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A quick short post today as I’m busy getting ready with my final preparations to head for Canada (more on this soon).

If you are into search engine optimization you know the importance of back links. In a newsletter I sent out to my email subscribers back in February (you have to be on my blog tips newsletter) I told you about a neat little software tool from Neil Shearing called Real Link Finder.

The software lets you search the blogosphere for blogs that do not use the “no follow” tag (which makes links near useless for search engine optimization purposes – see this for more). I had a play with it and while it was okay at finding blogs, it was a bit hit and miss with the how on-topic the results were.

Just this week the “Jasons” (Jason Katzenback and Jason Potash) released a very similar software tool called CommentKahuna. There’s not much different with this tool compared to Neil’s in terms of functions, but since it runs its own search engine and queries a few other sites, the results can be different.

If you are looking to run a comment marketing campaign to build links and traffic, or if you just want to isolate blogs related to yours that do not use the no follow tag, both these tools are useful. The creators of the software do ask you to opt-in with your name and email address, but the program itself doesn’t cost any money.

You can get CommentKahuna here.

The Jason’s have a follow up product (surprise!) released today called TrafficKahuna, which I haven’t had a chance to play with just yet, but is some form of community traffic building resource. It’s not free and since I haven’t had a chance to actually use it I will reserve judgment for now.

You can find out more about TrafficKahuna here.

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  • Thanks for the quick post full of useful links. I’ll hop over and check them out now. Have a great and safe trip. Canada, at least BC where I visited, was absolutely beautiful.

  • I tried out both versions for my flyer printing site, and found that Cooment Kahuna found less matches, but better aquaracy… on the other hand Real Link Finder found more pages at least with the word highlighted, but many times the pages would freeze when trying to submit the comment.

  • CommentKahuna was actually launched a couple months ago…

  • Such spam-helping softwares will soon make G devalue the blog comment links just like they did with the forum signature links. I would put more effort into placing meaningful comments on popular related blogs that can bring actual readers rather than seeking SEO advantage of posting on *any* related blogs which doesn’t have nofollow.

    • I have to agree. I can’t see any long-term benefit to using software that directs comments spammers to dofollow blogs. Maybe I misunderstand, but it seems like there wouldn’t even be a short-term benefit, since the I thought the whole point of implementing nofollow was protecting bloggers from getting penalized by Google for populating backlinks.

      • I’ve also got to agree. A worthwhile comment should be the goal of a commenter – not just the SEO value of the comment.

        It’s an interesting software idea. I do think however that regardless of this software existing or not – it’s only a matter of time before Google devalues the effectiveness of comment links a lot.

        @Cindy – Alot of Canada is gorgeous. I’m in Alberta and I love the huge sky here. BC is definitely the cake taker – I love Vancouver.

    • I want to disagree here. If you’ve ever tried submitting comments to do-follow blogs you’d notice that they are some of the most heavily moderated blogs in their industry.

      Since most blog platforms do not come with do-follow enabled, most bloggers who take the time to enable it will (in my experience) take the time to proplerly moderate comments.

      Like directories, I think that alot of the link juice that you get from blog comments will depend on the Authority of the blog in the SE’s.


  • Thanks Yaro,

    I like Neil’s bit of software… I also use BlogFinder for locating relevant blogs.

    However, my new favorite commenting method is to find blogs using the free WordPress plugin called CommentLuv and comment on those. CommentLuv automatically displays your last headline below your comment, increasing the likelihood that a comment reader will click through. I have also noticed that folks using the CommentLuv plugin on their blog are serious bloggers with great content which makes leaving relevant, meaningful comments much easier.

    I simply do a Google search with the “footprint” CommentLuv makes in the comment box and the keyword(s) and up pops a list of blogs to comment on.

    We did a quick video the other day showing this little trick…


  • Have to agree with Bobby on the comment above… I have played with Real Link Finder and while it had some interesting results, there is nothing that will replace going to a site like BlogCatalog ( this is one of so many ) and easily find blogs with similiar interests on your niche. If you’re passionate enough about your topic, the comments should come easily and will be better focused.

  • Short but sweet. I have been looking for other ways to find smaller but related blogs to build relationships with. I agree with bobby though this makes it easier for people to spam although the blog has its own responsibilty to moderate comments. Thanks Again Yaro

  • thanks for quick post.. well It’s Inspired me to make a similliar post . 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips.

    I use commenthut for this is pretty useful since it also gives me an insight in to the pagerank of the blogs that I could carry the comment marketing campaign with.

    Also I have just bought in Traffic Kahuna & will be posting my comments on how it works in a couple of days at

    regards: rashmi

  • Great information, definitely a good read…I actually found this site through Comment Kahuna!

  • Those automatic comment programs keep me busy clicking delete out of my comment folder. Half of them do not even really refer to the post they are attaching too. I took a look at comment kahuna and I guess if someone using it follows the direction they will find that they actually have to READ the posts they are leaving comments too. These programs are good in the way they lead you to the articles that may be in your field but I find out when I do a search for something and the article is interesting it inspires me to naturally leave a post. My natural post is received well and people do visit my websites and often enjoy them. Especially my favorite site for laughter which is Damn Funny .

  • Yes I do run a comment campaign (as you can see!!) so I will definitely be checking this software out, thanks.

  • I am newbie to blogging. This is one of the best sites I have seen about making money. I still learning about making money using blogger.
    Thank you for your good information.
    I will come back to read more articles from your site again.

  • I like how he doesn’t say ‘and I read the article first.’ He’s not even pretending like people should leave a cogent meaningful comment.

  • […] serious bloggers with great content which makes leaving relevant, meaningful comments much easier. I simply do a Google search with the “footprint” CommentLuv makes in the comment box and… This entry was written by Andy Wibbels and posted on Apr 18, 2008 at 2:30 pm and filed under […]

  • Just what I have been looking for, Real Link finder will certainly make life a lot easier for me.

  • Nice review. I will give comment kahuna I try. I am downloading and installing right now. However,isnt this comment spamming? Is there a chance that somone will get in trouble by doing so?

    • If you use these programs to leave comment spam, then yes of course you could get into trouble, but that would happen if you didn’t use these tools to leave comment spam as well.

      It’s not the tools, it’s how you use them that can get you into trouble.

  • Tom

    With this post you are basically supporting comment spam. Why??
    So dodgy…

    • Comment spam? Not really. These are tools to find blogs that are worth commenting on. A good comment provides value to the commenter and the blog owner. The commenter gets a link and the blog owner gets user-generated content. But if a blog uses a nofollow tag, the commenter doesn’t get a link.

      These are tools, plain and simple. Now what you do with these tools is up to you. Using them to auto-populate all these blogs with “Buy my new e-book here” posts is comment spam. But adding value to the conversation is not.

    • Brandon pretty much covered this one! – Use these tools to find on-topic blog articles and then place constructive comments.

    • Do You know who is really supporting comment spam? People who has invented commenting! People who let other people comment! Ok, come on, let’s close any commenting!))))

      Don’t forget that comment is not only a content, it is also a chance for the owner of blog to get PR on other blogs.

  • Yaro – Thanks for the tips, I’ll check them out. On one of my blogs I have the Top Commentators plugin which gives the most vocal bloggers a link in my sidebar. I think that has really boosted some of the community on the blog itself, even if most of my readers don’t really know true benefits.

  • if we use this kind of software…would it jeopardize our position w Google?
    coz i went for a search engine optimisation talk during the weekend…the speaker was saying to avoid all this kind of automated softwares.

    what others think?

  • Yaro, I can see that you also like blog flooding))
    Honestly to say…I dont use any programs for looking “no follow” blogs. I just travel through the most interesting of them and check out the code. I hope to use your links this weekend, hope it will be useful)) Thanx.

  • I’ve been looking for several weeks for a decent blog comment tool..thanks for the links..

  • I enjoy commenting on blogs and I always try to leave comments that are relevant. I don’t like these people that leave completely irrelevant comments like “great blog” or “thanks a lot” !!!!

  • I agree with you entirely and unless there is a reason to leave a comment on a blog that still follows the ‘nofollow’ rule I won’t. As for commentkahuna, how do you think I found this blog? 😉

  • I think it is great fun building a community of people who comment on each other’s sites, as long as they do it well and not as spam

    I have recently installed commentluv on my site and I like finding other commentluv sites to communicate with

    We have the choice to add value and make this a better world to live in

  • Thanks a lot for this interesting article. But I had trouble navigating through your web site as I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

  • Thanks for the post, i enjoyed reading it. blogging is not as easy as many think it is, it’s hardwork. any how thanks.

  • Very cool!! Heading over to both these sites now to see how much use I can get out of these programs. Thanks a lot Yaro

  • Your Message Yaro there is so much for a newbie like myself to learn and sometimes it feel like people are taking you for a ride and you don’t know who to trust. This program and that program and a lot of programs don’t actually give you anything. So I am going to start taking some of your advice and see where it leads me. And I hope and pray it leads me to PROFITS!

  • I was searching such a software which could work effectively with NO FOLLOW. Thanks for the link..

  • I’ve just downloaded CommentKahuna, it’s pretty good!

  • CommentKahuna is a great way of finding websites that have comments enabled, it saves a lot of time searching.

  • You have to be a bit careful when using software like Comment Kahuna, because it’s easy to get carried away with commenting and you might be blocked by Akismet as a spammer (even of you’re not)..

  • I’ve tried using CommentKahuna and other similar sites, and they do find you lots of blogs that you can comment one, but I find that most of the blogs are inactive and ultimately the link doesn’t stick.

  • I think the trick with using software like Comment Kahuna is to refine your search for only blogs that have, say minimum 10 comments on them. Then check the date of the last comment before you spend time reading the blog and preparing your comment to add. If the last comment is really old, it suggests that the blog owner isn’t very active and might not approve your comment.

  • A lot of the blogs that are found by software such as Comment Kahuna have very low page rank. Is it possible to refine the search to exclude, say, blogs with PR0 or PR1??

  • Does anyone know how many PR0 sites equal one PR1 site, or how many PR1 sites equal one PR2 site etc.

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