Vegas Offers Many Tips For Internet Marketers

I’ve put together a new video of the footage from around the Vegas strip. In this video I take you for a walk down the main casino and hotel strip, showing all kinds of crazy sites and sounds.

The strip is obviously a very commercial area, probably one of the most commercial places in the entire USA.

Spending time in Vegas is like entering a different world, with airplanes flying low to land in the airport which was in the backyard of my hotel the MGM Grand (almost!). The lights and sounds and visual stimulation makes the place feel very surreal, like you have entered into a movie that features an entirely new theme every 100 meters or so.

There a few interesting observations to make when it came to marketing techniques that I took away and can relate to you now. Obviously a place as commercial as this has to be able to market themselves. Here’s some thoughts –

  1. Vegas offers comparatively cheap hotel rates. Even the most fancy hotels can be booked for under a $100 a night if you search the web and you can go much lower than that if you stay at the hotels just off the strip. These are some of the most impressive hotels in the world (the MGM Grand is the second largest hotel in the world) and if you don’t drink or gamble it’s quite possible to have a “cheap” holiday in Vegas, especially if you just want to lounge around the pool and walk up and down the strip.

    As soon as you start spending money on shows or gambling or drinking, that’s when the cost tends to rise up. This is of course a deliberate technique – make the accommodation cheap to get people there and then trust that the will spend up big. There’s no many products that offer as good a profit margin as gambling, so the hotels are quite happy to let people stay cheap.

  2. As I pointed out in the video, there’s evidence of social proof and other forms of proof all over Vegas. One casino had a “wall of winners” showing photos of all the normal everyday people who had struck it rich showing off their big checks. Some had even become new millionaires.

    This is a classic technique that creates excitement and most importantly – hope. The whole idea of gambling is to purchase just a little potential for winning big with every bet. It’s this hope that creates the excitement that keeps people gambling away more money, despite fully understanding how bad the odds are in most situations.

  3. The whole marketing image Vegas has developed is one of decadence and uninhibited pleasures. The psychology means people who come to Vegas leave their usual self-imposed restrictions at home. It’s okay to eat bad, drink lots, gamble and sleep with strangers in Vegas because that’s what people do. This frame helps the businesses benefit financially since money is spent a lot more frivolously than usual.

In my next post I’ll have the video up from the Jeff Walker Mastermind, including some short interviews with the experts attending. The networking was by far the highlight for me and I think you will enjoy my behind the scenes take of such a high-level meeting of marketing minds.

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  • Hi Yaro,

    Good assessment of the Las Vegas mindset (well the strip that is!) It’s great to hear another’s perspective of one of our most decadent ares of the US. I just returned from Vegas last night. I was there all this week doing some strategic planning with a non-profit organization I preside over. I just starting subscribing to your feed, otherwise if I had known earlier I would have treated you to a drink while we were both there.

    It is funny to note that life does go on off the strip and you’d find that Las Vegas is a pretty normal town once you get to know the rest of the area. There are several planned communities that are HUGE and many suburban amentities to boot. The only problem with all that growth is figuring out how they are going to solve their water shortage before the water stops running in 2020.

    Jonathan Nicholas

  • Hi Yaro, Just tried to watch your Las Vegas video and it is saying that the video is no longer available. Not sure what the problem is.

    Did you take a Grand Canyon tour yet? I remember suggesting it when you Twittered about going to Vegas a while back. I did a helicopter tour last time I was there and it was fantastic.

    Hope to see the video back soon.


  • I fully understand what you mean about Vegas using cheap hotel rooms to draw more people into their sales funnel – then sell more products on the back end!

    Nice observation Yaro.

  • I’ve never been to Vegas but I guess that each places on the strip is pretty smart about offering a USP as well, right?

    David Hurley

  • Yaro – Was in Vegas years ago, I mean back in the 70’s. Thanks for the video – just instills the feeling that I wouldn’t wish to go back, but then…..

  • Hi Yaro, I am a Photographer in Miami – Fort Lauderdale area and I just came few months ago for the Bigest Wedding convention ever (WPPI) in Vegas. As you said, it was very hot, but I love the feeling of been there. I wouldn’t like to live there, but sure I love to go back there once a while.
    Here is a post with few pictures about vegas and WPPI:
    Paulo Jordao

  • Hey Yaro,

    That is a cool video. I have always wanted to go to Vegas, but have not yet made it there.

    Looks like you are having a great time.


  • Yaro,

    “decadence and uninhibited pleasures” – now that’s a great way to describe Vegas 🙂

  • Regarding social proof and the hope to hit the gambling jackpot, what immediately came to mind when reading this is the sports card industry. It has turned into a gambling mentality to “pull” the big hit from a box of cards sealed in packs.

    I’ve been on message boards where people are willing to fork over hundreds of dollars for a chance to get that $X,000 “chase” card.
    Sometimes they are paying for just 1 pack per box or 1 card per pack.

    The social proof vehicle in this industry comes from two directions. The first one are the posts on sports card message boards from those who have found a degree of success in opening so many cards from boxes of cards or cases of cards. They usually have the word “mojo” in the thread title to announce what they have “pulled.”

    The second direction comes from the manufacturers and the companies they are in bed with. You can find live “rips” of sports card boxes all over youtube as well as “rip parties.”

    The biggest pulls get posted on the home page of sports card sites like and in their monthly print magazine.

    They all send the same message: keep buying (regardless of the odds of getting anything worth more than the cost of the box or case you paid for) and you too can get the big hit some day.

  • Bloggers and other convention types are a minuscule minority of visitors to Vegas. The tariff in hotels is low because they want you to stay there and gamble there too!

  • whoa. I really I can be there someday real soon. 😉
    Maybe I will have a different about Vegas.

  • The whole gambling industry is one big opportunity to learn about social engineering to get people to buy something. The casinos are full of obvious and not so obvious strategies to make it easier to loose ones money. The cheap hotel rooms are just one example.

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