Last Day For Bonuses and New York Report Coming Soon

I’m writing this from Manhattan New York, and it is an AMAZING place. I’ve been once before, but this time I’m in control of my trip (not a tag along for a two-family trip), plus I’m in a slightly better financial situation, so it’s like I’m a kid in a candy store who just got his allowance.

I’ve taken quite a bit of video footage as I wander the streets, which I’m going to edit together and publish on the blog in a series of New York videos (I’ve got an interview with Ed Dale in there too, who I met at the 30 Day Challenge meet-up on the evening of the day I arrived here). I’ll hopefully have a chance to stitch the first one together tomorrow.

Blog Mastermind Affiliate Bonuses

There is a deadline coming up tomorrow that I wanted to quickly let you know about before it passes.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the affiliates who are promoting Blog Mastermind. Many of them have offered fantastic bonuses if you join my coaching program via their affiliate link.

However there’s a catch – most of the bonus offers expire at the end of August 2008 – tomorrow (Sunday USA time) is your last day to claim a bonus.

I’ve listed below some of the bonus offers I could find that are expiring soon, so if you are still fence-sitting about joining Blog Mastermind, you might want to take a look at the bonuses on offer, some of them are too good to miss.

Make sure you clear your cookies before ordering from the links so you give credit to the right person – the person you want to claim the bonus from.

Bonus Offers from Affiliates Bonus – Steve is offering a $25 cash rebate if you buy through his link. Bonus – Darren is offering private one-on-one coaching to each person who buys through his link. Bonus – John is offering a $500 sponsored review on his blog if you order through his link. You also qualify for a prize draw to win a Slingbox Pro.

There are likely some more great offers floating around the net, so look around or pick one from the above.

As even more incentive to join, the Aussie dollar continued to slide further during the last few weeks. As I type this it’s down to $0.86 to the $USD, so you save 14% when you join Blog Mastermind if you are used to paying in US dollars, because I’m still charging in Australian dollars for the coaching program.

It’s time for bed for me. Good night from New York.

Yaro Starak
New Yorker

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  • Hmm, the review on JohnChow is tempting – but I’m kinda not able to buy it at the moment – good luck anyway

  • Yeh New York,
    How awesome. A friend of mine is going to new york this week to do a relationships and finance seminar.
    Hope you have fun

  • Thank you Yaro for the Blog Profits Blueprint. It is very good to get a boost to our online education from those who are really “doing”it !

  • Welcome to New York. Yes, it IS an awesome place. I love living and working here.

    Enjoy your visit.

  • I’m going to NY next weekend… Can’t wait 🙂

  • I love your blog profits blueprint ebook and I’m sure I would love your blog mastermind workshop, so I’ll be sure to start saving up the money and trying to talk the wife into letting me join. 🙂

  • I agree with Steven-Sanders, I love too, your blog profits blueprint. I want to join.

  • Wow NY huh…Never been there before but someday I’ll make it to that big Apple…

    Thanks Yaro, the information you share is simply amazing.

  • Free service to design your wordpress theme blog if you buy from my link. 😀

    Yaro, your ebooks are extremely good!

  • I’m slowly getting there – gonna make some sacrifices 🙁

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for pointing out the affilates’ offers – Of the 3 you mentioned, Darren’s offer is the best, IMO.


  • We are already in September. So, I might as well simply wish you a great time in NY and look forward to your video posts in September.

  • It was great meeting Yaro and the other marketers who showed up. Yaro is a really stand up guy, my only regret is not talking to him longer. Yaro was filming a bunch so keep an eye out for some great videos.

  • Love to hear about your New York trip. Can’t wait.

  • Well I can’t wait to hear about your NY experience.

  • Hi Yaro

    I know what you mean by tagging along with family – I went to New York with my girlfriend and her parents after we’d been going together for only a few months. Although it was a bit restrictive I managed to go the Dakota building. Although a little macabre, I really wanted to visit the place where John Lennon’s life faded away…bit like a pilgrimage or something…

    Anyway, really looking forward to seeing your videos and meant to say thanks for your email reply when I was asking about Traffic Secrets and Blog mastermind…

    Glen Crosier
    Brighton, UK

  • I signed up through JohnChow and have to say I’ve only listened to the audio but CRAP MAN you are awesome! Thanks for all the great Q&A and info and frankly for being so open about it! I’m enjoying the course!

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