Traffic Secrets 2.0 Has Arrived – Join My Private Club Now

My copy of Traffic Secrets 2.0 from John Reese arrived last week and I’m about to dive in and study the resources.

Here’s a short video of me going through the product –

To order go here:

If you haven’t ordered your copy it’s not too late, you can purchase Traffic Secrets 2.0 and you are still eligible for my bonus, an invitation into my private Traffic Secrets club, including access to the members only forums and live teleconferences with me.

Over 50 people have already ordered through my link and so far the feedback on the course is very good. John’s produced a really polished product.

The study package and access to the Traffic Secrets 2.0 live community costs $397 and in my case I think that’s great value because just a 1% increase in my sales as a result of a boost to my traffic easily recoups my cost, but I expect it will help me a lot more than that.

For more information about what is in the package, see here –

If you can’t afford to buy Traffic Secrets 2.0 you should at least spend some time watching the free videos John released in the lead up to the product launch if you haven’t seen them already. Here are the links –

How To Claim The Bonus

After ordering Traffic Secrets 2.0, send through your receipt to and I’ll send you details for the private club with me.

No doubt what John teaches me will influence some of the future posts at this blog. I won’t be able to go into as much detail as the full training package does, but hopefully I can share a few nuggets based on my own interpretation and testing of the techniques.

Yaro Starak
Traffic Tactician

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  • Hi, Yaro.

    Congratulations for getting TS2.0. I wish I could afford it…I hope John stills sells it when I can ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maybe you should try the sneaky Frank Kern approach to get more people to buy through your link. He would say something like: “John is a cool dude and I like his stuff but seriously don’t buy it from me because I can’t give you anything for it. I wish I had a special bonus for you but I don’t have one… ” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a nice day and a lot of fun with the course.

    • Ditto to that, $400 is a little too pricey for me right now, but hopefully this time next month I will be able to afford it, if I keep my business going the way it is.

  • Hey Yaro

    Just noticing the links to John’s vids are pointing to his sales page.

    Maybe they’re not available any longer?

    Would to be good to be able to watch them again if you could pull a few strings ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Oh you are right Gideon – I’ll ask him about getting new links to see if the videos are anywhere else.

  • ‘Traffic Tactician’…Love the signature…Very clever.

  • Hey Yaro!

    I too just got this course a couple of weeks ago and I have already almost finished it and it is quite good. I am anxious to hear your thoughts. I am going to be doing a review of it this week on my Blog as well and it is ALL GOOD! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope that you are having a great week!

    • I better get studying it then XMAN – feel free to come back here and post a link to your review once you are done. I’d like to read it.

  • G’Day Yaro,

    got my package here in Brisbane

    Very impressed with the quality of the product.

    p.s. just completed lession 3 of Blogmastermind

    Are you back in Oz yet?

    • No yet Jason – I’ll be back in time for new years. Still have trips to New York, Montreal and then Europe on the cards.

  • I have looked into this and I just think that the traffic secrets 2.0 is too expensive. Some people pay the price for this and then get nothing out of it. That could be just because they aren’t as driven as others. I believe that if you’re really driven anyways you can get traffic to any web site that you want. There are tons of free tips all over the Internet.

  • Yaro, I just brought a friend to lunch whose visiting California from Australia. I asked him “Do you know Yaro?” and guess what he said!?!?!?!!!?

    he said no, i guess you’re not as popular in Australia as I had thought. booo

  • I would love to be able to afford the system, but I am totally skint at the moment, however, it looks amazing!

  • Dave

    Looking forward to your review Yaro, to see if I should get it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Yaro, I look forward to hearing how you get on with John’s course over the coming months. I wanted to get it but can’t stretch to it just yet.

    Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi, great blog here! I hope you’ll also check out Technology Goddess. You are really sharing some relevant info. for folks who are starting their online business. Our staff went through Traffic Secrets, and having learned from one of the best Search Marketers and SEOs in the country I didn’t pick up a whole lot of new information overall, BUT I would say that on each DVD there were several key points he made that caught my attention and made me go “Hmmmmmm” and jot down a note to remember it. Now that I have had a few days to mull it over, and look at the entire course as a whole, I feel he really put together a great package of solid A-Z traffic information any entrepreneur can use and get results with. I think many online business owners have all the pieces, know a lot about what to do, but NOT how to put it together. His blueprints at the end really do that.

  • Jay Rogers

    (Yaro, this is my second attempt for this comment. If this does not go through, I will cancel my RSS feed from you. And take you out of my bookmarks. If you are a stand-up guy, you will let this comment go through. If not, it tells me all you care about is promoting people’s products just to get a commission. Prove me wrong!)

    I bought John Reese’s Traffic Secrets in 2004, and although it had some good information, I felt it was OVERPRICED at $1,000 freakin’ dollars. Most of it was stuff that I learned from other Internet marketers. There was only about 3 or 5 things in it that was useful. It should have been $350 or less.

    As for Traffic Secrets 2.0, I plan on passing on it, because I do not want to get burned again. Had to be said, had too!


    • Hey Jay – My comment filter must have ate your first attempt – sorry about that, it happens sometimes.

      There’s always people who buy a product who are not suited to it, that’s why there is a refund policy. I plan for around 10% refunds for most things I sell online – if I can keep it that low I know I’m doing well because 90% of the people are benefiting from my work.

      I expect John is the same with his products and you just happen to fit in the 10% who are not suited to it, but by the sounds of it you are a very experienced Internet marketer, so that is likely why.

      I’m going through Traffic Secrets 2.0 now myself and as an experienced Internet marketer not much of it is new to me, however as always in my case, it’s those one or two nuggets that make it worth while.

      So far for me, the part about the content factory has been enough reason for me to invest $397 in the product, so I’m happy with it.

      • Jay Rogers


        Thanks for replying about my comment. You are truly a stand-up guy. After my experience with the first Traffic Secrets, I just decided to take it as a loss, BUT I am 99% percent sure that will never buy Internet marketing products again . The $1,000 still stings. If I ever consider buying a product again, it would have to be less than $200 bucks. These days whenever I get a pitch to buy something for Internet marketing, I just ignore it.

        I do have my own resources, in which I do not need to pay someone to teach me “another secret”. My girlfriend showed me a self-help book the other day, in which the author mentioned that sometimes “you have to forgive yourself for buying a guru’s product or service”. So I been telling myself “forgive yourself Jay for buying Traffic Secrets”.

        Well that it all. You have great blog and I will continue to read it!


  • Dear Yaro,

    I have been reading your blog for the past 2 days and I have gained a lot of knowledge from it. I may invest in some of the products that you mentioned here although in the past I have some bad experience investing in highly priced product but getting me with no result. I will explore on this blog as I just came across it 2 days ago. God bless.


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