Toronto Meet-Up This Thursday (Say Hello to Yaro and John Chow)

I finally had a chance to organize the Toronto meet-up I’ve been promising so many people since I arrived here.

As a lucky coincidence, John Chow is also in town, and like we did with the Vancouver meet-up and his Dot Com Pho regular gatherings, we decided to combine meet-ups for T-dot too.

If you are in Toronto and like to hang out with me, John Chow and the other people and bloggers who attend, come along this Thursday night (August 21st) at 7PM, to the Live Organic Food Bar.

Full location details are at this Facebook event page –

Please click the attend button on that page if you can make it so we know how many people are coming.

The location I’ve picked is a raw organic food restaurant (they have an amazing chocolate smoothie!). There are some cooked meals too, but everything is vegetarian, which might be scary for hardcore carnivores.

There is an Irish Pub down the road we are going to use in the event of rain or if too many people show up. We might just head there afterwards for those people who want to drink something harder. The pub is a 5 min walk – it’s called the “The Pour House” on 182 Dupont.

I hope to see a good crowd and I look forward to meeting many of my Toronto readers.

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  • hi yaro
    any chance, or any wild coicident of you ever making it to India???????
    welll just hoping like hell you do some day.
    you will be really surpriced to know how big a celebrity you are here.

    • No planned trips to India at this stage sorry! Maybe one day.

  • I wish I was in Toronto for this.

  • I’ll be there Yaro,

    I’m looking forward to meeting you.

  • Now I wish I can go to Toronto. I’m a measly student who don’t have the money and time to travel. But I wish you guys to have fun there. If it’s also possible, could you guys go to the Philippines? It’s quite near. Or maybe I should just go to Australia. .

  • Wish I could be there. I shall be too far away from the action. All the best to all of you and may you have great weather!

  • Yaro, you’re killing me here! When are you going to make it to the eastern coast (Halifax, Moncton, or Saint-John)? I;ll be the first in line when you come!

    • I’m heading as far as Quebec city – but that’s it sorry. Too cold where you come from ­čÖé

  • I will try to make it. I’m in the GTA. Meeting you two would be unreal.

  • Aww Yaro…

    Any plan to meet up in any Asian region? ;P

    • Maybe on the way back to Australia – though Singapore is the most likely destination since I can fly straight back to Brisbane from there.

  • This is why I love visiting the States – these types of events happen all the time, and Canada is so close that it is an easy trip. Living in Australia limits the types of events that go on so we kind of miss the interaction with fellow internet marketers and bloggers.

  • I agree with Paula, hope we have a meet-up here in Melbourne too

  • Hey Yaro,
    I will be there tomorrow. I hope it will be a very positive event.
    A Dawn Journal

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