Extended Deadline On The Blog Mastermind Fast Action Bonuses

I just sent this notice to my email newsletter. Sorry for the copy and paste below, but it’s a little busier than usual today at Yaro HQ and I think you need to know about this too, in case you are not on my newsletter.

If you haven’t joined Blog Mastermind yet, I have good news, I’ve extended the deadline on the bonuses to all members who join within 24 hours of opening. You have until 10 AM Eastern USA time, Wednesday July 30th.

You can sign up at the link below and as long as the clock is before that time, you qualify for the fast-action bonuses –


Here’s my explanation for the change…

I said I would update you on the status of the fast action bonuses you receive if you joined Blog Mastermind today and were one of the first 100 people to do so.

Unfortunately I didn’t think we would get to the first 100 so fast – we made it there shortly after lunch time, after a 10 AM start. That was quick and I’m thankful we have so many great new students in my program.

However, what this means is that all of the people on different time zones to where I am presently (Toronto, on Eastern North America time) never had a chance at the bonuses. They woke up, got their email about Blog Mastermind opening, and were already too late.

I’ve already had one person from New Zealand complain about the problem.

Now, as an Aussie myself (I know I sound like a strange Hybrid-Aussie-Canadian – blame the parents for that one! – I was born in Brisbane, Australia), I totally understand what it is like to miss out on things because of the time difference.

So, because of this and because I’ve realized it’s crazy-hard for me to figure out exactly who made the top 100 cut-off I’ve decided to make the deadline a full 24 hours from when the doors opened.

My email system has a time stamp on all emails, so as long as your order confirmation comes in to me with the time stamp within that 24 hour period, you qualify for the bonuses.

That gives everyone a chance to join and qualify for the bonuses, no matter where on this planet you are.

As a reminder of what bonuses are on offer, you can see them here – Fast Action Bonuses Breakdown

If you are reading this and it’s not yet 10 AM Eastern USA time on Wednesday July 30th, then you can still make it.

This is the link to sign-up –


As clarification, Blog Mastermind remains open and does not have a closing deadline. You can join when you are ready after reading all about the program at the order page. It’s only the fast action bonuses that have a 24 hour cut-off.

Yaro Starak
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  • Us Aussies are so considerate of almost everyone else being behind the times!

  • Jade Craven

    I suspected this was going to happen 🙂 Even so, this Aussie ordered at midnight. I promptly went to bed but theoretically, now i can wake up each Wednesday to a new lesson.

    I am very thankful however of being charged in Australian dollars. I always get worried about getting charged in US dollars, as my credit card has a tiny limit.

    I am genuinely excited to be part of this program. I am going through a lot of the extra audio and video material provided and feel like I can really put the next six months to great use.

    I would love to hear about your experiences with the launch process in future posts 🙂 Its the first time I’ve been hyped about an internet launch; it was a similar feeling to the Harry Potter book releases.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I just signed up a couple of hours ago, but I wasn’t aware of the extension. I don’t see a link on the BM site to claim the bonuses. Should we expect an email, or is there some action we need to take on our part?

    • Hi Andre,

      The bonuses are live teleconferences that will be held in August. The downloads will be available after that.

      Assuming you bought in the first 24 hours you qualify.

      Later in the week I’ll let everyone know who made the cut-off, but assuming you ordered in that 24 hour period you will receive the email.


  • Jonathan

    Hi Yaro

    This looks perfect. The Social Traffic Club very looks valuable indeed and I’d subscribe just for that alone. 🙂

    But I’m in Europe until August 20. I plan to join up when I return. Will the doors still be open?


  • Would love to be able to do this but maybe another time. I will just have to be content will all of the valuable info you give away.

  • Yaro,

    I signed up yesterday at 10:28am and have not received any info or log int details. When will those be sent to us?


    • Hi Miss Gisele,

      Please email support@blogmastermind.com and forward your payment receipt and we will get you a form to create your membership account.

      You must have got stuck half way through the ordering process.


  • When I say yesterday – I mean July 29 at 10:28am.

    • See comment above – about 5% of new members have had problems with their order so we are giving them a manual option to create their account.

  • Yaro,

    I just signed up for the coaching program. I look forward to it!

  • Lyndsay

    Hi Yaro

    I signed up first thing this morning (30th) UK time and have not recieved any login details yet.

    I have contacted your support email but no reply.

    When will I get my login details? Getting a little concerned at the silence.


    • Hi Lyndsay – I think we already sorted this out via the support email.

      Let me know if you have any more problems.


  • Hello Yaro,

    I signed up for your program last night at about 4:00 Am EST or some time in the early morning and I have yet to get any log in information. I would like to access the site today.

    Thanks in advance! I know that these launches can take a toll so I am understanding…just excited!

    • Hi Xman,

      Please email support@blogmastermind.com with your payment receipt and I’ll get you set up.

      You must be in that 5% who got stuck along the order process.


      • Hey no worries Yaro!

        I know how launches can go! =-)

        Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Yaro,
    I am sure that your program is worth every penny of it, but it is still very expensive for me. So I guess I’ll have to wait till the time I’ll be able to generate sufficient income to join your program.

  • Yaro,

    Wow – that’s really pushing me to join your program…

    Pondering – pondering – pondering…

  • I wanted to join a year ago but couldn’t (it’s a long story) – I am not going to miss my chance now!

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