Is FusionHQ The Answer? – We’re Hosting A Webinar To Find Out

A lot of people were disappointed by the launch of Kajabi last week.

After the exceptionally promising videos from Andy Jenkins, the software itself underdelivered, at least in its present form. Based on pretty much all the feedback I received from my blog readers, more beta testing and tweaking of Kajabi would have been a good idea before going public.

I haven’t given up on Andy and his team fixing the problems given enough time, but if you pinned your hopes on Kajabi and were turned off by the failure of it to deliver, then I have some good news.

There are plenty of alternative options out there to market and host your information products and one of the best options is a relatively new player called FusionHQ. I think it’s a contender, and we are about to find out what it can do.

The big selling point of FusionHQ is everything is 1-click, or at least point and click, drag and drop easy. It’s also externally hosted, which unlike Kajabi means you are in control of your content on your own servers.

I haven’t had a chance to play with FusionHQ properly yet besides watch a few help videos to see how it works. So far the best feature seems to be the simplicity of setting up sales funnels, which generate your squeeze page, sales page, upsell/downsell pages, etc, for you.

Gideon And I Are Hosting A Live Webinar With FusionHQ’s Founder – And You Are Invited!

Gideon Shalwick and I are hosting a live webinar with Leon Jay, the founder of FushionHQ.

The webinar is going to be both a demonstration of what FusionHQ can do, and why you should use certain marketing elements in your sales funnel to maximize conversion.

You can register here –

FusionHQ Live Webinar with Gideon and Yaro

You are going to hear marketing advice from a guy who has done million dollar launches (Leon is not just a software guy, he’s done some pretty big product launches and hosted live events) and a peek inside to see what FusionHQ can do.

Leon has invested thousands of dollars to create FusionHQ, which was made to meet his needs as an internet marketer. So once again we have the promise of a platform made by a marketer for marketers.

Will it deliver what we want?

I don’t know, but that’s why we are doing this webinar. I’m just as eager to learn about FusionHQ as you are because it could be the platform I use for my next training course launch.

The Webinar is on Wednesday 27th October at 9pm EDT and has limited capacity, so make sure you register to reserve your spot at the following link –

FusionHQ Live Webinar with Gideon and Yaro

You can watch this little teaser video for an intro to what FusionHQ can do (make sure you register for the webinar to really see it in action as we go through it live!) –

I’ll see you on the webinar!

Yaro Starak
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  • Kajabi was a disappointment. That being said, I’d definitely like to know if FusionHQ is really the answer. With so many products in the market, it’s hard to figure out what to stick with. Switching from one service to another sucks.

  • It is great to have help. I am new to all of this, and all the information that is out there can be very confusing. Your site is a great place to get information, and it is straight up help, so thank you from all us newbies.

  • Hi there, I just wanted to say that I had a chance to use FushionHQ. I was one of the one’s that signed up for the $2000 lifetime membership launch. The software seemed unbelievable and the answer to everything I was looking for. However, after using it, it became very apparent that it was extremely buggy.

    I got a refund before the 30 days was up because of the problems I was having, but am still very interested in it when it gets better…in fact, they may have fixed it to this point. this was about 2 months ago from today.

    Anyhow, assuming thats your affiliate link, I am gathering now that this probably won’t get posted, but just thought I would share my thought here. I would say give it a try, I think it has a ton of potential once the bugs were fixed.

    • Good thing you got the refund. The lifetime membership, if you can get it, is down to $1050. And at that price, they damn well better get the bugs out.

      • he thing is there will always be some bugs. It’s impossible to get all of them out (in a short period of time). Just go and buy LightWave or 3DStudio Max (3D software) and tell me if they are buggy.They cost more than twice FusionHQ and you have to update every year. Have you tried Windows or Mac OS lately or the $2699 Adobe Master Suite?

        The fact of the mater is that software will always be prone to bugs because of all the different system combination. The real important thing is when a bug is found, how fast will it be fixed. This is on point where FusionHQ tech support shines. They have fixed bug that I have found sometime in the same day sometime it takes a couple of days. They are very responsive. Try that with Adobe or Microsoft or if you dare, Apple.

        If you buy a software in the mindset of finding bugs you will, on any software period. I know, I have beta tested a lot of software in my almost 30 years of working with computer.

        Use FusionHQ to do what it’s suppose to do, make you build and manage your online business fast and easily and enjoy it’s true awesomeness. Don’t go bug hunting just to prove your point. If you do that then you have already failed as an online entrepreneur because you have the wrong frame of mind.

        Just my 2 cents 🙂


  • Hmmm, the webinar signup link isn’t working.

    It’d be good to post a correction, so the people only reading this by email also get the updated link.

    Looking forward to being on the webinar,


    • I fixed up the links, there were some special characters in it for some reason.

      I’ll send out an email about the webinar later today so everyone will get the right link if you are on my newsletter.

  • Because it is sure that the videos uploaded by people would be much unorderly, then your site must contain a video to flash video…..

  • Hi Yaro,
    I was able to view the review about the fusionhq on Tutorial videos about the product is very impressive. The only thing that it will do is take out the work from all the programmers, web developers, graphic designers. They will have no more jobs because everything is automated. But I think you should also give a review about Adam Short’s Niche profit Class. I need to see more of Adam’s tutorial videos how his product will compete with fusionhq( where there is no niche development and analysis or maybe I am not aware of). My wish is for Adam to make a video more specific of what his product can do just like the videos of fushionhq. i will wait for your postings on this! Bye for now.

  • Hey Yaro, I found you through themindsetmillionare and I just wanted to say this is an awesome site. Great post!

  • I knew it, Kajabi was just all hype..

  • Fusion HQ… The teaser video is like a music video! What is wrong with a human voice?

  • Hi, thanks for sharing this. By the way, I tried opening the link but why is that it’s pretty hard to load it? can you please check on that? I thought it was just my internet connection but I found it’s not. I’m excited to see what’s inside it so hopefully I can see that.

  • Respect point to you Yaro. A lot of bloggers pushed Kajabi pretty hard and now that Kajabi proved to be a disappointment, all of those bloggers just shut up about it and are laying low.

    Im glad you brought it up again. You just gained a ton of respect points with me Yaro (you had plenty before, just more now 🙂 .

  • This Kajabi, EV2 and Fusion HQ is quite a lot to digest on what to really choose for anyone in IM. I think they really only make sense if you have your own product to sell. My two cents

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • Kajabi sounded and seemed like a very good idea, too bad it was not quite ready. FusionHQ could be promising if they work out the bugs, from what I hear.

    It would be interesting to watch these space.

  • I also read about Kajabi’s problems as detailed by Ian F. too. Seems like they just didn’t test the product out properly. Hope they can make it better though. In the meantime, FusionHQ does sound pretty promising.

  • Fusion HQ claim their videos work on iPad, however video on their home page (where the bold claim is) doesn’t play on iPad. Come on people, give me a break. I buy stuff from iPad, show me the video.

  • Hi Igor

    Thanks for noticing 🙂

    The player works on iPad, but not all formats do. Video files need to be encoded in an iPad friendly format (not even all mp4 formats will work).

    We have only recently bought an iPad for testing purposes and are reformatting our videos to work with it now. Should be done either today or tomorrow.

    As for the bugs mentioned in earlier comments… We have resolved most of the early release issues. The current release is significantly more stable.

    The truth is software as complex as this will always contain some minor bugs (anyone who says different does not understand programming). We continue to fix issues as they arise (we are constantly devloping new features).

    We have just taken on 2 more full time highly skilled developers to work on this project to allow us to grow faster and stronger.

    • I have been using FusionHQ for more than 2 month and I can say that it is freaking awesome. Is it perfect? No but then so is Photoshop, Windows, Mac OS all all the other software on the planet. I have found a few bugs and they are corrected pretty fast (sometime in the same day). When you develop software, you have to keep a balance between perfect bug free application and new features developing. I did not even know how Leon Jay was 2 month ago (the creator of FusionHQ) but now I can tell you that his team and him are genuinely nice persons. Tanya at tech support is very professional and quick to reply. FusionHQ is an other tool but what a tool it is. I save so much time using FusionHQ that to me it’s more like playing than working. I’m a programmer and I use to hand code all my sites! Not any more. What a waste of time it was! The code FusionHQ generate is clean and Google friendly. It comes with lots of templates that you can modify if you want (or create new ones). You can choose to host your (or some of your) site with them or on your own server.

      I did not try Kajabi. I was going to give it a test drive but decided to concentrate my efforts on building sites with FusionHQ. On top of that, I thought that the Kajabi launch was an other over Hyped launch! Kajabi is more expensive but from the demo video I have seen, it has some cool features that FusionHQ does not have (at the moments). At the speed they are adding new things I’m sure that the useful features that Kajabi have will find there way into FusionHQ.

  • I have just cancelled Kajabi and will be looking at FusionHQ – I hope it delivers!

    Having been involved is a software company which now has a few thousand users I know how difficult it is to get software out to market. My feeling is that a third of the budget should be planning, a third on testing and a third on build. I can see there are two programmers, how many testers are there? With Kajabi I got the feeling I was!

    By the way, I am not sure product launch “closed” is a good idea for a software application – everyone knows that is a psychological trick and just means we have some time to look at WishList.


  • Also I am new person about all this things. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Wendy

    I’ve been watching these guys for quite some time but it seems like they really struggle with the workload to get a system like this into “prime time”. has shown a lot more promise for me since it’s a tried and true system. More steak and less “sizzle”. With the addition of the new upsell and sales page templates, I also cancelled my Kajabi account.

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