10 Ways I Sabotaged My Success And How To Avoid My Mistakes

There are many reasons why success took its time for me. Nearly all the reasons were my own fault.

Interestingly however, I have recently noticed that many others stumble with some of the very same issues. Thus by learning to overcome these problem elements we all have a much greater chance of success or increasing our current rate of success.

It was only after I finally tasted success, that I was able to look back and actually see what had been holding me back. By reciting them here, perhaps it may help some of you to clearly see certain obstacles that may be holding you back too. As only when we clearly know what the problems are, can we apply an effective solution.

Here are 10 ways I sabotaged my success:

1. I Listened To Far Too Many People

Whenever I needed advice, I asked around. I’ve never been shy of seeking anyone’s opinion. The problem is, often the avenues I used to ask such questions led to far too many answers. That often confused me and actually slowed my work down as I was dealing with information overload.

Asking a question on a forum, for example, can bring you scores of replies, but you cannot really trust any reply as none of them really know YOUR business.

The Solution:

  • Do not collect advice. Take advice from someone who has the life you want. Stick with them until they can offer no more advice then add a new mentor.
  • Learn to be specific in your questions as this always gets you relevant and useful answers. Simply asking ‘how do I make money with my blog?’ may bring a variety of different answers, all relevant but maybe in totally different directions. Asking a more specific question that is relevant to your situation such as ‘how do I make money from the mailing list that I collected from my blog?’ will elicit more targeted answers, perhaps some that you can action straight away.

2. I Did Not Have A Mentor

Of course you can make a success of yourself without a mentor, but be prepared for it to take perhaps 3 or 4 times longer. I tried to plough through the world of online marketing on my own before I accidentally found myself a great mentor. What this guy taught me within six months, changed my life and success story forever.

The Solution:

  • Find someone who has the life you want and convince them that you are worthy to be mentored.
  • Catch your target mentor’s attention through comments on their blog that are thoughtful – it’s so simple and it works, just be consistent. Yaro himself has mentioned numerous times that good comments on this blog catch his attention as a surprisingly small number of readers ever make the effort.
  • Think about what you can do for them in return. Why should they invest time in you and not someone else? Make yourself attractive to them.

3. I Focused On Far Too Many Things At Once

This is indicative of what I like to call ‘the entrepreneur’s curse’. The problem with me being both creative and an entrepreneur was that I could not seem to finish anything, as I could always dream up a hundred other great new projects.

The problem was that because I had so many projects on the go at once, none of them received the dedication they required, and naturally many of them fell below par. That is until I learnt to focus on one thing and do it well.

The Solution:

  • I developed my rule of 3 which stipulates that you must always think in threes. Write down the three most important tasks of the day. What are the three key features that your product must have, what are the three key messages your readers should learn etc. It helps you prioritise and stay focused on what is important.
  • Don’t overcomplicate things. Think in three and prioritise, as it is better to do three things well each day then 10 things that you will never be happy with.

4. I Never Finished Things

Half finished products got me nowhere as I could not sell them or do anything with them. They sat there, waiting to be forgotten.

That is until my mentor instilled one very important habit – the habit of finishing something. It’s contagious, once you feel the relief and exhilaration of completing a product, you cannot wait to finish another. Then it is not only the starting of a creative idea that excites you, but looking at the finished product too. I guess it would come as no surprise, that when I learnt to finish things, success came knocking at my door.

I cannot tell you how many times I almost stalled when creating my flagship product: The Online Marketing MBA.

It is a mammoth six month course so I had ample opportunities to start something else and forget about it. Each time I found myself doing this however, I forced myself to get back to finishing what I had started.

Teach your brain consistency and it will start trying to work with you. Keep teaching it the opposite, that you can avoid finishing something by starting something new, and you will only learn to make it harder and harder for yourself to ever finish anything. Start setting the good habit now.

  • Learn to accept that one finished product is worth more then 100 unfinished ones.
  • Do not try to be perfect – JUST FINISH IT. We only ever need to be good enough, so get the thing finished and work on perfecting it later. Odds are that once finished you will find that you are more than happy with the end result, without the need to continue perfecting it.

I often used the excuse of perfecting things to stop me from completing projects. Just make it ‘good enough’ and FINISH IT.

5. I Never Really Listened To The TRUSTED Advice I Was Given

I was always so good at asking for advice, but strangely I would never use any of the advice I received. I liked to make excuses as to why their advice would never work for me, such as ‘they already have a bigger list’, ‘he is already well known’ and so on. It took a very confrontational encounter with my mentor for him to kick my butt into action and stop me from making excuses. Sometimes you become so blind to the obvious.

If you trust the person, then try their advice…

6. I Did Not Really Believe I Could Be Successful

Interestingly I always longed to be successful, yet I would keep making excuses so that I would not have to try too hard. This naturally made it very difficult for my to become successful until I learn that I have nothing to lose by trying.

If I failed then I would be exactly where I was now, but perhaps richer with the experience and knowledge I may gain. In the best case scenario I may even actually achieve success.

It’s bizarre. Once I cracked it, I could look back and see how much easier my journey could have been. I had this ‘it can’t be that easy’ attitude, which always kept me back from reaching my potential.

The Solution:

  • Understand that most people fail on their first few attempts. That is why it is called a learning curve.
  • Surround yourself with people who are successful. There is a reason why powerful and successful people follow this rule.
  • Believe that you have the ability to be successful or you will just be wasting your time and energy.

7. I Was Just Too Lazy

I would spend so much time getting distracted and actually doing nothing. I had to admit, I was just too lazy.

The Solution:

  • Do something, it’s always better then doing nothing.
  • I hung my ‘Four Magic Words’ above my computer: ‘This is useful because…‘ and I constantly asked myself that question.
  • Turn off all distractions when you work. Your phone, your email, internet and anything else that distracts you.

I still have to fight this today. It’s much easier to control but the laziness is still hiding there somewhere. Even this article has tested me, yet only by forcing myself to do something, will I teach my brain that laziness has no place in my life any more.

8. I Could Not Prioritize

Working hard is not the same as working smart. I often pretended I was working yet the most important jobs always found a way of being avoided. I lost track of what was important, I would be working, but not on the tasks that were most important for my business success. I totally neglected to prioritize.

The Solution:

  • Remember my rule of three. Ask yourself at the beginning of the day: ‘What three tasks are most important‘ – now you know your priority so do not let yourself become distracted.
  • Write down all your tasks on a piece of paper and number them: 1 = urgent, 2 = important, 3= perhaps should do. Do the 1’s first, then 2’s. Forget 3’s for now.
  • Put all your tasks on post it notes and have the satisfaction of throwing them away whenever you finish one. This was really motivational for me.

9. I Did Not Have Anyone To Hold Me Accountable

The best athletes in the world have forfeits if they miss training, and a coach who measures their performance and tells them off if they are slacking. A boss always keeps on eye on their employees to ensure they are also conforming. Yet I, for some reason felt I could do it all alone, until my mentor kicked my butt and showed me how productive I really could be.

The Solution:

  • Find yourself an accountability partner to help yourself be accountable (I used my mentor, who would not talk to me unless I had done the tasks I promised).

I hope you find these tips useful. Remember, the road to success is supposed to be a little challenging, it makes us respect the journey once we finally make it.

Nobody has an easy ride in life as we all have to face challenges. The successful identify those challenges and tackle them head on, whilst perhaps the unsuccessful sometimes allow those challenges to get the better of us.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this post, and perhaps encourage you to share this with a friend or even bookmark/tweet this for your readers too. Who knows, you may help someone else’s day become that much more successful.

Oh yeah, number 10:

10. I Did Not Realize The Power Of Just Getting Started…

Take the first step and start doing something. It’s crazy but everything always seems to fall in place. Just get started… yes, NOW.


Photo courtesy of CarbonNYC on Flickr.

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  • Jon

    That about sums it up… agree with everything you wrote though finding a good mentor can be an entire article on its own.

    Founder of WoodMarvels.com

    • I think every point in this article could be an article of its own!

    • Finding a mentor WILL be the subject of one of my future articles. Be careful of adding links to your comments, that is not where they belong.

  • Number three reminds me of the story of Steve Jobs calling to congratulate Mark Parker on becoming CEO of Nike. When Mark asked Jobs if he had any advice, Jobs initially declined. Then, after a brief pause, Jobs told him that “Nike makes some of the best stuff in the world, but they also make a lot of crap. Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.”

    This also helps with item four by reducing the number of projects that you have to “worry about finishing.”

    • Simple right, you sometimes just need a focus to do a job properly too. I may not like Steve for many reasons, but one thing he was good at was focus. He made it super simple to know what he wanted and he had a clear focus as to what he wanted. Success is just a natural extension of focus and perspiration in the right direction.

      • I’m not sure perspiration in the right direction will bring success, that might just cause the people around you to leave 🙂 but focus and perseverance now these are things that make success

  • I agree with you, its just all about getting started and if you can not find yourself a mentor just work hard and remove yourself from distractions.

    • A mentor does not always have to be reachable. A mentor can be inspirational too. We all look up to people and now have access to read about their entire lives.

      I went through a phase when I was 18 when I read endless biographies. In essence I becoming a student of all of them. I found some that had trodden the path that I wished to follow and those stories become really important to me. I knew I was going to be big in business so focused on people who started form nothing and made it big in business. Too many people these days follow people who are successful, but have nothing to do with their field or industry.

      I already had successful websites and offline business before I had heard of blogging, but when I decided to start blogging, Yaro became my mentor as he already had the success with blogging that I wanted. This past year I have been working on writing a book, so successful authors have been my guidance/mentors.

      Find people who have travelled the EXACT path you wish to follow, and start your student journey by simply following them.

  • I just read a similar article by Ali Luke over on Copyblogger (you can read it here: http://www.copyblogger.com/cure-information-overload/).

    Reading what others have learned is a useful way to avoid the same pitfalls, but it’s so easy to try to listen to EVERYONE and do EVERYTHING at the same time. Rationally it makes no sense to believe that one could do that, but still we so easily fall into the trap of believing every new project is “the next big thing” that’s going to make us finally rich and successful.

    Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

    • It frustrated me no end when people ask for endless information on forums! As mentioned I was in the same position, I listened to everyone until I learnt that it left me feeling overwhelmed. Whenever you feel overwhelmed you have to accept it is YOU who needs to make changes, and once you crack that and find what works for you, success can only be just around the corner.

  • kara rane

    hi Dee-
    Believing You can be successful is so powerful. I know that we can all train our minds to do anything. Often there is a preconceived judgment that limits us. Believing You can be good at something (like business) allows an expansion where learning and acceptance can enter, and this leads to success.

    • Yeah, it’s strange but I always believe I can be the best at anything. Maybe it is a mindset I picked up in my early 20’s after a number of disappointing ventures, but believing everything is possible allows you to focus on the shortest route there, and naturally that is only going to increase your chances of success yet further.

  • Excellent post, I think I’m going through 70% of the issues listed right now LOL


  • From one Dee to another…
    Closely related to #6 and #7 is the confidence quota. Backing yourself takes courage (and a good swift jab every now and then!). Sometimes that courage does seem to go walkabout, just when you need it. However, if the powers that be keep pushing you up against the same “thing”, be like Nike…get rid of the crap and Just Do It.
    Happy NewS Year…

    • I heard a very iterating piece on inspiration and courage recently which may help here. Great painter of our past, and even writers talk about ‘the inspiration leaving them’. They believed they were only the shell and that ‘talent’ or ‘inspiration’ was a ghostly being that sometimes possessed them.

      They would call out for the inspiration to join with their bodies so that they could create works of art. They believed that anyone just had to show they were worthy of being host for the inspiration for it to join them.

      Anything is possible when we put ourselves in the right position and allow the ghost of success or inspiration to join with us. the ghost may come and go, our job is simply to keep inspiring it to come back. If that makes any sense.

  • The Rule of Three, Oh How I Love Thee! This is my new mantra for 2012. I’ve made my way through Leo Babauta’s Power of Less, and it’s opened my eyes to the beauty of Focusing on the Few Important Things.

    With regard to your last point, that’s a belief I’ve struggled with consistently: not believing that I could go to the next level, which is cured by accountability, MasterMind groups, and being mentored by someone ahead of you in the journey.

    Thanks for the great words of wisdom: it means so much to read them, since I know you’ve walked the road ahead of me.

    • I live my life by the ‘rule of three’ , seriously! Everything I do is by the rule, my daily tasks, the number of different sales before I consider a trial a success (to many people get one sale and thunk business!), the number of different promotional avenues I explore (never put all the eggs in one basket) – that rule is endless and I think I will one day write a book about it!

  • Well since I can’t afford a coach, I just took note of everything I did, and wish I could have done that day, and reviewed it on the weekend. I improved my productivity by loads like that, and it works quite well. I still slip up every now and then though, which is only human nature playing its role.

    Great tips though.

    • That is a very useful tool which many many FAMOUS and successful people still use. The next step is to visualise yourself doing the right things instead of the wrong things, that makes this tool even more powerful as reflection is the way we learn.

  • Brilliant list!

    I identified with each and every one of these mistakes; especially focusing on too many things at once and never finishing things. I have about 50 half-projects and half-articles lying around.

    It’s great the you also provided a solution for each mistake.
    Thanks for the motivation to get my butt into gear 🙂

    ~ Rory

  • Raj

    The first point strikes a chord… Generally I ask every one for advise and do the exact opposite of what the majority has suggested 😉

    • When you look back at it, it seems a really odd behaviour… but that is the beauty of reflection. We only learn by reflecting on our past mistakes.

  • Hi Dee,
    thanks for sharing this excellent advice. I have found myself committing all of these sins. All my mentors suggest the same thing, I listen, but never really, really do it. I spread myself thin. I don’t finish what I started. In short, I am not strategic and there is no doubt this is making impact on the speed with which I advance towards my goals.
    I have printed your article and hang it in front of my table together with the words “this is useful because….” and a blong of Post-it notes 🙂
    Happy holidays and thanls for the VERY timely article that surely was like the last drop in the backet for me .

    • Olga I see you have been reading my ebook! Shhhh don;t tell everyone the 4 magic words!

      If I may give you a tip, slow down. I too tried too many things at once and got nowhere fast. Just pick ONE thing. What is that ONE thing you want to perfect or get good at. Leave everything else on the table and spend 2 weeks on only that one thing…. then re-evaluate if you still need to spend more time. I took over a year out of business to retrain my skills, but when I came out the other end, my business moved twice as fast. Slowing down and concentrating on only ONE thing can make you faster in the long run.

      Haha, I’m even reminded of the hare and tortoise race here. The hare had too many things to do, run, sleep and make fun of the tortoise. The Tortoise has only one thing on it’s mind, to finish the race. We all know who won – because sometimes slowing down is the key to being fastest.

      • Too late, the word is out 🙂

        Thank you for another good advice. Slowing down is really hard – funny you say this just two weeks apart from the epic moment when someone important forced( persuaded) me to try doing just this.
        I keep coming up with a-ha! moments ever since. Too bad most of those moments are from the category “failure is a stepping stone for success.” LOL

        For example, I listened to advice of too manu gurus and created several niche blogs. This took time and effort away from my main blog, where my traffic started dropping. Smart people like you told me to focus on one thing, but I was too opportunistic for that and too curious to test new concepts. 🙂

        Slow cooking is safe; frying on too many pans will either burn your food or yourself! As a food blogger, this is the best parallel I can come up with.

        THANKS a bunch!

        Now I have one more decision to make – should I keep paying for hosting and keep them or dump them and focus on the main thing.

      • Olga

        Just testing… my responce has disappeared

      • Olga

        Thanks again Dee
        I wrote a long responce that has disappeared for some reason. I’ll just try to rewrite.
        Your advice to slow down is in line with what someone important forced( persuaded ) me to do two weeks ago. Ever since, I keep coming up with a-ha moments. Too bad, most of them are from the “failure is a stepping stone to success” category LOL

        As a food blogger, let me say it this way: slow cooking is safe; juggling too many frying pans will either burn your food or yourself 🙂

        Thanks a bunch!

        • Yeah sometimes if you change the url you link to it flags the SPAM defences, give it short while and it should go live.

          Live for those ‘ah-ha’ moments, business is not as difficult as most people pretend it is, all you need to do is step back and see the big picture – yep, I’m a big picture kind of guy!

  • Thibaut

    Thank you for this very useful and inspirational article.

    I think I agree with everything but maybe point 5.

    Of course, one should refrain from making excuses for not applying good advice he is given, but at the same time, the objections you mention can sometime be relevant. You say : ‘they already have a bigger list’, ‘he is already well known’. These can be not *excuses* but good *reasons* not to apply a scheme that worked in a specific situation but that would badly apply in your own case.

    Also, when you say “Choose as a mentor someone who has the life you want” (or something similar), I will keep from this advice that it does not make much sense to listen to people whose recommendations have not worked for themselves, but this does not mean that advice from a succesful individual will work in your own specific case : OK your mentor may have reached the life you are dreaming of by having applied specific schemes. But will these schemes work in your own specific situation? Where did the person start from? What were his initial assets? Etc.

    There are many different roads to success, ain’t there? I think the aim is to chose the one that suits you best.

  • Awesome stuff and all 100 percent true from what I see and why I see so many fail at something so attainable as a successful online business. Of course the issue is 99% of the people will read this, nod their head in agreement, and not practice or simply ignore this simple but awesome advice that is literally gold. I would say all beginners should read this post every day..

    • Thanks Mitch. The issue is that successful people like yourself can look back and see these point clearly, yet less successful people find a reasons to avoid learning any lessons from this by finding excuses.

      Even forgetting beginners, I still like to remind myself of this list from time to time, because as they say old habits die hard…

  • Very useful information and straight to the point for the begginers. All people who want to succeed online must read this again and again until it become their habbit.

    • Perhaps even successful too. As mentioned before I remind myself of this list from time to time as they were my old habits – and no habit ever completely goes away without continuous effort…

  • Loving the rule of three! I think that will really help me to start making sense of things. As you say, it is so easy to get distracted by the next bright shiny object and not get the current task completed.

    • Some people area of being able to come up with ideas, you are perhaps blessed with this ability. The next step is simply to discipline it so you control it rather then it controlling you.

      May the power of 3 be with you!

  • Hey Kumar,

    Seriously a very fascinating post and seriously these information will surely motivate the newbie internet marketers and new online business starters out there and basically learning from mistakes are the best thing ever. From my point of view when you make mistakes, you will do something better the next time. Mistakes after mistakes and correcting it step by step is just going to make you a successful and confident person at something that you’re passionate about..

    Obviously, motivational and inspirational post.

    • Only if we take the time to reflect on those mistakes, simply making mistakes is not clever, it making sure we look back and improve which is the key.

      I also hope this does not get labelled a newbie article as I think advances marketers also need reminding of it from time to time.

  • Thanks for the sound advice. 🙂 , i think we can all fall into the trap of number 7 ” being too lazy” or just postponing it for another day, before you know it the years finished. One of my new years resolution is to get things done quicker, no point delaying it, as you have to do it one day, if not today tomorrow ..right.

    • Why wait until New Years to change that? Oh I get it, it’s 7 days away! My father used to tell me new years resolutions were made by people who thought it was ok to only improve themselves once a year…. I prefer to work on myself a little every day.

  • Just wanted to say how encouraging I found this article to be. ALL the points I already know, but it helps tremendously to hear it put in a way that helps you “Focus” on whats important. Now I’m going to put my task list together for the day, and Prioritize, then give the link to my music to my mentor. 🙂
    Right On!!!!
    Vince J

    • Right on Vince. When you prioritise what you are going to do EACH DAY to help you towards success, suddenly ‘It’s gonna be a bright. BRIGHT, bright, bright sun shiny day’ – come on, how often do i get to use musical references appropriately…

  • The problem with me being both creative and an entrepreneur was that I could not seem to finish anything, as I could always dream up a hundred other great new project – This sounds just like me.

    • What I call the ‘entrepreneurs curse!’ Just focus on one thing and finish it, believe me it is contagous.

  • I mentor many people online, and I can tell you that those who don’t get a mentor usually regret it later. I coach everyone from newbies who never created a business offline or online to people who make several thousands of dollars per month (online and offline).

    I was watching one of Dan Kennedy’s video the other day, and he was explaining that most people who are in business never buy a book about business and never learn about how to improve themselves. It’s amazing to see how many business owner don’t learn about marketing. It becomes a threat today, because everything is changing so fast that many small businesses are forced to close their door. Many of them would have avoided their situation if they had a mentor.

    I’m a martial artist, and I always had a sensei (mentor). Do you think you can learn Aikido by yourself? I don’t. You can watch hundreds of videos and read hundreds of books about Aikido, and at the end, you’ll be even worst than when you didn’t read, because you’ll think you know what you are doing.

    In business, it’s the same, if you want to be really good, you need a mentor. Here’s one…one of my latest clients told me a couple of days ago that she was thinking about using link exchange to get higher search engine rankings. And she is online for several years already. I told here that she doesn’t need and that she doesn’t need a subscription to this software. All it takes is one question and you save hundreds (in most case thousands) of dollars and hours of your precious time.

    Thank you for the wonderful post.
    the Body Guard marketer
    Internet business coach

    • I am always surprised by just how many people do not have any business education or experience, yet still think they know it all.

      People invest in marketing courses, as they think that is the secret to making money, but they forget that is all build on the foundation of a business. A good foundation leads to a good business, rocky foundations…. well, I don’t need to answer.

      My mission is to help spread this message and make it accessible for all.

  • I read this on the 23rd and finally set up twitter on my ipad. I wanted to comment on this article as I am amazed at how clearly it shows me how I am my own worst enemy… AND more importantly, some solutions on how to get beyond my self constructed hurdles. The good news is that I have made it further than ever before regarding my business; however, I am not there as yet.
    I am guilty of all your sabotage mistakes to one degree or another and I have had enough of this subconscious evil that lurks within and toys with our confidence. I believe number three – your rule of threes – will be an invaluable strategy to keep me on track. Number 4 – finishing things – and your message to just finish it! Will go a long way in reminding me to get it done!
    I particularly like your honesty in number 7 when you talk about still having to fight laziness and how you sometimes have to just force yourself to do something to teach your brain That laziness has no place in your life anymore… This is something I have been working on and now have those words written out on my desk to remind me to maintain focus throughout the day so I can be productive and get ahead of the game ! I plan on looking around your blog and seeing what else can be learned from your words. Thanks for an enlightening article. Diane.

    • Thanks Diane, it is always nice to hear when my advice works for others.

      As for my blog, it’s having a facelift this week so do not judge it by its look, rather its content!

  • Point # 3 is what held me back. That also contributed to me not being able to finish what I started. Once I corrected that problem things began to take off. Its strange how to its usually the same problems that hold people back from their potential.

    • Actually it is not so surprising when you realise that success is often straight forward. We just over think everything. As I like to say, success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, we just like to think of ways to stop us working on the things that count.

  • Thank you Dee for your post. I really appreciated that you took the time to write it. I am struggling right now with lack of motivation, because I am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My aim is to be successful with my blog, and hopefully in some sort of online business that will allow me to continue to follow my passion for travel. I see that dream slowly dying, and it is making me increasingly lazy as I put off writing until “tomorrow” or I have a “better idea”. I think the main problem is just knowing where to start, and the feeling that only a few will ever actually achieve success. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes? I keep hoping that I can find that path that so many before me seem to have settled on, and travel beside them. I just don’t even know where to start. It always seems like things ‘don’t apply to me’. Thank you so very very much for your inspiring words. I hope someday I can feel that same feeling of success.

    • Without trying to judge you and your situation (just going by your text), the answer is quite simple. Blogging or writing do not suit you , or the topic does not suit you…

      To many times we follow the shining light at the end of the tunnel, but forget to consider which path is best for us. I can hazard a guess that you are blogging as a way to be financially free, but that is perhaps the wrong reason. You should blog because you know something special about a topic or that you love the topic.

      Make sense? I have a free video series on my blog which goes deeper into this and provides the answer. Be sure to look at it.

      • No, I’m not blogging for financial freedom. I really don’t care about the money. I blog because I have a passion for travel and the places that I have seen and visited, and would like to re-visit. I love to share my experiences with others and hope that they can find a way to see the world, and not close their eyes to the many wonderful people and cultures that exist outside of their comfort zone. I just spent the last year travelling throughout Europe. I uprooted my life, quit my job, sold everything and moved to Germany. It was the most wonderful year of my life, and I hope to continue to have many more wonderful years like that one. I have no desire to be rich. I just don’t want to return to the rat race, when I know there are so many more wonderful things in the world.

  • This was a big reality check. Some of the reasons for you sabotaging your success is direct reflection of what I am doing. I got to make some changes. This was a great eye opener, thanks for sharing.

    • Nice blog by the way. Life is all about making changes, accept that changing for the better is worth it, and slowly but surely work on changing habits. 2012 will be your year, if you work at it.

  • Did you just read my mail? I glad to hear I’m not the only one “self-sabotaging” success. I agree, that these issues are the top ten reasons, people fail…to finish. It’s great to start projects, but it sucks, to finish it, to the final details, and then, after you’re done, you still have to share it, promote it and sell it! Where’s the “Wonka machine” to throw your ideas in, and “poof” out comes a completed product? Thanks, for being brave.

    • Mail? Thankfully I’m no long ‘self sabotaging’ quite as much as I used to, but it took me years to correct some of these habits.

  • I recognize at least five of these as my own too.

    • That means you are more then half way towards achieving success already. Make 2012 the year that rocks your world.

  • I think somehow people separate an “online business” or “home based business” from a normal brick and mortar business requiring capital, time, etc. Like somehow it is going to be easy just because you have the opportunity to have a very low start up cost. I know I was definitely guilty of this, and much like you this delayed my success for what seemed like ages. I was always looking for some way to make it easier, faster, more profitable. It wasn’t until I focused on my true goals and set out until they were accomplished did I find success. A lot of times it’s more of a struggle with this concept than actually having the knowledge or skills to run an online business. Great article, thanks for sharing!

    • Dennis, you are a man who walked the same road. Now it’s your turn to make it easier for somebody else, it is so fulfilling to help others with your knowledge. Wishing you a happy and successful 2012.

  • Dee, this is a print-out-and-keep-it list for me! Thanks for your candor about your own stumbling blocks, these tips will clearly benefit many seekers of internet wisdom. I am just getting started, but the information on this site is encouraging me to push forward. Best wishes for a peaceful and fulfilling 2012.

    • Glad it helped you. Nice blog by the way, very unique angle. Perhaps just spice up the titles a little, and add a little more detail to each post and it’s a super viral blog in the making. Best of luck for 2012!

  • Jan

    Very good post! It comes down to the simple formula: steadily follow your goals and persevere.

  • Thank you! This shines a big, bright light on what has, and what is, holding me back from reaching my goals. The issues you identify here are also applicable in my day job. Applying these recommendations to my entrepreneurial life will surely help me make the most of 2012.

  • Massih lewall

    “A Sentence Which Should Be Always Followed In Life. The Race Is Not Over Because I Haven’t Won Yet, Increase Your Speed”. A quote which all successful people should remember, i was very much impressed the way you expressed each point of you 10 ways ,so open and understandable .
    I had some question in mind never thought by reading your blog i could have my answers and agree with most of your points but still in some points i feel little exaggeration

  • The rules are very common to most people. Hoping 2012 is the year of your success.

  • No surprise that this blog post received so many comments. To be successful one must have the capacity to reflect and these insights show what that looks like. I see myself in so many of them so right now I am having this warm moment of not feeling so alone as I read everyone’s comments. And then there is Dee Kumar, whom I have never read or met, but now, will. Why? Because look at how he connects, emotionally in his writing and intentionally with his audience. Count me as a new fan!

  • Thank you. I’d appreciate if you became a fan on my Twitter too, Just started and i’m kind of lonely there…

  • I can really relate to this article, especially rules 7 and 8. My online business just started up about a month ago and I was drained from just all the steps that it took to just get it up and running and I realized that is really just half the battle. I know I have to make the efforts to bring in traffic and customers and I knew that from the beginning, but I thought that if I advertised to friends and family and posted here and there on social media sites that things would start flowing and I would start making some money. Boy was I wrong! I have realized in the last couple weeks that it takes A LOT more than that to bring in the traffic and I do catch myself being lazy and not making all the efforts I need to. But reading articles like this really gets be going, it can be discouraging at times because I feel like I am making all these efforts and not really seeing any results but I have to realize that the results wont happen over night and it takes time to get your business name out there. So all I can really do is focus on what I can control and take in the information I find about improving my business and stay positive because I know that if I do what I can and stay on track that my business will be a success.

    • Keep at it Andrew. Business takes time, it doesn’t happen in one night. One step at a time, and keep your eye on the big picture, so the smaller obstacles do not become the centre of attention.

      You’ll make it with consistant effort.

  • I want to focus on the issue that you’ve mentioned about asking the right questions. This is very important and I always tend to give my students the same advice about that – write down all the questions that you have, read them through, and see what they are all about. Are you asking the same all over again? Do you already know the answer? What answer would satisfy you?

  • Thanks! I have just started a new business venture. I am guilty of #3! I focus on way too many tasks!

  • Thanks for the support Dee, I just need to stay focused and keep at it. I know I will turn my business into making profits.

  • Eleanor

    Been trying out the rule of 3….
    So wat happens if you dont achieve your 3 for the day?
    Do you move whatever you did not do to the following day part of the three or do you finish the tasks for the day before first and then embark on the 3 for that day?

    • Hi Eleanor

      The idea is that your three tasks should become a priority and thus you should achieve them.

      If you do not achieve them then you are still only allowed three tasks the next day so you have to move the tasks across.

      Each night look back at how you worked and work out why you did not achieve your tasks. If your goals were unrealistic then start making more achievable goals. For example if I want to write an entire 40,000 word book tomorrow – then I need to think more realistically about my goals.

      Should the goals be reachable but I was lazy or got distracted, then I have to work on things that can help me overcome my problem. Try to think what distracted you and eliminate it. If it was the TV, turn it off. If you fell asleep work somewhere where you cannot sleep etc.

      If your mind just wonders then put up notes to help you stay focused and work daily on increasing your focusing skills.

      I talk much more about all these things in a book I have written about these 10 items in details. Be sure to look out, and hopefully Yaro will give me a little plug when it is out too!

      Dee J Kumar

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