AdSense Secrets 4.0 From Joel Comm and a Big Competition From Lee Dodd

I’m in the middle of madly recording some videos so I don’t have to worry about video set-up while island hopping from Brisbane to Fiji to Hawaii then on to Canada. It’s crazy all the things you have to do when you leave home for six months.

I have a great post coming up later this week on the topic of Internet business and travel freedom, but it’s not quite done cooking yet. I’ll have it out to you before I board the plane next week.

In the meantime, a couple of short updates for you today…

AdSense Secrets For $10

Joel Comm zapped me an email a few days ago to let me know he’s got his new updated version of AdSense Secrets, his very popular book on making money with Google AdSense coming out today.

He’s decided to drop the price from $97 to $9.95 for the latest version, which in my opinion is a darn good price. When you order there is a membership continuity program you are automatically enrolled in (the first month is free), so just be careful to read everything when purchasing (you don’t have to spend any more than $9.95 if you don’t want to).

I’m not an AdSense specialist, but Joel is definitely someone who has been in the AdSense game for a long, long time and I’ve heard good things about his previous books on the subject. It’s also worth checking out the order page to see how Joel presents the video (you have to expect something polished from the guy who did the Next Internet Millionaire web reality show).

To grab a copy of the book go to

Two Forums Merge And You Get Prizes

Lee Dodd, who I call “the forum guy” is pretty much the only person I refer to when it comes to monetizing forums.

He’s busy again, this time merging two large forums together. Lee passed on this notice to me about the merger news and a special competition he is running to celebrate –

Two of the Top 10 webmaster forums have merged! Webmaster-Talk and Earners Forum have joined forces to create much more than just a forum – now users have access to an enhanced marketplace, informative articles, blogs, interviews, and valuable tools. Along with the new features, has also gained thousands of new members.

And what better way to celebrate a huge merger than with a huge contest! That’s exactly what we’re doing, offering over $25,000 in prizes!

There will be 5 winners, and each one will receive this prize package:

  • Macbook Air
  • Flip Camera
  • $500 Cash in Max Bounty Account
  • iPod Touch
  • Nintendo DS Lite from
  • $250 Cash in Pepperjam Network Account
  • $500 Gift Certificate from Text Link Ads
  • 24 Custom Shirts for the site of your choice from N Designs (4-color, you pick the color t-shirt, front side printing only)
  • Revolution Theme Multiple Use Package from WordPress ($199.95 regular price)
  • Interspire Premium Shopping Cart Package

The contest is at, and ends May 13th at midnight.

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  • I tried to buy Adsense Secrets, but he has a huge form that I need to fill with my details, and I need to pay with credit card also.

    No willing to give all that info for a $9 purchase.

  • Out of curiosity, what are you doing with your house now that you have your own place? Do you have somebody to house-sit, or are you just buttoning it up, or do you have somebody to check in on it once a month or so?

    • I’ve got my mum staying there and another house guest. I was going to rent it, but I can’t be bothered moving my stuff and dealing with tenants.

  • luq

    wonder why he’s brought the price down so low, back when it was $97 it still made thousands of sales..hmmm…

    • I think the drop in popularity of Adsense is the answer. Most of us smaller blogs won’t benefit much from Adsense. $10 is affordable but, $100 is no longer realistic.

  • Can’t wait for your “Internet business and travel freedom”. Without the Internet Biz. I would’t be able travel the world (Australia, Antarctica, Hawaii, USA, Canada, Caribbean since Sept. 2007).

    …. and it is always a little adventure to search for a free WiFi hotspot in a foreign place 😉

  • $10 is not much if you can improve your Adsense earnings dramatically.

  • Good offer…

    I’m considering to purchase it. But as you guys said about the diminishing popularity of AdSense, the purchase price is becoming more reasonable. 🙂

    @Yaro – happy traveling!

    Ivanpw – Resources for entrepreneur – Strong bidding web directory

  • The reason for selling so cheap is because it is a big scam. go read Mark’s revelation before getting cheated.

    • Mark’s gripe at 45n5 is about the forced continuity program. I made sure I highlighted that in my post above.

  • Anybody know how many sites use Adsense. I’m no expert but would imagine it to be in the millions.

    I’ve heard some stories of people making decent income on it as well.

  • Yaro I’m really dissappointed with your site recently. You don’t post quality articles anymore, just referral and affiliate links. Also your ‘new and improved’ site design takes wayyy too long to load.

    Please get back to posting free, useful informative posts. I’m about 2 affiliate links away from discontinuing my subscription to your email list.

    • Ahh JNort…you know my blog varies between all kinds of posts. I totally understand where you are coming from though. I don’t like to flood affiliate links either and realize my audience would leave me if I did that.

      Last week I was prepping for a six month trip overseas so I didn’t have time to write full articles. I had a couple of friends email with things they wanted blogged about, so I made a few short news posts with affiliate links in where available.

      I say no to most promotions, but some I talk about when they are relevant and of course, it’s well known a good chunk of my income comes from affiliate marketing.

      The next post I have coming out is a meaty one, so hopefully you will enjoy that. You can always dive into my archives too – there’s so much good content in there, I hate that people only read what’s on my front page and assume that’s all there is to this blog.

      • Oh – and we are still working on the server load time with this new design. Hopefully that should be optimized by the end of this week.

      • The affiliate links are not an issue for me, if Yaro is blogging about this AdSense deal for $10 I don’t mind hearing about it.

        I’m still so grateful for the Blog Profits Blueprint that I would be fine with whatever Yaro wants to write.

  • Gotcha Yaro, I didn’t mean to bash you though… after re-reading it, it does seem like it. Long day…

    Let me be clear, I’m a big fan of yours and you have been a tremendous help to me in discovering how much I love marketing. I’m now major’ing in Enterpreneurship at college and I can definitely say that your blog helped me realize how much I love starting new businesses and trying to discover new opportunities. Your blog inspired me to start my own blogs, and here I am several websites (& blogs) later a SEO and search marketing freelancer. Just wanted to let you know, heres one reader who got alot out of your site.

    I know that you have a ton of articles, but the sections I like best I’ve already exhausted and so I have nothing new to read (in my given subject areas which I like best) then to hope each new front page post is one of these ‘meaty’ posts. Don’t be offended though, I love learning and DEVOUR content so I may not be the atypical reader.

    Also, glad to hear about the load time being worked on.
    Have fun on the trip.

  • […] match the quality level of the “brand” that you are trying to build for yourself. Yaro got it right, he mentioned the subscription right from the start and didn’t have to backpedal or defend […]

  • Sarah Hughes

    ” I hate that people only read what’s on my front page and assume that’s all there is to this blog.”

    LOL another admission by an A-Lister that they get virtually no organic traffic from Google. If you got the organic traffic you would have people reading all sorts of pages on your blog. And yet you try to pass off your affiliate links and blogging courses on the newbies. Shame on you.

    • Hi Sarah – if you read my previous articles you will know that I publicly stated that 60% of my traffic comes from organic Google search, which is absolutely critical for my business to succeed.

      If I didn’t get a steady stream of NEW readers then I couldn’t keep growing my business. I have 50-100 new newsletter subscribers join each day and this could not happen if I didn’t attract a new audience.

      This is precisely why I was worried when Google hit my blog with a PageRank penalty. If they started implementing penalties that reduce your search rankings then my business would suffer, so I had to take notice.

      My comment in this post regarding reading my archives was aimed at people who come to my blog and only read the front page and then make assessment based purely on that experience.

  • I bought the eBook and I had a 2590% increase in revenue on my first day. The “secrets” taught inside are indispensible.

    Either that or I was just really horrible with my Adsense settings.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I really appreciate you being up front about Joel’s offer. I have no problem with forced continuity and use it myself. However, Joel did NOT use it right in this launch, which was very disappointing. He got called on it and then made some changes because he was forced to. I saw no other affiliate marketer out there point out the forced continuity before you know what hit the fan, except you. Thanks.

    For those wondering why it was $10, the forced continuity is your answer.


  • Strangely most of the comments here talk about the Adsense Secrets book, but no one mentioned the last part of the article about the forums contest which offers some nice rewards. I looked at the terms of this content and it seems that in exchange for the prizes that they offer they want so much work to be done. They want good long articles to be written for them (the copyright will be theirs and not remain for the writer), they want posts, they want subscribers to affiliate program. I think that if this contest goes the way it was planned, they will earn much more than those “little” prizes they offer.

  • Ian

    Careful -adsense secrets joel comm RE BILLS automatically every month for $29.95. i personally hate these type of auto re billing -they just hope you will forget about cancelling.

  • There are many ways to use AdSense to achieve your goals.Some people are using AdSense to earn a great deal of money in amounts that you would not have thought was possible unless you robbed a bank.

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