Can An Entire Society Be Open Source: Marcin Jacubowski Starts A Movement

As promised, this is the first in a series of follow up articles to my original post about the creative visionary, Steve Jobs.

I’ll write about creative visionaries and their work, who are doing things today that have the capacity to impact the world to a similar or greater extent as Steve Jobs. The activities these people are engaged in can be in any area or industry.

What Makes A Creative Visionary Like Steve Jobs?

To begin with, we need some outlines to know what constitutes being included as a “creative visionary”.

The person and their work has a global impact which:

  1. Changes the way we live physically
  2. Creates shifts in individual and collective consciousness
  3. Facilitates greater creativity individually and collectively
  4. Affects the lives of generations to come

Most of the above are accomplished by showing the world something it has never seen before or imagined possible. The last element involves something else entirely; you need a vision that goes far beyond yourself and your own lifetime. I’m going to write more about this last aspect as it relates to accomplishing the first 3 in a later article.

An Obvious Choice: Marcin Jacubowski

MARCIN JAKUBOWSKIFor me it was no brainer deciding who to talk about in the first of this series.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to the work of Marcin Jacubowski. This guy and his team are kicking arse and taking names in all of 4 of the prerequisites for this series of articles.

A brief intro about Marcin; He’s a science geek (he has a PhD in fusion energy – I have no idea what that is but it sounds very intellectual) turned farmer and founder of a multi-faceted movement that accomplishes economic and social restructuring through open sharing of information, design, and technology to create sustainable local communities.

Marcin discovered he was actually quite useless prior to becoming a farmer in the sense that he had no practical skills to use in the world.

Well, he can be forgiven for being a “slow starter”, (I hope you can read my comic intonations) seeing as nowadays he and his team are pouring their heart and souls into creating something that has the capacity to offer the world solutions to some critical issues it faces in the 21st century.

Put simply, the Open Source Ecology group are currently creating an alternative option for people who want to create a modern, comfortable, healthy and sustainable lifestyle using a different economic structure and relying on a win/win social system.

Our current system works well for you if you have plenty of money. Our current system allows financially secure individuals the enjoyment of a healthy, comfortable lifestyle and the time and freedom to evolve their creative abilities and self-actualize. However, many people don’t enjoy this freedom.

The Big Creative Block

Because the majority of the people would trade their time and energy for money, most of our resources of time and energy are being traded for the dollars needed for basic living requirements. Most people have very few resources of time, money or energy left to spend on enriching their creative gifts or self actualization, especially after they’ve taken care of earning money, tending to basic lifestyle requirements and commitments to friends and family.

To date, there’s never been a well thought out, well-executed, and realistic alternative to the current system.

A Creative Alternative

Enter Marcin Jacubowski and the Open Source Ecology team.

Their first project is the Global Village Construction Set, or GVSC. This includes the 50 machines needed to build an entire self-sustaining village.

The Open Source Ecology movement harnesses the collective creative power of open source design, research and development from people around the world to create the blueprints for these machines so that the only costs to people who want to use it is the materials and labor. What this equates to is anyone can download the designs and put together the equipment to create an entire self-sustaining village for the starting cost of $10,000.

The system works by using global resources of skills and expertise that are shared online in an open source format, and then the products are made locally using local materials and labor.

The idea is that the Global Village Construction Set is available online for free and can be replicated by anyone, anywhere in the world for a minimal cost financially for materials and resources of time and labor whilst minimizing the impact of industry on the environment. Ultimately, the machines for the GVSC are being designed to be made from scrap metal and to run on robust energy resources that have a low impact on the natural environment.

Chatting To One Of The OSE Team

I was fortunate to chat with Nikolay Georgiev who works on the Team Culturing, Press and Fundraising aspects of the Open Source Ecology organization. He’s based in Europe, living in Germany so I woke at sparrow’s one morning to chat with him about OSE.

Nikolay has a Computer Science degree, but in the middle of his studies, he knew his focus and direction needed to change in order to do something that had meaning and value for him as well as others. After working for a year and searching all over the world for a sustainable project to get involved with, he found OSE and immediately clicked with its multi faceted approach to providing realistic solutions for numerous issues in society today. Nikolay quit his full-time job and now works mostly on the Open Source Ecology movement.

How To Leave A Legacy

Nikolay shared with me a lot of the information I’ve written about in this article, and he also made another fascinating point at the end of our conversation.

He noted that the nature of the OSE project is to provide solutions to global issues and because the information is being recorded and saved digitally and is free to anyone, this body of work is being created and refined for the use of generations to come. Everyone who is working on the OSE project is contributing to something that has implications for human civilisation well beyond their own lifetime.

Even if Marcin and the Open Source Ecology movement don’t accomplish half of what they’ve set out to do, they’re still going to blow the lid off the requirements for being creative visionaries who leave a lasting legacy. But I’m convinced they are going to accomplish what they’ve set out to do.

How To Tell If Someone Is Going To Succeed

Watching the Open Source Ecology blog updates and videos, you get a sense of the energy behind this; the weariness and determination of their founder who has taken on a creative venture bigger than most people would dare to dream of, let alone put into motion. The tenacity of the team who refuse to stop even when things fall apart and funding doesn’t come through, and the world wide web of individuals who support them to keep going no matter what. It’s amazing and fascinating to watch and to be a small part of.

I’m sure you can see by now, why Marcin and the Open Source Ecology team were a no brainer for being the first example of creative visionaries whose work has a global impact which:

  1. Changes the way we live physically
  2. Creates shifts in individual and collective consciousness
  3. Facilitates greater creativity individually and collectively
  4. Affects the lives of generations to come

Remember What You Came Here For

Now, just a reminder for you about why I’m writing this series of articles; to inspire you to follow your intuition and don’t give up on your dreams. Look at what one guy, a self confessed science nerd (I made that up, in case Marcin ever reads this, I totally made that bit up) but he did say he was useless, see the TED talk for proof!

Anyway, I digress, look at what one man has set in motion by having a creative vision and the guts to make it happen.

Global Village Construction Set – TED Talk from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

I’m going to conclude each article with one quote from Steve Jobs, the creative visionary who sparked this series. I read this quote recently and then thought long and hard about it. Then I wrote it down and stuck it on my wall in front of my computer. I suggest you do the same.

If today were the last day of my life… would I still want to do what I’m about to do today?

In my case, I’m extremely blessed to say “absolutely” to this statement, but this isn’t always the case.

Right now, I’m completely at peace with everything I’m currently doing and it feels like my daily activities are aligned with my true self. Just a side note on this, I’ve gone through a few months of extreme life flipping changes to get here, so it doesn’t happen without effort and some serious challenges inwardly and on the outside! 🙂

Become A Part Of Something Amazing

For those who want to know more, here’s the link for the OSE website, and the OSE wiki that includes 2,996 pages of further information for the very interested among you. Lastly, here’s the link to become a contributing member of the OSE movement via donation, which can be a one-off donation or as little as $10 a month. In my opinion, there’s never been a better or easier opportunity to become a part of creative visionaries who are changing our world and will affect the lives of generations to come.

Love your work, and would love to hear your comments at the end.


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  • The future belongs to men and women who can dare to dream and pursue their dreams. it’s key to a world of exploits. Truly, it’s a dreamer’s world! ….I hope to look more into this project.

    • Hi Sharon 🙂 I tried replying to your comment the day it was published but my internet connection waged a full blown war against me an won! Failed to register my reply several times
      : /

      Anyway, many thanks for your comment, love the quote, and please do look into this project, it’s brilliant & totally worth supporting:) cheers, neroli

  • hi Neroli-
    Very much enjoying this project, and know that this Open style is the way~
    in some essence it reminds me of the vision shared by many a ‘commune’
    in the Hippie movement.

    • Hi kara 🙂 How’s it going?

      The coolest thing about this movement is that it’s got the internet working to harness the collective energy, intention & creativity to make it happen. There’s certainly some things about it that sound like similar ideals from the ’60’s but it’s so much more grounded and a lot more strategic 🙂
      Cheers, neroli

  • Raj

    The statements like “Our current system works well for you if you have plenty of money” are broad assumptions. Do you think one will be able to live happily if they inherit a huge property and just sit and watch TV daily?

    Nothing will be enjoyable as long as we have not worked to earn it. Money is just a paper – You cannot exchange it for goods, not happiness. If people think that they can enjoy the fruits of money that they have not not earned, it is at best, the pinnacle of self-delusion. It is supposed to, but it never does!

    I would like to point out a couple of his statements (which serve as motivations to this project) from the video –

    “Low cost comfortable living aided by modern tools and technology”

    All this while, we have been increasing the cost of our living in the name of technological advancement and modernity. I am glad that at least one person has identified this.

    “Help to transcend artificial scarcity”

    Frankly, this is what we as humans are experts in creating – Artificial scarcity. Utilizing more oil and gas than we would ever need and then, find out technologies that utilize even higher quantities of them in the name of comfort. Then we get bored of that comfort. So, we invent something that utilize even more resources (like oil/gas). Still not happy. The cycle continues.

    I am happy that one man has identified the critical flaws of the modern technology reliant systems and attempting to take a step backwards, which is pretty much taboo in the modern society.

    • Hey raj, I can see you’re passionate about this topic. It would be great if you felt inspired to channel some of your passion into supporting the OSE project, it’s a massive project and it works even more when people get involved,

      cheers 😉 neroli

  • Very informative series, keep it up !

    • Thanks Faizan 🙂 Glad you like it – next week’s will be a grand adventure as well! cheers, neroli

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