Rich Schefren Didn’t See This One Coming…

Willie Crawford posted this photo up on his blog. It’s a snapshot he took at the Las Vegas networking event attended by a bunch of people, including myself and Rich Schefren, the target of my tom foolery in the photo…

Rich Schefren and Yaro Starak

Rich definitely didn’t see that coming and probably hasn’t seen the photo yet, but now he will 🙂 .

Rich may not have noticed my joking around (he was in a serious discussion at the time so he had an excuse) but in general he’s definitely one of the best guys I know of at predicting the future and seeing the big picture when it comes to business.

Right now he’s completing the final touches on his next report, the latest incarnation of the ideas he began with the Internet Business Manifesto, which as I explained to my newsletter subscribers, is the best free report I have read – it had the most impact on my business of anything I have studied online.

If you haven’t got the Manifesto yet, now is the perfect time to download it and read it in preparation for what is to come.

Download The Internet Business Manifesto

Did You Miss The Call?

A couple of days ago I was included on a call with Rich Schefren and a bunch of his previous clients, all of whom are tremendously successful Internet business owners.

Participants on the Manifesto Call

If you missed the call you can listen to the streaming version here –

The Internet Business Manifesto Teleseminar

The call was a special series of expert-only interviews, where Rich interrogated each of us by asking the following four questions –

  1. What was your biggest constraint to your business?
  2. How did you overcome that?
  3. What was the quantifiable results of your solution?
  4. What did you take away from it?

Listen to my turn as the target of the interview and you will hear how my major constraint was so big that it led to me selling an entire business and starting a completely different one.

This is a great call, featuring the below successful people like all talking about how they were failing at something and what they learned from Rich, then consequently changed about their business and what the results were.

Featured on the call:

  • Mike Filsaime
  • Brad Fallon
  • Jeff Walker
  • Frank Kern
  • Willie Crawford
  • Joel Comm
  • Liz Thompson
  • John Carlton
  • Yaro Starak
  • Tellman Knudsen
  • Michael Cheney
  • Kevin Hogan

Each person has a very short interview (5-10 minutes) so the call is not too long.

There are some amazing stories here and there’s a good chance one of the people featured had the exact same constraint you currently face, so it might help your business too.

Note this call is only available for a limited time as a streaming file, so go listen now rather than later (unfortunately Rich doesn’t like to keep these things up for long).

Listen To The Call Here


Yaro Starak
Still Constrained

About Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Wow,
    Thanks for letting us listen to the call. This is a pretty big lineup of people. I will listen to it if I get a chance but today is my day off and I need to spend it writing posts for my blog soI don’t know if I will.
    Thanks anyway

  • Gold everywhere in your blog. Thanks very much!

  • Thanks for sharing, just signed up for Rich’s Internet Business Manifesto and will listen to it now.

  • I have noticed that the Big Guru’s that are smart enough that they can take someone like me by the hand, and lead me out of this “Just Over Broke” lifestyle, Those kind of Gurus have products that are too expensive for the guy who needs it most. So they must sell their products to people who already have money. Seems that the guy who needs the “Real” training the most, is left behind to continue his journey to becoming really poor.

    Well? Does anyone think I’m way off track here? Someone please sell me the $20 dollar book that will definitely show me how to make $20 a day, every day, and THEN I can buy the really good $500.00 to $2,000.00 products that will show me how to make that much per week, or even per day!

    Personally for me? I will NEVER leave the underdog out to dry because he don’t have enough money for me. I will always find a way to help both. Gotta go now. Thanks for allowing me to vent!


    • Hey Gary – my Blueprint, which is free, if you follow and implement everything will make you money.

      There are hundreds of books out there that will do the same and have done the same for people (i.e. make them money), but unfortunately, for all kinds of reasons (see my previous article before this one for a list of roadblocks that stop people from succeeding), they just don’t tick all the boxes that book tells you to do, so they don’t get a result.

      I won’t deny there is junk info out there, but that’s not the main reason why people don’t make money – the big reason is how they go about implementing what they learn – they don’t.

      I mean how many people read my blog every day, nod their head and agree with what I write, then go off and do something else that won’t get them closer to making money.

      It actually really frustrates me because I hate that people seem to have more time for reading gossip sites, or sinking times into forums – and yes, even wasting time at blogs – and then complain they never make money (I’m not saying that’s you Gary, just doing some venting here myself 🙂 ).

      If people would only DO SOMETHING and keep doing it they might finally realize that much of the advice from “gurus” is very sound and very powerful.

      • I have to agree Yaro. Your blueprint has been one of the staples of how I’m building my blog. I still can’t believe you give it away. The problem is, your blueprint talks about and doesn’t hide the fact that it takes work!

        Same with your blog. You lay out good info, but it’s info that requires work, and 90% of folks online are not looking for work, they are looking for a way to get rich fast!

        I do agree that there is junk out there, but also feel you can always learn something from information you acquire. No matter if it’s what NOT to do, or how NOT to promote something, it’s still a lesson learned.

        Keep up the great work man, I’ve been slacking on commenting on your blog lately, but, I’m still around 😉

  • I just downloaded the report, and will be listening to the call shortly. Thanks very much for the heads-up.

  • Thanks for sharing, It’s long time to not see your blog again..

  • Yaro,

    This was a great call. I felt that each guest provided a different perspective, yet all touched on some overarching key components, i.e. – you can’t do it all!! (Excellent job by the way.) It is wonderful to hear first hand how “the pros” overcame their constraints and were able to achieve true success.


  • Tried commenting this morning but your blog has been down all day. Thanks for the link to that book. I’ll be getting my hands on it to see if there’s anything I don’t already know. 🙂

  • Fantastic Picture Yaro! Rich looks too serious there!

  • Mike

    Yaro it seems like you’re more motivated to help Rich out then your readers. This is an obvious affiliate marketing hookup, but more apparent is the little tricks to get readers to follow the links and download the products.

    Honestly, I would get back to the true essence of your success, which is having your readers as the first and foremost priority.

    I think at one point internet marketers get lazy and try to make some extra cash, and then they get a wake up call. Maybe I’m just getting more knowledgeable at seeing the JV arrangements, but hey, just a reminder that we’re what makes you successful, and not your ‘established partners’.

    • Hey Mike,

      Have a read of Rich’s free report and listen to the free call. Yes they are affiliate links. Yes this is part of a prelaunch, but if you don’t find value in that free content then you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.

      Rich’s manifesto was and is one of the best reports I’ve ever read and it really nailed some important concepts, concepts I believe my readers NEED to know about, hence I have their interests in mind too – I’m not just telling people about this because I want affiliate commissions.

      The reason why the big launches do so well is the quality of the free information. Sometimes you have to move past the idea that yes, they are going to try and sell you something, which agitates some people, but the value is there in the free content too if you just give it a chance.

      And hey, if you don’t like this post, go back and read the post before this – it’s 3000+ words of content focused on helping my readers and not part of a launch.

  • Hi Gary,

    Very important point. And well said.

    There are some though who do provide free and useful resources for free. Yes, I do mean Yaro – the free report, also the videos on the other site, as well as the blog. Which is why I have much more time for Yaro than the other marketers.

  • Thank you for making this available. I guess I identified with Joel Comm the most. But as my blog is only three days old, I figure I should wait a bit.

    Hiring people seems complex. I figure doing so would mean I’d need to learn about my responsibilities as an employer along with confusing tax stuff or maybe I’d just have to hire someone to help me with hiring others. And I’d need a tax guy, too. Then I’d need someone to manage everyone and someone to handle the people I’d have to fire because they have poor work habits. And then I’d need to hire an attorney to settle the numerous lawsuits I’d find myself with for wrongful termination. Argh. What am I missing? Will things be a little clearer when my blog is older?

  • Hey my Aussie Friend,
    Yes- It was a great call – you made a lot of progress since the WIS in oz where we met.

    Good for you, am sure you have earned it.

    You might be interested in the “open book” project I am doing here:

    Maybe could do some exclusive content for your readers

    Let me know
    Paul Easton

  • Thanks for the response Yaro! (you too Evan!). Yes, it is very frustrating trying to pick the best places to learn from, and I DO realize that I need to “Pick a Spot and GO!” Also being in fear of picking the wrong spot and wasting a heck of a lot of time and more importantly-Mental Energy.

    I have recently been taking action though, and I am finding out how much MORE (yet again) that I need to learn concerning the technical mechanics of setting up sites and systems the “Right Way,” but I’m still going forward, no matter how slow, I’ll not stop. In that respect, I know it’s just a matter of time.

    Ironically, I have been bragging to my wife for the last day or two about how well YOU (Yaro) instruct in a way that I can understand, and your free book is better than many I’ve paid for.

    Anyway, thanks for the way you said what you said! Again, you said it in such a way that I was able to “get it.” Before I go…. I am waiting on the Stomper 2 stuff to arrive in the mail any day now….I just found and finished watching your free video’s about two hrs. ago….I WILL be spending more time on YOUR blog, but not too much as I DO have a lot more Work on my own blog, as you can plainly tell if you peeked at it. hehe

    Ok, I’ll shut up now.
    Thanks Man!!


  • Hi Yaro,

    As to behavioural change. If people changed because they were told to or told how to, we’d be in paradise by now.

    This isn’t the way it happens.

  • Yea, Rich does look really really serious and involved – he looks kinda dangerous actually 🙂

  • Yaro,

    RIch looks so angry 😛

  • Well there are times when “play” is allowed sir. Besides it makes the connection more “human” when light humor is interjected in photos. 🙂 I just hope you didn’t distract Rich from what he was seriously listening to.

    Cool photo tho… 🙂

  • Congrats on all the hard work to become a big name internet business owner. 🙂 Even though I am not looking to get into the business I can forward this information to a couple of people I know who would be interested in the information.

  • Yes I did miss the call. Thanks for the second chance to hear it.

  • Yaro, that’s so funny. You remind me of my sister… doesn’t matter who she was sitting next to she would most likely pull a funny too. She’s sick right now so I pray for her everyday, thanks for lightening my day! 🙂

  • Why are you looking so happy?
    And why is Rich so serious and angry? (I hope you didn’t make him angry)

    Haha, just so funny seeing the contrast between u guys

  • Thanks for that! always nice getting advice from the pros. Must be pretty nice being one of the guys considered to be a pro 🙂

  • I just downloaded the report, and will be listening to the call shortly. Thanks very much for the heads-up.

  • Hi Yara,
    I agree with you on this,the so called gurus always told me that i should use keyword tools to find out profitable niches but i think they way you explained it is the way to go,the first thing one should do is to find the right audience and then find what problems his/her audience has and then find solutions to that problem.

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