The Wandering Entrepreneur In Hawaii

I’m writing this from the apartment I’m renting in Vancouver this week. It’s a bit chilly here, but that’s okay, because I’m writing about Hawaii now and it was wonderfully warm there.

The throat infection/head cold I had in Fiji finally left mid-way through the week in Hawaii so I was able to venture out and do some proper tourist things and even get into the ocean for a swim.

Hawaii I like better than Fiji simply because it’s more built up and there’s more happening. I also like that it’s part of the USA so you get the ridiculous amount of choice when it comes to food. I stayed right near a grocery store and had a kitchenette in my apartment in Waikiki, so I was able to cook food at home and not eat out every single meal.

Hawaiian Luau

Those who follow my Twitter Feed know that I went to a Luau, which is a Hawaiian feast-party. On Twitter I called it a “Lua” initially, which unfortunately means potty, so it’s not a mistake you want to make.

I’ve been to a proper Luau once before, in Maui when I was a teenager traveling with family and I remembered it being authentic and a great experience. This time, the luau was fun, but it felt very much commercialized and less authentic.

One of the main reasons this Luau felt more like theme show was the voice over guy who narrated and sung on the stage – he sounded like he was from a television game-show like the price is right. If you watch this video I took of the unveiling of the traditional steam cooked pig, you can hear the voice over guy and you will see what I mean…

Hawaiian Luau Steamed Pig

The actual show was entertaining and the food was passable (especially if you love 5 different kinds of meat) but this is definitely not the luau to go to if you want a truly authentic experience.

Aquarium and Bus Tour

I popped into the aquarium for a visit one afternoon, which was a cool experience. They have some truly amazing things under the sea – some of the animals look like aliens.

Hawaii Aquarium
Some sea-aliens at the Hawaii Aquarium

I took a half day bus tour as well, which was extra exciting when our bus broke down in the middle of a two lane tunnel up a mountain. Ironically there were great views just at the entrance and exit of the tunnel, but we were stuck on the inside of the tunnel looking at concrete.

When we did finally emerge from the tunnel after a replacement bus was driven to us, we made it up the mountain to a lookout, which is right in the middle of a wind tunnel. The wind was mighty strong and can very quickly turn a good hair day into a bad one. Here’s a shot of my hair…

Windy Hair
My hair was quite tame compared to some of the ladies on the tour

In the middle of the tour we take a stop at a rest area with some souvenir shops that I had previously visited on a past trip to Hawaii a few years back. I remembered there was a cluster of trees and bushes next to the rest area where whole families of stray cats and kittens lived.

I’m a kitten fan and while there were not as many cats lazying around this time, I did manage to find a few and this very sad little kitten who had fallen off the curb onto the road and couldn’t get back up. I rescued it and put it back on the grass, and very quickly went and washed my hands.

Me and the little kitteh

Hawaii has such an amazing range of scenery. You have lush mountains on one side and beautiful ocean on the other, with windy roads, waterfalls, cliffs, coves, surf breaks and everything else you would expect in a tropical paradise.

The main industry in Hawaii, not surprisingly, is tourism (pineapples and sugarcane come next) so the place is well and truly decked out for any type of tourist – those who like to be pampered and driven around, to people who like adventure sports or prefer to go it alone and explore.

Diamond Head Crater

Just next to Waikiki is the Diamond Head Crater, which is a huge bowl that you can drive into and then do a 45 minute mountain walk to reach the top. Along the way you see remnants of the World War with outposts and get some wonderful views. The walk culminates with a nice view from the top –

Diamond Head
The view from atop Diamond Head Crater

Waikiki is a nice area to visit, however next trip to Hawaii I definitely want to explore further out and rent a car so I can be more independent. O’ahu is a great island and despite containing 75% of the population, there’s plenty of nature you can explore without feeling crowded.


I landed in Vancouver last night after the five and a half hour flight. Vancouver is one of my favorite cities because it’s built for net junkies like me.

I’ll be organizing a meet-up this week since so many people emailed asking to say hello in person. If you live in Vancouver stay tuned as I’ll have more details about the meet-up shortly.

More On Traveling With Your Business

Lea Woodward emailed me in response to my traveling posts to share a resource she and her husband put together about their travels around the world, taking their family with them and living for months at a time in different cities.

Lea calls it a “location independent life” and if you love the idea of travel and making it meld with your work and business, then you should take a look at Lea’s article on her blog here –

Is A Location Independent Life Cheaper Than Living In One Place?

Back to Business

I’m settling soon in Toronto after a week here in Vancouver and the first thing I’m focusing on when I get settled is opening Blog Mastermind up again to new students.

I’ve had a bunch of people email and ask about when they can join again so it’s not too long a wait now.

As much as I like traveling and working, there’s something to be said for settling in one place and focusing on business, which I can’t wait to do.

Yaro Starak
Back in Canada

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  • Hey Yaro,

    Have you considered spending several months in one place rather than doing the tourist thing? We’re just talking about going on an extended travel stint ourselves (the kids are ready!) and we’ve decided to sell up here in the UK and see where we end up. Probably Australia if they’ll have us as my wife’s sister and our niece live there.

    Thanks for the link to, I think we’ll have more than a few questions to ask over there. 😉

    I have a few things to do first though to make sure my internet business is mostly running itself, but when my processes are in place and I have people to look after them, we’re off.

    Take care.

    -Frank Haywood

    • I’ll be staying in Toronto for six months Frank, but that’s because family is there more than anything else – it’s nice to see them since I live so far away in Australia most of the time.

      I’m likely going to head to Europe once winter starts in Canada, but I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet.

      The great thing you have about coming from the UK is the strength of your currency – there really isn’t anywhere in the world that is expensive for you guys with your pounds.

      You could sell up from the UK and go buy a nice big house in Australia even with the expensive property market at the moment.

  • Hawaii looks like a lot of fun. I’m a surfer so I’d probably be in the water the whole time.

    How are the prices there? From what I hear Hawaii can be pretty expensive.

  • You are welcome anytime in Borneo, Yaro!

    • Thanks Jaxon – I haven’t considered Borneo, I need to get my map out just to figure out where it is.

  • Welcome to Vancouver. Too bad it’s cold and rainy today. Hopefully the weather clears up soon so you can see it when it’s not raining.

    • It cleared up nicely. I found the grocery store capers and did my food shopping – An entire shop full of organic food and prius taxis driving by – good thinking Vancouver.

  • I spent a week in Vancouver during the winter a couple years ago and it was raining pretty much every day. But it sure beat the Winterpeg weather. lol

    Nice scenery pics of Hawaii. I’ve never been there but it is definitely on my list of places to visit.

  • So have you told us why you live in one hemisphere six months out of the year and six months in the other? Are you allergic to winter?

    And Diamond Head Center looks more like the bad hair day than the mountain lookout…no, just kidding. Glad you could visit us in the U.S. at least a bit. Would love to be close by for a meet-up…what a great idea.

    • I’ve done two Toronto winters – I won’t be doing another one ever again!

      Brisbane winter on the other hand is my favorite, I’m sad to miss it this year, but it’s worth seeing spring/summer in Canada for a change.

  • Hey Yaro

    You inspire me with these travel posts… what a truely wonderful lifestyle!

    I can’t wait for Blog Mastermind to open, you obviously have a ton of stuff to share.

    Have a great time.


    Ian McConnell
    in sunny Western Australia

  • Welcome to Canada. I have been reading you blog for two months. I have a question. Are you an Australian or a Canadian or both? Thanks.

  • I went to a luau in Hawaii, and I also felt it was very commercialized. I didn’t like the poi, but I did like the pig, and the Hula dancers were pretty hot too. There was some dancers with fire sticks and stuff, and that was pretty cool also. I wonder if i can look online to find some authentic luau’s for when I take my wife to hawaii.

  • Great Vacation Yaro!
    I think your future is in writing inspiration books. After reading your posts, I fight a great desire to travel 🙂

  • Man, you almost made get envious. Who won’t love this kind of lifestyle where you are free to really do the things you really desire without feeling guilty.

    Well instead of getting envious, I am taking it as a challenge that if you can do it, then I can do it too. I am going to focus on building myself a business that can exist without me. I don’t want to be tied to a job such that taking 30days off will look like a crime.

    Thanks for narrating your experience. It is serving as a good motivation to me. Cheers.

  • Yaro:

    Thanks for sharing the cool pics from Hawaii and the little situation with the luau name – yikes! Looking forward to the opening of Blog Mastermind again. Since you’ll be in Toronto over the next few months, maybe I’ll find some reason to visit there since I’m in the Detroit metro area. Would love to finally meet you after all this time. Certain glad that I had the opp to meet you through AW. I’ve learned so much from your course and how you run your business.

    By the way, what type of camera did you use to shoot the video from the luau?

    Can’t wait for BMM to startup again! Yay! I, too, would love to do more traveling. Used to do a lot when I had a corporate job. Haven’t been traveling at all since I work for myself. Definitely something wrong with that picture. Looking forward to the next launch.

  • Yaro, you should also post how much you’re renting your place for on each of these posts – gives us an idea of how much it would cost us to do it too.

  • Hello Yaro

    Thanks for the triptastic travel log!

    Homesick yet…..we filmed the Tom Tom Club from Australia yesterday and it’s on the blog! They are just brilliant! They are attending the Brighton Festival Fringe in the UK. Performers can come onto Festival Previews for free and create their own Virtual Flyers advertising their shows to the public. Bear with me, I am leading to something here….

    While blogging transfers nicely to other mediums, I would love to see a brilliantly written show about blogging….


  • Man this really is a once in a lifetime experience. I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are enjoying the pics!

  • Great read 🙂 Hope you are having fun and a well deserved rest from work!

  • Damn, you’re living the dream indeed.

  • Aloha Yaro. What a fun post. Loved the photos. I was born in Hawaii go back several times a year, so your post brought back fond memories. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  • Yaro,

    Great hair 😀

  • What a fabulous trip! I just found your website. What an amazing life you lead!

  • How about Nepal?

    That will be totally different for you.

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