Video: How To Record Video Testimonials Using Skype

This is video number four in my live product launch case study. I recorded this yesterday, a day that was quite tiring but a ton of fun because I got to speak to six people who had all taken part in Blog Mastermind and listen to them recount their experiences in my program.

It was wonderful to meet everyone in a more personal format and thanks to all who I talked to (you know who you are).

Each of the conversations were recorded and as long as they come out okay from a technical standpoint, I will be using them on the Blog Mastermind coaching page as testimonials when the program re-launches.

In this video I explain why testimonials are important and then provide a visual tutorial on how I record video interview testimonials using Skype, Call Recorder for mac or Pamela for windows.

As you will hear in the video, it’s critical when conducting a product launch that you have people who can offer genuine feedback after using your product, especially from “normal” people that others can relate to.

It’s great to have expert recommendations that can raise your credibility in the market, however it’s also important to have feedback from someone who just came “off the street”, who tries your product, enjoys the experience and is willing to talk about it.

In today’s world we are more likely to trust someone “just like us” rather than someone claiming expert status, so the average person testimonial has become critical, which is why I’m so grateful to the people who volunteered to do the video testimonials.

In case you missed the previous videos in this case study, here they are…

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  • Looks good yaro and I totally agree that average person testimonials are very important. Are you going to do some case studies, where you show how you have taken bloggers and their blogs to the next level?

  • Great tip..though requires bit of work..

    I joined your blog mastermind and download the report. Let’s see what you inside 🙂


  • Yaro,

    I agree that testimonials are important, and I believe they should contain written as well as video testimonials.

    I recently read a marketing book that I really liked. The authors sent all purchasers from the launch an opportunity to video a testimonial. I would have quickly written one, but doing a video takes loads more time for me so I passed.

    I guess I’m strange, but I also prefer to read testimonials and to get information products in written rather than video form. I can observe the information much faster by reading rather than listening to videos that often contain lots of introductory and off-topic information.

    I’m sure this is generational and know that younger generations prefer video, but we old-timers still like to read and prefer writing to taping a video. That’s a difference by age that all marketers need to consider as they design their marketing.

    • Test testimonials are good (I have plenty of those too) BUT, they are not trusted as much since it is easier to forge them. The video testimonials I did are very real – it would be hard for me to grab all these people and conduct fake interviews that appear so genuine.

      Video also means you get to see the person and the personality, which is pretty important because if a person in a testimonial appears very similar to the person reading the testimonial, they will feel like the product could work for them too. You can’t get this level a connection with a text testimonial.

  • The interview was great fun and I hope it’s of use to you….sorry I spoke so fast, I didn’t realize that I was so quick. I literally felt like I was speedy Gonzalez….lol. I’ll be very curious to see how the video testimonials end up working out and I’m greatly looking forward to all the new Blog Mastermind students who will be coming in soon.

  • Yaro,

    Normal people does things better than the not-so-normal people – genuine intentions.

    Cheers on another great video from you 🙂

  • i used vdownloader or real media player plugin to download video. ;p

  • Thanks Yaro, that was informative. I’ve not used Skype much yet but this is the second time in a week someone has talked about using it for interviews. Time for me to start using it more.
    Also, testimonials are a very important part of marketing for any business. Combined with an offer, a testimonial can be very effective.

  • Can’t wait to see mine 🙂 I didn’t know you had a youtube channel! Guess I could have searched….

  • Thanks for explaining the use of call recorder for mac. Many people forget that there are plenty of mac users out there!

  • Can’t make myself to use Skype(((

  • Video testimonials seems like a good idea. I sometimes use written testimonials but i should use them more often to get better results. and video could be even better. Thanks again for a good idea.

  • Can you do this on PC? How? I’ve yet to be able to figure it out.

    • I believe Pamela can record Skype video conversations, but I have only ever done audio with Pamela.

      Maybe a Pamela person can chime in with the answer?

  • Very nice video. The man in the street is so much better than a paid model. Great use of Skype.

  • Great write-up. Using Skype is a nice, free way to go about this…we’ve actually come up with a more streamlined, easier way for customers to record and submit their videos right over the web. However, Skype works, too…if your customers have the time, patience, know-how, etc.

  • Nice idea of using Skype for Video testimonials. Thanks for sharing!!

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