Let Me Show You How My Blog Makes Money

Thanks to everyone who replied with such positive feedback about the Conversion Blogging video and the interview with Alborz, a million dollar blogger. It’s been truly overwhelming how many messages I’ve received plus there’s nearly 200 comments made to my blog in reply to the content, and it’s not even a week since I released it!

What I’m most happy about is how inspired you all sound and how you are ready to take your blogging seriously. If I can help a few more people realize the full time income from a blog dream, then I consider it job well done.

But we’re not finished yet!

How Does A Blog Make Money?

Next I have two videos, which are not quite as long as the previous videos, but definitely as compelling and full of great tips to help you make more from blogging.

Both videos are completely free and take you behind the scenes of this blog. The first shows you how I make money and the second shows how much I make. You can view the practical implementation and the financial outcome as a result.

These two videos should help demystify ambiguity you might be experiencing regarding how a blog like mine can make $10,000+ a month. Here are the videos…

How I Make Money Blogging

How I Make Money Blogging

Show Me The Money Video

Show Me The Money Video

Please reply with comments and let me know what you think of the videos.

Blog Mastermind Opens This Tuesday at 10 AM

By now you should well and truly realize that I’m not just giving away these videos because I can (well, I am in some ways… it is gratifying to see my work benefit people regardless of financial outcomes for me).

I’ve distributed all of this great content in part because I want to convince you to come work with me in my blog coaching program, Blog Mastermind.

I showed you some of the concepts I teach with Conversion Blogging and the Blog Profits Blueprint. I brought Alborz on stage to demonstrate that other, normal people just like you, can do this if you stick to it long enough to realize success. Today I’m showing you how I do it and giving you proof of what I earn.

All I want you to do in return is consider whether what I’ve shown you has been helpful and if so, whether more training of this quality, delivered in a structured format and all nicely packaged in a friendly community environment, is something you would like to take part in.

My coaching program opens on Tuesday July 29th – that’s this Tuesday. I’m aiming for a 10 AM EST USA time opening.

We should make that deadline, but of course I’ll let you know if there are delays. We have a couple of tests to run Monday and if they go okay, we will be good to go on Tuesday.

You might be wondering whether there will be a time limit or a limited number of spaces in the program. Let me put your mind at ease – I’m not closing the doors this time, nor will I be capping the number of people who can become members.

I will have some fast-action bonuses for the first 100 people who sign up, thus demonstrating their eagerness to participate (I like to reward the eager beavers with extra goodies). However, if you live on the other side of the world (Hi Australia – I miss you – I’ll be back soon!) or for whatever reason you can’t get to a computer when the doors open, don’t worry, you won’t miss out.

Get to a computer when you can and you will still be able to join my program.

How Much Will Blog Mastermind Cost?

The program is six months worth of training plus a members resources area and online community. You can participate in two ways –

Option 1: Pay $97 for the first month, try it and if you like it, continue to pay $97 a month for six months total. You will have immediate access to the member resources and online community and receive one lesson per week until you graduate in six months.

Option 2: Pay $497 upfront, save yourself $85 and get access to all the materials at once. You get instant downloads for all the lessons, the member resources and access to the online community.

There’s also a third “all you can eat” option, where you get all of the Blog Mastermind content (all of option 2 above) PLUS my second course, Membership Site Mastermind (currently not available to the public), which is my coaching program for people who want to start a membership site using a blog as a launch pad. You can get instant access to both these programs for the one time fee of $1497.

The sign-up page will break down every tiny detail about my coaching program, so bookmark the page below and on Tuesday you will be able to see all the details and join the program –


That’s it from me, enjoy the videos and get ready to begin your training with me from Tuesday onwards.

Yaro Starak
Demystifying Ambiguity

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Hey Yaro, that’s great! I’m going to give them a watch right now. I really like your stuff. I’m not a newbie to it or anything but always pick up some great info from you. I’m sure I’ll like them..take care and thanx again.


  • Hey Yaro

    We miss you in Australia… Great videos you are putting out… it’s going to be an awesome program. I can’t wait till it opens.



  • really eye opening stuff

  • Hey Yaro

    All the best for the launch. I’ll be watching with eager anticipation.

    Gideon Shalwick

  • It is Tuesday already here. I am having a tough time waiting. Very interested in the Blog Mastermind Course.

  • Awesome…can’t wait until Tuesday. 2 more sleeps form where I am at…feels like xmas or something like that!

    I really intend to learn a lot but even better…apply everything that I learn!

  • I AM...

    Is it going to be mostly video training?

    • No it’s not, it’s mostly text and audio versions of the text in lesson format. Plus audio interviews, video case studies, a social traffic club, community forum, direct access to me during live teleconferences, etc etc.

      There’s a lot to it and it’s all explained at http://www.blogmastermind.com/coaching/ from Tuesday onwards.

  • Yaro,

    These videos are very down to earth and useful for everyone. I like the layout and feel of your blog. Not cluttered and the colors are easy on the eyes. I have some work to do!


  • Just had to also say that I loved the video as well. It’s made me rethink my site and I’ll be doing a complete makeover with it and taking on your ideas on how to maintain it. It’s been very neglected.

    And I think you are probably a lot warmer than us here in Australia at the moment so enjoy your trip.

  • Thanks for all the great videos Yaro. I cannot afford to pay that much money for a course at the moment (already forked out $6,000 for an entrepreneurs course 6 months ago) but your videos have really helped me and I look forward to all the content on your blog (I subscribed to your RSS feed). I run an entrepreneurs blog so your blog helps me out alot

  • Great stuff Yaro! I don’t think you can make it any easier for a newbie to get started making money on the Internet.

    Can Blog Mastermind help me boost traffic for my blog in a totally organic way?

    • But of course – most of my traffic is organic – it’s all about content production strategies and we talk a lot about that in Blog Mastermind.

  • Thanks Yaro, looking forward to watching them 🙂

  • Christophe

    The 2 videos in the post are the same Yaro 😉

    • Nope they’re not. Look at the time at the bottom of each video, it is different.

      Watch them both properly and I promise you will see they are VERY different.

  • I have signed up. Looking forward to learn from you!

  • Christophe

    Hi Yaro, the 2 vidéos on the post are the same (or i’m the only one who have this bug ?)

    • As above – if you actually watch both videos you will see they are VERY different.

      One shows how I make money, the other shows pictures of checks and emails I receiving from each different promotion showing how much I earn.

  • Christophe

    Yep it’s true, it’s a bug with my browser (it fail to load the second video and I just see a blank space). On another computer it’s ok.

    Thanks for your answer !

    I have a question for you precisely, do you think that your method can give something on the French market ? Everything is much smaller for us, win a few thousands of dollars is very rare, we can not benefit from services like Digg or others, the relationship to money is different (it is quite frowned upon to announce its earnings, …), etc

    PS : sorry for the inconvenience, for the double post and for my english (i’m from France).

    • Oh definitely – honestly I’m always amazed when people think it’s harder in other non-English markets.

      It’s not true – it’s easier because there is not as much competition and plenty of untapped opportunities.

      Most blogs are built on the back of great content – it doesn’t matter what language that content is in, as long as there are a few million web surfers who also speak that language.

      • Christophe

        Thanks for the answer Yaro !

        There is less competition, that is true, but there is much less potential readers as well 😉 10 or 20 blogs around the same niche isn’t really conceivable.

        There is also a big difference which is the mentality of advertisers. Very few of them would be willing to invest $ 200/month for a 125*125. We have just 1 “big” (1.000+ readers) blog on the monetization and he earns not so much.

        There should be only 10 to 12 blogs (not speaking of “people blog”) who earn more than $ 3,000 per month (I think even that is less than 10 but I do not know them all).

        Everything is on a smaller scale so the gains also, for example our best digg (which seems to be Scoopeo) reported … 500 to 1000 visits for a homepage, nothing compared to Digg or others.

        But I really hope that you a reason, it would leave opportunities 😉

  • RhondaL

    Thank you for your generosity with your experience and expertise. I hope this doesn’t sound too presumptuous, but … if it’s not too much trouble, could you please add the smaller version to these, like you did with the conversion blogging video?

    Having the second option for downloading was ever so helpful. Otherwise, the video lags far behind the audio. It’s not an issue when you’re just talking to us. I’ve enjoyed listening to “Yaro Radio,” but when you’re showing us visuals, my download of the video ends up way behind the audio.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Rhonda – I will, but it won’t happen for a few days as I need to organize the opening of Blog Mastermind first.

      I just ran out of time for these videos.

  • Yaro,

    Again – Great vids!

    Alas, your Blog Mastermind videos are slow and patchy – the blame is on my not-so-broad broadband 😀

    Are there any ways to have a lower quality ones, to cater readers with slow Internet connection just like me?


    • Yes – I have to admit I didn’t have time to create the smaller versions of these last two videos and I also rendered these at too high a quality setting.

      The Conversion Blogging and Blog Profits Blueprint videos should have been quicker for you and there were small versions of those too.

      In case people are wondering, Blog Mastermind is not a video based training program – the core training is text with audio versions of the text. There are a few videos, but they are all on speedy servers and much smaller file sizes.

  • Great Stuff Yaro. It’s always good to show people how to make money via blogs and to show them that you do and can make money. It inspires those bloggers that are stuck in a rut and unable to make it over the next hump.

    Be it a dollar or two or three, or 100. You always need some help. Especially from someone who has been there and done that.

  • Yaro, just wondering do you offer one one one section for Membership Site Mastermind member?

    • Not strictly one-on-one. We do live group teleconferences where you can speak to me one on one, but with everyone else on the call listening.

      Not so many people take advantage of teleconferences though, so it’s usually a small group.

  • stuart

    HI Yaro,
    Would it be possible for some of to get onboard for a smaller fee per month for the first 100 say $57/month. This would be tremendous help for some of us like myself who are on very low income support from the government as I’ve been out of work for some time due to health problems. We simply dont have the money to afford £50GBP/month, I realize its super value but so many things online are out of reach for many of us.

    One further point I would like to say. Sadly so many of us have been stung by spending our money on useless membership sites and have to cancel our membership only to have lost more money. No one talks about this.

    Yaro I know you are the best and your videos are superb. I know if I join I would continue as I want to succeed with my blog and its vital to me to have your coaching as you are the only person I would trust. I think you have a great voice and are superb at getting the message across to folk:-)

    Here’s hoping you will be compassionate to some of us.

    God Bless


    • Hi Stuart, I get a few emails similar to yours and my reply is the same.

      If your budget is that tight I don’t want you in my program, there’s just too much pressure on you to succeed that you might freak out.

      What I want you to do is take your motivation and go through my free content, in particular the Blog Profits Blueprint.

      If you action what you learn in the Blueprint you can earn your first dollars online. Once you do that, reinvest the money in my full coaching program to take things to the next level.

      That way you only spend what you already make from blogging to earn more from blogging.

      Good luck!


  • Very informative videos Yaro. Looking forward on the launch…

  • Yaro I know you said the videos aren’t the same, but they are. I know you probably made 2 different videos, but each one has the exact same run length, and each of your video’s above link to the same spot: http://www.blogmastermind.com/video/how.php

    I’d like to watch the second video but again, both links lead to the same video.

    • Hi Alex,

      There is apparently a bug with a few browsers that might create the problem you are having.

      No one else has reported the issue, so I suggest Alex if you can, get to a different computer with a FireFox browser and see if that works for you.

  • Yaro,

    Of all the blogs that I have come across about “blogging as a business,” yours has been the most catalytic for me. I have tried to start blogs in the past, but never kept up.l

    I have determined that this time I will make it work.

    Thanks for your committment to keeping us committed!

  • You can generate lots of money from your blog if you’re a web savvy and if you’re not then my advice is try to become a web savvy person so that you can have excellent shot of making decent amount of money from your blog to make your living online.

    You need to know a vast variety of methods to earn a huge sum of money online.

  • Thanks for putting these videos together Yaro! It is a lot of help and inspiration to us still not making five figures monthly 🙂

  • Yaro, Thanks for taking the time to go over the great information you covered in the videos, I enjoyed learning about the different ways of making money and I really enjoyed you “backing it up”. Thanks. While i can;t do the program now, it is something i will do.

  • Blogs are an excellent way to make money, but they take a lot of time before they start to make money.

    Much you get about 6 months to a year in, you should be in good position to start turning a nice profit, if you did everything right.

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