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Apologies if you got this notice from my newsletter yesterday around 2PM. It appears Andy and Brad had some technology issues so people haven’t been able to take advantage of this one until today. The links in this post go to an active page where you can order.

You can skip the background story and go straight to the good stuff here –

Stomping the Search Engines 2

A long time ago I was a newbie just like you might be now.

A newbie is a person new to the Internet and in my case I was learning everything I could about building websites and then generating traffic to them.

About four years ago I stumbled across a man called Brad Fallon, who at the time was selling a product called Stomping the Search Engines.

Brad taught people how to convince search engines, specifically Google, to send thousands of visitors to your site simply by optimizing your web pages so they rank well in search result pages.

Brad was the first to teach me how important the following elements are in order to “search engine optimize” (SEO) my website –

  • Titles
  • Keyword Density
  • Site Structure
  • Internal Links
  • PageRank
  • Page Reputation
  • Anchor Text
  • Link Popularity
  • Link Relevance

I owe a lot to Brad because he introduced me to the world of SEO and since then I’ve come to depend on Google to deliver fresh visitors to my blog.

Thankfully blogging is a great way to organically drive traffic from search engines and even if you forget about SEO you can do reasonably well just by publishing regularly to a blog.

However, if you are in a competitive niche, or you just can’t seem to grab that first page ranking for a certain keyphrase you know is the killer-term that could skyrocket your traffic, it pays to study the work of guys like Brad.

Today Brad is a partner-founder with Andy Jenkins of the Stompernet company – a massive Internet marketing organization made up of many experts, which they call the “faculty” (just like a university).

Stomping The Search Engines 2 Released Today

Brad, Andy and several of the other faculty members today released the long awaited follow-up to that very first search engine course from Brad, aptly named – “Stomping the Search Engines 2”.

Here is the cool part…

They are giving it away.

Let me clarify…

There’s a trend lately. Every Internet marketer has decided that having a printed newsletter (that’s real paper sent to your old-school letterbox) is a good idea.

This is actually a very old tactic from the direct marketing days and in many ways, Internet marketers today who use email newsletters are copying the same systems old direct marketers used long before the Internet came along, when they sent paper newsletters in the mail.

So the circle continues and we are back to paper based newsletters.

I’m seriously thinking about creating a print blog marketing newsletter too, but I digress…

What matters here is that every time one of these print newsletters launch, the creators decide to give away something cool just for giving the newsletter a try.

Brad and Andy are doing the same, and they are giving away the complete Stomping The Search Engines 2 course to anyone who tries their new print newsletter, “The Net Effect“.

So in summary, you can get the complete and entirely new SEO course and the first edition of the new printed newsletter from Stompernet called The Net Effect if you are willing to pay for shipping.

If this appeals to you, grab it here –

Order Page for Stomping the Search Engines 2

Why Are They Doing This?

The reason they do this is because they hope you are so blown away by the newsletter that you stay subscribed and keep paying the monthly fee after the first month free trial.

Plus when you order they present you with other offers that do cost something – all entirely optional of course.

So in case you are wondering why they can send this to you for the cost of shipping only – that’s why.

I think it’s a pretty good deal and Brad Fallon is definitely a guy I recommend when it comes to SEO, so in my opinion it’s worth trying this one.

You can always cancel the subscription and you won’t be charged a cent beyond the shipping fee.

This the link –

Yaro Starak

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  • I guess I’m not really making a comment on this post in response to the post itself, but only to let you know that you have a lot of errors in the code behind of your blog.

    Everytime I post a comment I get Stack Overflow errors (2 or 3 of them). You might want to look into that.

    • Hmm – Does anyone else experience the same problem Steven has?

      • For the past couple of days I’ve noticed this, and my notification bar on my browser has been showing errors on page.

        But as of now, about 13 or 14 hours after my last comment, I’m not seeing it. Not sure what was going on, but it looks like something got fixed, or worked itself out.

      • Scratch that last comment. Everything looked fine until I submitted it. Then it posted the comment and I started getting popup dialog boxes that said, “Stack Overflow at Line: 847”. And it continued to list different lines as I clicked ok on each dialog box.

        The lines it displayed were: 847, 800, 829, 879, 908, & 935.

        And now I see the done, but with errors on page message.

        I’m using IE 7 when I see this… not sure what it does on Firefox. I’ll have to look.

      • I just replied using Firefox on my Mac & I had no error messages.

    • I have similar experience with some other blogs and sites, too… with IE7.

      My suggestion is to use Firefox and forget IE πŸ˜›

      Even the blog theme designers I know fed up on IE and decided not to create a theme that ‘fight’ for compatibility with IE – just to make my point, even IE6 and IE7 has a different set of rules on how to display a page! Aargh!

      • I’m a web designer and have been one for well over 11 years now. And while yes, I think Firefox is alot better than IE, it doesn’t mean you should just overlook real website errors because you don’t want to mess with it.

        There are millions of online users using IE, and I’m willing to bet that a big majority of Yaro’s readers are using it.

        I know how annoying these messages are everytime I make a comment using IE, and were I not as web savvy as I am, it would turn me away from every making comments again. I’m sure Yaro doesn’t want to lose any active commenters of his blog.

  • I totally agree that: “Thankfully blogging is a great way to organically drive traffic from search engines and even if you forget about SEO you can do reasonably well just by publishing regularly to a blog.”.
    Sometimes, some of my blog posts can be picked up by Google in the matter of a couple of hours.
    However I do think it’s worth to give these guys a try.

  • I’ve finished half of the STSE2 course and it is REALLY good. So much information to take in. I can’t believe that they are giving it away.

  • Interesting article. I am trying to get into SEO myself. Do you recommend I hire someone or just read around?

  • Hey Yaro,

    Nice post, I think you’ve obviously got your SEO tactics down to a tee as your blog is busy with social buttons, networks and RSS etc, not to mention a PR of 6!

    I can only admire what you have done and wish I could do the same with my Internet Marketing Blog. One day I will catch you πŸ˜‰

    Ray Johnson

  • Yaro,

    I checked it out and I got sold on the Stomping The Search Engines 2 and ordered it. Looking forward to improving my SEO skills and improving, Squeaky’s – Madmouse Blog as well.
    I do believe that there should be enough gold nuggets in, Stomping The Search Engines 2 to cover the monthly fees and bring my blog and web directory up a couple of notches.

    Thanks for the information.

  • Yaro,
    What impresses me the most about STSE is that you are the 3rd person I respect as an authority in their field who has told of how they learned SEO from Brad.
    I think everybody needs to decide what they’re willing to invest in their business but I think most of us would be willing to invest a few dollars for shipping!

    I’m looking forward to studying STSE2 (and 1 since that’s also part of the package)!


  • I was like – oh yeah, free stuff πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Then I saw we had to pay for shipping πŸ™
    Can’t it just be converted to a digital product and then have a download link?

  • Hi,

    Great blog, I’m a little new to this and wonder, would they ship to the UK?
    I’m slowly learning about SEO but falling short on some bits and since it’s for my online shop, I’m failing to generate much traffic.
    I’ve heard the that decent traffic can be generated by writing blogs before, but haven’t tried that yet as I have no experience in that too so the afore mentioned package sounds great (as long as I can get it ‘over the pond’)?

    Anyway thanks again for the link and I’ll take a look.

    • Yep, they ship to the UK – even as far as Australia!

  • Excellent thanks for the reply! Had a look at a promo video for it and it all sounds good!

    Thanks again,

  • Speaking og Stompernet – I think your advice of taking the freebees and discarding the rest is excellent.

    I have some experience with these guys, spent a small fortune on their stuff. It turned out that their promises of showing cutting-edge methods of getting search engine rankings were all fluff.
    The recommended stale old stuff like submitting to free directories!

    Then they had some kind of mutual 3-way linking scheme which just didn’t work. After some months I quit my membership. I never want to deal with these scammers again.

  • I too am looking forward to getting my package in the mail from Brad & Andy. I’ve read, listened to, watched and even talked to a lot of people claiming to teach SEO in one form or another, that was part of the problem I was getting scattered in way too many directions.

    After watching the Stompernet video’s awhile back I applied what they taught and immediately began ranking first page for the keyword phrases I was after. Talk about news you can use !!!

    I’m hoping above all else that the info they are sending helps me in a step by step manner.

  • I’ll try the free stuff but as far as the other…no thanks. I’ve run across quite a few so-called SEO gurus with their software and training and ebooks. It was a lot of fluff for sure. Brad Callen promotes a lot of software and SEO books also.

    Darren Rowse seems to be on the up and up though. I bought and read his book. No fluff.

    Thanks for the info.!!

  • Thanks, mine is now currently on the way
    I love all the free bonuses that come with it as well, the the Article Submitter and stuff
    I reckon this is the best deal on the net

  • It is really a good deal, not sure if I will stay with the net effect or not, though I do like physical newsletters, it would be nice if you did one Yaro! Either way, it’s a good deal for the price of shipping, as the first copy of the newsletter along with stomping the search engines will definitely allow you to learn some good content.

  • Hi,

    I’m wondering if the Stomper course comes on a DVD (I think I read it does) and if so, whether it will play in generic Australian DVD players? I have bought US DVDs before and found that they did not play here, not on my laptop (which is a few years old now) or on my DVD player.


    Warwick Foster

  • Warwick, try to search Google for “remove dvd regional code” + the type of DVD player you have. That should fix the problem.

  • This course is phenomenal. I gobbled it up in a little over a day. I learned quite a bit. It’s nice to put to good use some of the secrets of people who are getting millions upon millions of visitors. They know what they are talking about for sure.

  • old post but great info. Is this still available?

  • I was lucky enough to see Brad speak in Australia. He is very inspirational. What stood out the most is how quickly he got to the top. The internet is amazing for creating wealth πŸ™‚

  • Talking about the print newsletter thing, it’s probably a good idea just because, these days no one else is doing it.. This means that in that medium you can grab all the attention of the market. Invaluable

  • boca raton homes

    I know this post is long time ago but I’m wondering maybe this time you can give this for free.

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