AffSphere – A New Article Directory With Perks Beyond Just Traffic

Update: I put this post up just before Anik went into launch mode, so the directory link below points to a sales page at the moment. I’ve emailed Anik to find out how to get free access to the directory again and will update the post as soon as I find out myself! Sorry about the confusion – this surprised me too!

Update 2: Anik just sent me the link. To go straight to the article directory, go to The links below will take you to a page that sells a $10 report on how Anik has been using article marketing to make money during the previous four years before you get to the directory.

A long time ago I conducted an article marketing experiment to promote my blog using the article directory site The experiment didn’t go brilliantly, however there were good reasons – I just didn’t do it for long enough.

I’ve remained wary of article marketing since then, preferring to outsource the work if I do it at all. I still believe it’s a good system to build traffic, it’s just not going to blow you away in a short period of time. Like most things when it comes to online marketing, it takes time and consistent testing to deliver a good result.

AffSphere Opens

This week a recent new friend of mine, Anik Singal, released a new article marketing directory called AffSphere.

Here’s a video explaining what AffSphere is –

The core function of AffSpehere is like any other article directory service – you submit articles and they are syndicated across the web. In return you get traffic when a person who reads the article clicks the link in your signature file.

That’s where the similarities between AffSphere and other directories end. AffSphere has a few more features that designed to help you make money, including –

  • A credit system that triggers each time you submit an article or refer other people into AffSphere. You can use those credits to run your own banners or AdSense across the AffSphere network.
  • You are permitted to include affiliate links in the articles you submit, although as Anik notes, you reduce the likelihood your article will be picked up by others if you have obvious promotion in your articles.
  • The opportunity to earn commissions for referrals into the AffiliateClassroom training course (one of Anik’s training courses). This could be quite lucrative as all AffSphere new sign-ups are offered a $1 trial into AffiliateClassroom.

There are more benefits on top of this and you can watch and listen to Anik explain the details in this video –

What I like about AffSphere is the greater return on investment you get for each article you submit. Time will tell whether the syndication of articles will deliver results, but regardless of this outcome, you are guaranteed additional benefits just for using the system.

You might want to consider adding this one to your “to-do” list as a marketing experiment. If you usually outsource your article marketing, this is definitely a site you want to include in your submission list.

Here’s the link to sign-up to AffSphere (for free) –

Now I’m going to go try a little test myself and see how it goes and use the credits to run the Blog Mastermind banners across the network.

Yaro Starak
Article Marketing

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  • This is pretty interesting but the only problem is that people might spend too much time promoting this web site instead of really concentrating on what really matters, their own blog. I do like these kind of directories for bloggers but I do think they take away from what the real mindset should be for a blogger. I believe if bloggers take the time to post good content more than once a day and comment on more than 40 blogs a day and they will have no problem bringing traffic to their web site and making money.

    • You’re right – which is why I’d outsource this task.

      Hire someone for $10 an hour to submit your articles for you. If you have them do 1-2 hours a week you could probably submit around 5-10 articles a week, which could add up big time.

      Provided you have source of content of course.

      You don’t want to take away blog writing time to write for article directories, unless of course you don’t have a blog!

      • Yaro, did you outsource work before or after you began making money from your site, or before or after you have lots of traffice?

        At this beginning stage of my site, I don’t feel comfortable outsourcing any kind of work until I get enough traffic. My goal is to reach 100 readers daily in 3 months. Is this goal too big?


  • I think Anik has done a good job with this, but revenue sharing, advert credits etc. are nothing new.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it will do good in the long run, but I believe it will take some time.

    You have to realize EzineArticles didn’t start sending traffic to it’s authors sites immediately.

    It took years to build up that authority and trust in the SE’s and no matter how many authors AFFSphere retains during launch and no matter how many people promote this, the real traffic comes down to SE authority and that’s something that doesn’t come with a big launch. Unfortunately that’s something that needs to be earned with the SE’s.

    • You make some good points Josh, which is why I think it’s even better the other benefits are there until AffSphere builds up credibility and a large database of content. You gain something immediately after submitting your content.

  • I love the idea of being able to put your own affiliate links straight into the articles. As it allows people to make a little money on the side promoting various different products without needing to clog up their blog with tons of promotions. Write about a new product every day with a link at the end and start watching the money pile up quickly 🙂

  • I couldn’t agreed more with some of you. I outsource for people to write articles and post for me but I will like to write a good content for my blog.

  • Yaro,

    AffSphere is indeed not one-of-those-common article directory on the Net.

    I’m visiting the site right now and I can tell it has a lot of potential. IMO, it’s better for me to submit my articles to AffShpere than to eZineArticles due to it’s features (that help to us make more money :D).


    • Submit to both of them, just remember to spin them first.

      Don’t forget Buzzle. I get more traffic from Buzzle, than I do eZine.

  • Hi,
    I think Anik’s new directory is great especially for newbies in article marketing,as it gives them a chance to be seen easily,and it motivates even someone who doesn’t like writing to try out even a single article.AFFsphere rocks!


  • Article marketing isn’t for everyone. It takes time to write – or money to pay other people to write quality articles. You also need to conduct some keyword research to know that you’re writing about subjects people are actually searching for. That said – a well written article on a directory site can bring you lots of targeted traffic – and link juice if other people add the article to their website.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I am a Photographer in Miami – Ft. Lauderdale – Florida
    I have been writing few articles and placed them at But I loved this post and the idea of For sure I will be trying that.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Paulo Jordao

  • Too much hype and too many promises makes me worry especially when the whole herd of marketers start promoting something.

  • I think this is great, I just signed up and I will give it a try. Thanks for the info!


  • I agree with a couple of posters above who say they like the idea of being able to
    include an aff/link in an article – granted such an article will not get picked up for
    publishing by other bloggers but I would be writing this type of article for promotion
    Thanks for the review Yaro, I’m going over there to look it over!

    Fran 🙂

  • Yaro – when you recommended Ezine Articles, you suggested submitting our blog posts – I submitted one, slightly altering it to make it more article-like. I was enthusiastic about this because it brought me some traffic, but I have since read that having duplicate content on the web leads to Google penalising you in some way – have you any thoughts on this? Ta.

    • I recommend you make sure the article is significantly different to your blog post. I’d go for at least 50% different, though other people might recommend a different ratio.

      Duplicate content is an issue, so if you are going to use your blog posts for article marketing, change them or only use a handful of your posts – like one from every 20 blog posts you do.

  • I spend enough time writing articles/posts for my blog, I don’t know how much more time I could dedicate to writing for affsphere. But when you look at it, I really get a reality check when I read Ultimate Blogging Experiment’s comment that we need to write every day and comment on at least 40 other blogs per day!

    I know he is not exaggerating. You do need to put in a lot of hours to get your blog some “density” at any level. What I’ve done is come to a realization that we have to spend a lot of time putting in masses of articles into our blog to increase its natural/organic search results probability like Josh Spaulding says above too. has said it best, Content is NOT King. She states that 20 of her 400 posts generate 90% of her site traffic as those articles are the most popular. What I have found is that two of my articles are currently responsible for 100% of my traffic (although limited at this time). I say, post your articles in your site and if they don’t produce, migrate them over to article sites and keep the ones that produce on yours.

    Anyway, gotta go for now, when I type on google, I get 84 results. Compare that to Yaro’s 2,670 and JohnChow’s 2,890 and I’ve got a “s___load” of articles more to write, -hoping to hit those 20 superstars along the way. 🙂

  • Hey Yaro,

    Site looks great but their search is failing – I could not research what they already on my topic. If you know the guy you should let him know about it.

    thanks for the tip

  • Thanks you Yarak.
    I will use this system.
    Some of the above mention about time intrigue me.
    Time is what has allowed my businesses to grow steadily over the past 50 years.
    Time is my friend.
    The more I have, “the longer I am LIVING”!

  • Hi – I did sign up. There does seem to be a problem where the affiliate links all point to the sales page for the E-Book. Can’t people just refer eachother to the article directory as affiliates? That would be much simpler.

  • Very cool – Articles directories are always the same, it is nice to see someone with some new ideas for them.

  • robin has a very good question. how does google look at that duplicate content.

    another question is…can you tell us where you go to get these people to submit the articles for $10 per hour.? where do you find them?

    i signed up and submitted an article and got it approved fairly quickly, but it would not let me insert an image into the article.

  • Hi, Yaro,

    I’m new to blogging, but have decided that is going to be the focus of my business. Since I’m one of the starvin’ marketers, I plan to use aarticle marketing for promotion. Problem is that I need a 40 hour day to fit all the necessities in. Since I’ll be writing both for back links and traffic the new article site is probably not going to be one I’ll use right away…I want my articles to be picked up for re-publication and my feeling is that affiliate links within them will undercut that goal a lot since the “standard” is not to allow such links.

    I love your blog and feel I can learn a lot by following it. Thank you.


  • Hi Yaro,

    I enjoy your blog.

    I think Affsphere at the very least is worth a try.

    Anik, being an affiliate, is pretty focused on different ways you can make income with affsphere.

    Also traffic and backlinks cant hurt.

    I personally am following your recommendations to outsource some article writing. And will be putting them up on affsphere and


  • Hi Yaro. I just received an email about AffSphere the other day. I looked at it and didn’t take it too seriously, but after reading about it here, it has a little more credibility with me. Thanks for the article. I will have to take a look at it again.

  • Stanley Zebell

    This is interesting, but it also smells of the Internet version of AmWay or Avon.

  • For starters, it looks interesting.

    Though, it all depends upon how creative and innovative you are in article marketing.

    Despite what you may have heard, pre-selling through articles has done a wonderful job in affiliate marketing as well.

  • Hi,

    I think that AffSphere sure has some potential as it has tried to differentite itself from most article directories.

    Also, not everyone finds article marketing effecting while others swear by it. I feel that you should actually stick to your traffic generating strategies instead of jumping from one strategy to another.

    Also, it is good to do some web analytics and find out whether your traffic generating strategies have been effective in generating leads that actually convert on your site.

    Happy Blogging!

    Guppy Breeder and Tropical Fish Blogger

  • I keep on researching in a regular basis for finding new article directories to submit articles. I’m going to submit my articles in your very soon.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for passing along this useful information. I like the concept however last weekend I lost the ability to post more articles. I keep getting a technical error. I figured it was temporary so I tried again a few days ago only to get the same problem. I emailed Affsphere yesterday and have not received a response. I know that’s not along time but I noticed another Affsphere user posted a frustrated message in the helpdesk section of the site four days ago and there’s yet to be a reply.

    Any chance you can tap Anik on the shoulder to see what’s going on?

    By the way, I am really enjoying Blog Mastermind.


    • Hi Laura – Not sure what is going on there. I’ll bring your comment to Anik’s attention.

  • otr

    I’ve tried ezinearticles before but like what you said, didn’t really stick to it long enough. I don’t think this new system is a panacea and certainly not a substitute for hard work.

  • My take on this is that Anik is a very successful affiliate marketer who achieved his results through article marketing and viral reports. He has established the highly successful Affiliate Classroom membership site. I think he is being generous in the way he shares revenue from AffSphere – so many people use your intellectual capital (articles) and give little in return.

    Articles do bring traffic but they also build your Internet profile and your credibility. My view is that, in these Web 2.0 times, you need to use multiple approaches to marketing. I use Squidoo as a means of integrating my blogging, article writing, social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and video/photo marketing.

    By way of example, my Squidoo lens about AffSphere is sitting in the number 3 position on Google (for the keyword – affsphere), as I write this post.

    I really enjoy the open discussion that Yaro provides here and the insights that people freely share.

  • An article directory with more options to make money sounds interesting. I will check out AffSphere for my blog promotion. Thanks for the post. I have seen AffSphere promotion before but never tried it.

    After reading your post I feel like trying it out. Will give it a shot.

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