Vancouver Meet-Up and A Look Inside My Apartment

If you are in or around Vancouver this Tuesday night I’m going to have a little informal gathering while I’m in town.

I haven’t cemented a location yet but it will be somewhere close to or in the city as that is where I am staying.

If you can make it around 7pm on Tuesday and want to meet me and some of the other EJ readers from Vancouver, please email with the subject line “vancouver meetup” and I’ll email you the final details.

I hope to see you there!

How Much Rent Did I Pay For My Apartment In Vancouver?

A couple of people asked in my previous posts on traveling business how much I was paying to rent the apartments I stay in.

To give you an idea, I recorded a short video of inside the apartment I am renting presently in Vancouver. I recorded it using my standard Sony snapshot camera, which is not designed for video, so it blurs a bit briefly, but you get a good look inside my temporary home. If you watch to the end I tell you how much the apartment costs to rent.

The apartment was located through

This second video is a bit silly. I was out exploring downtown Vancouver today and walked through Canada place down on the harbor. If you haven’t been to Vancouver before you wouldn’t know about the giant Seagulls they have here – they’re huge!

I shot this very short video of a seagull eating what I think might be Australia’s favorite spread (not my favorite though – too salty).

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  • Hey Yaro,

    Do you mind if a kid comes?


    • No, not at all Hafiz – bring him/her along.

  • mmmm, vegemite!!

    I enjoyed the video of your apartment – I saw a bit of your personality come through which was nice. And all that for – well, I will let other people watch it to find out how much, lol, but considering how much I’m going to be planning on spending on cheap hotels in Japan this year, that isn’t much more. If I was planning to stay in one place for a long time I’d definitely go that route. – Here’s hoping I can become mobile with my work within the next couple of years 🙂

  • How long are you going to be in town? I’m sure that John Chow and the rest of the crew would love to have you out for Dot Com Pho. We meet every Saturday at 12:30 for lunch at Pho Lan in Richmond.

    • Yeah Michael – I twittered John about the Pho, I should be able to make it this Saturday assuming I can find the place.

      • Awesome. Glad to hear you’ll be coming.

        Pho Lan is pretty small, so it’s easy to miss. It’s roughly on the corner of Granville and No.3 Road in Richmond. Free parking in the back (if you’re driving).

  • hmmmm, vegemite…NOT… yuck.

    marmite is much better!

  • Yaro:

    Really nice apartment. Thanks for reference to VRBO. Wow, you can find some really nice deals. I think I might look into using that service next time I vacation. That bird was gigantic and pretty tame. Love these videos. Kind of fun to “join” you on your vacation travels as you wind your way to Toronto. It’s still chilly here in Birmingham, MI so expect it’s still that way Toronto way. Have fun in V and keep posting the travel notes. They’re fun.


  • Too bad that I am not from Vancouver, I would really like to meet you in person. Anyway, I hope that you will make a post or two about this little meeting with your readers 🙂

  • Mohamed

    So cool, I hope you plan on holding more of these meet-up conferences in the future, because I don’t live in Canada (Yet)

  • Nice apartment.
    I think only handful of bloggers like you can afford such a place.
    But hey–you got to spend some where right???

    Vancouver is a great place—-

  • Hey Yaro,

    It’ll be great to meet you in person, looking forward to it. 🙂

  • I just read you will be visiting the dot com pho that’s cool because I would do the same thing if i were in your place I think it’s cool because that’s what this business is about networking networking networking

  • Kunal


    UNfreakingbelievable! I own a condo in the building next to yours (you can see it from your kitchen!)

    Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I’m in Miami looking at some more real estate, otherwise I would totally have loved to meet ya!

    Have a good time in my city, treat her well!


  • Hey Yaro

    Thanks for the VRBO tip!

    I almost feel like I’m traveling with you…

    I like your thinking with the apartment rather than a hotel… so much more comfortable.

    How big are the Vancouver seagulls compared to an Ozzie gull?

    Have fun

    Ian (in sunny Western Australia)

  • haha This looks like quite a nice apartment. I especially think the view is rather nice. Love reading your blog, keep up the great work and excellent posts!

  • Hi,
    I attended my first dotcom pho on Saturday and Sunday I was in the Coal Harbour neighbourhood to shoot some videos.
    This is one of them:

  • You begining to make some of us feel jealous. You have to (did I forget to say ‘Please’. No I deliberately omitted it), compensate those of us who won’t be opportuned to meet you in Vancour with a post summarizing the “making money issues disccuss”. We sure don’t want to miss out of the fun. (Just kidding)

    It’s been fun reading your post as you tour round. Keep posting. We enjoy reading them. 😉

  • Yaro, you going to be at the Speed Money Seminar? Seems like a lot of big names are hanging around Vancouver these days (I grew up there, but moved four hours away to Kelowna after graduating from University).

  • Hi Yaro,

    Just wanted to say how great it was to meet you and all of the other people (including the great John Chow) at Red Robin tonight. I hope the weather is nice for you during the rest of your stay in Vancouver, and I wish you a safe trip in your future travels.

    Best Regards,


    PS – I was the really tall guy, in case you’ve forgotten, lol.

  • […] when I heard Yaro Starak was coming to Vancouver and organized a Meet-up, it was very convenient for me as they held it at the Red Robin Restaurant, […]

  • Really enjoyed it, I wanted to click out and
    you kept pulling me back in! Many thanks
    and keep up the great work!

  • sandra

    Just ran across this and found it very informative,interesting,and what a great view from the apt.too! How did you get into something like this would love to also do something along this line? I have been a sm. bussiness owner all of my life and have sold my last gift shop and would love to travel a new and interesting path:) I’m ready for a new journey!! Any info.would be great,Entrepreneur I like it!! Take Care and hope to here from youbut,i will be following you on your journey via this wonderfull site.

  • Very nice spot by the way! It was great meeting you today…Enjoy the rest of your trip and hope you enjoyed your bowl of Pho today! 🙂


  • nan

    Yaro – enjoying your journey with you – thanks for taking us along. I am trying to find recommendations or tutorials on your site for videos – what camera are you using – are you using video editing software before publishing and that same for podcasts – what are you using?

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