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As you will notice if you are reading this at the www.Entrepreneurs-Journey.com website using a web browser, we’ve just activated our new design.

There are so many new cool features in this layout that I want to tell you about, but for now we are focusing on fixing the bugs and polishing up all the new pages.

Now that we have a live version this process should speed up and I suspect in the next two-three weeks everything should be working 100%.

In the meantime you may spot errors, random bits of code floating around or other anomalies. We appreciate your patience while this transition is completed.

Feel free to have a dig around at the new features.

I’ll have more updates soon!

Yaro Starak
Entrepreneurs-Journey Founder

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • The new site looks really great. I stopped by today to read some blog posts and I saw that things were switched around. It looks a lot cleaner and easier to browse. Great job that you did.

  • HI Yaro,
    The look of your blog is really clean and simple. I really love it. But I also noticed that you didn’t put your Email Subscription box that offers your ebook for first time readers to read. That eBook was a great help when I first started blogging since early 2009.

    – Felix

    • That ebook is still available via RSS. I’ve also put it on the general downloads page –


      Which is where everyone is sent to on the newsletter to get the resources they subscribed for.

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad my ebook helped!


  • Nice design, looking forward for more features in coming post.
    P.S. Add a back-to-top button or arrow in footer..

    • Oh yeah? you actually use a back to top button? Interesting, I’ve never used them or seen them on many sites so assume they are not that popular. I tend to scroll back up using the scroll wheel on my mouse.

  • Hi Yaro,
    The Design is very cool mate, I like the “make-money-online” getting started resource. The links to namecheap and bluehost are not working (404 – page not found) in Section 3 – “Choose a topic and set up your website”.

    • Those links are fixed now, thanks for the heads up Anthony.

      Glad you liked the how to start page too, I put a lot of effort into that one and will be promoting it quite a bit.

  • Hey Yaro, I have been wondering what you would be getting up to next. Love the new setup and looking forward to watching the site grow and change.

    • Thanks Brigid – I’m glad the layout is finally launched. Once the final polish is done I want to move on getting some more great content on this site. The hard part is putting together a great team.

  • Hello Yaro, just came across your site and it has a lot of useful info. Your story is inspiring and I’ve already started to read through your “how you can start” page. Thanks for posting great content.

    • Let me know what you think of the how you can start page Vera. It’s new and I hope it will help people, but feedback is always appreciated.

  • Cool Yaro. I like what you have done here. I am looking forward to the changes.

  • Looks nice, Yaro. Less cluttered and easier to read. No random snippets of code floating around from where I’m looking! πŸ™‚

  • Looks real good Yaro, cleaner and more organized.

  • Hi Guys,

    the new look is the real deal in my oppinion. I have redone my own blog in a similar fashion, but I believe the mini ads 150×150 are a bit spammy looking and would focus on targeted bigger ads if I were you.

    Just my 2 cents πŸ˜‰

    • You mean the 125*125 boxes? Advertisers still seem to like them, so we will have them here for a while yet.

      I’ve got some new forms of advertising coming up soon as well, which I hope will prove popular and add value to the site without that “spammy” feeling you are talking about.

  • Jesse

    Great design Yaro. I like your site better this way. It’s easy to read the text and much more organized. I’m not saying that the old design is bad, i just prefer it this way. Anyways, i’ve been following your blog lately and i’m really impressed with your write ups. I will totally inform you if there are errors. Keep up the good work and more power!

  • Yaro, I like your new design and will steal some ideas for mine πŸ™‚ What I really like is “make money online” page which is so powerful and detailed. I don’t like 1 thing, the lady that is left from “first time visitor” and also in the right sidebar, looks like cliche and I read that visitors look at the direction that people on pics look at. Hope this feedback is helpful to you.

    • Thanks for the feedback Rumiana. That lady is meant to be an eye-catcher to bring people to the how you can start page, however I’m noticing that image is popping up in a lot of places so might be getting a bit cliche as you said.

      I bet she was still the first thing you saw when you came to the site πŸ™‚

  • I love how clean this new look is!

  • Hi Yaro,
    I like the new design of your website, it’s more simple and easy to the eyes. But I can’t find the top commentator section, or I might just missed it?

    • Thanks Alex. We removed many sections, including top commentators because it wasn’t being used and we are getting way too many comments like “you have a great article here”.

      I want people to leave comments because they have something valuable to say, not just to get links back, plus I wanted to “clean up” the site a bit so removed quite a lot of features.

  • Looks fantastic Yaro, nice use of negative space. I think it makes the site feel less cluttered.

    Good work to you and your team!

  • Great design, congratulations for you.
    Good job Yaro,,

  • Great design and loved it very much….

  • Sam

    Nice design Yaro! Looking forward for more features. I’m sure it will be great! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. Have fun.

  • Hi, Yaro,
    Congrat on the new face of your blog design. My opinion – I prefer the former design to this. Why? It’s more revealing. Most of the function on the former design seem not present here… like most commenter. Be that as it may, congratulation. What is more important is the information is there.

  • Something is missing in new design? Or I simple got used to the old one? πŸ™‚

    • Radislav – We did pull quite a lot of the little things from this design to make it cleaner (a deliberate choice), so that could be what you are feeling.

  • Nice redesign Yaro.

    I think it’s a lot cleaner but I have to admit it somehow seems to lack a little ‘polish’? I think new comers will be able to find the correct information a lot easier and regulars will get used to it pretty quickly πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kestral,

      What would you recommend to make it more polished? Is there something in particular you see that is making appear less polished?


  • Becky

    Cleaner layout – much easier to find things…great job and refreshing to see a new layout – been reading this blog now for over 2 years visiting every other evening to check for content, and I’m still a raving fan (and always will be)!

    • Thank you Becky! I like it when our long term readers are happy with changes, you guys are important to this site.

  • Nice job, Yaro! The info on “How You Can Start” section is actually much better than some of the $1,997 courses out there! And you’re giving them away free! Where does that leave us? Ha…

    Also, I notice you removed the email opt-in form. I thought that’s a crucial one to list building on one’s blog, no? What’s the rationale behind removing it?



    • Thanks Mark – glad you like the new design and the new make money training page.

      The opt-ins are going to come back, but a bit more strategically now with some changes to copy and offers etc. This will roll out over the next few weeks as we catch up on fixes and polish off the rest of the new design.


  • John

    Hi what theme style did you use for the blog, thesis theme or another

    • This theme is based on the Genesis framework, however it’s a completely custom design created in-house.

  • Andy

    Hi Yaro, nice changes. Seems like you’re giving away a lot more information for free now, this is of course great for new readers but I’m hoping I’m not going to regret jumping for the last ever chance to join Blog Mastermind – is it not the case that much of the now free info was originally only available to us who paid for it? In any case the BM programme is still great but was this a conscious decision to offer even more for free?

    • Hey Andy,

      Most of the stuff I am giving away for free was already available for free, just not organized on the page. There are a couple of resources from Become A Blogger Premium and Blog Mastermind there too, but we are talking about a couple of audios and a report, which make up maybe 1% of what is in the entire course(s) that only members like you have access to.

      Plus I should say that the courses are a lot more focused. They progress in a logically order and are more specific and concise. The resources I have put together on this blog are a collection of articles written over 7 years, which while certainly helpful, are very much a broad overview of many many subjects that I have attempted to tie together as best I can.

      So you should definitely feel you have my best stuff by being a member of Blog Mastermind and nearly all of it is only available to members.


  • It’s a good design, Yaro. The background of your site is nice for my eyes. I think the interesting design is important to attract the reader like me.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Looking good and now easier to read!

    I really liked your old website design, but I think in the last 6 months to year it was getting a little cluttered with the sidebar. I think this new design is a great improvement. Your content is much easier to read now. And that’s why so many people visit your site – for the content.

  • Wow, hadn’t been by recently and suddenly this great update to your site. (I’ve been buried in your Blog Mastermind Course — and loving it! )

    Very streamlined presentation of your content yet nothing is lost. Great to see this as I consider my own content and navigation layout. And very attractive presentation even on the pages that have a LOT of info!

    Thanks for all your genuine help to us budding bloggers!



  • Rishab

    Hello Yaro!

    This change is for the better for sure.
    Its more clean and simple,
    its more… “apple like” in philosophy…
    its like KISS!
    its like… GOOD for sure

    Keep it up!

  • I read somewhere that HTML5 is what Google prefers because its clean and quickly loads. What do you think?

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