Why I Canceled All My Memberships Except One: Mixergy Premium Review

I’ve been involved in internet Marketing since January 18th, 2011.

Since I started, I’ve had the privilege of taking part in a number of online courses that have given me a solid Internet Marketing Education. On the other hand, I’ve also purchased courses that just didn’t live up to the awesome sales page (and trust me, in some cases, the sales pages were simply amazing).

Anyway, as an internet marketer who loves to learn, I found myself taking a bunch of courses just so that I can learn as much as possible about this dynamic thing called the internet. In the past, I’ve found myself spending hundreds of dollars a month, and in some cases, over $1000. Why? Because I believe that in order to stay on top of the game, you have to know more than your competitors. It gives you that competitive edge.

Was it worth it? In retrospect, I would say a definite Yes. I’ve learned so much, and get joy from sharing what I’ve learned with others, as you’ve seen from my past articles. But there was a problem.

I’m pretty sure that this is a very obvious: Every dollar you spend is a dollar you no longer have. In other words, it’s a dollar that you can’t reinvest into the growth of your business, and the lifestyle you are trying to live.

I also realized that I became pretty knowledgeable about internet marketing, and that a lot of the info I was getting in the courses I continued taking, was info I already knew. So I decided to do something “drastic”…

My “Drastic” Decision To Cancel Almost Everything

I remember the day. I was on the phone with an Internet Marketing buddy of mine and we both decided that we were going to cancel every program that we were a part of (well, almost), and focus on optimizing what we already had. We were going to perfect what we already knew, adding on little bits here and there.

I quit every program except one – Mixergy Premium. Allow me to explain why…

Mixergy: Home Of The Ambitious Upstart

I first got introduced to Andrew Warner and Mixergy sometime last year. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled onto the site, but I’m sure glad I did. As Andrew puts it, it’s the “Home of the Ambitious Upstart”.

At Mixergy, Andrew interviews entrepreneurs almost every day, from all over the world, asking tons of questions about how they started their business, what their businesses are about, where their businesses are going, and what average people like you and I can learn from what they have done to grow our online businesses. What I really like is that he has a way of probing to get them to reveal stuff that the average person wouldn’t get them to reveal.

His interviews are available as a podcast, and this is the way I choose to consume them. For me, it’s extremely valuable for a number of reasons:

  • I live in the middle of nowhere (no exaggeration), and there aren’t any entrepreneurs in my area that I can sit down and talk to;
  • I can take the interviews with me everywhere on my iPhone, listen to them and learn;
  • The more I listen to what they have to say, the more I think like an entrepreneur and the better I am at dealing with issues I encounter;
  • The interviews are actually quite entertaining. It’s not just some boring mumbo jumbo that’s educational. It’s exciting, while being educational at the same time;
  • By beholding, you become changed“. This is a principle I believe in strongly, and I’ve seen first hand that by constantly listening to entrepreneurs, you start thinking more like one.

My First Mixergy Course Experience

A while back, I saw that Andrew released a course where he teaches how to conduct an awesome interview.

I had just gotten into podcasting, and was about to start doing interviews more often. Since I had learned so much from the interviews he did, I was inspired to do some of the same kinds of interviews to benefit my audience. The cost for the course was $49 and it seemed like a Sweet deal. So I jumped at it.

I signed up for the course, and spent two hours going through the info. Let me tell you – it was awesome. Let me share some of the tips I picked up from his course with you:

  • When requesting to interview someone, understand that their time is precious. Keep your email short, sweet and to the point. Give a sample of your interviews and request a specific date and time to interview them. You come over professional, goal-oriented, and you increase your chances of success.
  • Your opening statement during the interview is VERY important, because it sets the stage for the rest of the interview. Write out your script, don’t just wing it.
  • When doing an interview, make sure you have a well-defined purpose. Know what you are trying to accomplish, and guide the interview in that direction.
  • When you ask a question, let your interviewee talk. It’s their time to shine, not yours. Ask, and then shut up!
  • Don’t be afraid to change course during the interview if the story is developing in an interesting way that was different than what you expected.
  • After the interview is posted, make it as easy as possible for the interviewee (and listeners) to share the interview using a service like Clicktotweet, where you can setup predefined tweets that say exactly what you want them to say.

In addition to those tips, he also gave templates of emails that can be sent out at various stages to make the process easier and a bunch of other advice that would take too long to get into in one post. All in all, it was the most step-by-step, thorough information I’d seen on the topic.

I decided to implement what I had learned from the course, by testing it on him. I sent out an email, requesting an interview, wrote up my opening statement, had a defined purpose of having him share tips on how to conduct successful interviews, asked my questions and listened to what he had to say.

Because of what I learned in the course, I was very confident in what I was doing, and the result was awesome. It was the best interview I had ever done up to that point, and I’m saying that based on the feedback I’ve received from many sources. Not only that, it was one of the most popular interviews I had done.

All in all, it was a good thing. You can listen to my Interview with Andrew on my podcast. His techniques also landed me an interview with Guy Kawasaki, which I thought was pretty cool.

(Editor: You can also listen to Yaro’s interview with Andrew Warner)

My Second Trial Of A Mixergy Course

A few weeks later, I saw that Andrew was releasing a course on using Facebook to connect with your audience. When I hear this, I got very excited. Why? Because I had set up a Facebook page for my Biology website, and was using it regularly. However, I just wasn’t seeing the type of engagement that would get me excited. I was obviously not doing something right.

Then I took the course, and learned a few tips. Let me share some of those tips with you:

  • Take full advantage of your Fan Page photo. Let it showcase what your site/business is about, and if possible, make it interactive
  • Post to your Facebook fan page at least once daily. That way, your fans will know that you’re around and keep you in mind (if you do things the right way)
  • Use simple fill in the blank status updates. For example – “The most important aspect of your blog is the _________”
  • Use call to action status updates. For example – “Click LIKE if you think that having a blog is better than an ecommerce website”
  • Use “this or that” status updates. For example – “Happiness or wealth?”

I know what you are thinking – those are some pretty simple tips that probably won’t make a huge difference, right? Wrong. I started implementing those tips and my engagement went up immediately (literally). I went from one or two likes to my status updates to 10 to 20 responses as soon as I started doing those simple things.

Needless to say, I was sold on the courses that he was offering, because they were simple, step by step, and easy to implement. Not only that, but I was able to SEE the difference it was making in what I was trying to accomplish online.

Mixergy Premium

Then I saw Andrew was doing many courses where he’d bring in different marketers to deal with specific topics. You could buy the courses individually as I did, at a price point of $49, OR you could pay $25 monthly for access to all of the courses he released.

I jumped at it and subscribed to his Premium membership, because the cost was less than I’ve paid for most other membership site, and offer a ton of value. Here are a list of some of the courses he’s released:

  • Persuasive Product Videos – How to make killer sales videos that will entice your website visitors to click the “Buy Now” button.
  • Landing Page Conversions – How to increase your sales by having an effective landing page
  • Recruiting Interns – How to get free help to grow your business
  • Launch Session – How to conduct a successful product launch
  • Email Marketing – Techniques to help you get sales with your email marketing efforts
  • Copywriting – How to write headlines and copy that converts
  • Facebook Marketing – How to use the biggest social networking site to increase traffic and grow your revenue
  • Affiliate Marketing – Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing
  • Google Analytics – How to use Google Analytics to grow your business
  • Mobile Apps – The nuts and bolts of creating successful mobile apps
  • Startup SEO – The founder of SEOmoz gives Step by step instructions for increasing Search Engine Traffic
  • Non-Boring Copywriting – Head Copywriter of Appsumo teaches how to get more clicks
  • Hacking Content Creation – An automated system of content creation
  • Others – The list is getting long, so I’ll stop here. Lets I’ll say that it’s a lot, and that more is added on a regular basis. There are 36 at the moment, and by the time you read this, there might be many more.

These courses are taught by experts from a wide variety of niches, and are guided by Andrew to make sure that it’s as practical as possible so that you can walk away from each course, take action and see changes (sometimes instantly) in your business.

Who should NOT get Mixergy Premium

Mixergy Premium isn’t for the absolute beginner. It doesn’t teach you how to set up your blog, and get your stuff going. If that’s what you are looking for, you should probably look somewhere else.

Instead, it’s for the person who already has an online presence that’s looking to take it to the next level. It’s for the person who, like myself, is tired of looking in a bunch of different places for courses on various topics related to growing a business.

Are there any negative points to Mixergy Premium?

It all depends on how you look at it. One potential problem is that it isn’t about any one specific problem. If you are looking for an Affiliate Marketing course specifically (just as an example), this isn’t the place to go to get a 6-month in depth handling of just that topic (for example). If that’s all your looking for, them Maybe Mixergy Premium isn’t for you.

What Mixergy Premium does VERY well

A lot of information products that are currently on the market give you a lot of theoretical stuff. However, theory means nothing if you don’t know what to do and knowing what to do means nothing until you actually do it.

Mixergy Premium does very well on giving Actionable content. Andrew has connected with people that are among the best at what they do, and gets them to share information that most people couldn’t get them to. Of course, he can’t do the work for you. That part is up to you!

My Final Verdict

Yes, I have canceled everything else, but this is one I’m sticking with. The truth is, I will never be able to implement EVERYTHING that is taught in Mixergy premium, but I know that whenever I need it, I will have access to a great resource that will serve me for many years to come, and always have content that I can use to help take my business to the next level.

Would I recommend Mixergy premium to someone else? I think it’s pretty darn obvious that I think Mixergy Premium is great. If you are looking for ideas and actionable content on how to grow your business, check out Mixergy Premium today.

Click Here to go to Mixergy premium


About Leslie Samuel

Leslie Samuel is a blogger who believes that the internet can change the world. He runs an Interactive Biology website that Makes Biology Fun and teaches people how to grow their online business in his Learning With Leslie podcast. He also runs a Become A Blogger - A blog dedicated to helping people Change The World with their blogs. Follow Leslie Samuel on Twitter.

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  • Great insight Leslie. I’m sure I would like to try out Mixergy on your recommendations. I think that going step by step and dealing one aspect at a time helps learn faster and makes progress easier.

    • You are so correct Stella. I’ve definitely found that the step by step approach is best. It’s how I learn best!

    • Great. After you try one of my courses, send me an email with your success story. I want to hear what you’ve done with it.

  • Yaro actually interviewed Andrew Warner a couple of years ago when Mixergy was not as big as it is now. The interview is worth listening to: http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/1565/andrew-warner/

    • Thanks for mentioning that Will. The post has been updated to reflect that.

    • Thanks Yaro. It’s been about 2 years since you interviewed me and I still meet people who first heard about my work through you.

  • Chris Holtzhauer

    Me too. Mixergy premium is the only membership I wont ever give up. I listen to every interview every day and love when a new courae is released. Andrews interviewing style is by far the best .he always asks the question I want to ask.

    The ONLY mistake Andew makes is not promoting his Premium membership enough…it took me months to join and when I did I felt stupid for not doing it earlier.

    • He asks the question I want to ask and then asks some where I think to myself – “Wow, I would’ve never thought to ask that”. Good stuff!

    • Thanks Chris. I’m working on getting the word out more. Good advice.

  • Andrew Warner is awesome and Mixergy Premium is amazing. Andrew needs to charge at least $97 a month for the value he is delivering.

    Here is a link to the course on Outsourcing I did with him http://mixergy.com/master-class-outsourcing-effectively/. It will teach you how to find the right people with the skills and experience to delegate time consuming work to so that you can focus more on your Income Producing Activities.

    • I agree with you there. I’ve paid much more for much less. I guess Andrew wants it to be accessible to as many people as possible. I was surprised when I saw the price!

    • Thanks. I’ve been getting that advice a lot. People value higher-priced courses more. I’ll raise prices soon. (But, of course, I’ll keep prices as they are for current members.)

  • I’ve also had similar experience. I learned a lot but manage to do very little in terms of growing my business. Now, most of my expenditure goes out to outsourcing and I rely on only one or two training courses at a time.

  • I only saw the course about interviews, and wasn’t really impressed with it. I just looked at the premium package, and that is just of the hook !!
    You just need to be in that….year price is even 33% off

    • And he keeps adding more on a regular basis. Every time I check back there seems to be something new. I feel like I have access to a degree in Internet Marketing, lol.

    • You’re right. I think most people are surprised that they get all the courses in the membership.

      I still get email from people who say, “wait, really?”

  • Kamille Martin

    Nice article! BUT you’ve been around doing internet marketing since at least 2008! Incentive freebie trading is just as much a part of internet marketing.

    I understand the need to reinvent the wheel, ya yada but the truth is better, at least if you’re gonna lie diversify brother. Be proud of your time & experiences dont hate your roots.Take care

    • I don’t even know what you are saying in this comment. Yep, I started with Freebie Trading. That’s the first thing that got me going in Internet Marketing and what showed me that it was possible to make money online. In fact, I was even interviewed about that on here. Yep, that’s where I got started, and proudly so.

      And this is where I am now!

      • Kamille Martin

        Leslie, you stated in the fist sentence and i quote , ” I’ve been involved in internet Marketing since January 18th, 2011.”
        Its just not true

        To be truthful I didn’t actually read the complete article but I am sure it’s good.
        those freebie sites or IFW’s (back in the day) successfully used the internet to market a product. It’s complicated but not something a 14yo couldnt do.

        ah hem sounds like someone should do some fact checking before the post such a major fib-a-ture in bold text nonetheless. Im glad to see you utilizing your teaching and JV skills! 🙂

  • JJ

    I used to have a same problem, as taking many courses and get all the info I already knew, that’s time wasting. Now I am trying to build my own biz by applying the knowledge I have, anyway thanks for sharing, I ll visit mixergy as well.

  • Kamille Martin

    I plan on reading the article and joining to add to my resources. Leslie Samuels does know alot about marketing and he is a good guy to follow.

  • I was happy to know you are into Andrew. I stumbled upon him and was absolutely blown away by his candor and now hardball approach in interviewing. The interviews are always like nuggets of GOLD…that is solid Gold. Thanks for the review. I was tip toeing on a course now too…enjoyed it.

  • Phil Kowalski

    Honestly, Mixergy seems to be top class. Besides people like Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia I see one other person I follow passionately: Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design. She is the – in my eyes – the person on this planet that creates the best presentations ever! She and her company have been doing the slides for Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” which by the way was Oscar awarded. Alone her participation in Mixergy is well worth the yearly fee if you are in presenting / copywriting / storytelling in general.

  • I agree. I haven’t subscribed to their premium yet, but I listen to their free podcast (which always promotes it). Of all free podcasts, this is the one I’ve found with the best quality of information.

    Based on everyone’s feedback here, I should try premium.

  • […] Samuel’s article about Mixergy singles out the company as the most valuable Internet Marketing tool she has by […]

  • Hands down, Mixergy has been the most inspiring and useful resource I’ve come across and I’ve paid a bunch for other member sites. Premium is a minor investment for what you get back, the quality of the courses is excellent, if you implement even a fraction of the techniques coached you’ll see a return.

    I would say it’s an essential purchase if you’re looking to start or grow your business.

  • Sam Barry

    Awesome post. I just purchased a $300 course from Eben Pagan which is good but after just stumbling onto Mixergy I am amazed about all the value which is given.

    I’m definitely excited and am looking forward to learning a lot. Andrew if you ever read this I want you to know how much I appreciate what you’re doing. You’re really doing something grand. I found Mixergy by coincidence and will use it to propel my business into the million of dollars. I look forward to you interviewing me one day 🙂

  • Hey Leslie

    I have followed lot of interviews on Mixergy and accustomed to Andrew’s “Hey there Freedom Fighters” inaugural :). But then it was all free stuff available to all ;). Even though free; the interviews are a goldmine of knowledge and experience shared by the established businessmen and business women.

    Honestly I have never thought of opting a premium membership as I am not sure if I would interview somebody, especially the job I am into. with so many recommendations I feel I would certainly opt for the premium subscription from the end of the year so that I would be ready to launch my first online business by mid next year.

    Till then keep rocking!!!

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