Yaro Goes Over Niagara Falls

A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend at Niagara Falls, in Ontario Canada. We rented a car and then after a much longer than expected drive from Toronto (it was storming like crazy – lightning hit within 500 meters of our car), with a short detour at Niagara-on-the-Lake (a lovely little bed and breakfast/fancy European hotels strip with great restaurants), we arrived at the falls.

Here is a video I recorded of the adventure, including a trip on the smurf boat right up to the foot of the falls.

I’ve been to Niagara Falls once before and it always amazes me how much water there is, which this time was magnified even more given it rained most of the weekend I was there. As an Australian I’m used to dry weather, so it’s nice to get wet like I used to as a child playing in the rain. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold, unlike my first trip to the falls.

This week I’m off to New York city and as always will record video and share my experiences with you. I’m heading to the Ed Dale/30 Day Challenge meetup first, then off to the US Open tennis and then just exploring. If you want to say hello, make sure you make the meetup tomorrow night.

To people who email me during this time and my Blog Mastermind students, please be patient with me as my email response times might be a bit slower than usual during this period, but I will get back to you.

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  • Did yourself and John Chow do the same trip? 😉


    you could start a smurf empire together!

    • No we didn’t – talk about a coincidence. I was there two weekends ago.

      I watched John’s video and it’s so similar to mine it’s scary. I just need a daughter 🙂

  • Yaro:

    I always take inspiration from your blogs. You not only share your personal side but also provide good business content at the same time. Keep up the good work. I have just started my new blog http://EthicalBlogs.com/JustMoney. Please visit this blog and share your feedback.


    Jay Author

  • John Chow is a boring blogger. Yaro is way more interesting and is not all about the money. Looks like a fun trip!

  • Thanks for the memories. I grew up about an hour from the place and was always amazed by it.

  • I think I need a holiday too 🙂

  • I can see you love a good time… here is one that might thrill you in Australia… Swimming with Tuna.. do you dare
    When will we see you home

  • Heh, fun trip. I’ve never been near the Falls on the Canadian side, but I’ve been there plenty of times from the American side. I went to school about an hour or so from there.

    We used to take trips a couple times per season to the casino and other establishments on the Canadian side every year. It was useful for the underage teammates that weren’t underage over the border, although for some reason getting through customs with the deaf guys was always dicey.

  • Bp

    To tell you the truth, I’ve been so many times to Niagara falls that its hard to see it as anything more than just “water.” Heh, but its good to see that you had a good time.

  • Yes, Niagara experience is unique if you come from a dry area. You never forget Niagara even if you do not come from a dry area. It is a unique experience.

  • Have a wonderful time on your holiday. I have finally gotten into the forum and can’t seem to get out to do my lessons. How wonderful this all is. Back to work now though. Thanks for all you do for all of us. Sharon

  • Thanks for sharing the video – looks as wonderful as I imagined it would be.

    For a Brit thats always dreamed of seeing Niagara, you have certainly made it more real for me. Not that we don’t see our fair share of water over here!

  • Yaro,

    A nice trip, indeed – I once visited Niagara Falls back in the 80s when I was a little boy – LOL

    All I remember is taking picture as a person in a barrel at the falls…


  • Seems like you are having a good trip. Fun and work being well blended in it.

  • Last went to Niagara Falls about 7 years ago…watching your video reminded me of how much I enjoyed my stay there. Thanks for sharing Yaro.

  • I once went on US side, wow it looks much nicer on Canada side…. great inspiration to see you can travel while get stream of income !!!!

  • Nice video Yaro. I went to LA and Hollywood 2 months back but did not have time to visit Las Vegas. I wish I did.

  • Hmmm you must try holiday in my country (Indonesia) especially Bali ..:D

  • Welcome to our country. Hope your USA trip goes well. There is certainly a lot to see and quite a diverse landscape to experience. Looking forward to more videos.

  • Yaro, yer such a goof man! One day I’ll hit up Niagara, it has always amazed me.

  • Niagra looks awesome – remind me to go there in a few years will ya?

  • Richard Wilson

    True – you do a good job of mixing in personal trips and pieces which make the whole blog very real and personal. Some groups try to seem so professional they loose that personal touch which is needed while coaching others..instills trust.

    Nice job.

    – Richard

  • I really like the content on this blog… Like some one said before you seem to share real stuff not just bunch of money hype.. keep up the good work.. I will be on here often.


  • LOL@ boat full of smurfs!

    Been a long time since I was there. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it.

  • The last time I drove up in to the White Mountains area of Arizona, a bolt of lightning hit a tree right up on the ridge above my car. it was only about 10 meters away.

    I have not been to Niagara yet and my wife has never been to New York. we just got back from a trip to Boston so it might be another bit of a while before we make it back tot he East Coast.

  • Yes Niagra Falls is an awesome place to visit. My husband and I were there about two weeks ago on our anniversary (17 years) and this was the beginning of our vacation. My husband really enjoyed the falls as this was his first visit, as for me it was a different aspect as my first visit was in my child years. We found the falls on the Canadian side awesome but perferred the American tour as it is more on the nature (as our gude state In Gods Hands not Mans Hands), to bad Canada didn’t follow some of that thinking.

  • Good on you Yaro, do bring some water back here in Australia.

  • Very brave of you to record so close to the water. Being that is gets pretty wet when the boat is next to the falls. Glad to see it was not damaged.

  • You bastard!! hahaha!! Kidding! But really, the longer I read your blog the more I find myself getting jealous!

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