Leaving For Las Vegas

Las VegasTonight I’m heading to the bright lights of Las Vegas and no, it’s not to gamble and drink since I don’t do either, although I do intend to see a Cirque Du Soleil show.

This is my first trip to Las Vegas and the main reason I’m heading there is for a special invite-only mastermind session with the top affiliates from the recent Product Launch Formula 2.0 release from Jeff Walker.

Normally I’m no where near the top of the affiliate standings but recently I’ve been able to get into the top 30ish area quite consistently, peaking at top 15 for StomperSMARTS and making the cut for the special invite to the mastermind with Jeff and his partners for the PLF 2.0 launch.

Here’s a list of some likely attendees in Vegas –

  • Rich Schefren
  • Tom Ham
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Tom Beal
  • Joe Jablonski
  • Ed Dale
  • Colette Marshall
  • Mark Widawer
  • Brian Clark
  • Willie Crawford
  • Jeff Dedrick
  • Tim Houston
  • Michael Cheney
  • John Carlton
  • Stan Dahl
  • Shawn Casey
  • Ray Edwards
  • Greg Poulos
  • Dave Mizrachi

I’m looking forward to meeting some of these people in person, who I only know from names on websites and in emails.

Sedona and Chicago Next

After Vegas I’m renting a car and doing a road trip to Sedona for a brief holiday, then driving on to Phoenix for just long enough to catch a plane to Chicago. I’ve got a couple of days in Chicago then I’m back home to Toronto where I move into new house down at the beaches.

Throughout this trip I’ll have my trusty video camera and hopefully get a chance to do some more wandering entrepreneur posts, so stay tuned.

If you want to keep up with the latest details on this trip, make sure you subscribe to my Twitter feed.

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  • Wow! You are pretty much going from strength to strength. If an interview with Andrew and Daryl Grant birthed Blog Mastermind, I can only imagine the brilliance that will be birthed out of that Mastermind group………

  • Yaro,

    Welcome to Sin City.
    Do you know what Cirq show you are going to see? I have seen all of them and some are much better than others. If you need a recommendation let me know.

    Bob Firestone

    • We ended up seeing Mystere after some online research to find the best of the five shows on in Vegas.

  • I’m so jealous I’m almost sick to my stomach. I was in Vegas a few months ago and I would almost kill to go back. Not only that, but to be in a room filled with that list of people??? INSANE!

    Cirque Du Soleil is a must-see. Don’t miss it. It’s unbelievable!

    And congratulations! The Yaro I first started reading years back had yet to come this far so it’s pretty cool to watch as your business keeps growing.

    Looking forward to your Vegas Twitter updates.

  • Lucky you, wish I were a mouse in the room. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Vegas, you’ll love Sedona, take a PinkJeep Tour! Will be waiting to hear about the People you meet.

  • Enjoy…… I made my first trip to Las Vegas two months ago and it is quite the place. A real visual treat. Unfortunately I made my reservations too late and wound up staying at the Imperial Palace across the street from Ceasars. What a dump…….. Be sure to take pics and post them. Keep Cool and have fun…… oh yeah ……. enjoy your meeting too.

  • Livin the life! Good on you Yaro. I hope you come back with a whole bunch of new insight for your blog!!

  • that is a very nice line up of guests. Hope you make some good connections, and the circus should be great!

  • Have a great time at Vegas. Hope you win pots of money. I was just going through Ed Dale’s 30 day challenge blog. Have you seen it?

  • Yaro

    Have a good trip and the circus should be great. you would love it !!!
    Have fun, enjoy yourself and don’t forget to keep us all informed.

  • Yaro

    Have a good trip. The circus should be great and you would love it !!!
    Don’t forget to keep us all informed of your whereabouts…..hehe

  • That is quite a roll-call you have there. Any blogger will love to have those people attention even if it last for just 5minutes. Just like Cassie said, I am almost getting envious 😉 I wish you a pleasant meeting. Cheers.

  • Awesome! I haven’t been to Vegas in a long time – it’s too fast paced for me. 🙂 I grew up in Arizona, though, and we used to go camping near Sedona all the time. There’s some pretty interesting folks in that town. Enjoy the high desert!

    Eric Grey

  • Congratulations. Have a great trip. Actually, I envy you!

  • All the Best Yaro! Have a wonderful trip and don’t forget to continue blogging while you are there! 😉

  • Wow after vegas, tou may go to Vatican… to clear ur sin 🙂

  • You obviously are still travelling so there’s no new post today. Will check after a few days.

  • Wow.. Vegas.. many Gurus in the list.. a couple of them that I follow closely.. Yaro.. Have Fun over there..

  • Yaro,

    Happy traveling to the Sin City 😉

    What a list of attendee – I’d love to meet Ed Dale in person 🙂


  • Dave Mizrachi is the unsung hero of that lot, he writes good copy and has some killer graphics for his sites. With a lot of internet marketers getting into blogging as a way of generating leads from search engines I can see your stock rising.

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