Video: How To Recruit Affiliates

This is part three of the ongoing product launch case study taking you behind the scenes of the Blog Mastermind relaunch using video.

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This video continues from where we left off last video reviewing affiliate technology, but this time we look at how to recruit affiliates to promote your product.

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Blog Mastermind Affiliate Program

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  • Thanks Yaro

    You make it sound so easy to recruit affiliates… I guess like everything it comes down to the networking.

    You’ve got some great tools in your affiliate area. Your articles are already on my blog.

    Looking forward to the launch.



  • These are some great ways to recruit affiliates. You could also setup a 2-tier program, so that affiliates will be motivated to recruit other affiliates. If your budget allows for it, hiring a full time affiliate manager can really boost everything. They can help the affiliates on a regular basis and actively recruit new people.

    • Yep – great idea about the two tiers. It’s not something that is very common unless you have very strong relationships in place, but it can very quickly build a ton of affiliates.

      Affiliate managers are great too – I’m thinking of getting one later in the year too.

      • Great stuff. I’ve just been introduced to twitter today, and I never would have thought of using twitter to grab some affiliates. Great heads up!

        You really don’t think that 2-tier affiliate programs aren’t that great?

  • Hi Yaro,

    You taught moments ago about building your site and newsletter subscribers – with ease. This time you did it again 🙂

    You made affiliate stuffs look so easy – well, because it is actually practical to do – it’s down to networking, like you said.

    All efforts are not really useful until you get a certain number of visitors visiting your site, right?

    • I guess the last bit of your comment is true. You do need a few bits of visitors to come to your site if you want to promote your affiliate program.

      But some of his methods do work well, like posting it to your newsletters and email sigs. That way, you can grab affiliates as long as you network and what-not.

  • Is it possible that your hair is totally different from the picture in your header? I had to look twice to realise it is the same person 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    Your words have great determination written all over them.

    Another great article about affiliates.


  • I am just learning about affiliate, and want to be able to track your success with this Affiliate program because I have heard many netters is so rich from the affiliate program .. so could you give opinions or suggestions of my own web?


  • thank you Yaro , i just started with affiliate marketing and joined clickbank yesterday so i hope i got some experience from you and next videos about this subject .

  • Webmaster forums might be a way to find affiliates. Of course, some forum members might be paid SEO people. These people might only be seeking a paycheck from a person who is in affiliate marketing.

    However, others might be affiliate marketers who are also SEO people. Finally, you might meet SEO people who do SEO for other people but also are interested in making money for themsleves in affiliate marketing.

    Of course, forums about affiliate marketing would also be a good way to find affiliates.

  • Roy

    Hello Yaro,
    We are looking for ways to recruit entrepreneurs that would be interested in getting into the lucrative world of delivering IP (VoIP) communication services to the business enterprise.
    We provide a business-in-a-box dealership which includes customer acquisition. Currently looking for Canadian and US-based folks.

    Any thoughts on how we can expand our reach?
    Thank you.

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