.

  • Wow, long post, but a good one. Really a good way to wrap up your positive change series. I agree wholly that what we do can impact change around us as well as we are being influenced by change daily.

    When we adopt these principles and apply, we can help change the world a little at a time. it’s important to grasp that we should all strive for positive change from within which will eventually broadcast beyond ourselves.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog
    Financial Freedom blogger

  • Hi Yaro,

    A surprising blog post indeed, out of the regular and the expected series.
    Interesting replies. Zappy is the most cynical.

    I think you have taken the bother to bring out seeds of a better world, and you have done it with an objective tone.

    Letting those seeds take ground works is a better course than let them die.


  • Interesting approach. However, I DON’T subscribe to the “oneness principle”. We are NOT all one. I believe that we are separate beings, which interact with one another, while retaining our sense of personal substance. The closer the interaction, the greater the “community feeling”. In a small village, if John is ill then Nick, at the other end of the village, would rush to help him. John and Nick are separate entities, but they care for each other. Therefore, we are all related and interconnected, a “mixed salad” rather than a “melting pot”. Melting pots destroy my feeling of personal existence, hence lead to despair and indifference. Interconnected-ness enhances my personal existence, because I realise I can prosper only if you prosper, and vice versa.

    • That’s a great point – the smaller the community, the stronger the feeling of connection to others within the community.

  • Hello Yaro,
    The endpoint of your series is the starting point for my new blog “, just launched this week. Humanity needs more people like you who “get it”. You’ve obviously done a lot of reading, exploring, awakening; this has been, in no small measure, a HUGE advantage in your success as a human being, and financially of course. Congratulations to you! The “claptrappers” will need more convincing, but keep trying.

    I’m grateful for your free “Blueprint” document, and I look forward to blogging my message until I drop. I also look forward to working with you in the future, as you are a remarkable teacher, and a rare straight-shooter among outlaws on the internet.

  • Wow! Much to ponder. Thank you, Yaro. On the point of Oneness, some here might find the following link useful: .

  • Yaro, you are such an insightful person. You’ve described the path that I’ve been on this last year with such precision. It’s a confirmation for me that I am on the right track. I will say that in years past, I have become a hermit simply because I do not like being heavily influenced by others opinions and beliefs. You are so right about how often we are influenced without knowing it and even by the simplest or smallest things. I find the more I manage my thoughts the more I am aware of the subtle influences of others when they attempt to overshadow my own influence over my life. Thank you for this article and for sharing your insights with the world. We need more people like you.


  • Yaro,
    Thank you for putting out positive energy into the universe when there are many not so positive forces taking us the wrong way. My assessment is that the development & progress outside of us is phenomenal but our inside, we are still living in slums. My passion perhaps overlapping yours is: To Inspire people to know & develop their inside & live healthy naturally- both wellness of the mind and body. I help people to first do self analysis & then develop their path for Self-development by awakening the “coach” within that everyone of us is born with. Once you are aware about the truths of yourself, your relationship with others & your purpose in the universe, the conflicts seem to fall by the way side and peace starts to dwell within. Imagine if every person next to you lived in such a state of mind. The biggest gift any person can give to the world- their own happiness. How can a person living with conflicts & sickness within spread wellness to others? So I agree changing of the world begins from discovering self & changing yourself first.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my views.
    Be Well!
    Rakesh Sethi
    PS: I read your BluePrint on Blogging and I am in process of starting a site on subjects of wellness of body & mind (Natural Medicine) I am on Facebook & twitter under my name.

  • Yaro, thank you for a very lengthy and inspired series.

    At some point, I believe developing your business and developing yourself are inextricably intertwined, so I feel like this series was right at home on a ‘business/marketing’ blog, despite your warning up front.

    Your clarity has been an inspiration for my writing, thank you.

  • Yaro,

    I’ve been following you now for over a year. You helped me get started online! Thanks!

    I appreciate your courage to discuss these spiritual truths on this blog. And I’m amazed and thrilled that what you’re sharing is resonating with so many.

    I absolutely believe we are all one, but it’s still a challenge to live from that perspective. Separation is such a cruel habit.

    I do believe it is our destiny to awaken to this truth, and I feel the acceptance your post has received indicates progress within all of us!

    A short time ago I wrote a lengthy article about oneness. I called it Year 2012 just because I wanted to present an amazing possibility – something other than the fear a lot of folks get caught up in.

    We’re on the same page! Please keep us informed of where you move your personal development material if and when you do!



  • In another article, more related to his core subject of blogging, Yaro writes about techniques (tricks), processes and strategy. In the world of Go (the ancient oriental board game) there is similarly technique (how – general), tactics (how – particular) and strategy (why). In this game of balance, one has to master all aspects. One reason why Yaro’s blog is good and popular, IMO, is that he regularly balances out these three aspects. One does not get overwhelmed with techniques, nor is his blog but a ramification of particular actions that have worked for him, nor is it but a philosophical babble why we should do what we do. It’s really well balanced.

    Whenever one becomes so good at something as Yaro does with blogging about blogging, it is inevitable to aspire for a next level. We can see the genesis of this next level and an associated blog. However, there is an important problem with blogs and books about personal development and spirituality.

    Many of these blogs and books are unbalanced in that they tend to get caught up in the “why”- aspect, by virtue of their very subject. Otherwise stated, they often fail to deliver sheer techniques (like “leave your computer for a walk in the park”) or particular tactics (like “when confronted with his recurring back pain, Oliver sold his car and forced himself to ride the bycicle”) and remain at the abstract level (“relieve yourself of moral judgment” or “you are empowered to take the actions that lead to happiness” to “you are not alone”).

    In reality, most of us, when we decide on something particular like “I don’t want to go to social parties because I’m unhappy drinking, eating or talking while I could walk in the park”, we rally against others’ moral judgment “thou shan’t neglect thy family” or the fact that we are not alone “why don’t you come with me?”

    So I hope Yaro will not lose himself in that next level of spirituality and keep in touch with people who are still working very hard to achieve a degree of personal success or happiness that comes from applying techniques and tactics in various parts of their life. But I must be skeptical, because such happiness will often be reached by applying particular techniques and tactics in particular areas. The aspiring plumber or mathematician will not learn these techniques from a blogger. So the blogger can only connect to plumbers and mathematicians through his abstracted strategy and meta-techniques. This is why, IMHO, most spiritual masters fail to help people become really happy and applied teachers in a specific area often have much more success at that.

    • I plan to completely live in the clouds and aspire to be more like my hippy friends Dieter 😉

      Seriously though, good point. I’m well aware of the need to appeal to all learning styles, those who want day to day how-to techniques and others who prefer to ponder the higher level abstract reasons-why discussions.

      That being said, I have a tendency to favor my own favorite style of learning when I teach, so it’s likely you will see more that.

  • Greetings Yaro,

    Great post.. I have been like some of your other followers, lurking on the sidelines, looking for ways to increase traffic to my blog.. and so on. But this article called to me. I will be sharing this with my staff, as I believe it will help them to increase their own happiness. As a manager, I hope to be able to benefit from that as well.

    Change yourself and change the world… heard that phrased so many different ways, but it all comes down to it. Taking responsibility for one’s own happiness.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs.

  • Wait, so let me get this straight: you really think truth is relative to what each of us believes? So, it is not objectively true that if I drop a tennis ball off a high building it will fall to the ground under the force of gravity (barring any strange circumstances)? This is just my belief about it, and someone else could have a different belief (e.g., that gravity would pull it upward) and his belief would be just as true? How do you ever account for errors, i.e., false beliefs? It seems you are questioning the entirety of science here without a very good argument.

    And moral truth: you really think that when we say, “torturing innocent children for fun is wrong” we express a mere cultural belief we have, and that in some other culture it might be genuinely true that torturing children for fun is permissible? If this is really your view, then I’m worried…Just because moral and spiritual/religious truths are difficult to know sometimes (not always, as the child torture case suggests, I think…) does not mean there are no such truths.

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  • Dan

    Yes please, I would like to sign up for your New Thought Movement blog. When will the launch take place and will their be an affiliate program?

  • Your Message
    Hi Yaro, this is a very good and interesting article – like most, you put things together in a very clear and concise way. I suggest you develop these articles into a book. It would be a great read

  • This was a pleasure to read! The part where you touch on the butterfly effect and the 80/20 rule was so interesting, really opened my eyes. I’ve been inspired to take a much closer look at the way I live my life- my actions and attitude, and assess what kind of influence I have on those around me- As well as those who influence me. This article has such and powerful message. I’ve always liked the quote “be the change you want to see in the world” and this post is like an in-depth explaination of the meaning of that. I was not aware of this series until I read this article. I’m looking forward to going back and starting from the beginning!

  • Well said and truly a profound articles with many truth meanings.
    Thank you for the deeply thought written post that yes, indeed have brought impact to many readers out there.

    Ive been following your articles and you are the only one who creates a knowledgeable written facts that gives back to the reader with sincerity and pure.
    Will look forward for your new blog launching.

  • Yaro,

    I have stayed away from your site as I write about slow life and being content on my heart and mind. This is very refreshing read. We all have ability to change world or at least a few people’s life. Money can buy all material things, but feeling that comes with helping other is hard to explain but great to feel. I have to check out previous parts of the series!

  • you are a true motivator yaro…. 🙂 thanks for sharing again… finally there is some light after all…

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  • Yaro,

    Wow, what a brilliant and inspiring post. I agree with everything you said. If more people realised the interconnectivity of everything in the universe and considered the influence they have on everyone else in their lives the world would become an incredibly different place.


  • Wow, very inspiring post Yaro. Loved what you said about forcing yourself to think positive when your internal emotional state is the opposite. Making yourself do this spells success in every area one applies it to. It is hard but the reward is worth it if you can stick it out when the going gets tough.

  • Hi Yaro, I get a lot from your posts, this one especially aligned with me. I too believe in your concept that we are triggers for change. Your insight into how we are interrelated was well was well written, I have read this concept before however you made it very clear for me, thankyou again.

  • great words of wisdom indeed . . . all starts within and with one’s thought process. we can design the life we want to live and the person we want to become. but as you stated, awareness is definitely the first step, but more important thereafter is implementation and constant reinforcement like you have by writing this post. excellent thoughts Yaro

  • Now this is a pillar post ~:-)

  • Hi Yarak, your message of intent so far has been captivating and I really hope they gather momentum in this troubled world we live in. Most of us are just walking in the dark on our journey through life. But sometimes we stray OFF the beaten track into an opening where a brilliant light shines through and all becomes clear – A fantastic feeling, totally unprovoked but with the power to take over every thought and every action you take in the future.

    Most people don’t go public on this because they fear ridicule. Luckily you are in a position of influnce with an enormous amount of respect shown by your followers. The message you’re putting out here is far more important than most can’t possibly realise because they’re still walking along the ‘beaten track’. That’s not a negative comment, just a fact of life as I see it.

    Back in 1987 I strayed off that track into the lighted area and it was like a bolt of lightening and I thought I was going mad. But as things started to unfold I soon realised exactly ‘what’ was happening. I set to work compiling a script of short stories and poems which I self-published in hard print to try and reach the sort of audience that ‘you’ can now reach with just a ‘publish’ button on your blog.
    I called the book ‘Visions Of The Future Past’ and it’s now in free PDF on my blog “The Poets Lodge” – (link is above) – I’m wondering if you think it ties in with how ‘YOU’ see things at present?

    All the very best, Pete 🙂

  • Does anyone else provide as much detail in blog articles as you do?

    It’s amazing to read well-defined concepts–in detail. To read something that that is given enough landscape to spread out and be seen (and considered). Kind of like strolling in a really cool park of ideas. 🙂 Thank you.

  • Wow, this is a pretty epic post and covers a huge number of ideas. It’s almost too much for one read through. I need to actually re-read it a few times to digest it.

    The point you make about oneness is a beautiful idea and reality… However, I personally find this difficult to completely comprehend and actually apply to my life and those around me. The way you’ve set it out goes some way to helping me at least remember to keep that viewpoint, despite what’s going on around me.

    In the recap in point three, you mention the power of your emotional state. What’s your method of changing this when you feel in turmoil? I’ve had several setbacks (learning experiences) recently and really need a clear method of changing that state, rather than amplifying it, which while easier, doesn’t create anything better in my life.

    Any pointers Yaro?

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  • If only more people where like you Yaro the world would be a much better place indeed. I honestly believe changing just one persons life for the better can go a long way to helping the community we live in at the very least. I personally think that nurseries within our community can play a vital role in the future generation and how they will effect the world we live in, so i am actively trying to improve things for my area. Lets hope and prey i succeed!

  • Spiritual, emotion, and personal growth are all very important aspects of life and business. You really make a person think when you write posts like this one. I don’t understand why you put the warning at the beginning. I feel that all the information you have set forth is very valuable even to someone who may not think the same way or come to this blog for. It is important to always keep learning and even if you don’t agree at least you can see a different perspective which can help you deal with people in the future. I think you are on point with posts like this because they go hand and hand with business and relationships.

  • Very innovative article. I agree at the oneness part. We are all equals, yes, every life is worth living and worth dying.

  • Great post and great series Yaro. I Just want to say it’s been a hell of a year for me and it’s all because of you. Not the bad stuff, but the positive change you have helped to realize in my life. I’m a graduate of your Blog mastermind program, and things are really starting to happen in my life and with my family because of the positive changes happening. I just want to say thank you for the things you have done.
    Please keep it up.
    Larry Clark

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  • Hi Yaro… you’ve written a deeply thought out article here… I’m just curious…how long did that take you to write, and when you are creating an article like this, do you usually write it down (or type it on your laptop), or do you speak it out into a mp3 or sound recorder? It sounds to me as if this sort of article would take some serious time to get down on paper… maybe you were meditating over it? 🙂 it’s excellent, thanks. Martin

    • Hi Martin, I can write about 1000 to 2000 words per session, which is usually one to two hours. I then need to edit and format it before publishing. This article was 5000 or so words so I’d say all up it was about 8 hours of work, just me sitting at the laptop in cafes.

  • I agree, Yaro. It’s the way in which we handle our setbacks that determines our ultimate long-term outcomes.

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  • These tips are really practical i have to say and i never thought of some of the points you mentioned here. This post has got me really thinking very deeply.

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  • Yaro you are so right when you talk about self improvement, and how caring for others will lift thyself up. I always try to be as helpful as I can towards others, and you know what? It really makes me feel good, and certainly improves my overall being and I can tell it lifts the spirits of others up too! Whenever I start off the day by simply saying hello as I walk by someone at the school, I noticed overtime it really has an impact on that person as well as me. Even in a crowd of a thousand you can still stand out and be an impact.

    Till then,


  • Extremely thought provoking article. One sentence sums quite a bit up for me,
    “To give becomes the only way to receive.” I’ve learned a lot about myself the last few days and this article brings a few home truths to reality, not just for me, but for many others too I’m sure!

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  • Wow, great post. I haven’t read an in depth post like that in a while. I feel empowered to go change the world now. Great job.

  • Thank you for the inspiration. I am always very fond of positive thinking and those who promote it. Very much appreciated.

  • LOVE it! Thank you for the positve reminders and uplifting message.


  • Great Post Yaro! I have just bought my first house with renters and I am finding there is a lot of gray area. I’ve got a couple people who I trust and are being great. A lot of people are giving me advice and ideas, even though they haven’t done this before. So it is somewhat overwhelming. But I’ve got to stick to my guns and hold myself accountable.

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  • Yaro,

    This series is the cats meow. I read the series without stopping, the book that I couldn’t put down. All of this hits home with me. I read CWG just a couple of months ago, and it also really opened my eyes to a Brave New World. I agree that there is a Awakening about the World and Thank You for your impact on it. I have been procrastinating for way to long. After reading this series I’m now ready to create my Blog. Thank You, for helping me to reduce my fears. I bought Become A Blogger, on 7/709, and now I feel like I can put it to use.

    Peace and Happiness To You and All, Bruce Schroeder

  • I am Glad i found this website.Added to my bookmark!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have to reread the whole article in order to grasp your message. It’s quite lengthy but it’s full of valuable information. It is so true that you have to change yourself in order to change the world. It’s a lengthy process but if you have proper mindset, then surely it can be done.

  • Love the series. I’m one of those people that am trying to work with no money out of necessity. It’s hard and you get feeling like you’re treading water. There are things that you just have to pay for and the money isn’t there. But there’s always a way if you put you mind to it. I needed some encouragement and read your blog “3 LImiting Beliefs You Must Elimate From Your Mindset” which led me to this series of blogs. You can’t imagine how they have helped me get into a new mindset. One thing though, you really do like to write, don’t you. This is the last of the series, then there is another last of the series, and another. Just teasing, great work. And a great help.

  • my ideas of changing the world are

    1. growing & eating organic food free of chemicals,

    2. having fresh sweet fruit for dessert instead of others,

    3. the rich countries setting up thousands of factories in the poorest countries to create prosperity & peace in the world between the haves & the have nots,

    4. eating bread or porrige made of millets containing vitamin b 17 which kills cancer cells,

    5. not keeping white refined sugar in the house as cancer cells feed on it.


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