Could This Be A New Traffic Generation Strategy?

If you’re a regular podcast listener you may have heard of the Sterling and Jay show, which like this blog, covers Internet marketing and entrepreneurship.

Co-host of the podcast Jay, or aka Jason Van Orden, just released a new video as part of his launch of “Traffic Attraction Formula”.

You can watch it here after you opt-in and confirm your email –

Traffic Attraction Formula

Traffic Attraction Formula Video 1

Jason made a big claim, stating that he has a traffic generation method that doesn’t require any of the usual tools, for example –

  • No need for Google at all – that means no need for organic search traffic or paid advertising using Google Adwords, the most popular Pay Per Click system
  • No reliance on JVs or affiliates for traffic
  • No need to spend money on advertising banners, or text links or co-registration leads
  • No mention of blogs, twitter, facebook or any social media

Needless to say I was curious what exactly this traffic technique is, especially because Jason was able to rank as the number one selling affiliate for last year’s Product Launch Formula 2.3 by Jeff Walker, using a relatively small list of only 10,000 people (I ranked 4th with a much larger email list).

Clearly Jason can get traffic that is full of buyers, which is not easy. Jason claims there is no need for hard selling or any tricks with his method, which as a soft sell blogger appeals to me, so I sat down and just finished watching the 13 minute video he calls –

The Alternate Universe of Internet Marketing

What Is This Secret Traffic Strategy?

If you watch the video, about half way through Jason will reveal what tool he uses, and I’m sure he won’t mind if I spill the beans.

His secret weapon is iTunes.

Yep, the iTunes software is in fact one massive search engine full of multimedia content, and in the case of Jason and his podcast, he ranks incredibly well for top business terms like “small business” “internet marketing” and even the top level term “marketing”.

When iTunes first came out I had one of the very first business podcasts in it and due to lack of competition easily ranked well for business related terms (this was several years ago). However I’ve had problems maintaining my entry as iTunes lost my previous episodes and frankly, I didn’t bother doing anything to find out what was wrong. I just forgot about it and consequently iTunes dropped me out of their listings.

Clearly I should have chased this up, because like Jay and Sterling, I could be reaping significant traffic from iTunes right now. No doubt you could do the same in your niche, if you’re willing to complete a few steps and produce content on a regular basis.

In the video Jason doesn’t show you exactly how to rank well in iTunes, but he does highlight some important points about why iTunes should be part of your traffic arsenal, for example…

  • Currently Apple has hundreds of millions of people with registered iTunes accounts
  • These people use iTunes to consume content on their computer, iPad and iPhone, so if you currently produce content this is another place it should be indexed
  • ITunes users have credit cards attached to their accounts and are used to buying things – it should be obvious why this is a good thing

As I said, the first video from Jason won’t show you the “how” of how to do this, but it will give you an understanding of what Jason is talking about.

Once you opt-in and confirm your email address you will get access to the first video and will be notified when the additional three videos are released over the coming week.

You can begin this process by opting in here –

Jason’s New Video Opt-In Form

I’m going to keep an eye on this launch since I already have a podcast, therefore I’m in a prime position to capitalize on iTunes traffic if I just get my game together a bit better than I have in the past.

If you’re thinking of creating a podcast or already have one, this launch is worth taking a look at.

Yaro Starak
Investigating iTunes

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  • Could this work for a video podcast that’s hosted on youtube? I think for an itunes podcast you have to host everything yourself.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Great post & video – iTunes is definitely underutilized… let’s hope it stays that way for a bit 🙂

  • This is yet another strategy that could work very well for businesses targeting an English speaking and mostly North-American audience. For such obscure places like Hungary where apple, itunes, iphones and the rest are basically non-existent…forget about it! I guess, we ol’ Europeans just have to stick to old-fashioned traffic generation tactics. Oh well, life goes on. 🙂

    • Hi Zsolt. I’m from Poland and see that we have the same problem.

      But remember, always we can conquer English speaking audience too;)

  • Who would’ve thought iTunes could convert your sales, and I mean a lot of sales! Then again, watching the video has made it so obvious. Kinda makes you wonder what other means are out there that you know nothing about but could be such a huge traffic generator. I am definitely signing up for this.

  • That’s…interesting! Never would have thought of that!

  • Yaro,

    Do you know what strategies Jason used to rank highly on iTunes? You mention that he doesn’t talk about them – maybe that’s saved for the course itself. I have a vague memory of watching the original launch videos a few months ago and wondering if there was a way of ranking highly on iTunes.

    That might make a good series of articles for your great blog – providing of course it’s not something that Jason teaches in his course and it upsets him!


  • I’d like to see a link to that story. Even if the department attempts to give you a goal, no officer will ever be disciplined for not writing enough tickets. An arbitrator will never go for it.

  • Being music band, iTunes was obviously one of the first marketing tools we thought of and used. However, our niche is small and our loyal audience tended to buy directly from our online shop. What we won through iTunes didn’t match the cost of putting it there (it’s a bit embarassing to say so). We have now resolved to having our songs uploaded to Bandcamp (check out its dotcom) and use all sales & promotion facilities there, targeted at Music bands foremostly.

    However, if you feel that as a podcast provider you’ve come late to iTunes, or you are not comfortable with the market position of Apple, you can check on Bandcamp.



  • Awesome idea Yaro. I should look into this more. I am focused on building the foundation for my blog first, but I’ll definitely look into this outlet.

  • interesting idea… itunes is powerful alright.,.

  • Right on! I’m a huge podcast nut and I’m just getting some of the internet marketing tools (after a year of bashing my head against the wall on my own). This is right up my alley.

  • There are a lot of strange comments on here. People must be using SCRAPEBOXLIST.COM

  • Very interesting idea.
    Even though I’ve spent a lot of time using YouTube, I’ve never thought of utilizing iTunes in this way.
    – Rory

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