Traffic Secrets 2.0 Video: How To Use Software As A Traffic Generation Tactic

John Reese just released the third and final launch video as part of his Traffic Secrets 2.0 release.

You can watch the video here –

Traffic Secrets 2.0 by John Reese

I just finished watching it and it was great stuff, just like the first two.

In case you missed John’s first two videos released last week, make sure you head to this page to watch them before watching this one, they follow in a sequence.

Marketing With Software

Something very few people implement as an online traffic technique is to build software applications. I will stick my hand up as one of those people too and after watching John’s third video I am REALLY excited about the potential. I was busy taking notes during the video, jotting down ideas for software apps I would like to make as marketing tools for my current projects.

It’s clear John thinks big when he considers how he will generate traffic. The application of a successful software marketing strategy can result in hundreds of thousands to even millions of visitors – we’re talking mainstream big, maybe not quite Facebook levels, but at least within the same playing field as some of the most popular sites in the world.

I can see why this strategy is so powerful. Very few people do it and even fewer execute it well if they try. If you can – as John suggests – make an online user-content generated software application, the potential for growth is tremendous.

Video Breakdown

John begins the video with strategic advice regarding why this tactic works and how he has implemented it himself in the past, then presents real world suggestions for software applications and offers tips on how to find the people to build the software for you.

I won’t reveal everything from the video, but a couple things I thought worth repeating even though they might seem obvious to some when creating software are –

  • Test programmers with a smaller project first regardless of how good their ratings may be within a freelance site
  • Create extremely detailed specifications for your project

There’s a lot more advice and some great suggestions from John that I know will spark ideas for you while watching the video, so make sure you take notes when inspiration strikes. Here’s the video link again –

The Sales Pitch You Just Have To Watch

The second half of the video is the sales pitch, since obviously John is promoting his new training program Traffic Secrets 2.0.

What’s interesting about John’s pitch is how he’s decided to go opposite to what’s been prevalent in the last few years with Internet marketing product launches. He’s done a completely soft approach, there’s no upsells, no forced continuity, no false scarcity – pretty much any grumble people might have had about “marketing gimmicks” and John’s decided to blatantly state that he’s not doing it.

This in itself is a clever marketing tactic but it’s the execution that has to be watched. John has a very professional and clean-cut presentation style. It’s a serious presentation (no Frank Kern or Ed Dale antics here), John’s serious about his business and he’s put it all together in a video that gets the message across without any hyperbole.

And it’s worked on me – I want this product, bad.

I want it because of the videos I just watched. I want to learn John’s traffic tactics and also copy how he markets things. With John Reese you study what he says and how he says it.

John’s presentation style suits me. I like the soft sell, I use it myself all the time and I expect it’s going to pay off for him, especially as he’s priced the product lower than recent launches.

Traffic Secrets is just $397 for the product and access to any future upgrades.

During the second half of the video you will see what exactly is inside Traffic Secrets 2.0, which includes some DVDs and manuals and access to an online training resource. It’s sort of a melding between a home study and an online community, which is a nice approach.

The product goes live Tuesday 15th July 12 Noon EST and I’ll be there to buy my copy for sure.

Even if you have no intention of purchasing this, go watch the videos, see how video and a soft approach to selling can work and learn from both the content within the video and the strategy behind the video.

Here’s that link one more time:

Yaro Starak
Borrowing John’s Ideas

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  • It is so ironic that you mention this now. I am just starting to reach out to a select few fellow bloggers about developing software.

    In addition to being a blogger, I am also a software developer. I firmly believe that there is far greater profits in software than in traditional advertising.

    I am looking for domain experts who have specific ideas for software applications that can be built and possibly sold. I will built it, we can sell it, and we both make a lot $$$.

    Let me know if you have any ideas!

  • Isn’t the webworld getting overcrowded with advise on how to get increased traffic? I have tried a great many techniques and have come to the conclusion that a lot of it is due to good old chance. Some blogs, mediocre in their content get a lot of traffic and some with excellent content hardly get any.

  • Yaro,

    I’ve dealt with the freelance programmers – And I admit I did make mistake by not giving the ‘good rating guy’ with test project… He turned out to be ‘the not that good guy’ 😛

    Yes – Test with smaller project and give ultra-detailed project requirement is key in getting the most from freelance marketplace…


  • Hi Yaro,
    Reese has given a good tip here. While not a Secret Strategy, it may be overlooked by a lot of Internet Marketers, as a means of generating traffic.

    John’s Blog Rush is a great example, it’s on 1,000’s of blogs around the world (Including Yours!) and has given Reese massive exposure.

    I have a friend who put a simple Torrent application, that he found for free somewhere, up on, and it’s been downloaded over a Million Times!

    I think overall this looks like a Great Product!

  • I like the way John Reese promote this Traffic Secrets v2 as well.
    No hype. And the price is reachable to many as well. I was thinking in the range of thousand initially 😛

    For $397, I will be one of those to get it.

  • Hi Yaro!

    John is amazing, isn’t he. He seems to break all conventions taught by his dear guru friends like Jeff Walker or the Stompernet guys. I think John is reaching out for the long haul and gets his gear up and running to buy the entire Internet Marketing Make Money Online community. I am not saying, this is bad. John is known for providing value, he doesn’t trick people. What do you think? It’s an introductory offer to reach a mass market. Yours John

  • Will be interesting to see how high his Alexa ranking goes tomorrow on launch day.

  • Hi Yaro,

    John Reese always seems to provide great value in his products. They definitely broke the mold on him.


  • Managed to see the Traffic Secrets vdo. I agree it looked simple, but very powerful nonetheless. Do bear in mind, all these secrets will be well, just secrets if u don’t go ahead and apply it.

    …inspiring wealth into your life

  • Great Product! Thanks for the heads up and the video connect. Always good to get some refreshers, new ideas, and motivation to bringing in more and more readers, income, and then some.

    Thanks again Yaro.


  • Hi Yaro – wasn’t able to see any videos from your links – only the sales page. But anyway, I have already signed up and am waiting for my package to arrive. Along side this, I am waiting for the start of this year’s new Thirty Day Challenge: which will be providing free information on social marketing starting Aug 1st!

  • It’s a little late now, but Frank Kern created a limited time bonus offer for anybody that bought traffic secrets by yesterday. John will just tell him the total number sold, and Frank will ship a couple of DVDs (mass control, for one) to get sent along to everybody that purchased TS2 no matter whose link they used.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of upsell comes along with Frank’s DVDs, or at least what his next product offering is going to be so that he can take advantage of all the goodwill.

  • max

    I’m gona be honest, I don’t really like the idea of paying for info in this day and age… although it is becoming difficult to find good free information on creating traffic. I am trying to generate traffic for a new beta site we just launched ( and I was wondering if this would help? has Anyone else out there tried it?

  • Interesting Ideas, but nothing really new… I was kind of disappointed

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