What Are Millionaire Internet Marketers Really Like?

Here’s the video footage taken from behind closed doors in the Skyloft at the MGM Grand in Vega, where Jeff Walker hosted the Product Launch Formula top partners networking event. Look for 30 second interviews with Brian Clark, Tom Beal and Michael Cheney, along with scenes from inside the Skyloft.

Back in February I received the fantastic news that I had just scrapped in as a top 25 affiliate for the release of Product Launch Formula (PLF) 2.0 by Jeff Walker (again, a really big thanks to everyone currently studying PLF who purchased through me and I hope you are enjoying the iRiver bonus I sent too!).

Jeff and his brother Jon decided to run a party/networking/mastermind event only for the top affiliates and this was the first time I qualified for such an invitation-only event. I was very excited at the prospect of meeting many of the guys I follow and look to as mentors in the Internet marketing world.

Prior to this event I had only been to one Internet marketing conference, Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits seminar held February 2007 in Florida. There I met Rich and Mike Filsaime and many people like me, running Internet businesses. I had spoken to Jeff and Jon Walker on teleconference calls and through Skype, but this was my first face-to-face meeting.

Besides Rich, Mike, Jeff and John, I was excited to see that Brian Clark from Copyblogger.com would be coming too (the only other “pure” blogger) as well as Tom Ham, Tom Beal, Colette Marshall, Willie Crawford, Jeff Dedrick, Michael Cheney, John Carlton, Shawn Casey, Ray Edwards, Howie Schwartz and more experts from the Internet marketing world. My only disappointment was that Frank Kern was not making the trip down to Vegas as I’d really like to meet my fellow long haired Internet marketer.

The event started at 1pm and included an afternoon in a Skyloft, which is an uber-expensive ($1,000 a night) apartment style hotel room in the MGM Grand hotel on the Vegas Strip and concluded with dinner at Craftsteak, a fancy steak restaurant located inside the hotel.

I left my hotel room and went down to the VIP area where they have special private elevators to access the Skylofts and immediately bumped into Rich Schefren who was chatting to Colette Marshall, whom I had never met. Rich introduced me and we chatted briefly until Michael Cheney showed up. By then it was nearly 1pm so we headed upstairs to the Skyloft.

Jeff and Jon Walker greeted us at the door and gave us a tour around the Skyloft before we joined the main crowd that had already arrived. I started shaking hands with people I knew, some I didn’t know and some I didn’t realize I did know (don’t you hate it when someone’s Twitter profile photo doesn’t quite match their real life face – Hi Brian!).

Jeff let us chat for a while, then climbed the stair case and gave a short but sweet thank you and introductions speech so everyone knew who everyone else was (you can see the very start of this speech in the video – apologies for the shaky camera work, it was all a bit much to take in at once).

The rest of the afternoon was a blur. I spoke to just about everyone in attendance, learned all kinds of great stuff and some insider “secrets” about what people are working on, some of which I was asked not to blog about ๐Ÿ™ .

Are Millionaires Different From “Normal” People?

Some of you reading this might wonder what these guys and girls are like, since most of them run million dollar businesses. You might also wonder if I was a bit awestruck by being around people I admire.

I learned a long time ago that people are just people, and while there are certainly types of people who wield a lot of power and influence, at their heart they are still people. I might be nervous around the president or a movie star, but entering a room full of Internet marketers is like entering a room full of your best friends, who all share a passion for the same thing. I was more excited than I was nervous.

Nearly every Internet marketer I’ve met has been extremely friendly and down to earth. Some of them have ADD type personalities and can talk your ear off, moving from subject to subject in quick succession (hi Rich and Howie), while others are more laid back.

You can see the drive for success in each and every person at the event. If you were to ask me what makes them more successful than the average person, it’s because they translate that drive into outcomes, and then they do it again and again.

Most conversations would move from casual “where do you live?” and “what’s the weather like there?“, to how your last launch went to how you can improve on some aspect of your business. Some people went deliberately looking for a specific type of advice, for example John Carlton sought blogging tips from Brian Clark since they both exist in similar markets (copywriting) and John wants to improve his blog.

In my case I did a lot of listening as I often do and focused on meeting as many people as I could. I didn’t have an agenda beyond getting face time with people – I think it’s more important to make friends than try and convince people to promote your next product.

The Dinner

I’m not a wine drinker and as I sat down to my table I was surprised when only two people wanted wine – Jeff Walker on my left and Tom Ham from StomperNet, who was clearly keen to drink some wine. Mike Filsaime and his wife passed on the wine, as did Howie Schwartz (recently bought out and employed by StomperNet) who is a vegetarian.

The restaurant had cornered us off in a private, open doors room with four big tables for the 30 or so Internet marketers and a couple of better halves that came for the dinner. The food was heavy meat focused, including quail, prawns and a choice of steak or fish, or in my case, the pork chop from the menu. All fine food and what you would expect from an upper class restaurant ($25-$250 steaks – the Japanese Wagyu taking the crown as most expensive – Aussie beef was second at $195, woohoo!).

We chatted across all kinds of topics, from politics, to health care and back to internet launches. It was a great meal and I left feeling very stuffed.

All in all it was a great day. I enjoyed the conversation the most – it really is nice to be with people who do similar things to what you do and share the same interests. As any person who works a home business knows, sometimes you exist in a solitary world because the people around you do not share your experiences or motivations. I encourage you to attend any events you get the opportunity to go to, if just to meet with like minded individuals.

If you haven’t yet watched the video, please scroll back up and click the play button to catch six minutes of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews I recorded during the day.

I’ve got more video from the rest of my stay in Vegas, so I may compile one more video for the blog, including a look at red rock canyon and my one and only casino bet. I’ve also got a few days in Chicago now before heading back to Toronto, and I’ll no doubt take some more video footage.

As always, if you want notification and more updates from my brief trip to the USA please subscribe to my Twitter feed and follow my blog through RSS.

Yaro Starak
Leaving Las Vegas

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  • And not a woman amongst them…

  • Yes, I noticed that as well Lisa!! Where are all the women internet marketers? Thanks Yaro for the ‘insider’ view of this elite group. It makes me even more determined that, one day ……

  • I too join in, in this “alas, where are the ladies?” chorus. Cannot let the side down ladies. Let us get there next year.

  • “I learned a long time ago that people are just people, and while there are certainly types of people who wield a lot of power and influence, at their heart they are still people.”

    Yep, always worth remembering! Years ago I was an English teacher in Rome and got a nice little private contract with one of the leading lawyers of the city. He could read English without any problems, but when it came to SPEAKING he was so out of his element that he trembled. I think I learnt more from those lessons than he did!!

    David Hurley

  • Yes ladies, there is definitely a skew in the IM world that needs fixing – big time. I for one would love to see more woman enter the top tier of affiliate standings and product launches, etc.

  • โ€œI learned a long time ago that people are just people, and while there are certainly types of people who wield a lot of power and influence, at their heart they are still people.โ€

    I agree, too!

  • Hey Yaro — I really enjoyed this post – not only an interesting insight into the world of IM but also human nature as well.

    Not sure why the men seem to be so dominant in the IM scene — maybe it has something to do with guys being a lot more geeky and into computers in their formative years? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yaro,

    $250 steak?! That food takes my whole month income online to buy ๐Ÿ˜›

    Anyway, you are right mentioning that millionaires are just like the peep next door – moreover, more and more millionaires does live like normal people these days – a-man-sitting-on-comfy-chair-with-Cuban-cigar image is already long gone… ๐Ÿ˜€ That image belongs only to Vito Corleone :))


    • Vito…LOL,
      Interesting post, I know a couple of millionaires, they go to work, and come home to their kids, go to bed early and go to work in the morning again. Just like everyone else! They actually work harder sometimes than others, because they work for themselves.

  • Hey Yaro

    I concur…

    People are just people…I mean, what else would they be? LOL! Just kidding.

    Seriously though, I found exactly the same thing. When I interviewed some of the world’s top internet marketers, I was just amazed at how approachable and down to earth they were.

    They all struck me as people who know what they want, and who have taken massive action to get it too.

    Glad to see a few familiar faces there at the event.

    Talk to you soon!


    • Funny that , people are just people. Many successful friends of mine seem to be just very ordinary people . But some things they have in common are ;
      Good sense of humor . Easy to approach .
      Genuine caring attitude . Show they care about what you want to achieve .
      Don’t over complicate their business workload . Leveraging very important .
      Willing to share their knowledge .
      Ken is one such friend , he made this video himself for his friends to learn from .

  • Yaro,

    It’s fun to watch your video and read your post… great way to re-live the mastermind. It was a great time, and the event definitely exceeded all my hopes and expectations. It’s amazing when you put a bunch of Internet Marketers in a room – the time just flies by. We basically went from 1:00pm straight through to the end of dinner at about 11:00pm, and the conversation never slowed down one bit.

    With regards to the lack of women at the event – I know MANY women who are very successful online. I celebrate their success, and love to mastermind with them. There are many women in my the formal mastermind groups that I am part of (in fact, one of those groups was founded by a woman.)

    However, the invitations to this event were results-based… it was for my top JV partners. And at the end of the day, this time around there was only one woman among my top partners. Why that is, I don’t know… that’s just the way it was. Hopefully that will change in the near future…

    Finally… Yaro, I’m really not too much of a wine drinker. But since Tom Ham was so into it and he picked out an uber-expensive bottle of wine I figured I should have a glass (especially since I was paying for it!). ๐Ÿ™‚


  • These videos are great! It’s like being a fly on the wall. I also love to put a face to the name. It makes you think differently about people sometimes when you’re reading their blogs or newsletters, or after you purchase their products.

    I wouldn’t have known that was Brian from Copyblogger if it hadn’t been mentioned. He doesn’t look anything like his Twitter picture!

  • A millionaire is just another ordinary human being that has achieved financial success. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are successful women who are millionaires too (I am not talking about those that inherited the wealth, I mean those that started from scratch and built financial empires). Nice one.

  • I’ve personally met a couple of millionaires. Yea, amazingly they r much more approachable than many other so-called successful business or corporate people (who earns big but far fr bein a millionaire..)

    I guess since they hv made it, they r not really out to prove themselves anymore. It’s usually time to “give back” for them. Try asking one for help on certai topic, i’m sure most of them wld b pretty willing, say, share a little of their wealth secrets.

    Cheers everyone!
    …inspiring wealth into your life

  • Cool, I’d love to make it to a live IM event one of these days.

  • Part of the reason why ladies are not on the list is because they are happy making a buck, they don’t want to own the bank!

  • Pretty neat Yaro! Always good to see the realness of all these people we read about and follow. Congrats again on cracking the top 25. Quite an elite group to be in.

  • Yaro,

    This is an awesome blog! How am I supposed to learn about blogs if
    all I do is read yours. There is so much interesting stuff here, that I have
    been reading and looking at everything for 3 going on 4 days now.

    I really enjoyed the videos and I guess I really am learning quite a bit
    about blogging aren’t I.

    I can’t wait until I can actually buy your course I know that I will learn so
    much since I really am a newbie at this.

    Thanks for just being here so that I have someplace I can get a real
    education on blogging. I see so many amateur sites that aren’t very
    interesting and yours is a breath of fresh air.

    As you said at the end of your about page having patience really is
    a bitch.

    Bye for now

  • I don’t know Yaro, but whenever I see any of these profiles, the word scam comes to my mind. But since you are talking about them, I am starting to wonder if there is value in them.

  • I too join in, in this โ€œalas, where are the ladies?โ€ chorus. Cannot let the side down ladies. Let us get there next year.

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