What To Do About Google AdWords New Feature ‘Automatic Matching’ and a New Web TV Show from Andrew Lock

I have a couple of quick updates for you today as I have to run away from the house with the cleaning lady here.

Help! My Business Sucks!

Andrew Lock who I refer to as the eBay expert with the cool British accent, has recently started producing a web based television show called Help! My Business Sucks!.

The show focuses on entrepreneurship and Internet marketing, with Andrew as the host. If you are looking for another example of a new way to use Video online to spread your message, educate and entertain, take a look at what Andrew is up to.

The show can be found at – http://helpmybusiness.com/

Perry Marshall AdWords Update

Next, some important advice from Perry Marshall – the only AdWords expert I follow. I’ve been on his newsletter for years now, it was one of the very first I subscribed to and one of the only ones I remain a subscriber.

Perry sends out actual advice to his newsletter and rarely promotes any other products than his own. I’ve never seen him participate in an Internet marketing product launch, so if you are sick of “launch emails” and you are looking for a great newsletter covering Google AdWords, general Internet business, lead generation and conversion advice, you can’t go wrong with Perry’s Newsletter.

You can join his free AdWords e-course, which is great, and that will get you on to his newsletter too.

Google AdWords New Feature: Automatic Matching

Perry recently sent through something I thought was critical for anyone currently running a Google AdWords campaign, regarding a new feature called Automatic Matching. Perry presented a warning regarding this feature, so if you have never heard of Automatic Matching, here’s some advice you need to read…

Google is phasing a MAJOR feature into the AdWords
program. If you log into your account you’ll see a notice
that says,

“New! Automatic matching has been enabled in your
account. Your ads will now show for additional relevant
search queries based on the keywords, ad text, and landing
pages in your ad groups. You can opt out by visiting a
keyword-targeted campaign, and then clicking on edit
campaign settings.”

If you edit your campaign settings, you’ll see a check box
that says:

“Automatic matching: Show ads on more search queries
without adding keywords.”

And in your ad groups at the bottom of your keyword list,
you’ll see a new column labeled “Automatic matching total.”

What this means is, if you’re bidding on a keyword like
“dog grooming”, Google may show your ad for a keyword
like “pet grooming brush” even though you’re not bidding
on it at all.

The question is, do you want this?

First of all, there’s no way to know for sure unless you’re
using conversion tracking.

In fact, you should disable this feature immediately unless
you have conversion tracking enabled and hold Google
accountable for the quality of traffic they’re sending you.


Automatic Matching traffic will seldom be better traffic,
except maybe for people who simply do not know what
they’re doing in AdWords.

AdWords advertisers who learn this game from me are
always control freaks. They don’t want to just take what Google
gives ’em. (Hey, that’s how you gain an advantage that Google
doesn’t have.) The ideal way to do this would be to use
the bootstrapping technique I’ve taught for years, which is:

-Campaign 1 has bids set at, say, $1.00 with Automatic Matching OFF
-Campaign 2 has bids set at, say, $0.75, with Automatic Matching ON

This will shift all the Automatic Matching traffic into Campaign
2 and you’ll have complete control of it.

Source: Perry Marshall Newsletter

Perry went into more detail than the above excerpt, but I don’t feel right publishing his entire newsletter here (although I almost did!).

Unfortunately I’m not sure if you can get back-issues of Perry’s newsletter, but if you want more info along the lines of the above, take his free e-course and you will never miss another newsletter.

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  • A lot of people have asked why my show is completely free, with no advertising on the blog, so if you’re reading this and curious to know, I encourage you to check out Episode 1 which explains all.


    if anyone’s interested more in the techy side of how we put the show together, I spilled the beans with Perry Lawrence from AskMrVideo.com – he conducted an interview which you can access here: http://www.askmrvideo.com/public/358.cfm

    Thanks for the plug, Yaro.



  • Just have to agree with you about Perry Marshall’s email list. This is one list everyone in IM and blogging should be on. Always informative and never like many of the other email list you can find yourself on.
    I probably heard about Perry here also.

  • Free for now, but they will charge later on if there are interviewee who are willing to pay.

  • Yaro

    I’m new to blogging but was impressed with the look of your blog. I also enjoyed your advice and the advice of Perry Marshall. I look forward to visiting and reading you writings on a regular basis in the future.

  • Yaro,

    I have to agree with you about Perry Marshall. His content is awesome and every time he sends an e-mail it is awesome content every single time with a soft pitch at the end. He is really a brilliant marketer and one who I enjoy getting e-mails from!

  • I’ll also state my opinion that Perry’s newsletters are worth getting. I don’t always read all of them, but I’m usually pretty happy when I do. Even when he’s trying to sell one of his own products or seminars, he always has some sort of advice or story that makes reading the newsletter worthwhile.

    I’ll also say his adwords book is top notch.

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for pointing Perry’s course – it’s great!

  • First off, anyone just getting started with AdWords will benefit from Perry’s advice. I got his ebook way back in 2004 or 2005 (it’s been so long, I don’t even remember) and it really shaved a lot off my learning curve. As the AdWords system grows, it becomes more overwhelming to the new and uninitiated.

    This recent development with Automatic Matching is, in my opinion, Google’s way of trying to suck more $$ out of the advertisers’ pockets. The day they announced this change, I immediately went into my account to disable this feature. Unless you’re tracking at a keyword level, you are not going to know whether this feature will increase your profitability.

    The question boils down to this – “Do you trust Google to do your keyword research for you?”

    Some people have called Automatic Matching the “laziness tax”. 🙂

  • Google is again abusing their market position. It is okay to make new features but it should always be on an opt-in basis. Especially when much money is at stake. They try to maximize their profits at my costs. It is really a shame that there is no real alternative for google adwords.

  • Will definitely sign up for Perry Marshall.

  • With this “Automatic Matching” it sounds like Google
    went from a slap to a punch in the face.

    This is worse than being spammed. If I ignore
    spam I don’t get charged for it.

  • I can’t find any mention of this Automatic Matching in my Adwords account. Did they get rid of it already?

    • I’m pretty sure Automatic Matching is still active Chris – Follow the steps Perry mentions to find where the setting is.

  • Thanks for the info, I will subscribe to Perry newsletter. I don’t want to be ignorant 😉

  • Thank you for the very informative post. for a company that used the motto “Don’t be evil”…

    such features need to be opt in, not opt out!

    and what if someone goes away on vacation, comes back two weeks later to find that his entire adwords budget has been spent on a mistaken synonym which is not relevant to his business?

    Imagine someone bidding on “chips” meaning french fries… and google sends him customers searching for “sawmill dust” as being similiar to “wood” chips…


  • This is such a great article! I got Perry’s Adwords book about 2 years ago and it is brilliant.

    Last month I was talking to one of my long-term clients about their profit margins and found they had fallen. Digging into it, we found the culprit was a Google special “free offer” to review their campaign. The “optimisation” that it did turned on the ads in all kinds of places that didn’t produce buyers.

    I told them to turn off the “optimised” bits and straight away, their budget halved – saving £2,000 a month – and their leads did not drop off one bit.

    If you spend any kind of money on Adwords advertising and have only read what’s in Google about how to do it, get Perry’s book – it will save you from wasting a lot of cash.


    Lee Duncan

  • Must check out the cousre by Perry and subscribe to his newsletter. What all I read here plus his glowing review from you makes it worth checking out.

  • The information here is very good and very well written. Thank you for putting this together.Perry Marshal advice on adwods is invaluable to a newbie and the advanced marketer as well. When one’s attiude is helping others FIRST then we all succeed.

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