Video: What System Should Run Your Affiliate Program?

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Here’s the next installment of the product launch live video case study. Today I’m discussing what scripts and services I considered when looking for a system to run my affiliate program.

If you are thinking about setting up an affiliate program for your product or service so other people can promote what you provide, take 7 minutes from your day and watch this video.

This video is also the first to feature the cuckoo clock – it’s worth watching just for that πŸ™‚ – Enjoy!

Websites Mentioned

My review of 1ShoppingCart (the system I presently use).

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  • Watching now πŸ™‚ Should be a good video, I use Clickbank account.

  • Great video, Yaro. I am currently checking out Screenflow for my Mac, so it was good to see one in action.

    At YouTube, you can fairly easily change your “status” or type of account to “Director” and that allows you to upload videos longer than 10 minutes. At least this is what I read in YouTube for Dummies.

    Your egg-timer’s alert at the end was priceless!

  • BEstelle

    Nice video! I was just about to leave the “Director” comment (also from the YouTube for Dummies (link to ebooks version), but Stan beat me to it. Still, liking the video πŸ™‚

  • I’ll have to check out that director’s option in YouTube – I have a feeling it may have changed recently.

    I still want to keep the videos to 7 minutes if possible so I can keep people’s attention. It’s hard to concentrate beyond 7 minutes πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I agree. I’ve created some videos over 8 minutes and my stats told me only a very small percentage watched the entire piece. I have seen some very long training videos, teaching how something works, a software program, etc. and these longer videos I believe are more tolerated…I know I’m willing to watch them if I’m keen on learning that particular item.

      By the way, I’m subscribed to MyBlogLog which is the service that I believe presents your picture next to the comments here, but it’s not showing up. I went to MyBlogLog and couldn’t figure out how to fix that.

      Any ideas? I like personalizing comments.

      • Not sure why that is Stan – you might want to check your avatar profile settings at MyBlogLog.

  • This screenflow seems to be very interesting. Never saw it in action before.
    Liked your video again, just like the last. Do you know what you will say before the recording or is everything spontaneous?

    • A bit of both for me Waren. I sometimes put notes down, other times I just talk out my experiences from the top of my head.

  • Yaro,

    Great vid – I’m thinking to use iDevAffiliate – any good words on them?

    • Yes – definitely a good choice. I’m not a fan of the default interface for users – too clunky, but definitely a robust script that many sites use (I think Teaching Sells and SEOBook both use it).

  • Yaro

    Is this going to become a video-only blog? I come to blogs like yours to read interesting content, not to shatter the peace and listen to videos.

    Bring back the written word or prepare to ‘unsubscribe’!

    • Ahh Bruce, I was waiting for someone to ask about articles.

      Of course this blog is not going to be video only (though it would make for an interesting experiment).

      Some people love video, some people love text, some like both.

      As always I like to experiment with different media, but I think it’s important that my blog is text most of the time and I enjoy writing too of course.

      I’m doing video now to learn how to use Mac and because I’m snowed under with work for the next few weeks re-launching Blog Mastermind. Video is slightly quicker for me to create so I’m using this opportunity to do more vids.

      Of course as always, if you don’t get value from my content, stop coming to blog πŸ™‚

      • I think you could post the most important messages from the video as text (of course not everything). So those who have not much time can just read the text and if those who have time can watch the video and get more details. Some days are very busy and a short “Executive Summary” is possible, but 5-10 minutes of video would not be possible.

  • Hey Yaro

    Another great video with information that will save me alot of headaches…

    Keep them coming… I prefer watching the vids rather than reading the text.

  • You better make a tips that discuss how to make a killer viral video πŸ™‚

  • Hey Yaro, this one was good. However I will second Bruce, too many of us prefer to read πŸ™‚ On the video length, I agree with you – keeping them short is definitely a must. (Just a couple of months ago many bloggers pushed around the videos of Jeff Someone and of curiosity I subscribed just to receive a video of 45 minutes!!! Crazy!) When reading, some people are able to absorb the information of 1,000 words in just 2-3 minutes. With videos we are all put in the same level of slow perception like if we were all morons πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, your series is interesting so I’ll keep following them no matter of the format.
    By the way how are your video posts doing in SE?

  • Lee

    I’m watching it. I’m from Malaysia and I can’t use Clickbank.

    Any other methods that I can use to run affiliate program?

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Earn Money From Blog

    • Did you watch the video? ClickBank was the first, I mentioned another 4 programs you could use.

  • I’m a fan of both formats, I really like to read the blogs, however it is nice to put a person behind the font.

    As far as affiliate programs go, I would like to find a way to track links similar to an affiliate program. I.E. I have a handful of friends I want to supply with and id number and whenever they plug my blog to use that particular number. Something like: /index.php?id=101
    Something along those lines…Then when I check the stats, I can see who is bringing in more traffic so I can get ideas of how they are going about it to strengthen my marketing.

    Any suggestions?

    • You could use an affiliate script to track clicks and then use the report function to find out who is sending the most clicks.

      Actually, you could just use a click tracker service to do that.

  • Hey Yaro – You’re right there’s no perfect system.

    Don’t go cuckoo Yaro! – If you still need to compare some more scripts and some less expensive hosted solutions that you missed, let me know.

    I’ll set you up with a Gold account for free, so you can compare products side-by-side and find the system that meets your needs from 78 different solutions.


    • Thanks Peter – I’d like to investigate more affiliate tools, but for now I have to focus on using my current one to deliver my products.

  • oops can you edit my site link above and delete this? tx.

  • Hi, I’d like to join in to this Video vs Text conversation –
    I have an Idea – you can make an additional section in your blog with just videos. If you want to put video in your post, just quickly summarize in text the video and give link to the video in the video section of the blog. This way the text lovers will get a quick summary and decide whether the want to see a video or not, and video lovers can go straight to video, or they can directly view only the video section.

  • “With videos we are all put in the same level of slow perception like if we were all morons”

    Ahh – that is the biggest task for TV Sports announcers – how do you commentate to newbies and experts?

    For example, do I have to explain the 1500 meters is almost 4 laps around a football field?

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