Traffic Secrets 2.0 Video – John Reese Presents 10 Traffic Tips

John Reese has released the first free video for the launch of Traffic Secrets 2.0. I just finished watching it and it’s good stuff, all content and presented in a very cool style.

You can check it out for yourself here –

Traffic Secrets 2.0 by John Reese

John is a guy who has a huge reputation in the Internet marketing industry, most notably for his Traffic Secrets 1.0 launch from several years ago that grossed a million dollars in one day. That event kick started the mainstream adoption of the product launch style of marketing that is still in use today.

You may also remember John from BlogRush, which for many people turned out disappointing in terms of delivering traffic, although I still have it on my blog because I like to use it as a tool to find similar blogs to my own.

The video John just published is the first in a lead-in series of videos for the release of the updated, Traffic Secrets 2.0 course. The world of traffic generation has changed a lot since John taught people in his first course, so I am quite interested to see what he has for us in the 2.0 version of his training.

To be honest, besides knowing John from his reputation I don’t actually have anything concrete I can talk about regarding his work. I know he makes a ton of money in other niches outside of the make money online education market and I remember a long time ago linking to one of his videos about using AdSense, where he showed some incredible numbers.

This really is my first opportunity to taste his training, and so far I’m impressed.

Learn by Observation

You have to watch John’s first video just to see how a content-focused presentation can be used to both educate and stimulate an action at the same time.

John is known as a ground breaking marketer, in the sense that he raises the bar through innovation. I think the videos he is doing now are definitely good – perhaps not quite ground breaking but definitely raising the standards for how to market effectively with video, like StomperNet have done with their recent launches.

For this reason alone, as an Internet marketer, you have to go and watch John’s traffic secrets 2.0 video purely for the lesson in marketing it presents.

What About The Content? Will It Deliver Traffic?

The video itself presents 10 traffic tips that should definitely stimulate ideas in your head. You don’t get the whole kitchen sink of how to do it, but you get the idea, which is valuable as a starting point.

John takes us through each tip and explains the concept of Results Detection, a sort of way to do online meta-research to find where the traffic and the money is.

The variety of traffic sources presented is certainly diverse, and I think most people who watch this video will not be able to say they currently use every technique John talks about – I certainly do not.

Included as possible research targets for traffic are sites like eBay, Technorati, Digg, PRWeb, Commission Junction and Now you might know these as good sites, but do you use them currently as a way to find where the traffic is? Probably not quite in the same way as John does.

Anyway, that’s enough of an introduction, you should go check it for yourself, it’s free, and if you like what you see, follow John’s prompt at the end of the video and opt-in for a second video where John talks about how to “own the web”. I’m watching the second video now myself.

Here’s where to get started –

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  • Great videos! Thx Yaro 🙂

    I gave the video a try cause it was from your email… and at first I was like ok this guy may not be selling me something now, but probably going to give me content and tips I already know.. well come to find out I learned a few things, important things 🙂

    And got reaffirmed on the things I am already doing, but didn’t know how well they worked… like ‘owning more of the web’ 🙂

  • Interesting video i just signed up and will see where it goes.

  • John presented very useful, practical information. I will use what he said to drive traffic to my site. Thanks for the video Yaro.

  • Yaro,

    Quite good insights from the vids – not extremely useful, IMHO.

    Your audio interview with Alvin Phang is more compelling 🙂


  • Hi Yaro,

    thanks for sharing this. The video techniques he uses are really nice and so is the content, allthough most of it I wouldn’t call a secret. I wonder how much the investment for the video was regarding the software and post production.

    Greetings Ben

  • Thanks for the heads up on this. For someone like me, a professional writer who’s new to blogging, these videos are good stuff. Video 2 in particular. Turns out that owning the Internet is all about the content, and his TV-producer style method of how to create content is spot on.

    Some of your readers may be interested in a four-part series I have on using the beat-reporting method for covering your blog niche. It gives some tips I learned as a reporter on ways to get original content that your competition misses. Part 4 goes up today.

    Here’s the link to Part1:
    Journalism 101: Blog to the Beat Pt. 1

  • This is really very helpful let alone free. Nothing beats free good quality content.

  • Great video in amazing quality. It doesnt look like a typical internet video, more like a real TV show.

  • “Quite good insights from the vids – not extremely useful, IMHO.”

    I have to agree. I wasn’t overly impressed – it was interesting, but I don’t feel I learnt anything that I hadn’t heard about before… but maybe that’s just me… It certainly looked cool, though!

    • Yep, I agree, good for people who are new to blogging, not extremely useful for the ones who know a thing or two about blogging. The quality of the video is remarkable though.

  • John is an early innovator, he was big into adsense for niche sites and developing domains before most people caught on. What’s interesting to note is he clearly has a distinct method to his madness and branding and he clearly realizes the name of good domain names.,, etc. Apparently he first caught onto how to make money online when he sold a domain for $900 that was later resold by the buyer for $1 million! I hope it doesn’t take me something like that!

  • This is unbelievable. Since you recommended, I went through both the videos and am stumped. I am mulling about quite what to do with all the information from the video as well as from your post and shall do something I have not yet done.

  • Excellent information presented. Thanks Yaro.

  • Nice video.

  • The idea in the video is that you analyse others who have been successful. This is an excellent idea! He gives ten examples of where to find successful people to copy. Eg the ones on the first page of a google search for a keyword you want to target, ebay results for a product you want to sell, looking at what affiliate products sell the most. These are good pointers.

    What he doesn’t say is how to do the analysis (a significant detail).

    The good stuff starts at about the five minute mark. It is a huge file – but it is mostly graphics that could have been done almost as well with screen shots and would have used far less space. The content is delivered by him just talking to camera. How I wish people would provided transcripts! Thanks to Yaro for doing so.

  • I found the video very helpful.

  • Hi Yaro and friends,

    Thank u 4 d very insightful info.
    This goes without saying that the very basis of what u r actually doing is in itself attracting traffic i.e. inserting videos in your site/blog. Moving pictures captures people’s attention fast and it makes your visitors stick around longer at your site, thus increasing your sales potential.

    Thank u 4 d realisation!
    …inspiring wealth into your life

  • I watched John’s first 2 videos and he does know what he’s talking about and I like his presentation. I had to smile at his transition from the “old style” of video posting to his much more produced effort. I’d highly recommend it for those just starting out.


  • I thought the video was okay but a transcript would have sufficed.

    I found the part about keyword analysis useful. And yes, is a good source for doing that. I use their analytic tools.

    I’m one of those individuals who wasn’t all that impressed with his last offering:

  • I have just come here from watching both the videos and i must say that I am impressed. John has done a great job in the two videos of outlining some very fundamental concepts that people need to get their heads around to have any type of success at all online.

    Well worth watching the first, and signing up to look at the second.

  • Really amazing. And inspirational, if they could do it so can we!

  • Very good video with great information on how to use video for promotion, I just signed up and will see how far i can go with the “videos”!

  • Just finished watching the first video. The tips are just awesome. Very helpful especially to us beginners. All 10 strategies are of great value.

    Social media has really exploded online and new technology are being created that can help us drive traffic to our sites.

  • Really worth information and usefull, Thanks

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