Latest Video from StomperNet – Going Natural 3.0

StomperNet is reopening for members at the end of this month. As they always do, they announced the news by releasing a series of free videos.

If you have never seen a StomperNet video then you are missing out. The video work from Andy Jenkins is definitely the best you will see, at least for free, about Internet marketing. However, it’s not the presentation that makes these worth watching, it’s the content.

StomperNet has so much talent working for them that they always uncover strategies that no one else talks about, at least not in free content.

You can watch the latest one here –

Going Natural 3.0 StomperNet

Going Natural 3.0 Video – Part 1

The topic this time is Pay Per Click Marketing with Dan Thies, who offers advice that isn’t your typical PPC tactics. He goes through the whole process in the video and if you do any PPC marketing you want to pay attention to this.

Keywords With Commercial Intent

The part in the video about researching the commercial intent of keywords I found really fascinating and I had no idea there were research tools available for this.

Commercial intent is what all business owners want – to find people who have the intent to buy. Obviously if you are in business you want to sell, and while there’s a ton of traffic searching for your goods and services every day, a good chunk of that traffic doesn’t buy.

Finding the phrases that people type into search engines that result in a sale is absolutely gold since you then know the keywords that lead to the buyers, not the browsers.

There’s a lot more to it of course and I recommend you go watch the StomperNet video for more on this. Here’s the link again –

Going Natural 3.0 Video – Part 1

More Videos From StomperNet

There’s a few more videos to come from the StomperNet team, so make sure you enter your name and email address if you want notification when the next videos are released. The opt-in form is on the video page.

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  • Thanks for letting us know Yaro. Awesome free videos, how I missed since today, I don’t know.

  • Great video…So much good information…Loved the part about embedded search…actually loved the whole video.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Videos are good for beginners like me to learn about Internet marketing. Thank you for letting us know about it!

    Besides, I have written a blog post about you and your blog at I do not know whether this is considered as a spam but I really hope you can leave me a comment.

    Thank you.

  • yaro,
    youve been a blessing to me as a blogger and i regard you as my mentor.ever since i read your blogging blueprints ebook,i have been making profits on the will be a pleasure to have a great blogger like you visit my blog and leave a comment on how i can improve.


  • The video is superb,powerful.One word”excited”.thanks for sharing.

  • Whereas videos are good (especially this one) I usually prefer to read my information. It may be just me but, a lot of videos take too long to get to the point.

  • Yaro,

    Awesome video… Never heard about StomperNet until now.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Yaro,
    From my impression with stompernet their methods remind me a black hat seo. What do you think about black hat seo? Did you use it sometime along your internet work ?

  • Latest Video from StomperNet – Going Natural 3.0 is an excellent post! The section I liked the most is Keywords With Commercial Intent. People under estimate the power of keywords. Browser traffic is good but not nearly as targeted as keyword traffic.

    One last thing, Thank you Dan Thies for the advice on PPC tactics.

  • Ei.. I like your sidebar voice recorder, would you mind if i ask you where can I get a plugins like that also?

  • Thanks for video, i got more information from this video.

  • I didn`t know anything about Stompernet untill now. Thanks very much

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