Entrepeneurship and Meditation

I’ve created a new category for spirituality because I believe this aspect of life, especially to entrepreneurs, is very important. While business may be the focal point for an entrepreneur’s life, it’s your outlook on life that shapes what kind of person you are. Having a strong sense of self can benefit your business in many ways. The down periods and business ‘tragedies’ are not soo bad for the entrepreneur that is spiritually centred. Don’t take life too seriously is a phrase that every entrepreneur should take to heart and remember during the ups and downs of business.

I just finished reading Michael Simmons blog post about meditation. Michael is meditating, and he’s doing it a lot, which I find quite admirable. If he isn’t careful he might give up business all together and follow the path of the monk searching for enlightenment…which may not be such a bad thing and perhaps even more rewarding than business ever could be.

I’ve attempted meditation for many reasons but more often as a method to deal with tough times in my life. I realise the need for meditation and spirituality during all times of life but as I’m sure many of you can identify with me when I don’t look for help when times are great, I’m too busy revelling in the excitement. To be honest though I’m not good at meditation and I don’t put much time into it (which is why I’m not too good at it!). I find for me, swimming is the best meditative exercise I do that helps to centre and relax me.

As an entrepreneur I consider myself quite a creative person. I’m not gifted in art or music but certainly as a writer and business creator/manager I feel that I am definitely more bohemian than most. I think most entrepreneurs feel the same because we are not following the same path a lot of other people take when they work a normal job. Often the thought of a ‘job’ is not appealing and the prospect of working 9-5 for a salary is daunting. We take a risk by being different and expose ourselves to the often adverse opinions of those that believe we are making a mistake by not seeking a standard career. It takes a person of strong character and personal convictions to stand up to what can be a barrage of negative feedback from your peers and family.

I’m also more sensitive to my environment and the people around me. I live a controlled life and make sure that I eat well, sleep plenty and by choice I don’t drink any alcohol. I have nothing against drinking (in moderation), it’s just a choice I’ve made mainly because I haven’t found a drink that appeals to me more than water, juices and milks. I don’t party hard on weekends, again by choice because I prefer to get a good nights sleep so I feel good during the day. Because of this I don’t get sick too often (touch wood) and I feel at the top of my game everyday. I’m not saying do what I do, it’s possible to party and drink and have a good time and be a very successful entrepreneur, just remember moderation and balance and your health should always be your primary concern.

A spiritually fulfilling life can be very rewarding. It provides a strong personal framework that offers stability during tough times and allows you to keep perspective when business is booming. I feel hypocritical writing this – while I have a strong belief in the benefits of spiritualty, I don’t necessarily practice what I preach. It’s not easy to be disciplined but as usual, for those that put the effort in the rewards are there.

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  • I’d have to agree especially with the not drinking… i find personally find that i am much better drinking little to no alcohol myself. I haven’t had a drink in ages but i am more focused and have far more energy as well.

    Apart from that i am currently working but it is for me an excellent learning opportunity and that is really how i view it. I like learning about technology and the position i have allows me to do this so why not. Outside of that i am developing a system for delivering software and information products and want to get into the licensing and publication aspects of information media in the long run.

    i am the type of person who likes to have time to pursue my own personal goals and interests. I enjoy growing wealthy and keeping myself on good health but i try not to do anything to the excess because it can kill determination, health and wealth…. it’s all a fine balance i find.

    I enjoy going out biking for a good long time and that’s how i best practice my own meditation. I know most people do not think about these things the same way i do but that my way of looking at things.

  • I think meditation can be any time were you are in a relaxed state with peace of mind. Some people would disagree with that because your mind is not truly in a meditative state (I’m not sure what that is though ).

    As long as you have some activity that relaxes and provides time away from everything else in life.

  • Hi guys.

    Spirituality means different things to different people. To some, seeking truth is spirituality, while for other it may extend as far a attending a yoga class once a year! You’ve got to respect where people are at, so that’s settled. What I wanted to say though, is that meditation is really not that hard! It iso only hard if you expect your mind to quieten down on demand (as you know, that is impossible). If you take time off your busy schedules and stop believing in your own story only 30 min every day and just watch the madness of your mind, before you know it you will be meditating. I am speaking from experience. You can also use tools such as CDs to make it easier and entrain your brain into a state of balance. It is all there at your fingertips. If you want it, come and get it.

  • Hi Sheelagh, I’m not sure where that article is anymore – it was a long time ago that I posted it.



  • Bob

    I don’t find any benefits from drinking although a nice glass of good wine or a top beer is not to be refused but that’s it just one! The problem with meditation and gaining spirituality can only come with practise, which takes a long time so you do not benefit quickly, I have found this program on my website to be excellent. It is as simple as listening to a cd!

    Once you have been doing it a couple of weeks or more you notice that you can relax more easily, sleep seems deeper and non disturbed and also a very personal thing I have stopped having very dark thoughts about constant disasters happening to me and my family, this alone was worth the small cost and the tremendous support you get from the company.

    The beauty is that you can try it for free!

    Please feel free to view my website for more information and a freebie on stress reduction!


  • Yaro, you don´t have to feel hypocritical writing this article, as you are doing your best effort to improve yourself.

    Thank you for your great work and for caring about your readers, writing not only articles about how to be better professionals and how to earn money, but also articles where you share your ideas with reflections about how to be better human beings.

  • Hi Yaro, you must not have tried TM.
    It’s so easy & only takes 20 mins twice a day.
    I look forward to it, no effort, enjoyable & noticeable effects.
    Why don’t you try it, I think you will enjoy it too.
    Let us know how you get on?
    Best wishes,

  • Yaro, I love this article and the whole related spirituality series. I’ve been a fan of your blogging advice since I discovered you about two months ago. I’m a regular mediator, and practice creative visualization, LOA, etc. I, too, gave up drinking and smoking many years ago. Now I eat very healthy and am considering cutting way back on my sugar intake (not working too hard on that last one, though 🙂

    Thank you for going out on a limb (Shirley Maclaine reference not intended) and posting this series!

    Juliana, aka Kernut

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