How Jenna Bagwell Makes $100,000 Selling Virtual Goods In Second Life

Apologies for the slight clicking noise you hear in this recording when Jenna speaks. This is a very unique story, so I hope you can get past the clicks and enjoy what Jenna has to say.

Jenna Bagwell is an entrepreneur. Her market however is a bit unusual. She runs a business that exists primarily in the online game, Second Life.

To call it a “game” however really isn’t accurate. It’s a virtual world.

You may have heard of Second Life before, a place where hundreds of thousands of people log on every day and take control of an avatar that represents them in the virtual world. Much of what you can do in the real world can be done in the world of Second Life, and that’s how Jenna has managed to create a business empire bringing in more than $100,000 a year.

She makes her living working from home, logging on each day and selling virtual goods. She’s also a real estate mogul, renting plots of virtual land to other people and a currency trader, selling the virtual dollars used in the game called Linden Dollars.

All of this might sound a little strange to you (it certainly did for me!), so if you wondering how exactly Jenna can make so much real money in a virtual world, this is a must-listen to interview.

I know you will find it fascinating, just as I did.

After you listen to the interview you can also check out Jenna’s Websites –

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  • I’ve been thinking seriously about virtual online business. There’s a huge demand for it these days and I do hope to find helpful tips on that audio clip. I’m off to enjoy it. Thanks Yaro for featuring this.

    • I suspect this is an under tapped business opportunity since most people are game players, not entrepreneurs. Glad you liked it Michael.

  • Yaro, good job in keeping this focused on the essential: how clearly Jenna understands motivation and desire — and following it with consistent action that she enjoys and profits from.

    She really is a natural. For those of us who may understand a great deal but lack the action, she is a simple but effective kick in the butt. Very cool 🙂


    • Yes John, you can see she has a passion for the game/world and has applied some business acumen to turn that into an income stream.

      That’s the best combination, something you enjoy that also makes money.

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  • Rob

    I was working on a virtual business and now after reading and listening this interview I am feeling more energy than before to complete the project as soon as possible, yeah for getting paid something like $1000 a month.

    Thanks for this motivational interview, Yaro !!

    • No problem Rob, happy to inspire simply by asking Jenna the questions I’m curious about myself 🙂

  • Ryan McLean

    This is definately a “different” way of making money online. Without listening to this I would have never in 100 years thought about making money through second life.
    This was totally a kick in the butt for me.
    Thanks for sharing the interview

    • My thoughts exactly Ryan. I think it was pretty obvious in the interview that I was very much blown away by this business model. It’s so cool and so kinda sci-fi, yet so human as well.

  • How more virtual than selling things on Second Life could a business be ?
    Maybe I should offer a service of virtual assistants for his virtual-virtual business … Let me think about this … 🙂

  • Motivational

  • Hi Yaro,

    Do you know when will be released?

    Jenna wrote mid-January 2012, but the course is still not there.

    I have joined her list weeks ago, but I didn’t get any notification.

    I have tried to contact her on Facebook to ask her directly, but I didn’t get a reply, so I thought maybe you can help.



    • Hi Amir,

      Sorry no, she didn’t give me a definite timeline. I’ll highlight your comment and she may get in touch.


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