A Free SEO Tool From StomperNet, Competition From A Cow and Advice For Beginner Bloggers

Three quick updates for you today, starting with a way cool video and tool from StomperNet’s latest Going Natural 3.0 launch series of videos (if you haven’t opted in to get these free videos, go do it now – you’re missing out!).

Assessing Your Website’s SEO with Stomper Site Seer

Today (Friday USA time) StomperNet are making available a search engine analysis tool called Stomper Site Seer (or SSS for short).

Stomper Site Seer

It will cost you NOTHING to use it. You can submit your site and get a complete StomperNet search engine diagnostic report.

To prep everyone for the release of this tool Jerry West and Howie Schwartz put together a video that explains some of the key on-page and off-page elements that matter when it comes to your website (and blog) ranking well in Google and the mistakes you need to avoid.

The video is worth watching even if you don’t use the SSS tool because it’s a fantastic primer on some search engine optimization fundamentals, including metrics you need to know about to assess where your site is performing well and where it is not.

The video reviews things you can do to your website internally (on-page), such as how much the title tag matters, what you should do with your Meta Keywords and whether a sitemap is still important or not.

Then they cover external linking elements (off-page) such as keyword cost analysis, how well your site is performing in social media sites and data on the number of incoming links to your pages. This is all very handy stuff for anyone doing SEO.

One of the cool features that the tool offers is information on what Google thinks is the THEME of your website. If your site is not themed by Google how you think it should be, then this is an opportunity for you to create some new pages to target the traffic Google is sending you because of your theme.

This might sound confusing, so if this is the first time you have heard the term theme as applied to websites, you need to watch the video and then grab the SSS tool to find out the theme of your site. I’m not sure what the theme is for my blog, so as soon as the SSS tool comes out I’m going to find out.

The SSS tool and the video are available today. To get them and all the other free videos, all you need to do is opt-in to the newsletter from StomperNet here –


StomperNet are not spammers when it comes to their email list, they send out some very good content, so you should be on their newsletter anyway.

Cow vs Conn a Case Study for Making Money Online

You may not have realized, but the Cow of JohnCow.com fame recently went through a change of ownership. I actually know who the new Cow is, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

What I can tell you is the new owner REALLY knows his Internet marketing, so you are going to get some great posts there.

John Chow vs Garry Conn

The Cow and Garry Conn are running a competition starting next week. The competition is in the form of a case study, where the Cow and Garry have a month to build a profitable website and flip it on Sitepoint. The winner will be determined by whose site sells for more and the proceeds go to charity.

There’s also a competition for readers and you enter in a variety of ways to earn “tickets”. See the cowpetition page for details on how to earn tickets and the prizes up for grabs (including something from me too!).

It’s worth keeping an eye on this just to watch the case study, especially if you are new to building profitable websites. Garry and the Cow have promised to document it all on their blogs.

Strategies For New Bloggers

Lastly a link to an article over at Pure Blogging, which covers Smart Strategies for New Bloggers that I wholeheartedly agree with.

Michael states that successful bloggers are doing entirely different things than what you’re doing. He then goes on to break down what he thinks these are. There’s some solid strategies here – not tactics – it’s more about mindset and behaviors.

This article reminded me of one of my previous posts that you might want to check out after you read Michael’s – Reporter vs Expert – Why Most Bloggers Are Stuck Reporting.

Don’t Waste Your Time

There’s some great content in the above links, but to make sure you don’t waste too much time, I suggest you set aside about an hour for checking out the above sites.

Go watch the StomperNet Video (37 minutes), try the Site Seer tool when it’s released today, check out the competition from John Cow, read Michael’s article if you are interested in blogging and then, get back to work doing whatever productive job you have to do today.

Oh, and have fun ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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  • I’ve been looking forward to SSS for ages, the videos they have already released are fantastically informative. Thanks for another great post Yaro

  • Hi Yaro, thanks for the link to Michael’s article… we really appreciate it.

  • Yaro,

    To note on Cow vs. Conn case ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ve read about it in JohnCow.com before, and I think the competition will, on less spotlighted area, prove that blogging can actually make you money – fast – if you know how.

    I’m very interested in the competition, but considering I am still a newbie in blogging and still learning from you as well as my own trials-and-errors on building a blog strategically (also your latest newsletter topic) – I ran away from the contest ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyhow, thanks for the great updates, also on SSS – I’m looking at the vid rite now.


  • OMGOSH, it can’t be!? John Cow really does have a new owner? ๐Ÿ™ Dang…I’ve been thinking it’s still Bob.


  • Bossy Boots !! You can boss me around as much as you like… if you keep coming up with this quality information ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Yaro… I can’t wait for Blog Mastermind it is going to be HUGE !!


    Ian McConnell
    in sunny South Western Australia
    I Make Money While I Sleep!

  • They make a banner out of this battle… hehehe

  • Hey Yaro,
    I had just finished watching the SSS video and got my report when I decided to pop over here and see what was going on. And here you had just posted about SSS. Funny.

    I have some definite SEO things to fix on the site I submitted, but I do have questions about their analysis of my meta leywords. They say I have 54 meta keywords and I only count 33. Hmm…


  • Great post Yaro! Thanks for all the resources,you give to new bloggers like myself.

  • The SSS tool isn’t any different based on the other similar SEO tools that analyze your site for free.

  • Thanks Yaro, I watched the video and requested for the free report. Guess what, Google had a different opinion from mine as far as what my blog is! Ooops, I almost fell off my chair. Well, it wasn’t bad because it was still relevant to the niche that I was targeting, only that the focus was too broad.

    Meaning I have not done my home-work well. I guess I have to go back and read those free reports you gave me as gifts ๐Ÿ˜‰

    By the way, it’s been ages since you visited me last! A mentor ought to check on his mentoree (even if the mentoree is not paying, lol).

    Sometime soon, I will be able to enrol in the Blog Mastermind class. I have benefited a lot from the free materials provided outside the class, so I am desirous of becoming an insider ๐Ÿ˜‰ Trust me, I am working on it.

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  • Aaron

    Seriously, please don’t tell me you honestly believe in this Stompernet trash.

    Actually the whole thing is a sham, have a look at the optimization “experts” Meta’s

    Stomper Site Seer is HERE: Get YOUR custom SEO Analysis & Competitive Intelligence Report TODAY! | StomperNet Going Natural 3

    They even have “Home” as the titles on subpages, index,follow oh please no joke.

  • hey bossy!

    great wrap up to the post. I really will budget just one hour then get back on track. this info is super valuable, but I know if I stray to the next tangent and so on, it won’t be good for my ultimate goal accomplishment…

    so thanks for seeing the big picture and reminding us!

    you rock!
    Victory Darwin

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  • Hello Yaro,

    Thanks for tipping me off to this. I know things most certainly have changed in the past couple of years but I’ll get over to the Stompernet update to see what is cooking now. I had not even thought of the Theme with Google — makes sense. John

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