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Hello again dear reader,

I’ve got a follow up interview this week that I was particularly interested in sharing you, so you can find out about people who make money without worrying about mindset. A perfectly valid response that I hear sometimes goes like this…

“Well what about all those people who don’t care about mindset and just use strategies and get rich anyway? There’s plenty of them around, and if they can make money without bothering with mindset, then why should I bother?”

Strategy Works, Why Bother With Mindset?

Good point! There are people around who just work on using strategies and they accumulate wealth anyway, so why bother with all this mindset stuff?

I investigated this idea further by interviewing a man who has been a Financial Planner and Advisor for twenty years. Jeremy Britton tells the story of when he was around 19 yrs of age, he was given some guidance about how to accumulate wealth. He then spent many of those 20 years just working on strategy. And just working on strategy worked for him, in a way… he made a number of his clients into millionaires, and he was a financially wealthy man himself.

Here’s the thing though, when I asked Jeremy about having achieved this kind of “success” in his life, he couldn’t help laughing and responded that it’s funny to consider how we often measure success in financial terms, and he certainly used to do this.

He went on to explain that things started to go drastically wrong over a period of a couple of months when he had 13 clients blow all the money he had helped them accumulate and his own financial and health challenges started becoming increasingly serious.

Jeremy was forced to take time out from his work and consider what was wrong with his strategy. Because strategy had always worked before, it must just be a matter of something being missing from the strategy. As he looked into why his clients were blowing their money and why he was living an extravagant lifestyle and spending more than he earned as well, he started to see the parallels in his clients making money really quickly and lottery winners.

Why Winning The Lottery Doesn’t Make You Wealthy

Many of you will have heard that lottery winners end up blowing their million dollar win in a couple of months or years and end up being just as poor as when they started. Jeremy realized it was no different for himself or his clients. He had studied, learned and applied so much about the strategies of making money, and he’d been successful in doing just that. Unfortunately, it was almost like pouring water into a sieve, as quickly as the money came in, it went out as well.

The strategies worked but the people making the money were frozen in a mentality that didn’t allow them to keep their wealth. Jeremy and his clients needed to include mindset in their wealth building strategy in order to hang on to the money they made. So this extremely left brained, strategy-focused Financial Planner started to learn everything he could about understanding and working with mindset.

Is Hypnotherapy For Hippies Or Hardcore Business People?

During this time, he met a hypnotherapist. It didn’t occur to him that hypnotherapy might be a useful tool for working on a wealthy mindset, he had signed up to get help quitting smoking. In one session, over one hour, Jeremy stopped smoking and never felt the slightest inclination to pick up another cigarette. He immediately wondered if hypnosis could be used to help people shift their mindset from being stuck in poverty consciousness to retaining a wealthy mindset.

After studying hypnotherapy and a wide range of other disciplines that work with the mind, Jeremy has combined them to create his own technique called “flicking your rich switch”, which helps his clients work on their mindset.

Now, the first thing he does in a session with a new client is work on their subconscious beliefs about money and their mental blocks to accumulating wealth. After that, he’s more than happy to work with clients using as many strategies and techniques as they like to grow their wealth.

Strategy Vs Psychology – The Answer

It was a hard learned lesson, but Jeremy has realized that you really need to work on both strategy and mindset to create and accumulate wealth. Strategy without mindset can work but leads to some disastrous after effects, mindset without strategy is like hoping to win the lottery and never actually buying a ticket.

If you want to find out more about Jeremy’s work, you can find him on YouTube or at his website where you can download his e-book, “Who’s Taking Your Money (And How To Get Some Of It Back)” for free when you subscribe.

I’m also attending an entrepreneurs networking event being held simultaneously in numerous cities around Australia. I’ll be at the event in Sydney, Jeremy will be at the event in Brisbane, and the event will also be on in Melbourne and Perth. Hope to see you there and thanks for reading. I’d love to hear any comments you have at the end!

Cheers, Neroli.

About Neroli Makim

Neroli Makim is an intuitive artist and writer who loves exploring Creativity and its relationship to personal fulfillment and professional success. She educates people about Creativity, what it is, why it’s important and how to access it within themselves. For more information, visit

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  • I tend to not care about mindset

    • G’day Sokun. I didn’t care much about mindset for almost 20 years; I made a boatload of money, doubled my income year on year but then lost my relationships with many people, lost my health (including torn vocal cords and a heart attack at age 32) and nearly lost my soul. Mindset & Strategy are now seen as left & right legs: not much good by themselves, but fantastic when used together! 🙂

    • As Jeremy says Sokun, you can make money without it, but at what expense? You get to decide anyway, so hope u have fun with it:) cheers, neroli

  • Raj

    Its always like that with easy money. If one does not work hard for their money, they do not understand the value of it and start spending more than they earn. Also, people want long lasting happiness by throwing away money at everything and when they realize that they are not getting it, they throw even more money! Strange but thats the truth! The best thing to do is to work hard for all the money one makes.

    • Hey Raj:) It does seem to work that way doesn’t it? anything we work for we tend to appreciate more, cheers, neroli

  • Great post and its true also that it strategy works then why bother with mindset.

    Anyway thanks a lot for providing us such a useful stuff.

    • Thanks Meg:) Nice to see you again as well, glad you liked hearing from jeremy, cheers, neroli

  • This is so true. If you get wealth and don’t manage it correctly you are just as bad off if not worse than when you didn’t have it. I think people need to manage themselves better than their money.

    • Hey there, listening to jeremy was very good for me, i needed to hear some of the things he shared – especially the bit about “If I can’t manage the $20-$50 or hundred dollars i have, how can i expect to manage a hundred thousand or more?”

      cheers, neroli

  • I really understand what you mean, personally except from a blogger I am a professional stock and forex trader and I know from a personal experience that having a great (business or trading) strategy is not enough.

    It all comes down to having the right mindset in order to not become overenthusiastic when everything goes well or disappointed when things don’t go as good as you expected.

    So psychology and money management are probably more important than just a successful strategy…

    Kostas | Opportunities Planet

    • Hey Kostas, a friend I interviewed here recently did the product launch strategy for a recent fourex trading system:) Thanks for your comment, i bet you know a lot from your own experience about managing your emotions & mindset when it comes to money. cheers, neroli

  • Great interview Neroli, very interesting!

  • Thanks for your post Neroli,

    Recently I do think that I might have discovered such a Psychologically Enduced Blindspot, because some time ago when I looked at a blog of mine (a blog about Blogging and the Writer’s Lifestyle) I wasn’t seeing that I was making any substantial progress with it, and also was disapointed about the little readers participation, with only a hand full of readers that actually
    wrote comments on my posts, until I decided to look back to a few months ago and discovered that I did have an actual +400% Increase in the amount of – Unique Visitors – to that blog!

    Currently I am not yet very convinced that all those unique visitors will all be interested in the info that I present on that blog and products that I (pre) sell on that blog. On the other hand why wouldn’t they love it, there wouldn’t be in increase in the amount of visitors for nothing? Maybe Jeremy is right and I only have convinced myself that it isn’t there. Why wouldn’t they love it?, there are easy to find Most Popular Posts to have a look at and different products they can choose from….,

    Maybe it’s just an other one of those ‘Blind Spots’, maybe – you – reading this right now is interested in having a look at that blog, you can find a lot of interesting info about Blogging and about Writing on that Blog and you can also find all kinds info about interesting products that you can buy. Because indeed why wouldn’t you? because when you are reading this you probably are also a Blogger yourself, and that particular blog is about – Blogging – and – Writer’s Lifestyle – So when you want to check it out, you can find the Writer’s Lifestyle Blog at the Links & Resrouces Page on my Home Business Lifestyle Blog.

  • Talking about – Psychologically Enduced Blindspots – today while playing a game of Tennis I had a somewhat similar ‘Blindspot Experience’. The others played on the sunny side of the court, and at their side their tennisball begun – because of the sun – as being a bright yellow ball, while at the time the ball was at my side there was no bright yellow ball to see anywhere.

    Because at the time the ball was on my side the ball was – a dark shady grey ball – And since I was looking for a bright yellow ball I couldn’t see it. When I changed my strategy and instead begun looking for a dark shady grey ball I could easily see it.

  • There is an old saying “Gamblers die broke”. That said, the desire to make more money without hardwork will result in losing all eventually. This is the nature of a gambler. If the mindset can be changed, then he or she will not remain a gambler, just another guy with money!

  • This is a great story, Neroli! Thank you for sharing it.

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